I’m Determined to destroy Depression!

I’m Determined to destroy Depression!


I decided, in a dream, I had yesternight,
Depression, I’ll resist, beat and outfight,
I must be strong, determined, not contrite,
I’ll be honest with myself, not like a Blairite,
My approach, will-power, must be definite!
I’ll have courage, like a brave medieval Knight,
And continue to show my vigour and fight,
Although my confidence may be finite,
This misery, I will surely try to expedite,
I must give this depression, no respite,
Ridding myself of this soul-destroying plight,
Who knows if I can, I just possibly might?
Then hopefully, I’ll get some sleep tonight,
And for supper, I can have some toasted Marmite!

Created during an aberrant spell of semi-confidence.

No Brexiteers were harmed during the production of this waffle!

Vital Advice for Nottinghamian Senior Citizens, Part one – In Rhyme, of sorts


They’re dangerous, uncouth and some are blind,

The ignorant swine are uncaring, and what’s more,

They often hit you, coming silently from behind,

Leaving your hand arm or elbow, feeling sore,

They test your sanity, patience and mind,

They’ve no warning bells or horn, that’s for sure,

Belting along the pavements, they are a bind,

It’s no use if you beg and implore,

For them to leave more room, not be so unkind,

The few who reply, use sneers, curse-words obscure,

To roads and cycle paths they should be confined,

Their insults, two fingers you’ll have to endure,

Best to use your walking stick – hit ’em on the jaw!


But that’s no solution, not a good idea, you see,

Cause they are young, fit and violence-loving,

They offer scowls and are threatening to me,

Some ride at me, I have to do some manoeuvering,

Which ain’t easy with the walker to push, you see!

Empathy, sympathy, and understanding they are avoiding,

Making this old fart, run and flee!

 Taking their photograph may get me a beating,

But don’t give up the struggle, become an attritee,

Join me on my hobbles, bring a Glock, that’s the thing!


They don’t scare me though… well, not too much.

Alright, the law-breaking and getting-away-with-it ‘Gits’ do!

Neuropathic Mambo – A song by Timothy Price – Brilliant!


Written to Spite the peripheral neuralgia!

Neuropathic Mambo

By Timothy Price

♫ When the legs go dancing on their own
Electric feelings shock my bones
Arms all flailing, fingers shake and role
Bumping and grinding out a neuropathic mambo ♫

♫ Shaking
Shocking ♫

♫ Neuropathic mambo ♫

♫ Shocking
Shaking ♫

♫ My knees get weak and start a shake
My arms go limp and then they quake
I stub my toe Ouch I’m still alive
Instead of Typing, my fingers do the hand jive ♫

♫ Shocking
Shaking ♫

♫ Neuropathic mambo ♫

♫ Shocking
Shaking ♫

♫ When the legs start dancing on their own
Electric feelings shock my bones
Arms all flailing, fingers shake and role
Bumping and grinding out a neuropathic mambo ♫

♫ Shaking, shocking, bumping out a mambo ♫
♫ Shaking, shocking, bumping out a neuropathic mambo
Shaking, shocking, bumping out a Neuropathic mambo
Shaking, shocking, bumping out a Neuropathic mambo! ♫


Here is the link to the song: Neropathetic Mambo

I Thang You.



Inchcock Thoughts on the danger of Mankind’s Addiction to ‘Cide’s

Mankind’s Addiction to ‘Cide’s

I reckon we’re guilty of all of these and more!

Abortion: The killing of a fetus

Acaricide: A killer of mites and ticks

Algicide: A killer of algae

Amicicide: The murder of a friend

Aphicide: A killer of aphids

Avicide: The killing of birds

Bacillicide: A killer of bacteria

Bovicide: The killer of a cow

Ceticide: The killing of whales and other cetaceans

Christicide: One responsible for the death of Christ.

Cimicide: A substance used to kill bed-bugs

Deicide: The killing of a god or goddess; godslaughter.

Democide: (mass murder) murder of people by a government in power

Ecocide: The complete destruction of an ecosystem due to human activities.

