Inchcock Today – Friday 27th December 2019: Ah, Chinwagging returns. Yipee!

1 Dec 27

2019 ttDec 27

Friday 27th December 2019

Zulu: NgoLwesihlanu 27 kuDisemba 2019

01Dec 27

wd 60.25.0 2 00:30hrs: I woke with the usual for the last few days, desperation for the Porcelain Throne! I bruised the leg getting out of the recliner with such haste (I was not going to let another accident happen like last week if I could avoid it!) I got there in time, but only just. An even bigger evacuation today! But no mess, and only a bit of bleeding, that I think came from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, so nothing to fret over. And, far less pain than yesterday. I washed and disinfected things, and feeling a tad-5Fri03smug, I poddled to the kitchen.

I got the medications imbibed, and made brew of flavourful Glengettie tea. Then pressed on with the updating of the Thursday post. Which cost me a few hours (6). The photos I’d taken in Winwood Court yesterday, and the lack of concentration (the brain was jumping all over a failing to concentrate) being the main causes. The finger’s and right-side neurotransmitter transmissions to the brain were working reasonably well this morning. Another possibly over-confident Smug-Mode adopted.

I went on Facebooking with the TFZ Zone. Answered a comment. And put some pictures from the Winwood Court session on Pinterest and Fac5Fri04ebook.

Made a brew and took the medications. Back to the computerisationing, made a start on this blog.

Then off to get the ablutions tended to.

The pins (legs) had gone almost yellow! Hehe! I 5Fri02think it must have been the colouring in the wetroom that caused this. Or the camera was set-up wrongly, or I was losing it.

Did some handwashing, done, wrung and hung. Took some gags to the waste chute. Got wrapped up and ready to go out. Had a panicky double and treble checking everything before leaving the flat.

Took some jars for recycling down with me, and met Steve, the caretakers at his door outside. We had a minute’s chinwagging. Then I poddled to the bus stop, and Cyndy joined me en route. As anticipated, a large gang of Winwoodonians were there. Jean-Mary, Penny, Chrissie, Joan, Welsh William, Big Pete etc. were chatting away.

I caught the Bestwood bound bus with a few others, all of them got off in Sherwood, apart from Jean-Mary and me. We had the usual hit & miss talk en route into Arnold.

5Fri10We both went into the Asda (Walmart) store. I was suffering from Dizzy Dennis’s attentions, and staggering about a bit, but pressed on, arriving later at the self-serve checkout. I noticed a new checkout system had been built, title Swipe & Go? I came out with vine tomatoes, wholemeal bread rolls, a milk roll loaf, two yoghourts, milk and cox’s apples. A lot of the food had gone up in price. Suddenly, the already costly £1.30 cobs were £1.35, the yoghourt had gone up, and I noticed many other goods on the shelves had increased in price?

5Fri08I paid up, left and made my way to the Fulton Foods shop. Where I spent a bit more on; sterilised milk (2), beetroot (2), Galaxy darker-milk chocolate bars with hazelnuts (8), Battered fish fingers and fishcakes (The meal for tonight?), and cooked beef misshapes £1.

wd 60.25.0 2 I paid the depressed-looking lady on the till and got the trolley bag filled and two carriers, one on each handlebar, evenly balanced. Which was a lot more than I was. Then Shaking Shaun joined us, the right leg and arm. This mad pushing the trolley to the bus stop an exciting event. Going over the pedestrian crossing, the shakes made me stop for a few seconds, or I would have tumbled over had I carried on, luckily no traffic was around at the time.

5Fri09I arrived at the bus stop, and Jean-Mary was sat in the shelter with her trolley. The first thing she said was: “Yo’ alright? yer don’t look too good?” She was right. I didn’t fell up too much at all. The journey on the bus back to the flats memory is a little thin. I’m sure I was nattering to someone as well as Mary-Jean, but can’t think who. Then I do remember waking up several times and nodding off again. Hehe!

