Inchcock Today – Friday 20th December 2019: Soaked to the skin. Cough, sneeze!

1 Dec 20

2019 Aug 18

Friday 20th December 2019

Swahili: Ijumaa Tarehe 20 Desemba 2019

01Dec 20

WDPH01L4WD 0.0.128A 23:15hrs: I stirred, feeling shivery, cold and yet sweating? Realising almost immediately, (I can be quick sometimes, Hehe!) I had discarded my clothing during the night! As I fumbled around to find the scattered jammies and socks, I did my best to collate the few inklings still in the grey-cell-box, of a dream I’d been having. But they were vague recollections, and I had no luck in discovering any facts of the nightmare. I sensed fear and apprehension were involved, but nothing else.

While retrieving the clothing, along with the DVD and TV remote controls from the floor. (long-live the new picker-upperer!) I involuntarily flatulated; only a little sort of almost silent ‘Plup’, but in unison. The aroma filled the room, and the innards began to erupt. Leaving me in no doubt that the Porcelain Throne was urgently needed!

WDPh 01WD 0.0.128A Off to the wet room. Barely making it in time, the instant evacuation began… and went on for an unbelievably long few minutes! I must have lost a good few pounds in weight there, Haha! My initial worry was whether the system would cope with getting rid of it all. But the amount of bleeding took over as my main worry. It didn’t look like it was Haemorrhoid Harold’s, so this concerned me a bit. But, it might have been. Anyroad, the toilet did not clear everything first press of the flush. The tank takes ages to refill, so I got some water from the sink and put that in, I’ll have to go back later and re-flush the system. Tsk, worra life!

I got the kettle on the boil and took the medications. Then on the computer to start the updating of the Thursday post. The finger-ends autonomic nerves were not too severely playing up. I got it finished in good time, mainly due to hardly any photographs taken, and the fingers behaving so well. Sent if off.

Went in the WordPress reader. Then put some pictures on Pinterest.

WDP 001 LaWD 0.0.128A I went back to flush the toilet again, but it is still blocked. I poured some water from the sink down. No movement. Refilled the tank by hand, and re-flushed. Still not gone! I poured some drain unblocker in the bowl, just a desperate ploy! I’ll recheck it later. I’m fed-up!

Back to the computer chair, and I heard a loud noise, a sort of rumbling sound, but could not identify where it came from. So I had a look around, and in doing so, came across two letters that had been delivered. No cause for the noise was found.

5Fri01I don’t like getting mail, it’s very rarely good nows, if ever! One letter was from Severn Trent, informing me of there working on the water supply again, from 6th to the 16th of January. The second letter, from Nottingham City Homes. Telling me; Your requested maintenance work to be carried out at your home. We will be coming to carry out repairs on 20th January 2020, between 08:00 > 12:30hrs. Make sure there is a responsible adult at home when we carry out the works. And make sure the area we’ll be working in is clear of any furniture or other items.

WDP 03LNow, being as they have not mentioned what repairs they are coming to do, I’m not sure if they are coming to look at the blocked WC, the leaking hot water tap, or the deadly (finger-tearing and bruising) metal spring lock on the unwanted and unliked balcony? So, I’d better get the removal men in and empty the kitchen, wet room and front room… well, the apartment, so the things don’t get in their way? Could be expensive, this! I put them in the Google Calendar – in hopes that Liberty-Global Virgin Media boss, Mike (I’m paid over $17m salary, so sod internet users) Fries, lets me get access to it.

I made a start to this blog, got up to here, and went to check the blocked WC again. Huh!

I went on the TFZer Facebooking for a while.

5Fri02Ablutions tackled. Now here this… only three dropsies! Yee-Ha! The pins (legs) looked a little more warped this morning, and with the right leg much thinner. This being the peripheral neuralgia and Myasthenia gravis affected side, anything can happen. Haha!

Wholly refreshed and my suddenly feeling up for it (life), I got all sorted and dressed. Got the things together for the trip to Nottingham, 5Fri03and took the waste bags to the chute, before venturing down to Windwood Court and the Obersturmbannfhreress Warden’s holding cell. On the way through the link passage, the weather looked ominous – Rain, rain and rain! Tsk!

I arrived at the ILCs (Independent Living Coordinator’s) office, handed out the nibbles and had a little natter. Then they threw me out. Hahaha! I went into the Windwood Court big social room. Tok the first shot of their Christmas tree, and sat down for a rest and permutate the day’s plans, which took me about ten seconds. Then from the seat that I was in (and very comfortable, it was, too), I took the second and third photographs.


5Fri007cI was almost reluctant to get up after a few minutes. But the missing the bus would have been the result, had I stayed any longer, in the warmth and comfort of Winwood Court.

I made my way through the link passage into Winchester Court. And snapped their Christmas tree, as I listened to the folks in there, keeping out of the rain.

WD 0.0.128A As I did so, some ambulance men came out from the lift, with Louie on a chair, and took him to the ambulance. Bit of a downer, that! I hope he’s going to be alright, we already have Mo in hospital. I got no news about her, I must ask again. I’d like to visit her if possible.

