Inchcock Today – Saturday 24th March 2018: An Anodyne day of the Shpilkes!

Saturday 24th March 2018

 Yiddish:  שבת 24 מאַרץ 2018

0245hrs: Oh, dear. I’ll not mention the ailments giving me bother, it would take too long. Far easier to tell you which are not giving me discomfort. Hippy Hilda, Hernia Harry and Roger Reflux. Hehe!

No time to gather my thoughts this morning. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner with some difficulty, thanks to Arthur Itis, and off to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne. The toe I stubbed twice last night was still painful. It looks like Trotsky Terence is making a comeback. Messy. But Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding at all. Seems that the Germoloid cream is working. Mind you, as Corin pointed out, with the low INR reading, the bleeding should be less. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been leaking, though. Washed up and changed the PPs.

Tended to the Health Checks and medicine and tablet taking.


6Sat03The pulse seems to be dropping over the last few days. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing?

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee. The lesion was bleeding again. Huh!

I returned to the kitchen and took the medications.

6Sat001I had another brew to replace the one that went cold and looked out at the row of street lights depicting the location of Winchester Street hill.

The mind went off on its own course, feelings ranging from loneliness, jealousy, self-hating, fear for mankind’s future and surprise at my standing thinking like this?

Anne Gyna started to kick off. Another astonishment. This happening, while I was stood quietly with my little mug of tea in my hand looking out of the kitchen window, and in a relatively meditative, calm state of mind. Anne rarely if ever gives me any pain or hassle unless I am moving, walking (Especially uphill), bending, lifting or pushing something. When Duodenal Donald joined in, I was in trouble. So, off to the medical drawer and had another big swig of the medicine, an extra Codeine, Ramipril and an Omeprazole capsule. I don’t like having to take additional medications. But I was in real pain this time. Why this should suddenly happen, I don’t know. I felt right uncomfortable.

I went to get the mobile phone, I’d left it, as I often do, in the jacket pocket hanging up in the hall. A double-sided information leaflet from Nottingham City Homes and Willmott-Brown had been put through the door. (When I have no idea) The dreaded anticipation of the mess and hassle of the new Sprinkler system was mentioned. This is going to be another two-day job. With pre-visits to discuss areas needing to be cleared to enable the works to be carried out. Like with the heaters, windows and balcony work. These were enough to get me and many others all wound-up: with the changes made to appointments, days changes, late arrivals, the mess left behind. Having to rearrange medical appointments and people promising to come at a specific time, after I explained things to them and still being late! Which in turn has so far, made me late for the blood tests, dentist and the clinic. In fact, I missed an appointment at the GUM clinic at the City Hospital. Making me very unpopular within the NHS!


So now, I have the physical pains joined by anguish and dread for the upcoming mayhem. I do not intend to do any cleaning at all, now! Sod-it! It’s only going to get messed up again with the sprinkler, communications system and new alarm fitting. And the plastering of the holes in the windows and doors has to be done yet. More mayhem and hodgepodge to look forward to! If I’m still alive when this all gets done, then I’ve got to get new curtains, pay someone to fill in the holes left in the floor and wall when the heaters were installed too close that I could not open my drawers so had to be moved! And the panels cracked along the bottom of the walls will need replacing.

I’m shuddering at the thought of all the work and expense I’ll have when it is all eventually finished. And the chances are I’ll be a few years U04older by then. Hehe!

Another thing, why do they put metal screws into the white panelling without white plastic caps on them?

I wonder if I can buy some to click-on myself from somewhere?

Then, there are the new balconies to be fitted. I reckon these will mean my having at least eight more windows to clean every week.

I’m waffling and moaning again, aren’t I. Sorry. I blame Duodenal Donald and the mess I find all around me. The coping with it mission is impossible to deal with and as for the cleaning up after… Still, as Jenny said: Just turn-off and go with the flow! Jenny knows best!

Duodenal Donald was getting a bit more intense, worst he’s been for a long time. Tsk!
Ruined the day for me that has. Big Bad John will no doubt start his banging about shortly, as it is the weekend after all.

2Tue08eWDP001A Got the computer on and began finalising yesterday’s post. I was doing well, and working between two sites, when the Internet went down, only for a short time, but enough for me to lose some graphics work I was making. Humph!

Eventually, I got the post finished. On to WordPress Reader, then comments. Made a start on this one.

Had a glass of milk, hoping it would appease Duodenal Donald, and tried to go on Facebook. It was okay for a few minutes. When I went to the TFZer site and slow, slower… Humph!

Ablutions carried out.

6Sat091000hrs: Dressed and I set off to call at the Social Shed on the way to catch at the first bus up to Mapperley.

Noticed the electronic sign as I got out of the elevator. Light rain and a decently high 5°c indicated on display.

A man and woman and Jenny in there when I arrived. Had a gossiping session. Jenny told me 6Sat10she had given the Moussaka meals to a lady resident who is not very well, and she appreciated the muchly as she could not get out to shop. Jenny doing this made my day, it is lovely to be able to help others, especially those in need. Thanks, Jenny!

The couple were also going to Aldi to do some shopping. I went up on the bus to the top of Mapperley with them. By gum, they moved quickly. Soon as they were off the bus, I was in their wake as like Olympians (compared to me anyway, hehe) they shot off to the Aldi store for some nibbles. Lovely couple.

