A Few Words of unadulterated hogwash

A Few Words of unadulterated hogwash


The Neurotransmitters, are nearly as dead as a mutt,

But other things were dwelling on my mind,

I can’t get the flaming fridge door to shut!

Cut me finger opening the window, no plasters can I find,

The toilet gurgles, and the hot water tap’s kaput,

I fell over on Friday, but the paramedic was kind,

The Bus Pass? No idea where it been safely put,

Little Inch’s Fungal Lesion bleeding’s unconfined

Hello! This time it’s a toe I’ve stubbed and cut!

I’ll have to go, cause I’m all behind,

But the belly is bigger, I’ll eat another chocolate nut!

Thrown together in a fit of frustration

at the election result!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 15th December 2019: Finickity day! Dizzy Dennis visited.

1 Dec 15

2019 ttDec 15

Sunday 15th December 2019

Turkish: 15 Aralık 2019 Pazar

01Dec 15

23:00hrs, I woke, a few minutes later, this rare for me, soporificness and reluctance to come to life, sent me back into the land of Nod! For hours, I was waking and nodding off again, no willpower or interest in rejoining consciousness or reality. And I could not figure out why. At last, around 01:30hrs, I encouraged my body and mind into enough weak effort and willpower to get out of the £300, second-hand, c1968 recliner. This was due to the need for the Porcelain Throne, more than any actual fixity of purpose or desire.

The first really fantastic thing, even more surprising, than finding myself not wanting to rise & shine, was the almost totally pain-free knees when I did get up on my feet and got my balance! Saccades Sandra was making the hobble to the wet room a bit dodgy, but I got there without banging into or knocking anything over.

WD 0.0.255 The evacuation did its own thing and started almost catching me out as I got seated. The removal was quick, not too painful, but so messy and humongously massive again! The cleaning up of porcelain, plastic and myself took ages! I’m glad I bought the Dettol lavender now. Hehe! I still applied some Phorpain gel to Arthur Itis’s knees. I think perhaps the extra applicationalisationing done this past week, might be helping? I’ll keep on coating the knees with other applications.

Took the medications and made a brew, then got on the computer. I had to make a template for this post. Then made a start on it up to here, and began to update the Saturday tale of woes. Which was more trying than usual, with Saccade Sandra’s dysmetria being a bit worse this morning, the new keyboard keys locations causing many cock-ups and much correcting neede. Also, odd madness from the failing finger neurotransmitter.


Hours later, I got the updating finished. Around 0500hrs, I heard some noises, but not sure what it was. Maybe someone using the waste chute too early? Possible someone had too much Christmas spirit and fell out of bed? Hahaha!

The dreaded ‘Hum’ had been quieter, I thought earlier. But it was like some had just turned it on again! Grumph!

I put some bits on Pinterest. Then I visited the WordPress Reader. Finally, I got around to doing some TFZer Facebooking (Always a pleasure for me).

7Sun05I went to put the kettle on. And another call to the Porcelain Throne was received from the innards. Off to the wet room, with a certain trepidation. The evacuation was fine. But the pins (legs) were looking in a fine mess!

The Peripheral neuropathy affected the right side of the body, resulting in a thinner right limb than the left one! The spider,  varicose and popliteal veins were sticking out a little prouder. The Clopidogrel, blood-papsules, weals, scars, lumps, bulges, spots, bruises, welts, contusions, blemishes and dapples were prominent too!

I’d have thought the Anticoagulation Haemostasis and Deep Vein Thrombosis clinic would have kept a keener eye on the Warfarin blood-test taking, or, I should say lack of them! Hey-ho, that’s how it is. Still, it’ll get betterer now Boris has a good majority, I’m sure. Of course, I’ll be long dead waiting for the NHS to get adequately financed.

Grumble-Sodit-Blast! – Crabs and Grobblecraps!

Before I make a start on Josie’s meal, I’d better get the ablutions done. I was about half-way through, when the door chimes rang out, so wrapped a towel around myself (I must get a bigger towel!), and hid behind the door as I opened it. It was Josie, telling make that she was going out to a restaurant with her Sister for lunch today. I wished her happy eating, and I closed the door, hoping that nothing had been on view, that shouldn’t have been. Cause the right hand had a neurotransmitter-failure problem while I was listening to Josie. The towel slipped a bit. The gal had a little smirk on her face as she went back to her flat. Oh, dear! Still, it was last minute timing from Josie, I was going to finish the ablutions and set to doing her dinner, so no need to worry about that now.

Back to the wet room, and completed my cleansing activities. I have to say, it was a good session, not too many dropsies: toothbrush, razor (3), carbolic soap, Dettol bottle, Germalolid cream tube and the towel (3). No sock-glide problems, cause now I shan’t be delivering a meal, I don’t need to put any socks on.

7Sun06Rubbed some gel; on the knees and had a close look at them. I reckon they are losing their fluid retention already and looked much better than earlier unless it was my imagination?

I got dressed in just the PPs, dressing gown and slippers, and off to the kitchen to turn off the 7Sun07oven first, as I will not need to use it now. This reminded me about the Fridge Tuna I’d bought for Josie to go with her smoked haddock, that is nop longer needed. Is the date on it going to allow me to keep it until next week? I checked on it.

7Sun13I was flabbergasted! The use-by-date on the pot of Indian ‘No need to strain’ Tuna, was May 2020! Can that be right? Was Saccades Sandra playing tricks on me? I took a photo of the tub bottom so I could check for sure. I had to take several pictures before I got one that was not too blurred to read. I’ll test it next week before serving it up for Josie to eat!

The view outside looked beautiful. I decided to take a photo of the cold but bright sunshine. As I opened the window, I nearly got blown backwards with the incoming wind. So much so, that I accidentally took a snap on the camera, the left photo. This came out clearer than any!


At least it wasn’t raining. Hehe!

I made a brew and got back on the computer. Where I stayed for hours, mostly doing correctional work.

Dizzy Dennis dawned disastrously on me and stayed for the rest of the day. Which has caused/left some memory-blanks?

7Sun14The rice nosh picture found on the SD card, I can’t fully remember cooking or eating. But the taste was still in my mouth when I woke on Monday morning; as if I’d only just eaten it?

I think I watched TV, cause it was still on when I woke.