5Fri10Out to the crowded bus shelter, to join the others. You can see the ‘Bookies Nightmare’ and my neighbour Malcolm, entertaining the females. He does is so well, and is a much admired and thought of bloke. Makes yer sick! Just cause he’s younger than me, more prosperous, better looking. Tsk! Hehehe! He’s a great character really and of a helpful nature. Christine, Penny and Mary Jean amongst others.

I nattered with Mary en route, as best that two people with hearing difficulties can, anyway.

I have made a separate blog of the visit to town, cause there was a lot of photographs taken than would have meant this post would be too ginormously long. I’ll put a few on here, to tempt you to visit the Ode and photo post: “Inchcock’s wobble to Nottingham, in the rain. Wet-through, Water-logged, and Wringing-wet. Hey-Ho!




5Fri26WD 0.0.128A I got on the bus, after falling over with the new trolley-guide getting on to it! And Mary got on with her new mini-cooker she’d just bought from Argos. Again we tried to have a natter, but we both gave up when we realised we were not doing very well in hearing each other. Humph!

The journey was full of obstructions, the same as the trip out was. So many roadworks, gas, water and others going on. I think the drivers do a great job of getting us through.

6Sat07Back at the flats, Mary and I got off last with of wheelers and went into the building through Winchester Court, to get out of the rain quicker. Through the link passages back to the cold Woodthorpe Court.

Mary got off on the first floor, me on the twelfth.

Although it was still only about 12:30hrs, I was shattered. Had a somewhat surprising to me wee-wee, HDPTBS (Heavy-Duty-Powerful-Torrential-But-Short) variety. Had a wash, put the Poundland bought goods away, and got the nosh sorted out.

5Fri28Having the ready-made BLT sandwich, roast onions, pork pie, tomatoes, beetroot, things on sticks (can’t remember the name now), and sliced apple. A Limoncello dessert, and fresh orange juice. By Jiminy, it was good! A flavour rating of 9/10 for this one. It went down a treat. Mind you, I’d been up for about fifteen hours 5Fri29by then, so hunger must have played a part in my enjoying it so much. Haha!

I took this snap of the rain, close-up to the kitchen window.

I got washed and settled down in the £300 second-hand c1968 recliner. With the tummy filled, I fought to watch an episode of Devils Kitchen, but was soon off in the land of Nod!

Inchcock’s wobble to Nottingham, in the rain. Wet-through, Water-logged, and Wringing-wet. Hey-Ho!

Inchcock’s wobble to Nottingham, in the rain


Got off the bus with some help from a stranger, walked down to town,

Galloping Horses were swirling or spinning around,

But no one riding on them, I found,

Damned shakes, I dropped the flipping camera on the ground,

Retrieved it painfully, and took some more shots from around.

5Fri09The overcharging food stalls, cooking their repast,

As Nottinghamian’s, just strolled past.

5Fri11The Nottingham Slab Square, It’s always there, It looked a right mess, to be fair!

5Fri12Off I plodded, to the Poundland Shop, 

T’was only a short little hop,

In search of drain unblocker and other codswallop!

5Fri13I entered the premises, soaking wet,

I bought too much stuff again, not to fret,

I still had a little money left yet,

I gave the helpful lady, a thank you, she is a pet,

And gave her a can of Gin & Tonic!

5Fri14Paid-up, and out into the rain again,

Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were giving me a little pain,

Determined, to resist depression,

Mind you, I had indigestion,

And a slightly confused brain!

5Fri16On to South Parade,

Dizzy Dennis visited, unwanted,

So, progress was delayed,

He soon dissipated,

I was glad but amazed!

5Fri017I took a photo, down Exchange Walk,

Not many folks having a talk on their phone?

People all around, yet I felt so alone,

Chewing gum littered where the folks walked.

5Fri019aI hobbled, struggling with the three-wheeled trolly-guide,

Through the Exchange arcade,

And out the other side,

For these stallholders, I’m afraid,

Not much money will be made!

5Fri20King Street in the rain, showed another Council pain,

Yes, chewing gum on the pavement again!

I bet they don’t have this trouble in Bahrain,

I view ditching gum on the floor, with disdain!


5Fri23I crossed to the other side of Long Row,

Got under alcove-cover to take these, don’t you know,

The only permanent retailer was busy serving, on the go,

The folks in the rain, well, it’s better than snow!

5Fri24I was well wet, and a little cold,

Not good for me, now I’m getting old,

Good job I’d had my flu jab, the anticold,

Despite the rain, I had to be bold,

So I dashed, wobblingly, to the bus stop, wet and cold!

5Fri25T’was bleak on Queen Street, waiting for the L9,

5Fri26And the hands didn’t look very fine!

It didn’t look like it was mine,

But I mustn’t whine,

I mused of things like Mnemosyne,

Then took a moody picture, it came out fine!

5Fri27The bus arrived, and it brought on a smile,

It’s coming eased my cold and chagrin,

I went to get on, missed the step by a mile,

A bloke picked me and the trolley up, and helped us in,

I was alright after a while,

But this trip out, left me needing Codeine and Amoxicillin!