6Sat11 (2)I ambled around and got £17.60 worth of fodder. No sign of the couple from the flats, I had a look from the checkouts, but couldn’t see them. We were going to catch the bus back together.

Had a little Dizzy-Dennis session, so I waited a while before leaving. Cleared up in a couple of minutes.


6Sat11 (2)Yellow lines= Hobbling, red lines= on the bus.

Coming out of the store, I picked my way through the compost from the split bags that were on display in front of the shop.

I set off on a mini-hobble along Mapperley top and right down Winchester Street.

6Sat12aI saw the Belle Vue Lodge Home as I turned the corner.

I read on the web, on the NHS site: “Belle Vue Lodge is a modern nursing home, equipped and staffed for specialist nursing needs, including dementia care for which all care staff are expertly trained. All of the home’s 59 bedrooms are single en-suite and have walk-in shower facilities to suit those with mobility issues, having been purpose-built to welcome a wide range of complex care needs. Relaxing lounges with thoughtful decor and views are a feature. Modern care technology, resident internet connection, TV in each room, including nurse call systems, function alongside homely comforts to make for a relaxing day-to-day lifestyle. I loved that bit: homely comforts to make for a relaxing day-to-day lifestyle. Relaxing, blimey would many of my fellow Woodthorpe Court tenants and I love and long for relaxing!

The downer is; that the charges for old and disabled folk in this place, start at only £689 a week. If you have special needs, you’ll pay more of course. I couldn’t find the top-end charges. Hehe!

6Sat15As I carefully made my way down Winchester Street hill and the apartment building in which I dwell came into view, I took this picture of the flats. Not a soul in sight.

As I noticed the hoist supports and cranes around the battered flats, I put down the heavy bag of shopping to ease Arthur Itis for a few moments. As I stood there, feeling sorry for myself, my thoughts wandered. The mess from the windows, the mess from the balcony, the holes left in the wall and floor from the heaters being fitted. New curtains will be needed. A new floor in the kitchen required. A dread of the new sprinkler system being fitted and the further upheaval this will bring. Same with the upcoming new alarm fitting and communication system will precipitate failed appointments from the workers, dust, grit, gravel… Force me to change medical appointments again. Am I doomed to live what life I have left in a lugubriousness mode? The new balconies to be fitted, with their eight or nine more windows that will need cleaning. Will Little Inchies bleeding lesion ever get healed? Will Hippy Hilda slip out again? Damned Duodenal Donald needs some different medication that is effective. Can they ever get the Warfarin INR level right? Will the computer play-up once more today? How many wrong number calls will I get this weekend? Will Big Bad John be making noises again? No forget that one, it’s the only unfaltering bit of things in life that is, he will be making loud sounds again! Did I leave the tap running in the sink?

The shpilkes suddenly concentrated on that last thought. Picked up the bag and hobbled at the best speed I could manage, back to the flat to see if I had left the tap running.

The distress of not knowing was appeased when I got in the apartment to find the taps had not been left running. Sad innit?

6Sat16Got the purchases out and put away. Well, not the cottage pie. I got the oven warming up while I added a ton or two of grated cheese and sliced tomatoes on top of the meal in readiness for when the oven heated up sufficiently.

Got the hemadynamometer and did the Health Checks and medicationalisationing.

The noise began from Big Bad John up above.

WDP001A Putting the tray and pie in the oven, I singed a couple of finger ends. Smelt a little bit like burnt sausages? Tsk!
Applied a little Germolen cream.

6Sat17 Got the nosh prepared on the blue tin plate.

I added two slices of the great tasting Scottish Plain bread and dribbled some soy and balsamic vinegar mixture on top of them.

It looked jolly appetising. But, it was like a promise from a politician, disappointing!

The pie was only average, the red onions had gone off, and the chips were unexpectedly tasteless, flavourless and insipid. The bread was good, mind.

Nodded off soon after eating this meal. Woke and got the last Health Checks done. Tended to the medicalisationing needed, and got down to watch a DVD of Steve Coogan.

Couldn’t stay awake and nodded off again, but not for long, thanks to Big Bad John. Hell of a bang from his flat woke me, then another one arrived, this is how I worked out it must have been him in the first place waking me up.

Then, I had trouble getting bad into the land of Nod. So I turned on the TV.

That did the trick! Off I nodded.

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    • Thanks, Corin.
      Gets to us old folk, who only want peace and quiete and a bit of fun in life. Hehe!
      Computer is playing up on WordPress now. Tsk!
      Thanks flower. ♥

    • “There seems to be no end to your facility upgrades.” Never a truer thing said, Tim. Hehe!
      Getting to me now, all this hassle. Tsk!
      TTFNski Sir, thanks.

    • Bless you Tracey, thanks. No rush yet, cause there is so much more works to be done yet. I don’t even feel like tidying up now, let alone cleaning up, with the knowledge that more dirt and hassle will be coming again and persistently so.
      When they replaces some of the wall panelling when I first moved in, they screwed in black screws on white plastic. Eugh! And now, I and all the other tenants, are to get the same panelling on the top of the walls when they install the sprinklers. Sorry, pet, I’m just a bit down this morning, with the bother and now the computer is playing up on WordPress as well as Facebook. Humph!
      Thanks and a cuddle sent through the ether for you and Bertie. TTFN ♥

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