Inchcock Today: Monday 2nd May 2022


Monday 2nd May 2022

Hehehe! Managed to get some photos loaded at last! Of course, remember which was taken when and why… will primarily be up to Doreen Dementia. So it’s likely to have a bit of guesstimating.

This would have been taken somewhere around, or close to Friday, or maybe Saturday morning. I’d guesstimate, judging by the sun’s placement, coming from the rear of the flats, leaving a shadow, about 07:00hrs?

Possibly Friday evening’s meal. I remember making this little feast because it was the first time I tried those savoury fries. They were delivered on Friday (I think)… see that? I can sometimes remember things, and others not! The sourdough veggie-beef sarnies were lovely; the gherkins and tomatoes went down well with some butter. The fries were a little disappointing; not a lot of taste. A strawberry cheesecake and mini cake rounded things off nicely. Flavour-Rating 7/10.

On Saturday (Mayhaps), the blood pressure was one of the best ever! The SYS at 128. DIA 65, the pulse is low, but not enough for any concern, at 75. The wee-weeing had eased off a little as well.

My Chinese (Hong Kong) was made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™, contactless thermometer came up trumps; with a temperature of35.3°c. The highest it’s been for many a month!

I found some strange botches on the legs when it came to doing the Phorpain Gelling on Saturday (?).

Of course, nothing new, but the legs have been so good for so long that I was surprised at this. Whatever they were, the purple patches appeared to be pretty fresh.

However, the normal state of the leg veins, with the superficial venous thrombosis (phlebitis), chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), iliac veins, femoral vein, saphenous vein, and popliteal veins, just seem to have disappeared under the folds of flesh? The tibial veins could not even be seen? Mind you, Cataract Kathleen, Glaucoma Glenda and Saccades Sandra, might be affecting my vision, I suppose.

I had a treat on Saturday; oh, yes, I did! I made some of the cheesy baked potatoes, the first I’ve made in a long time. It could, well should have been a higher score, but I overdid the buttering, which marred things. Taste Rating 8.5/10.

And with no stab wounds, cuts or injuries at all! I saved three halves of the delicious but over cheesy buttered potatoes for supper! Mmm! And boy, was I glad I did later on when I warmed them in the microwave…

Then I decided I’d make some more on Sunday, with the last Leicester cheese.

I was on the verge of going into a Smug-Mode… and I made a mess of bending down to pick up some cutlery I’d dropped while doing the washing up. I tumble forwards, banging into the fridge-freezer, and the pots and jars on top of it came tumbling down, as the machine quaked with having my flabby weight hit it! So I had to rewash them as well! Humph!

Hey-Ho! Serves me right! Since then, I’ve had a nagging discomfort in the lower back.

Getting settled for the night, I decided to look at the end car park from the balcony, and I took this picture on the left. Hehehe! Red-Van-Man’s lousy parking is getting to the other tenants now.

The evening Carer was Cheeky Charlie (If I recall correctly). Always pleased to see her, and she gives me a little natter each time, Bless her! ♥

The evening’s kip was full of waking ups with a jump. At least I did get off to kip pretty soon, though, so I shouldn’t complain too much. IT felt terrible on Sunday morning, though, as if I’d not had any time with Sweet Morpheus!

All went well. Only two nicks shaving!

Ah, much better this time; I reckon that Trotsky Terence is losing his grip on the innards, at last. A bit messy, so cleaning and sanitising were needed after the evacuation.

Colin Cramps gave me a right nasty pasting in the left foot as I came out into the kitchen! I took a snap of it; you can clearly see Colin’s grip on the toes? Huh! He doesn’t often attack during the day. He does every night, in the legs, feet, toes, hands or wrist, so often I rarely mention it nowadays; just take it as usual.

I started to prep Josies chilli-con-carne. Chilli, Light soy sauce, sea salt, chilli and salt mixture and beef seasoning. Then went on the computer for about three hours and forgot all bout it on the hob! I chopped the leeks and mushrooms, ready to go in later, got the beans and meat in the saucepan on low light, and added her favourite seasoning.