Ectoparasiticide: Any pesticide designed to kill parasites

Aborticide: The act of destroying a fetus in the womb

Ethnocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic group

Famicide: One who destroys another’s reputation; slanderer

Familicide: The murder of an entire family by a family member

Felicide: The killing of a cat

Femicide: Killing of a woman

Filicide: A person who kills their own child

Foeticide: The killing a fetus

Formicide: A substance that kills ants

Fratricide: A killing of one’s brother

Gendercide: The killing of people because of their gender

Genocide: A killing of a race or ethnic group

Germicide: Using a substance that kills germs

Giganticide: A killing of a giant

Homicide: A killing of a human being

Infanticide: A killing of an infant

Insecticide: A killing of insects

Islamicide: The killing of Muslims

Judeocide: The killing of Jews

Larvicide: A killing of larvae

Liberticide: Causing the destruction of liberty

Liberticide: The destruction of liberty

Mariticide: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another

Matricide: A killing of one’s mother

Medicide: Medically assisted suicide; accomplished by a physician

Menticide: Reduction of mind by psychological pressure

Menticide: Brain-washing someone

Microbicide: The killing or killer of microbes

Miticide: Using an agent which kills mites

Molluscicide: To kill molluscs

Multicide: The killing of multiple people; mass murder or serial killing

Ovicide: Sheep-killing

Ovicide: The killing or destroying of eggs or ova

Parasiticide: The killing of parasites

Parasuicide: A harmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide

Parenticide: killing or killer of one’s parents

Pesticide: The killing of pests

Prolicide: The killing of offspring; The killing of the human race

Pseudocide: A faked or pretend death

Pulicide: Flea-killer

Raticide: Substance or person who kills rats

Regicide: The killing of a king

Rodenticide: The killing of rodents

Senicide: The killing of old men

Serpenticide: Killing or killer of a snake

Sororicide: The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another

Speciocide: The destruction of an entire species

Spermicide: A killing of sperm

Suicide: A killing of oneself

Taeniacide: A killing of tapeworms

Tyrannicide: The killing or killer of a tyrant

Urbicide: A destruction of a city

Ursicide: A killing or killer of a bear

Uxoricide: The killing of one’s own wife

Vaticide: The killing or killer of a prophet

Verbicide: Destroying the meaning of a word

Vermicide: The killing of worms

Vespacide: substance or person who kills wasps

Viricide: Inactivates viruses

Viricide: The killing of viruses

Vulpicide: Someone who kills foxes other than by hunting them with hounds

Just a thought, like!

Inchcock’s Thoughts of the Week – In abysmal imitation rhyme.

Despite, the old hero’s Diarhorrea Trotsky attack, his Accifauxpas, tumbles, toe-stubbings, Haemorrhoid Harold’s Return, his Bleeding Fungal lesion, visits from Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun and Shivering Sandra, his leaving the hot tap running again, and falling asleep in his computer chair (Him, mot the tap!), and his depressed state of mind: He is proud to present this week’s Thoughts in even more pathetic rhyme than last time!

Dec 23 2018






Inchcock Today – Wednesday 22nd August 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops continue, but only minor ones


Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Italian: Mercoledì 22 Agosto 2018

03:45hrs: Yet again, I stirred in such a different mood. In an oppugnant frame of mind, and a contradictorily, contrasting state of health compared with the previous morning. No self-pity, gruffness or searching for faults. Ailments… what are they? Hehe!

It genuinely was as if I’d awoken with a different person inside of me had taken charge. A mock semi-positivity reigned. This felt good. But, this is happening more often nowadays, and I know things will change. I just tried to enjoy this new found hard to appreciate certainty while it lasted. (Which was not for long, TSk!)

WDPBL As I moved to manipulate my short stubby but wobbly body free from the £300 second-hand recliner, I felt the obviously ensanguined state of the PP’s crack, as the dried blood was broken, and a new flowing started. So much for the new positive me!

WDPBL I could not find my slippers anywhere in the room.

WDPBL I made my way to the wet room for remedial cleaning and medicating activities to be performed. A repulsive, unpleasant task. (It hurt a bit too. Humph!)

