Inchcock Today: Tuesday 22nd November 2022

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01:25hrs: Porcelain Throne, a wash, a second Throne visit, got the waste bags sorted out. A couple of wee-wees while I was making a brew of Glengettie.
Got the Monday blog tackled and did it all the way through (although I anticipate a number of errors and mistakes).
Back to the Porcelain Throne again. They were all of a sloppy Trotsky Terence variety and not a lot of it.
As I was getting the Health Checks done and making the graph… and I am sure that this would amaze and stun you… But the internet went down!

Difficult to apprehend, I know. A man earning now, $26.8 million a year, plus bonus and shares, who buys Virgin Media from Mr Branson for so many billion. 24 billion, I think it was
And can’t even get a service to Nottingham that is even slightly like a reliable service?
You have to admire the number-crunching Smoke and Mirrors money manipulator.

Of course, it’ll be mainly jealousy at how much he is earning. And can’t do the job right… innit?
Also, he must be a cunningly lucky man. He’ll know the few bosses of Liberty-Global above him, and no doubt fear of his spilling the beans on them ensures that Fries keeps his job? That and the back-handers they must be giving to the financial regulators. Just thought I’d mention it. 

I thought the wee-weeing was bad now, but little did I know what was waiting for me overnight!

I got my head down and tried to relax and recuperate.
But five hours later, Mr Fries, Liberty-Global, Virgin Media had not returned Internet was not on again.

Slept and woke for an hour, with no interest, and a totally confused brain caused me much misery. At 08:00hrs, Carer Shekiel came. Nice lad, we had a natter, treats in thanks, and he took the waste bags with him.

Noisy neighbour Herbert kicked off with his concerts of noise. At least they were different this time. The usual tap tappings, intermingled with the odd cappella serenade from his drilling tones.

I reluctantly started to fo the Health Checks again
Not so good today, back up in the Hypertension-3 Red Zone. The SIA bringing a rather high figure. A shame about that.

Although I did this okayish, my tiredness and weariness returned. And my concentration was all over the place. I turned off the computer and sat down in the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner.
All a part of the mysterious nature of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchcock; to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare. worry and confuse me!.

My mind was all over the place. I was hoping that ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana, Or ILC (Independent Living Coordinator) Generaloberstess, Ice skating champion florist and Warden Julie would find the time to get me some help on the ultra confusing instruction from the Mental Status Hospital. Even the address is confusing me.
Hazelwood House, ‘The Coppice’, Highbury Hospital, Bulwell, Nottingham.

I spent the rest of the day in the recliner; in fact, I spent 12 hours in the chair. The wee-wees slowly increased in frequency and got more and more painful, with less flowing each time!
As I said, no sleep again whatsoever.
I felt cold all night, a feeling that someone kept walking over my grave.
I made an ode in the morning for the Wednesday blog about this.

At 01:25hrs, I must have had 80 wee-wees! The total passed, would not have finked a tea mug! I started using the WC after this, hoping that it may encourage the rate of flow. It didn’t

Then I suddenly felt the cold more. I took off the jammies and put the dressing gown in the laundry bag. Then bot a thick bobble hat on my head, got a jumper on my torso, and a jacket on top of them. and a thicker pair of trousers on, and some socks… Boy, was that painful!

The rest, indeed even some of this, indeed repeated, I think, on Wednesday’s blog.

The Worst Night Ever!

Descriptive Ode Coming Tomorrow!

Inchcock Saturday 6th Aug 2020: Diary


05:00hrs: I woke, feeling drained before I’d even moved. Checked the time and went through a Thought-Storming session for ages. Jumping from one subject to another, fretting, fearing, blaming and self-condemning. There were decisions, plans, and ideas; the thoughts cleared, amazingly, and I dropped off back into sleep…
This was the same as yesterday! Each and every one of the following wee-wees had after-leakage that, at times, was more than the original wee was! 06:05hrs: I stirred again, in need of a wee-wee.
I hope I will not need to see Dr Nallamothu, Urinary Tract Infections, again. I recall how unlistening and snotty she was with me on my last visit. This is why I’m hanging on, hoping this infection will clear on its own. The NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket) was filled within four trips, well, not filled, but it had too much in it to use it safely. I’m getting experienced in emptying and sanitising things nowadays. I wonder if the NHS just might have a job for a qualified Guzunder emptier at the hospital? Hehe!

