Inchcock Today – Sunday 14th January 2018: Bonkesness came forth

Sunday 14th January 2018

Igbo: Sunday 14 Jenụwarị 2018

0230hrs: Not sleep much at all last night. The brain kept me awake with its noegenesis activities. But none of its ramblings and conclusions made much sense. It kept wandering, escaping from my already limited control; Off on its autonomous, intermittent spontaneous random creating of judgments on and solutions to just about anything and everything. All bunkum, drivel, fiddle-faddle, impracticable hogwash, poppycock, and nonsensical claptrap. I think I failed to regain any modicum of authority, over the grey-cells. I reckon because I was so tired and in need of sleep that these thoughts and aimless wanderings won, and I gave up. And just went along with it all, diffidently.

Sleep did not come. But, the digressional meandering mind stopped and returned to semi-logicality abruptly when it had to deal with a demand for my utilisationing of the Porcelain Throne, suddenly and urgently! It would take several paragraphs to explain adequately the activities and incidents that followed on the trip to and in the Wet Room. (Farcical seems to cover it!) I tripped getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner. The remote control for the DVD fell off my lap, I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman and knocked over an empty (Luckily) bottle of spring water.

Got to the wet room and seated, once again, only just in time; Spurt, trickle yellow, done! Almost totally liquid. It seems that Trotsky Terence has a grip on me now. Cleaned everything up and knocked my head on the sink doing so.

Returned to the front room. Where a search for the remote control proved fruitless? I got down on the floor with the torch to look underneath the chairs, but no luck. Getting back up into a perpendicular position was a painful and lengthy exercise.

My recent thirstiness has not assuaged, and I made my way into the kitchen and made a mug of tea in the new one.

Then I did the Health Checks and took the morning medications. I dropped the dosage pot and had to replace some tablets that fell out onto the floor.

This further bending down started Reflux Roger and Hippy Hilda off. Humph!

Washed up and got the vegetables prepared and in the crock-pot ready to cook later.

Today’s selection is the last of mushrooms quartered, the sugar-snap peas, sliced red onion, and tomatoes.

I added some vegetable stock to the water. After which I noticed that it had (Oh dear) a sell-by date of January 2017 written on the box. So I dished it in the waste bin bag. Hoping that the vegetables be okay to eat?

In actual fact, bearing in mind the lack of rest and the Whoopsiedangleplops, I was feeling in fair condition. Which confused me a tad.

0325hrs: I got the computer on and finished off yesterdays diary and got it posted. Then made a start on this one.

0600hrs: I went in the kitchen to make about the eighth mug of tea. Flipping thirst!

It didn’t feel too cold or wet or windy when I opened the window and hung out to take these photographicalisations.

The one thing that struck me more than anything was that I had my hearing aids in and could have the pleasure of listening to the birds and chics giving it some wallop with their whistling, chirping and singing.

As I leaned on the ledge, enjoying the morning chorus, something flew passed quickly between me and the ground. I wondered if it might have been a bat? It would have been on the floor below level and was a black blur. But it might have been too large for a Pipistrellus? Do crows fly at night? The mass of Nottinghamian’s resting or working, burgling, mugging below, made me… Hello, the grey-cells are wondering again. Why can’t I just see a photograph without investigative delving into and getting insights and sub-messages from the brain, lately?

I reached here in the updating and went on the WordPress Reader. Some good stuff on there today.

Did the WordPress comment responses next.

Then on Facebooking.

0820hrs: Made yet another brew of tea and went on CorelDraw.

I’m a busy-bee this morning. Made up an Ode to the Night’s Thoughts regarding the top paragraph on here, using CorelDraw: Ode to the Nights Thoughts Got it sent off.

Checked the crock-pot vegetables. Coming on nicely.

Hello, Herberts knocking away again. Tsk! Still, not to bad at the moment, just the odd bang.

Sod-it! The funny turns have started. going to get down and put a DVD on and hopefully fall asleep, blimey I need it. Poor thing, Hehe!

I don’t know what went wrong with this unfinished post, but for some reason I forgot to post it? Probably when Virgin internet went down?

For what it’s worth. Here it is. Sorry folks.

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