Cleaned up, changed the PPs and to the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


3Wed04aMade a brew, then took the medications.

The Health Check readings looked to be okay to me, I thought.

The uncertainty of everything I do, the realisation that my memory is still doing its own thing, and the fretting and self-criticising began again.

I had to go to the Porcelain Throne in some haste. The passage took about three-seconds at the most. How disappointing! Hehe!

I could only see five of the Ironclad tough black biting mini-beetles in there this morning. Two in the sink, one on the floor and two half way up the shower curtain.

Cleaned up again and back to the front room and put the computer on.

3Wed01I noticed that the Nottingham City Homes supplied monitor was showing a high humidity level.

Well, within the green range, but the highest it has ever been since I got it.

Does this mean rain is due? Or the opposite? I keep saying I’ll look this up, I’ll try to remember later.

I made a start on doing this blog.

Went to make another brew of tea. WAiting for the kettle to brew, I thought I’d nip into the spare room to have a search for the escaped slippers. Klutz!

No footwear located, but I did find about eighty of the Ironclad tough black biting mini-beetles on and around the window ledge! The Bug Killer cardboard had caught a good few of them. As I started to try to squash the other beetles around, I found that several of them ran up onto my hand in attack mode!

WDPBL For some reason, many of the few that I actually got to squash, turned to dust when I did so? Others just walked away after I’d pressed down hard on them with the back of my fingernail. The rest abscondicated. Tsk!


What did I do with those slippers?

06:00hrs: I got this far on this page, and then made a start on finalising yesterdays post. Finished it and posted it off. Read comments and went on the WordPress Reader.

3Wed06Went on the Email checking.

The one on the left here was from the Surgery. It claims to be giving me my INR results.

But it does not do so. I have no idea what my INR level is.

They do give me the dosages for Warfarin for next week, though. Considering how high the daily doses are given, I assume that the level must be low again?

In this email was a link to the results of 3Wed07Patient Satisfaction for the Sherrington Park Medical Practice.

I snipped it from the screen and added some red arrows to indicate how I rated them.

After last weeks farcical five visits, and them telling me they would make me early appointments from here on – I find they give me a 10:20hrs one for my next blood test!

Another day lost. With my tiring so quickly and early in the day, it is difficult to get things done. It is not helping my health really. I have mentioned this to them, but…

I could do with getting a hobble in today. So I’ll get the ablutions done now, and try to stay awake later on to do the TFZer Facebooking done.

Ablutionisational activities undertaken. No shower, too early to disturb the neighbours with the noise it makes.

I tried to take a couple of decent shots of the part erected, not liked, unwanted, thick-framed light and view-blocking balcony that was done yesterday. That will mean more window cleaning for me, just what I need!


Two black bags made up and deposited in the waste chute. Made up a white sack of recyclable stuff and took it down with the cleaned empty tomato sauce jar, on the way out.

7Sun4As I got outside through the maze and placed the white bag near the doorway and the jar in with the Irish Whiskey, various Scotches, Bacardi 151, Sunset Rum, Champagne, Gin, Spirytus Rektyfikowany, Absinthe, and Cognac empties in the recycle bin.

Gawd, I’m jealous that so many tenants can afford financially and healthwise to drink such delightful memories to me. Hehe!

3Wed09I didn’t take any photographs other than this one as I hobbled along Chestnut Walk.

Everytime we go out, we face the chalenge of avoiding being hit my vehicles, falling down holes, tripping over iron boards covering trenches and

Because I got into blatherskite type chinwags with Welsh William and two other blokes. The galimatias didn’t seem to bother any of us. Hehe!

Caught the L9 bus into Arnold and went into the Asda (Walmart) store and did some spending at a leisurely pace.

3Wed10Along with the things actually neede, like the bread, apples and spring water.

I treated myself to a Lamb Moussaka ready-made meal. Got some cream Cakes for the Oberstgruppenführeress Wardens. Bless em!

I had a pleasant but pleasant walk around, it’s a big shop.