The meal was ruined, and I had a job to salvage the saucepan to use again! It took ages to get things sorted, and then I had to start again from the beginning!

I felt like a right idiot! Tosspot! Still, Doreen’s Dementia will not be denied. All I could do was pretend I wasn’t bothered, hoping that she could tell, and it pissed her off a bit, too!

What seemed like a month later, I’d got the second Sunday nosh sorted, put it for Josie and got it on the tray with the usual selection of nibbles and treats for her. At least it tasted good… well, to me anyway. I delivered it at the regular time to Josie’s door, 12:00hrs. To my surprise, she said she didn’t expect it with it being Bank Holiday. Doreen seems to have got us both in her grip… Hahaha! I’ve never failed to deliver her meal, whatever Sunday it was.

Although I tell a fib there. I did deliver it on a Saturday a couple of weeks ago when Doreen had convinced me it was Sunday. Hehe! I like doing it for her, it is getting harder, but I’ve no intention of stopping yet! IT WAS MISSED when I had the stroke, but as soon as I got back to the flat, it was served up every Sunday again.

Oh, heck, I’m back in the high red zone again! SYS at 161, DIA 69, and the pulse at 75. The body temperature thermometer recorded a decent 34.0°c. I’ve had worse, a lot worse. It’s the past four all being so low that caught me out.

I served up my planned cheesy baked spuds with some crispy onions. By gum, did I enjoy them… yes I did! Hehe! I didn’t overdo the butter this time, and they were much better than yesterday’s tasted. Flavour Rating: 8.9/10!

Monday: The sleep was even worse than Saturday night was! I just could not nod off! Turned the lights off, lulled the bobble-hat over my eyes, and fought with the Thought Storms… all to no avail! So I put the TV on if I want to watch something that can sometimes help me sleep.

But not last night. I found a film that I fancied watching, with Will Smith and Geoff Goldblume, and I watched it all the way through, over two hours! I was telling Carer Richard about it, he didn’t have much time cause he had another call to make. He told me it was Independence Day, as I could not remember. Sad, innit?

Grobbleknob and Knackleboings! I can’t win with these flipping Blood Test thingamajigs! SYS is even higher now than it was Sat and Sunday.

I wonder why this is? There will be a reason. Bound to be… However, this has often happened before. Last time it shot up for two days, then suddenly dropped?

I took another snap of the end car park at the end of Chestnut Way. Haha! I can’t tell if Red-Van-Man had moved, but the imitators, three of them, are getting scared of the white lines.

An odd occurrence with the waste bin near the computer desk. I threw away a used tissue, and it bounced right out from the bottom of the container? I had to get down on my knees to retrieve it from under the c1963 cabinet. I did so with only discomfort, no pain. Casually threw the tissue back in the waste bin, and… bugger me, it did it again! Another ferret under the wood had to use the picker-upperer this time to reach it, and to avoid everything odd that happens three times in a row scenario, I took it to the kitchenette bin. All part of the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, ghosts, grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, ectoplasms that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind? Hahaha!

I took a snap through the part open balcony door. It looked nothing like this picture came out. Another mystery?

No, I doubt it. Probably due to the eye problems and, of course, my life-long struggle with achromatopsia,

The evening Carer should be here soon; time to get something to eat.

Here it is. A flavour rating of 7/10 was given. I soon got gesticulating and ate it all up.

Then the problem of getting to sleep was tackled. I had to put the TV on, which worked; I nodded off at the first set of commercials. But the springing awake with an annoying body and mind jerking jump began, repeatedly. No thought storms, though?

Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit

17 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Monday 2nd May 2022

  1. You got a good blog out. You are all over the place on BP. Feet and legs look a bit rough. Nice set of photos.

  2. A nice thorough set of results from the well-appointed chef tables, the best in N’ham. You’ve enough recipes, arrangements, and gastronomic surprises for a cook book. HRH informs me that the Great British Baking Show is back, but that they have not yet named you as guest judge and/or guest baker.
    The red van and his two sycophantic red cars, love being Sovereign Citizens, an appellation that everyone know that the laws do not apply to them — but the laws those Sovereigns impose on the rest of us know no end.
    Being distracted for three (3) hours at the computer is just enough to consign the stuff adhering to the bottom of the pot to the waste bin. A tough pot to scour as well.
    Commercials make the vest soporifics. No more effective way to kip when Sweet Morpheus is distant or distracted.

    • Failure sutis some people, Billum, I fink I am one. Hahaha! I get plenty of practice.
      Red-Van-Man, Argh!
      Schlafmittell (I think I spelt it right… no, I’ll have to check with Mr Google… Damn it, wrong again!
      Boy do I need it after today, Hehehe!
      Thank you Sir.

      • Failure can be a completely random event — such as changing your mind and taking a different route for no particular reason, then getting hit by a meteor as a result.
        Failure can originate in commission, omission, or a combination of both.
        Failure can be caused by an arsehole who deems it his duty, hobby, avocation, or predilection to do so.
        Or no reason at all. I’m not privy to inside information — unless it be misdelivered to the wrong person, such as the Red-Van-Man.
        Schlafmittel ist das richtige Wort according to Mr. Google and myself, but not to Grammarly who couldn’t find it in its English dictionary.
        Wishing you as few failures as possible in future.
        Welcome you be, Sire.

      • Broadened my smile there, Sire, for which I fanketh you!
        I may have to go up and see the snot-bag if he doesn’t relent with the clanging and banging… hello, he’s stopped as I was typing that – the cunning devil.
        I just tooketh a look outside… wait for this, it’s a shocker, mate… A little red car is parked in Red-Van-Man’s space!!! It looks newish and no rust and cleaned, but could this be RVM’s new pap-pap? Cause I cannot see his van? Sherlock Holmesian mode called for here? Haha!

      • “On the Origins and Natures of Failures” by Billum Alfred Squigler. Coming to a bookstore near you as soon as I can pay a publisher to print it. 🙂
        A cunning act by the little red car, parking in RVM’s signature space. Might be a harbinger of Summer, I need to consult with the Wednesday day shift at Google and Son for word on such harbingers. Now I am wondering how Sherlock would have woven all the clues on the Google to solve crimes. More precisely, how A. Conan Doyle might have conducted an advance search.
        Yes, it is possible that RVM has traded his van for a horseless-carriage…I wonder if Google might reveal summin.

      • You’ve tickled me again, Billum, bless yer cotton socks! I’ve… oh, potatoe cakes in the oven, back soon… PHEW! Just in time, turned off the heat now. Worra pickle I get myself into. Hahaha!

      • Hockey pucks… Hehehe!
        I still feel a bit dissapointed withmy reaction to the NoBull brand veggie burgers. They tasted marvellous, but the innards did not agree, thus the nigh-on hour on the Throne, and four return visits in half an hour. Huh! I can still the taste, if you know what I mean – they were betterer than the mone-existant Heinz Texas burgers… b ut now it seems, just a memory. Oh, I had two veggie pasties last night with potatoes, fresk peas and tomatoes. Not keen on the filling, but by gum, the gravy and pastry was gorgeous! Got another brand to try yet in the freezer. Wehn I try them, I shall pass on my reportaging to you Sir. Your assessment iss valued.
        The elections had been a disaster for the… ehat do you call the, erm… Republicans? So dad… Har-har!

      • I can envision the red van man going to that sporting-goods shoppe, not only to seek a refund for defective pucks but to sue them for the embarrassment and loss to esteem when the charred potato cake fails to function as a proper hockey puck.
        Happy veggie-burger tasting, Sir.
        I am hoping that the misogynist Party of Trump gets routed at every polling station. The voters at Crowell Manor get to cast ballots on May 13th. Unfortunately, Trump still very much defines the Party. Just opining of course.

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