This Canon photograph is of the morning’s great sky.
They used to stay, ‘Red Sky in the morning, Shepherd’s Warning’. Of rain… but there is nothing on the weather forecast about rain. According to the local news, the reservoirs have been at the lowest since records began. This is not good! Which we could do well with having.

Time to let the sphygmomanometerisationing flow. So I did. The body temperature at 34.1°f was pleasing again. Much better than last month.
The Blood Pressure readings, I thought, were excellent. But not the NHS recording site?
The attachment today was as written beneath the picture on the left here.
Which surprised me. The ‘it should be below 120/80 was a bit hopeful. I’ve never had a reading as low as SYS 120 in donkey’s years. This one was in the amber, as well?

Off to the Throne room, taking the crossword book with me, as I anticipated another session like yesterday morning, of solid resistance. But Constipation Konrad had lost control of the innards to Trotsky Terence now? How can things change in such a short time?

I made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana and raided the packet of pod peas for a nibble.

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chimed loudly from the doorbell. It was Samantha. Got the medications sorted, listened to my waffling, picked her thank-you treats and was off like a shot. Taking the waste bag with her to the rubbish chute on her way for me.

At long last, I made a start on updating the Friday blog. Not a lot to do on it, but finding so many mistakes and correcting them, took me at least two hours. Humph!

Both kicked off together as I moved on to get this template started. This put a temporary end to the keyboard activity.

I decided to get the ablutions done while incapacitated from typing. Miss was a mistake! Of course, I know this now! As I approached the door, just for devilment, I’m sure, but an involuntary kicked off, and I felt myself going backwards… But I knew the door behind me was pulled to; I always close it behind me, you see, then in the event of a fall or tumble, I can slide down the softer than the floor door! Clever stuff, eh?

But, unbeknownst to me, the door was wide open, and I ended up flat on my back, clouting the back of my head a decent wallop on the way down! So much for making plans!
I got back into the main room on my hands and knees; that wasn’t easy with SSS shaking me about. I used the c1968 recliner to get myself back up on my feet. I was a little shook up but by no means incapacitated or proper poorly.
Found a couple of minor scratches on my arm, the back and head aching, but not severely. SSS gave me rest; at last, Anne Gyna was still stabbing across my chest, which was the worst of the ailments and injuries. Hehehe! I think my feeling a fool was embarrassing too.

I sat for a while to recover, a bit of shock, knowing you would hit the door and don’t, but instead, the floor! Thinking it through, I reckon Esther had left the door open when showing the lady who’s covering for her holiday where things were. No blame whatsoever; it’s my fault for not noticing the door was open… Ah, I’ll settle for blaming Cataract Cathy, then! Hehe! Oh, Back-Pain-Brenda has started now! It could have been a lot worse; I think they would call this ‘Good-Luck?’

Sister Jane rang, and we had a good long natter and gossip.

She’s struggling with her Doctor as well, and her eyes have not been looked at again yet.

Gave me a concert of clattering, but it was a small one. It could have been the 1812 overture! Hahaha!

I will get my feet up to eat the meal and hopefully fall asleep. Well, I hope so, at least. Got the potatoes in the oven and chilli in the pan.

Not very good; I got the subjects cut off. Still shaking a bit from the tumble.
I may take an extra Codeine to help counter Back-Pain-Brenda. Even so, I’ve got away lightly in that Accifauxpa!.
I got an email from Sainsbury’s. So it looks like the code through the post was genuine… at least I hope it was.

Took the Codeine, so I take it while eating, which might be more effective.
Sliced p[otatoes and veg-chilli out of a can this time. But still tasty; in fact, the chilli was a little hot for my tastes, but the more I ate of it, the less hot it seemed to get? Flavour rating: 6.5/10.
Arrived, she was chirpier this evening. Hard to fear what she was saying cause she has a habit, like Esther, of talking to me and facing in the opposite direction. But Val does not do it from another room. Hehe!
I got on the computer, and although hard work, mistakes, and correcting-ridden, I pressed on with this blog.

I went to make a brew of Thompsons Punjana, and the sunset was worth photographing.
I got the meal on my knee on the tray, then put the TV on, not that there was anything worth watching. I’ve got about 150 channels on complimentary view and not a sausage worth viewing that I could find. Noticed the lighting had changed as it came through the thin moth-eaten curtains! And went back to the kitchen window to take another shot, the bottom one of the two. Bootiful!. I think there were only ten minutes between the snaps being taken.
Then I got the blog finished and posted it to WordPress. Gone midnight now! No rest for the wicked! But I want to make a start on the following Snippets blog…

Inchcock Today – Thursday 27th August 2020: Dépaysement for me, a day with two chinwags, Great!