I paid the lad on the checkout, and made my way to the bench and sorted out the bags into a more capable way to carry weight distribution.

3Wed12aAs I was limping out, I spotted the photograph Print machine.

Ah, I thought, I’ll get the photos of the Tennants I took when we got back from Skeggy on Saturday printed, then I can hand them out to the gals in the pictures.

I recalled the mess I made of using this machine last time. So I assumed as calm a state of mind as I could. And, wallah! I got it right! Self-righteous Smug mode Adopted! Hehehe!

Out to the bus stop, and waited for the L9 to arrive. 

3Wed11I was fighting against falling asleep all the way back. I did nod off a few times, though.

When we got to the Sherwood Stop, a ganglet of my fellow residents got on the bus. Rita, Sheila, Welsh William, Pete, and Wally.

When we got back to the flats bus stop, Pete was kind enough to make sure I was awake. Hehe!

I had a few words in passing with those getting on the bus. Then made my way into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed. 

Dropped off cream cakes, and carried on out and back to the apartment.

3Wed12In the wet room for a wee-wee.

On the scales, happy to report I had lost at least half-a-pound since this morning.

WDPBL It seems the Ironclad tough black biting mini-beetles, have a new ally in their mission to take joint control and be masters of the flat. There they were in the bowl, joined by several flies or gnats whichever. I thought this might have been the Mother-Beetle, she was so large.

Put the bits away and got the oven on, and the minced lamb with gravy and seasoning cooking. Sliced and added the potatoes later.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got the computer on and updated this diary to here.

Went on to update the Facebook pages.

3Wed04aGot the minced lamb from pan to oven tray, fingers crossed.

WDPBL I think I must have missed off a seasoning or flavouring in the lamb, but of course, I can’t remember what I put in last time I cooked it, sad really.

Taste Rating: 7.2/10.

WDPBL Put the telly on and ate this meal watching a film. ‘The Return of the Pink Panther’, the old ones are the best ones! During a commercial break, I went into the kitchen to get a drink and saw that I had foolishly returned the tray to the oven when I took out the lamb and had left the heat on!

3Wed05WDPBL Then managed to burn my finger, catching it on a shelf rail the as I took out the tray.

I think at the time, it only made me jump. Any actual pain must have been masked by my unbelievable tiredness?

I struggled through the Pink Panther with more noddings-off than usual, then missed the ending as my dropping off to sleep turned into a permanent condition. Well, it lasted for hours until I woke up five hours later.



Inchcock Today – Tuesday 31st July 31st 2018


Tuesday 31st July 2018

Afrikaans: Dinsdag 31 Julie 2018

0330hrs: I woke with the brain rambling away with thoughts of whatever nature it seemed to want to ponder over. The only connection between the subjects that the grey-cells chose was my fretting and worrying about topics being so rampant. It was like listening to someone else’s thoughts at times.

I spent far too long in mental turmoil. Luckily, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived to distract me from the troubled thoughts and concerns.

So, out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the wet room. The plates-of-meat alone of the ailments giving me any hassle. So this was good! This evacuation was more substantial.

Whoopsie2 But, I lost a lot of Crimson red blood via Harold’s Haemorrhoids. At least I hope it was from them. Cleaned up and made my way to the kitchen, where I carried out the Health Checks.


2Tue02abI was pleased to see that the weight had come down, even if it was by the pitifullest amount.

Then, made a potent brew of Assam tea. I’ve taken to this Assam tea in the mornings lately.

Took the medications, leaving out the Dia-Limit capsule today.

The mind seemed to have lost its awakening fixation over my anxieties. The computer on, and I started to create this post.

I had a perusal of the WordPress reader next.

2Tue04Then began to update the Monday diary. Got it done and posted off.

The rain is coming down now.

0430hrs: Had to press on with the page top graphic creations for the Inchcock Today drafts.

0815hrs: Finally got the graphics done. Now to make up the blueprints. I’ll make another mug of 2Tue05tea first.

The weather still a bit wet, but it is getting lighter now, and the skies are less dark and dank looking.

