Inchcock Today – Tuesday 20th March 2018: What a stonkingly-shitty, sclerotic, stinking, and shlimazel-ridden, stressfull day! Grumph!

Tuesday 20th March 2018

Uzbek: 2018 yil 20 Mart Seshanba Kuni

0315hrs: I woke with the brain engaged and fretting over what needed doing today for the coming visit from the Building Team. I went through the details in my befuddled mind: They are coming in the PM. Time for me to get all three room sorted? Got the laundry to do, not today or tomorrow though… ah, tomorrow, Wednesday the workers are coming in the morning, and I will not be here cause I’ve got the blood test at 0905hrs at the surgery with Nurse Ann. I’ll have to sort out what to do about that later, go to see someone and ask advice on it. I can’t move the chairs in the front room, have to tell them this when they arrive this afternoon, must remember this…

The most amazing thing just happened. There I was typing away and concentrating, and a massive sudden sneeze shook me to the core. After I finished blowing and wiping myself with the paper towel, the computer screen looked like it had exploded. Text highlighted, corner markers on the top photo and a message asking me if I wanted to do something I could not understand, with some sort of code numbers and letters showing? I declined the offer that I could not understand. Then after a while, I followed what had happened, or rather what had caused these things to happen. When the sneeze came, bodily fluids shot out and hit the screen! I wiped off the escaped nasal content carefully and gently. This computer has a touch screen thingy, and I don’t know how to turn in off. Anyway, all seems back to normal now. I sensed that today was not going to be a good one!

I’d lost any connection with what I was thinking that needed concentrating on now. Besides, my attention turned to the more urgent needs of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and making my way to the Porcelain Throne, post haste. A similar session to yesterday, rich dark blood and a lot of it from Harold’s Haemorrhoids (I hope, hehe). Got cleaned up.

Made a brew and did the health checks.

Took the medications and pondered further on what needed doing today.

I mysteriously found some will-power and semi-determination, to get on and sort the three-rooms out straight away!I made a start in the spare room.

With a rare resolution, to get the job done in one blast of enthusiasm!


I did a lot of moving stuff out of the way, the stack I put some of them on, collapsed and that had to be sorted out. The things I could not move, because they were either too stubborn to let me or too heavy, I left where they were.

I’ll ask for some help from the working lads when they arrive. It did not look any different to when I started. Huh!


Now the messy room was started work on. Sorted the paperwork first, and got it into the appropriate folders and case.

Tried to move the recliner and easy-chair, but both presented too much effort, and it was beyond my physical capabilities.

The old armchair was one of its cube-shaped legs, that has come loose. It is a 1962 E-plan piece of furniture: it was just too heavy for me to handle. Tsk! I managed to move the writing desk that Duncan Robertson bought me when I first moved into the flat, Bless Him, and the small chair to the back of the room. Along with the folder case. Moved some DVDs and got carried away soring them on their shelves, getting it all wrong chronologically and theme-wise. I’m sorry I started this, I’ll never find the one I want to watch next time now. Hehe! Dare not touch the electrics. It did not look much different from when I started. Huh!

KITCHEN. Ah, the kitchen. One heck of a job this one. Cleared the window ledge, but had difficulty in finding where to put the stuff I removed.

Swept the floor, which prompted me to give it a mopping, then. I needed the floor cleaner bottle, but I’d blocked getting into the cupboard for it with the gear taken off of the window ledge. So, I Moved the items back onto the window ledge and got the mopping up done.

Got the mop and bucket, did the floor cleaning and emptied the window shelf once again.

Around 0530hrs, I’d got it all finished in a fashion.

Feeling a little self-satisfied, but disappointed because it did not look much different from 2Tue05when I started. Huh! As the photos indicate, the top one was taken before I started on the room, bottom one after I’d say supposedly finished. I’m shattered now, and Dizzy Dennis has started hassling me.

I made a brew to celebrate, nearly dropped it and lost some content, which went over my hand, the counter, and the newly mopped floor!

Leaving oddly coloured purple marks on the fingers, which, when they had some antiseptic cream rubbed on them, changed to a faint blue colour. Work that one out if you can?

I got on the computer to start this post off.

2Tue08aThe view outside when I made another cuppa was grand.

Got this post done up to here, and went on to finish off yesterdays blog. I found an old blog that had not been completed, and the photos had disappeared. But I posted it anyway for a laugh.

Went to the WordPress Reading page. Then on comments.

Then2Tue08c got on with the ablutionisationing session. I’m feeling tired-out already today. Hehe!

There I was, having done the teggies, Little Inchies Lesion treating. Showered and shaving. About to treat Harold’s Haemorrhoids and the door chime rang out! Wrapped a towel around me, opened the door and gave the Willmott-Brown bloke with the clipboard one hell of a shock! Hahaha!

He asked if they could fit my windows today. ‘No problem’ I replied, off he popped, saying they would be with me when they have finished the flats above windows.

Finished the drying off and made a brew of the Assam tea, and got on with updating this post. Later, I realised I had not medicated the haemorrhoids when the agony reminded me. Hehe!

While I was awaiting the crew, team or whatever the workmen are known as I went on CorelDraw to do some more advance page-top funny graphics.

A chap arrived, and we had a natter he then shut me in the front room to reduce the noise and dust pollution for me. No food or drink for me then.

Back on CorelDrawing.

Blimey, it soon got proper-cold in here. What it must be like for the blokes doing the job, I dread to think. A good job they get paid well. Decent sounding type of lad. Back to CorelDraw.