TFZers at the ‘Cool-It-Cabin! ♥

Thursday  27th August 2020

German: Donnerstag, 27 August 2020

00:10hrs: I woke with a cruel mind-start and body-jerk, that immediately got Harold’s Haemorrhoids stinging something rotten!

But what was the expergefactor of my body and mind being so suddenly disturbed? I lay a second or two, waiting for the pain to reduce from the rear end, and listened intently for any noise, there was none. Well, the ‘Hum’ of course was present! I gingerly removed my abdominous, protuberant, jelly-like-bellied, beyond-its-sell-by-date, welmish body-mass from the rebarbative £300, c1968, second-hand, stomach-churningly beige-coloured rickety recliner. Metal Mickey in hand, I had a hobble around, hoping to find the cause of my sudden midnight return into semi-consciousness. No reasons, signs, or indications were found.

I returned to get the overnight bucket for emptying and had to use it one more time. Got it cleaned and sanitised, put the kettle on, and carried out the Health Checks. Got the sphygmomanometerisationing all done. The flipping Sys had shot up to 162 now! The ear-hole thermometer gave a reading of 84.3°c. I use the Canon camera to take this shot of the morning view, not a very good one, I’m afraid.

Made a brew of Glengettie tea, and got on the computer, to create a template. Then made a start on updating yesterday’s diary. It took me a long time, as so many photos from my enforced hobble last night had to be sorted and included. Hours later, I got it finished and posted off to WordPress. I’d only needed three wee-wees all the time I’d be updating. All of the SWP (Sprinkly-White-Painful) mode.

I made another brew, Thompsons Punjana this time. Pinterested some snaps used in the diary, and sent the link off, did a bit of Facebooking, read and responded to some comments, and visited the WordPress Reader section. While doing so, I felt the innards slowly brewing, and a slight ache eventually matured into stabbing pains.

Off to the Porcelain Throne, I limped. Hoping I can pass things this time. Fingers crossed!

Thunderisations! That session was one of the hardest ever! Tons of bleeding, and it cost me half-an-hour!

I decided to get the ablutions tended to, as I’d been so long with the evacuation.

I was extremely careful with the teeth cleaning. Two dropsies.

The shaving had two little nicks and four dropsies.

The washing then produced six dropsies. The drying off, just the one dropsy.

 I got a black bag made up, and taken to the waste chute as soon as 08:00hrs arrived. Made a brew and got the paperwork for taking with me to see ILC, Riechsführeress, and Catwalk Model, Warden Deana, to ask her to phone the dentist and opticians for me. Oh, and the Chemist too.

Did some work on this blog while waiting for 09:15hrs when I must go to visit Deana. Out to the lift lobby, and down to the ground floor.

I was hobbling well this morning now, I met Mary on her way out, we nattered en route along Chestnut Walk, which was jolly nice, and I wished her well as she poddled to the bus stop. Then I nipped into Winwood Court lobby and called at the ILC (Independent Living Coordinators) Wardens interrogation cell, and Ballerina, Obersturmbannführeress Deana, was inside. She made some phone-calls for me;

  1. The opticians: Who asked some questions, and got me an appointment for Friday 4th September, at 09:40hrs.
  2. Then she rang the Dentist, the best they could offer was Thursday 5th November, at 08:30hrs.
  3. The chemist was contacted by Deana, who told her that the prescriptions would be delivered on Saturday 29th August, after 1700hrs.

I thanked her kindly, and I returned to get these dates in the calendar.

Had a mini-confab with Robert outside the flats. Then I watched a trail of dog walkers passing by to the park.

Perused the contractor’s notice board in the elevator lobby, and waited a good while to get the resident’s lift to arrive, to get back up to the flat.

This photograph below, right, is of the note left for whoever had torn up the window cleaners rota from the board the other day.

I got inside the flat and gave myself a wherret on the right ear-hole as I struggled to get the three-wheeler walker guide inside. Fool! 

Made a brew of Glengettie tea, letting it go cold (Toothache!), and got the appointment dates down on the Google Diary while I thought about it.

Not that there is any chance that I would have forgotten, of course. Ahem!