Oh, you can take it, that wee-wees will be painfully performed at regular, frequent visits for the rest of the day. Haha”

0829hrs: Started making the drafts up.

 Finished the mat 1005hrs.

Whoopsie2 Workmen or Herbert upstairs, clanging and tapping away throughout the drafting session, again. Makes it hard to concentrate.

But of course, I am not complaining, just mentioning it. No point in my risking getting another telling-off, thrown out of the flat or sneered at from the Nottingham City Homes Mangement for my quoting the truth about the noises. As the Obergruppenfurheress Management, told me; “He is doing nothing wrong, just following his hobby of model making, and I’ll have to put up with it.” I don’t want to lose my home. Oh heck, I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off.

I’ll make another brew of tea, methinks.

The rain has stopped now, the sun’s trying to come out.

Whoopsie2 I think I might be having some furuncular ailments coming on. An odd itch at the top inside of the leg, and when I went to scratch it, it didn’t half hurt. A boil or carbuncle type pain methinks. Tsk!

1515hrs: I got the drafts updated and ready for use. A long slog this job was.

I went on to Facebook for a while.

Went on WordPress reader section.

Health Checks carried out, medications taken.

Getting tired mentally now. 

Then I had a look at the car-crash videos on YouTube.

2Tue26I had BBQ flavoured mackerel, Surimi sticks, chips, gherkins, peas and tomatoes tonight.

A decent flavoured effort, I gave it an 8.2/10 Taste-Rating. Hehe!

The fatigue overcame me.

I managed to get the washing up done, do the last checks and medication taking, and got down in the £300 second-hand recliner.

But again, sleep took its time in coming, despite my feeling drained. That dang brain was fretting away! Tsk!

Inchcock Today Monday 30th July 2018: Decent Monday


Monday 30 July 2018

F -Albanian

0335hrs: I’d only had a couple of hours sleep, yet I woke with a start – and instantly decided to get the laundry duties done immediately.

No waiting for the brain to engage with the limbs, no fretting about anything and no ailments playing up either! An esoterica moment for me, this was.

1Mon001Out of the £300 second-hand recliner with ease, and off for a wee-wee.

The passing was a painful short one that produced a much different coloured waste product.

Dressed and seemingly in an auto-daze, I’d collated the requirements for the washing and was out and going down in the lift to the 1Mon01laundry room.

When I arrived at the machines, there was Roy from the 14th floor, doing his washing.

The lad could not sleep either, so he too decided his laundry should be done. This meant I could not get a washer to use. So, we had a laugh twixt us, and I gave up and returned to the flat.

Another wee-wee, then got the Health Checks done.


1Mon02The resulting figures looked alright to me.

Took the medications and then updated the weekly Excel record for last week and this morning.

I could hear the strong winds outside blowing. No raining, but the skyline looked a little bleak and dreary so we might get some later methinks.

1Mon01aHad yet another wee-wee. Mmm?

A little cooler temperature today, remaining in the Red zone, though. The humidity remains higher but within range.

I set about updating and finishing off the Sunday post. This took me about three hours or so. Then posted it off and began this diary page.

1Mon01bWent to make another brew of extra-strong English Breakfast tea.

Had one more wee-wee.

The winds seemed to be slackening off.

Looked at the WordPress comments and replied to it.

Then went on the WP reader page.

Ablutions tended too. No shaving cuts, stubbings of toes or other ailment harassments. This can’t last… can it? Hehe!

I washed the four emptied sauce bottles and put them in the bag to take down and drop off when I go out. Made up the black bag to go as well.

Had a final wee-wee, made sure I’d got my list of four things I need to buy put in my jacket pocket. Then set out. Went to the rubbish chute and put the black bag down.

WDPBL Went back into the flat to collect my hearing aids. Nebekh!

Out again and got down and out of the foyer, and placed the jars in recycling bin.

Still no rain as such, but the weather kept threatening it.

As I looked up at the front of Woodthorpe Courts, it looked a right mess where the desperate for fresh air and a view of outdoors elderly tenants, had torn off the protective cellophane window coverings.

I am not one of these tenants. Smug Mode-Adopted!


