Inchcock’s wobble to Nottingham, in the rain. Wet-through, Water-logged, and Wringing-wet. Hey-Ho!

Inchcock’s wobble to Nottingham, in the rain


Got off the bus with some help from a stranger, walked down to town,

Galloping Horses were swirling or spinning around,

But no one riding on them, I found,

Damned shakes, I dropped the flipping camera on the ground,

Retrieved it painfully, and took some more shots from around.

5Fri09The overcharging food stalls, cooking their repast,

As Nottinghamian’s, just strolled past.

5Fri11The Nottingham Slab Square, It’s always there, It looked a right mess, to be fair!

5Fri12Off I plodded, to the Poundland Shop, 

T’was only a short little hop,

In search of drain unblocker and other codswallop!

5Fri13I entered the premises, soaking wet,

I bought too much stuff again, not to fret,

I still had a little money left yet,

I gave the helpful lady, a thank you, she is a pet,

And gave her a can of Gin & Tonic!

5Fri14Paid-up, and out into the rain again,

Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were giving me a little pain,

Determined, to resist depression,

Mind you, I had indigestion,

And a slightly confused brain!

5Fri16On to South Parade,

Dizzy Dennis visited, unwanted,

So, progress was delayed,

He soon dissipated,

I was glad but amazed!

5Fri017I took a photo, down Exchange Walk,

Not many folks having a talk on their phone?

People all around, yet I felt so alone,

Chewing gum littered where the folks walked.

5Fri019aI hobbled, struggling with the three-wheeled trolly-guide,

Through the Exchange arcade,

And out the other side,

For these stallholders, I’m afraid,

Not much money will be made!

5Fri20King Street in the rain, showed another Council pain,

Yes, chewing gum on the pavement again!

I bet they don’t have this trouble in Bahrain,

I view ditching gum on the floor, with disdain!


5Fri23I crossed to the other side of Long Row,

Got under alcove-cover to take these, don’t you know,

The only permanent retailer was busy serving, on the go,

The folks in the rain, well, it’s better than snow!

5Fri24I was well wet, and a little cold,

Not good for me, now I’m getting old,

Good job I’d had my flu jab, the anticold,

Despite the rain, I had to be bold,

So I dashed, wobblingly, to the bus stop, wet and cold!

5Fri25T’was bleak on Queen Street, waiting for the L9,

5Fri26And the hands didn’t look very fine!

It didn’t look like it was mine,

But I mustn’t whine,

I mused of things like Mnemosyne,

Then took a moody picture, it came out fine!

5Fri27The bus arrived, and it brought on a smile,

It’s coming eased my cold and chagrin,

I went to get on, missed the step by a mile,

A bloke picked me and the trolley up, and helped us in,

I was alright after a while,

But this trip out, left me needing Codeine and Amoxicillin!



14 thoughts on “Inchcock’s wobble to Nottingham, in the rain. Wet-through, Water-logged, and Wringing-wet. Hey-Ho!

  1. That looks like an outing with major precipitalizationing to rainalization on your hobblizationing. Excellent assortment of wet photos. I’ll bet you needed Codeine and Amoxicillin. I think I need some from reading this post and looking at all the cold, wet and misery in your photos.

    • Haha! Good ‘isationing’ sentence there, Tim.
      Thanks for liking them, I see you spotted the lack of seasonal joy on the Nottinghamian’s faces.
      There was not an overabundance of contentment, was there. Haha!
      I was glad to get home to Woodthorpe Court and the dry. That’s saying something!
      Cheers, Sir.

      • I can imagine you were happy to get home. I hate being wet and cold. Too many years in the high and dry desert. It’s clear, cold (below -2º C right now), and dry out here. It will be around -10º C by morning. It’s been so dry, there’s been very little frost on the cars in the mornings, despite being -10º C outside.

  2. Dropping chewed gum on a public pavement is a caneable (CainAbel?) offense in Singapore to the best of my memory. Mnemosyne? Perhaps I had forgotten that goddess when last I swam the Lethe. Thanks for the (a)musing blog and phantastique photographalizations. And the reason you didn’t recognize your hands: you photographalized *my* hands somehow 🙂

  3. Hello Mr. Inchcock

    I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing your thoughts online.
    They wouldn’t be read if they weren’t so well written.

    I wish you better health in the New Year.

    Chris McManus

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