Then I had a bash at creating some more Inchcock Today page top graphics on CorelDraw. Got the sad inspiration for the Inchies thoughts Ode, and made it up, sent it off to WordPress.

I got the meal prepped and served on the plate and tray, and all the time I was doing this, I’d left the hot water tap running. So, no hot water left! Tsk!

I actually fell asleep within seconds of settling! Fantastic!

Inchcockski – Mon 16 Mar: Stuck indoors again, Facebook not letting me in to add photos, I need undepressing!

2020 Mar 16

2020 tttMar16

Monday 16th March 2020

Azerbaijani: Bazar Ertəsi 16 Mart 2020

000 Mar 16

GM 90.0.002:05hrs: I stirred from my slumber, feeling sedentary, reluctant to move. Jejune thoughts came and went; the brain didn’t want disturbing with anything too important. Nor in the least bit like any conscientious physical or mental activity! The maundering mind mused over puerile irrelevant facts and figures for awhile. The eyelids were heavy, and Borborygmus rumblings and gentle but scarily bubbly-sounding emissions of wind started in unison!

I was just not interested in moving! The dry coughing was annoying me; it prevented me from getting back to sleep! Hehe! Inevitably, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived.

WD 150.0.0 Off to the wet room, got the stick out of the way, and plumped down on the throne. It was hard-going, but I forced the activity along. I wish I hadn’t now – the pain! One unpleasant mess to clear-up and medicate afterwards. The whole nine-yards of hassle to deal with this morning. What a start to the day!

WD 150.0.0 Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding and was sore. The messy bowl (the Sennas had been working at last, too well!) needed cleaning. The evacuated product required much effort and flushing to get rid of! Which when I was in the middle of sorting things out, the metal four-pronged walking stick was caught with my left foot, and it fell, clouting the right foot big toe. On the way down, it knocked the pen off of the floor cabinet, which flew up in the air. It fell into the toilet without touching the sides, into the mess within! Crying was an option that I barely resisted!

1Mon04However, I reckon that the pins (legs) were looking betterer than they were yesterday! There was undoubtedly hardly any hassle from Arthur Itis this Monday morning. Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald were making up for this, though. The stabbing pains from Ann, and the dull droning aches from Donald. As I left the wet room, limping a little, the toe was still a bit tender, I took care in case any dizzies, or loss of balance came on, not to use the stick too close to the right leg. What am I saying? I get them every day! Every hour, or less sometimes! Stop being splenetic Inchcock! (“Okay, Sorry!”) I think the pins will soon be looking healthy again.

1Mon01To the kitchen, where I was pleased to find I had not left any taps running, fridge door open, or parts of the stove left on! I got the kettle on and took a photographicalisation of the morning view. Made the brew of Glengettie Gold tea, and off to the computer to get the Sunday Diary updated.

WD 150.0.0 I got the computer on and checked first to see if Facebook had been repaired, and I could get back to tending to my beloved photo albums. As if! Third day with no access to collections now. Grrr!


I pressed on doing the Saturday blog and got it finished and posted off. (When I say this, it sound so easy, but took several hours) Then put what few pictures I had on Pinterest. Then went on the WordPress Comments. I checked the Amazon parcels; The one packet of red potato snacks and the 6 packets of Taokaenoi seaweed and the one bottle of Hickory sauce are due today. The absolutely ridiculously priced pack of 12 toilet rolls (I daren’t say what I’m paying, Oh, dearie me), are due on 18th to 20th March. Which was initially 16th, today. Will they ever arrive, or not? A few WUP (Weak-Unwilling-Painful) Mode tyle wee-wees were taken.

1Mon05I took a break, had a wee-wee, of the WUPT (Weak-Unwilling-Painful-Trickling) so very slowly, variety.

Then got the medicationalisationing sorted out. I remembered I should have made a vial of sample erm… water, for the nurse to collect, so had to fill the sample pot, which was no bother, the trickling is rampant today. Had a guzzle of the over the counter cough medicine as well. Then olive oiled the earholes.

I began on this post. I stopped and went to get the veg in the crock-pot. Onions, I’ve got two more in the fridge. I used the last of the other fresh vegetables up. Mushrooms, onions, and peas, seasoned with a little sea salt, light Soy sauce and vegetable seasoning stock cube. Oh, and a spoonful of mint in vinegar.

Weary-eyed,  I started to do the handwashing. Which went far better than yesterday, no big spillages and no toe-stubbings! Done, wrung and hung, I went to get the ablutions done.

