Inchcock Today – Thursday 19th December 2019: Indoor day, Humph

1 Dec 19

2019 ttDec 19

Thursday 19th December 2019

Welsh: Dydd Iau 19eg Rhagfyr 2019

01Dec 19

23:45hrs: I woke in a state of malaise, anxiety and apprehension, not knowing why. Somehow believing I should know? I disentangled my flabby-stomached torso from the £300 second-hand, stuck half-up, half-down recliner. The control buttons were unresponsive again. I was surprised at there being no demand for a wee-wee.

WDPH01L4WD 60.25.0 WD 60.25.0f Then the stomach rumbled, and a slight ‘Pwlumph’ from the rear end, (emitting an immediate foully odious aroma) signalled a need of the Porcelain Throne instead. I grabbed the walking stick, got the slippers on and trotted (well, hobbled), to the wet room. I wish I’d had time to take the camera with me now. As I was settling on the raised seat, I opened the dressing gown at the same time. Lost my balance and proceeded to knock the following (there may have been more) items off of the floor cabinet: Body spray, Germoloid tube, the Pimecrolimus bottle, the Daktacort cream,

+the crossword book and pencil, the toilet spray, spare roll, and something little that fell down the back, that I have yet to find. Humph!

4Thu01I carried out evacuation; which went well, apart from a fair bit of bleeding. And set to picking up the dislodged items. I noticed the bruises on my leg from last night’s rather vicious Neuropathic Schuhplattler Dance, but they were not bad at all. One behind and one in front as best I could tell. Then I got the camera to take a  shot of it. Otherwise, the legs looked much better than of late. In fact, looking now closer at the front mark, it may not be a bruise at all, looks more like a Clopidogrel papule to me. But I could be wrong, I sometimes am, well quite often… okay, I’m usually wrong!

4Thu02Washed up, and to the kitchen. Got the kettle on then took this ‘Aperture Priority’ photo of the view outside.

I had a few moments of reflection but had to cut it short. I started off musing in a decent sort of semi-contended fashion, but things soon turned to my many failings, misinterpretations, mistakes, misjudgements, misconceptions and a mood of morosity maddeningly meandered into my mind.

I took the medications, and started updating the Wednesday blog, and:

Virg D brown

WD 60.25.0 Jerky and freezing now and again, but at least it didn’t (or hasn’t yet) gone off. A rarity that! Well done Mike Fries (Incapable, uncaring, overpaid, Git!)

After several hours, a lot of photos and the route map had to be sorted, I got the updating finished! Hurrah! The neurotransmitters were not too bad this morning, so typing was less of an ordeal. But the old concentration was not so good. So I took a break, made some tea and nibbled a few lumps of the Galaxy darker chocolate. Odd, but I do not like the Cadbury darker chocolate, but do the Galaxy?

Once again, as I sat looking at the computer screen but not doing anything on it, the thoughts began to turn to the not nice things in my life. So I launched into putting some pictures on Pinterest, and then onto the WordPress Reader. Well worth a couple of hours, entertainment time.

Then I went on the TFZer Facebooking. By golly, that took me some time to catch up on, but I enjoyed every moment of it!

I’ll make a brew, have rest, and get on with making some more graphics to use later. There’s no rest, is there! Haha!

Gotten Himmel! That took me hours and hours, and I only got the Days and Thoughts done! No page toppers at all! And I was drained!

5Fri01WD 60.25.0 Still,  time for the nosh now. I had cheesy potatoes, garden peas, and maple pork steaks. (In the morning, I found the damned photograph of the plate, had drifted off into the ether. I hate that!) But the shot I took at the same time of outside, was there on the SD?

I got the pots washed, then did the handwashing, wrung and hung to dry.

Ensconced my short, stubby but plump, wobbly body in the recliner, to try and watch Jurrasic Park 2 on DVD. I soon got bored with the glibness, and turned to the TV, and fell into slumber.

12 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 19th December 2019: Indoor day, Humph

  1. Maybe you need to video your Neuropathic Schuhplattler Dances and put them up on YouTube. You could probably make some extra cash from advertising revenue with an Inchcock YouTube channel. Cheesy potatoes, garden peas, and maple pork steaks sounds quite good. As you are discovering the JP series is a sorry excuse for movies and a waste of film and DVD media.

    • Video the dances, that’s a thought. I might be able to video the floor just before I land on it, the ceiling or sky if outside. Hehehe! I’d need the one working hand to use as support, so, maybe a video built into my spectacles would do it? Or not!
      Where did that photo of the nosh go? I remember checking it on the viewer, and thinking that’ll do, so I know I took it? Grrr!
      JP is not for me, glad I didn’t bother first time around now. But the 3rd one temps me to have a look, and see if it can be as bad as the others. Haha!
      TTFNski, Sir.

  2. Among my various quirkish syndromes is Raynaud’s: a coldish-weather phenomenon that encourages my fingers to mimic frostbite. I pack a peck of Snappy-Heat hand warmers for fingertip warmage when blood refuses to flow. “Out damned spot of blood!” is an incantation I might encant upon my next visit to the local anticoagulation clinic. 🙂 Much heat for 20 minutes, toss bags in boiling and they are good as new.

    • Amazing – I don’t know how you knew, Bill, but I had the feezing hands and fingers today when I was out in the rain in town. I’m just about to start a blog about the trip. The Snappy Heat look interesting, worth looking into, thanks, Sir.
      Best of luck!

  3. So you went good to the Throne a.k.a toilette or the other way around…. ate good even with anxiety and your legs are good to go. We are starting the party!weekend! pretty good I would say.

    • A mornin’ to yer , Sir!
      Please imbibe happily, do not stay sober, that’s too depressing, wallow in drink, don’t wee in the sink, and have a great party time!

      • Hahaha! With my record, I’m happy with you condition, mate. I know how it is. I can’t drink nowadays, but am not one of those holier than though people who have stopped. To be honest, I loved my ale, and was likely happier back then. Then again, all the good breweries I had the pleasure of drinking, Mansfield, Whitbreads, Mitchells & Butlers Brewery, and Worthington Brewery, ah, how I miss ’em! Have a few for me, Sir!

      • I don´t … yes, drunk as a skunk, how do you know that?
        It is the weekend so that is my defense, and I´ll google those breweries to taste, ir I say this or that wine is bad, then I will say is your bad…….
        Don´t think anymore Inchcock, evil

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