1Mon05Access to the old peoples wonderfully well looked after, bird poo covered, attractive and much loved sitting bench seat, was available today, I observed.

I had to go along the road and through between a van and car to get to it, mind.

But with the footpath currently still closed off and full of holes in the ground, open trenches and barriers, it was the only way to get to this Nottingham City Council street furniture on Chestnut Walk.

The woodworms, spiders, the rotting display of a pungent but colourful selection of putrid bird-poo and gnats decided me against even thinking of sitting on it. Haha!

I pressed on, meeting Doreen and we chatted as we made our way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

There were a few tenants inside, including May, Pete and Roy. A nice nattering session was had. We joined the other residents out at the bus stop.

1Mon06The was soon full of festive fun-loving folks. Who all got off at Sherwood

This left me was the only passenger on the vehicle. But it soon filled up again en route to Arnold.

Where I alighted and went straight to the Asda (Walmart) shop.

I rushed around searching for my selected products. But finding the Hoisin Sauce and the BBQ Rice Crackers took me far too long. I feared I would miss the L9 bus back to the flats. Then the checkouts all had long queues, so I went to the self-serve area. Where I had difficulties in working out why it kept telling I had not placed a pack of the seasoned potatoes in the bagging area. Yey, the light above remained on a green? I really didn’t want to waste time by disturbing the three members of staff having a chat right next to me.

Somehow I got it all done and rushed as fast as I could out to the bus stop. There was the L9 at the shelter.

WDPBL I put myself through a real pain barrier (The poor old plates-of-meat were giving me agony!) to get there before it drove away. I got to about four feet away from the door, and the driver pulled off! The tachat!

I walked, well, limped to a High Street request stop and caught the first bus that would drop me off on Mansfield Road in Sherwood. I wasn’t long coming, and because the L9 takes a more circulative route, I got to Sherwood in time to catch the L9 that I had missed in Arnold. Can’t simple life be messy? Haha!

1Mon07Got on the L9, which had many other residents on board, and up to the flats.

I managed to take this photograph on the right as the bus turned off of Winchester Road into Chestnut Walk and the Winwood complex.

The weather had suddenly changed, the sunshine gone, hidden in the dark clouds 1Mon07bamassing.

Woodthorpe Court was beginning to look a bit more like it should, by the time all the jobs get done.

How many of us old uns will live long enough to see this miracle mature, is not sure yet, of course! Hehe!

1Mon07cWhen the traffic got thinner on the ground, we passengers and tenants were allowed to walk down the middle of the road, back to Woodthorpe Court.

As you can see, the other people again left me in their wake as they sped off away from me to get home.

1Mon07dMany of them were older than I am. But I could not keep up with the clan. Shame innit!

I gave up chasing after them and took these photographs.

A dodgy path to have to walk today. Building material, delivery lorries and vans, parked cars and loads of holes and trenches to be aware of and get through.

I imagine that just like me, the need for a wee-wee had been spurring them on, perhaps? Hahaha!

The had all gone up when I arrived at the foyer. Up in the lift back to the number 72, and had a wee-wee.

Got the fodder put away. I’d not bought much today. BBQ rice cakes, Scottish Shorties biscuits, Asda BBW cooking sauce, Hoisin sauce and seasoned potato slices for tomorrows dinner.

Did the Health Checks and the medicationing was done.

Started to update this post.

Got the peas podded and in the pan.

Went on the TFZer Facebook to add today’s photographs.

Then I had to get on with creating some more diary-top graphics on CorelDraw and PhotoPaint. All I did was select some graphic ideas to use later, tiredness looming again. Tsk!

1Mon23Nosh served up.

I’m afraid the pod peas had to be thrown away. They have changed to different colours, and I had green, grey and brown ones in the saucepan. No idea what went wrong, perhaps they were late season peas, or had I put something in the pan without realising? Urgh!

The beef pasties, cheesy potato mash and tomatoes were okay.

I was accompanied by Herbert above clattering and banging while I tried to watch some TV programme.

I managed to nod-off and slept through to 0330hrs.