Even the walk from the bus back to the flats and apartment is a little vague.

When I got inside, I do recall struggling to get the three-wheeler through the door, then my recollections become more distinct. Even though, Dizzy Dennis and peripheral neuropathy leg were I felt, warming up for a Neuropathic Schuhplattler drop-something and flail-about dance (I was wrong, it didn’t).

Taking out the food to put away, I got the oven on and put in some fish cakes, then, ten minutes later, added the battered fish fingers, to ensure they would be cooked ready at the same time. Heated the peas in the saucepan, made up some milk Roll tomato sarnies, sliced apple and beetroot on the plate. I made up a bottle of spring water with a little added orange cordial.

Jane nowthen

The landline sounded and flashed, so I answered it. It was Sister Jane, asking if all was okay. She couldn’t get through to me earlier and rang Warden Deana. The mobile phone battery has had its chips, so she could not get through to me on that. Good of her to worry about me, bless her cotton socks.

5Fri11Served it up, and feasted fervently!  A decidedly worthy taste-rating of 7.5/10 given for this effort.

wd 60.25.0 2 I cleared things away and did the washing up, and as I got settled down to watch some TV, I had to suddenly visit the Porcelain Throne. For, in a 5Fri12word, a ‘Ginormous’ evacuation.

The pins looked almost normal! These photographs of my ever-changing legs, really ought to be on display in the Tate gallery you know! Hahaha!

The TV kindly did its thing quickly tonight.


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 27th December 2019: Ah, Chinwagging returns. Yipee!

  1. Asda *Swipe & Go” — designed with the shoppers *and* shoplifters in mind? 🙂 Asda seems pretty QWERTY to me. Asdf might have been a first go for the company naming crew.
    The Tate really should add a gallery devoted to your pins, perhaps offer a 2021 calendar in the gift shop that features the 12 best pin months. Possible ad copy: “12 inchcocks make a footcock”?

  2. The last photo of your legs looks quite amazing. The hobble must have helped them to look almost normal. Maybe you need an incumbent stationary bike to pedal to get the blood moving about in your legs when you can’t get outside for a hobble. You wouldn’t have to pedal very fast.

    That was nice you saw some folks and got some nattering in. Did you use the new Swipe & Go checkout? Battered fish fingers sound like they should be in a shelter for abused fish. At least they were tasty after you finished abusing them in the oven?

    Jean-Mary didn’t think you looked well? Your legs must have been sucking all the energy out of your expression, but then again, they looked much better after you got home.

    • When we used the ‘bikes’ at the after the ticker-op physio, I must say Arthur Itis did not complain too much. But, that was a long time ago. Good idea, where to put it, I might ask for another flat to use as a gym? No, better not! Har-har!
      So few decent hobbles nowadays, Tim, I think they helped. But Dizzy Dennis has gone of them, and complains lately.
      It was pleasant getting the natterings in, mate.
      I think you have to register all your details for the swipe and go. But I might be wrong. It has been known.
      Battered fish fingers sound like they should be in a shelter for abused fish. Made me larf!
      Sun, no buses, Sunday 29th: No buses. Monday 30th: Anticoagulation Haemostasis Deep Vein Arterial Thrombosis Clinic Assessment (I love that title), Tuesday 31st: (hopefully) Vampire Christina and Medicine lady coming and Morrison delivery. So not much chance of getting out.
      Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun were both having a go at me at the time I met Mary.
      The pins are looking so calm this morning, I forgot to take the camera, bit I’ll check em again later, I could ask Josie to check them later when I take her meal… No, no, no! Better not!
      Hope things okay for you, bet you’re busy.

      • You don’t want to miss your vampire. That is a great name for a clinic. AHDVATCA has a nice rhythm to it. Might make a good song between the full name and the acronym.

      • I fear doling so, can’t rely on the brain memory. Humph!
        Anagram of the clinic: Dacha Vat? No, that’s not funny enough to use. Haha!
        Cheers, Sir.

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