I escaped my imprisonment to get a woolly hat out of the airing cupboard and took these pictures of the sticky-film the lad had put down, to protect the carpet I assume.

I also turned up the heater in the main room.

T’was the Willmott-Brown bloke with the clipboard. The balcony doors were being delivered later on. And he wanted to get them fitted in the morning instead of the afternoon. I told him about my appointment with the nurse for the blood test and my having to leave at 0800hrs to get there in time. He’s to get here at 0800hrs, and I can give him a key, or let them in and shoot off. It’s all go here innit? Hehehe!

Not only cold, but I’m now getting hungry, tired and weary as well. Brrr! Can’t get into the kitchen make a mug of tea either. Humph!

Concentration (As is usual at this time), was shot to pieces.

I went on YouTube to watch some motoring accident clips.

They are now taking off the outer-concrete, or whatever it is called from the balcony above. Which calls for a lot of drilling it seems. I’m gonna be a nervous wreck at this rate today. Tired, irritable, cold and hungry! Chilled to the bone. I can hear the removed chunks of whatever it is they are taking off falling onto my balcony, some big lumps of it flying about.

The chap on the hoist appears everytime the drilling stops to collect and bag up some of it. Better him, out there than me, doing the job. Haha!

But I must admit to liking the smell of the sealant they are using on the windows in the other two rooms.

I’m going to have to put the oil-filled heater on as well, now. Double-Brrr!

Oh, what an excellent day I’m having, they are now starting to drill on my balcony, and the spectacles have broken. The nose bit had fallen off. Can I find it? No!

Great Balls of Fire, what next! I bent down to get the plug to put the heater on, and Anne Gyna was not happy with me at all. Her being aggrieved and disgruntled, of course, meant more discomfort for me…

Oh, Gawd, I’ve missed the medications and health checks! I’m fed-up and disgruntled myself now!

I did a Health Check and made a cuppa (No sign of the workers and the kitchen had been swept). They may have said cheerio, but with me taking the hearing aids out, because of the noise, I might not have heard them. Took the medications and did another Health Check on the sphygmomanometer to catch up on the record log.

The lads outside were packing up, I caught them as they went down in the hoist.

Catching a view of the new window.

All locked up so I can’t mess with it and ruin anything for them.

Apparently, even to a mechanical and handyman moron like myself, they could not do the replastering around the edges yet until it had settled.

The left side didn’t have too many holes in it, but the right one was well knocked about.

Also, there were plenty of meat flies around the windows and kitchen.

I counted eleven. I reckon most were coming out from the right-hand side.

When I took a photo of that area, I realised that I could see many of them in the picture and on the window glass.

Proof that the Onergruooenfurheresses were wrong in laughing at me, and giving me sideways looks, many weeks ago when I told them that meat flies appeared in the kitchen.

Humph! Hehe!

Two openings in the new window, with a sideways motion. I hope that I can still hang out enough to take some down shots when they get opened end for use. Mary said, she had to wait a week for her plastering to get done on her windows and longer for the balcony ones to be done.

I think it might be awkward and too high for me to get out to photograph through them.

But, soon, I hope, the balcony will be done so I can use that to get the lower shots?

The lock wires I assume will be removed later.

Bits of plaster and dust were found everywhere, in the sink the cutlery, the cooker, food pots etc. But it is to be expected, so no bother to me.

Getting all the things back in place can wait. For the balcony, windows will be being done tomorrow, and more mess and hassle created made.

Later, sometime after that, the balcony itself will be positioned, not to be used then naturally, until the rendering has been done and dried. Did you see that? I’m getting into the terminology too now! Hehe!

2Tue14I visited the spare room to take a look at the new window in there.

Dead the same as the one in the kitchen.

They should be easier to clean than the old ones form one point of view; They will now need turning around with the finger trapping mechanism of the old ones. But; I’ll need the steps to reach to the top… hang on though, I’ll have another look, back in a second or two.

I’m back. Aha, the new windows do open inwards, so should be more accessible for cleaning after all! I can get to them with the step ladders without any bother. He says with high confidence and hope!

Things seemed a little brighter, doubly so, cause the sun came out, and it was beautiful to look at. I photographed it, but of course, I had to do it through the uncleanable none opening windows, but it was almost breathtaking to me. Of course, it is nothing compared to what they get elsewhere, especially in the likes of Australia, Canada or Albuquerque, but I liked it.

It dawned on me that I still have the Fire Sprinklers, new communication devices and Tannoy system to be fitted. And these windows and balcony upgrades will not be finished and ready for use for a while yet. My doubly brighter outlook soon dimmed. But that is because I’m so tired, and hungry, and concerned about tomorrows work on the balcony doors being done and my INR blood test appointment being with Nurse Ann thus, I will miss seeing Nurse Nichole. Its all a plot you know! Hehe!

I got the oven warming up and updated this diary.

The meal was welcomed and tastily too. (Can’t find the photo I took of it?)

Put the tray on the other easy chair and fell asleep; for ten minutes. The landline rang forth! It was another take-away delivery person telling me he’s outside the house with my pizza delivery. I said a few choice words and rang out, putting the phone down gently.

After that, sleep did not return for ages. I assumed I was overtired and feeling niggly with things. Eventually, I nodded off and got three hours kip. I had to force myself to get up with all the things going on today. Humph!

What a stonkingly-shitty, sclerotic, stinking, and shlimazel-ridden, stressfull day! Grumph!

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  1. Oh gosh, I can see that it will be a lot of bother throughout the updating of the flat. I do wish you the best throughout this ordeal, hoping the upheaval is not so bad most days. <3

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