Inchcock Today: Crowell Manor Laboratory

Inchcock Today

I apologise for the change in content and style. This is due to ailments, and many computer problems.

I am glad I got this graphic finished in time. Precious HRH Petal Lisa & Professor Billum, (And Nibbles, the gorgeous pussy) in one of their laboratories at Crowell Manor. Wonderful people!

I hope they and you enjoy it for a laugh.

I am due to go to the hospital on Tuesday for the first consultation about cataracts, glaucoma and saccades in the eyes. So, if I don’t get posts done, you’ll understand why. Thanks!

I hate to disappoint my lovely, kind, swarming hoards of followers. And apologise again to both of you. Hehe!



18 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Crowell Manor Laboratory

  1. My Dear, we have the guest ward on stand by to aid you in recovery. Probably won’t need that on the first visiit. Evaluations will then set up procedures. That is when we can vacationalize you to luxurious Crowell Manor where not only will you have the chronic comfort of Nibbles on your lap, but possibly the hulk of Dingo Friskey, maine coon cat larger than many small dogs! He will jump up while yoe are taking either HRH’s room or SirBilliums corner library and art galeriie. This will attract giant Fuzzy to walk up your chest until you feel his hot breath on your face. He will deign not to bite you if you accommodate his petting tequests but if he twitches his giant tail, be sure to tell loudly what a googboy he is in beny talk. This should deescalate and he may even bob tour head with his forehead to show love and admiration. Last and only when Master Alan carries her in to visit upon his shoulder will you be allowed to scratch the ears of Sticks. Alan is her sturdy steed whom she mushes like a dogsled driver to get wherever she may want to go. If you should wake in the early hours to loud wailing, don’t be afraid. Not GHOSTS, only Sticks sitting behind a door she used to hurl her entire body through and fall on the floor below the last few steps from her aerie in the highest spires of CM. She no longer does this due to her image being an elderly cat. She will make the loudest and most heart remding wails of woe. It’s because Alan is either taking a shower without her in the bathroom, or worse he has taken Lady Julie, sister of HRHL to an appt. It will fall to one of us to free her from right behind her already ajar door. I am usually on duty but since you are here, I am happy to spread the love! You are also invited to her highness’ bedchamber where Grimm has been completed and a short jump to Moon Knight, to keep the Marvel Universe tuned in, and now we are watching Evil! We can all three fit in the bed like the Triplets of Bellleville. Check that out online to get the absued image worthy of your picturalizings! Love you sweet heart! Im so glad your visit has no added stress of transport.

  2. Thank you, kindest Sir, for the wonderfully effusive words. We store them in the laboratories of the heart, the best place because they provide us much solace in difficult times, particularly the ones most unexpected. This is the time to redeem them for you, such that the tests proceed to important improvements in your health and well-being.

      • Smooth progress, Sir! Well not exactly smooth, but my getting lost in the hospital – twice, and wearing no trews when the female evening caller arrived, I still felt good at the progress madeth, Sir.
        Full tale and ode about the days cock-ups just published, feel free to have a laugh, Billum! Hahaha!

      • Lisa and I get lost at every opportunity. HRH will say “turn right, hon” and I know then to turn left. A 180 degree perceptual difference, but it makes things interesting.
        Looking forward to reading and to commenting on the full tale and ode, just as soon as I catch up on comments and replies, Sire!

      • It’s quite amazing how that 180 degree flip occurs. We can be leaving a motel room and HRH will seek the elevator in the opposite direction. Fortunately, we now have a phone that is smarter than the two of us, the GPS lets us know just where we should go. If we leave that route to seek sustenance, a bathroom, or both, it keeps nagging us about turning this way and that to get un-lost. Now, of course, we cannot live without it. Haha!

      • Hahaha! Thats sounds a gem, wonder if it would work in Nottingham Queens Medical Centre? Hehe! Course if I could use it.
        An aid indeed! ♥

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