During which, I needed four WUPs (Weak-Unwilling-Painful) Mode tyle wee-wees! But as with the handwashing, the ablutionalisationing went of a lot betterer than Monday’s. A few dropsies, only the toothbrush, razors (2), and the fresh air spray. Moreover, no toe-stubbing and the Sock-Glide tussle was injury-free!

Unfortunately, the chest pains started again as I came out of the wet room. I got the towel on the airer. Then made up three general waste bags and a large recycling one. There was no one about, so I took them to the waste chute.

WD 150.0.0 I came back and had a WUPT (Weak-Unwilling-Painful-Trickling) wee-wee. And decided it might be a good idea if I put the hot tap on instead of the cold one to fill the kettle with, and turned back to fill it. I now have some very artistic little scold-marks on my hand and arm. Frumpworthy Grobblecurses! I got the Savlon cream and used the last of it to ease the tiny blisters, but they all popped when I applied the medication? Now this made wonder. On closer inspection I found the ‘Use-By’ date on the box, to be ‘Oct 2006’! Ah, well, I don’t know how I’m going to get out for some more!

1Mon05bOn the computer again. I had a check on the Amazon bits progress for today. Nothing crucial, each one a bit of a treat actually.

Seaweed Snack, which was £1, I could have got packs of six far cheaper, but I thought it was commonsensible to try one first to see if I liked them. Did you see that? A moment’s logicality sneaked in there! Haha! I must not get carried away with it, though!

The toilet rolls I ordered but dare not tell you how much they cost, but TORK-UK company do not do a tracking system apparently.


WD 150.0.0 I went on their website. Tork-UK is a New York owned and based firm, and their prices were a little less for the same thing than Amazon. But, not a lot, as Paul Daniels used to say. I looked up the details about the product, not that there was much of it.


I shall have to work out what those, ‘M’ and ‘MM’ measurements are in English as I know it. Thank heavens for Google. 94mm is 3.7″, and 200mm 7.8″ per sheet, not too bad?

Of course, they have to arrive yet! Wednesday to Friday it says they are due. The lorry might get highjacked? And on Thursday, I have to go to the Podiatrists in the morning for an 08:30hr appointment, I hope it doesn’t arrive while I’m out! Oh dear, I’m worried now! If it comes on Wednesday, that would be the best thing. I’ll be stuck indoors anyway, I can’t go out until Thursday. I will soon need some bread and milk, although I can manage without them really, I suppose. Fresh veg and fruit will be sadly missed. Ah, I think I’ve ordered some of that stuff, from Iceland for tomorrow! I get confused easily, you know!

A leaflet was put through the door, weel, six of them were! I threw five straight into the recycling bag.

1Mon07WD 150.0.0 But had a read of the Farmfoods one. Unbelievable! They were advertising packs of 18 toilet rolls, @ 3 for £11!!! This may get them stampeded by the ruthless, nasty, hoarders of Nottingham. And will end-up in disaster for them! I hope not! But can already envision the responses from the Brexit-weary, Coronavirus C-90-frazzled, angry muggers, shop-lifters and gang members, even ordinary citizens, will be; after they have hastened to the stores to find they have sold out! A verbal insulting, vicious-marathon and possible blood bath will follow! Mark my words! The poor staff are going to be in for it when they run out of stock!

I rang Sister Jane to tell her of the advert. We had a natter, and things sounded better for her hubby Pete, medically speaking, I’m glad to say. Got a bit of a dizzy while talking to her, and most of the conversation didn’t make it to the memory-box. Phwert!

1Mon08WD 150.0.0 Back on the computer, but the usual old folk’s weariness was dawning fast. So I gave up, after trying Facebook first. Still no access to my photo albums! Grrr!

1Mon09aI got the chips in the oven and checked the vegetables in the Crock-Pot. The Amazon delivery arrived, and I left them to sort out later and pressed on with the nosh preperationing. And what a nosh it turned out to be. An 8/10for flavour. Super tasty! I could have done with an extra x6 servings of the Truffle Fries, but still.

1Mon09bI did the washing up, took the medications and opened the three bits from Amazon. The salt & vinegar flavoured seaweed snack pack (Not tried yet), six packets of Japanese style seaweed crispies (delicious!), and the Moores Hickory Marinade (Very costly!) I’ll ask on the TFZer Facebook if anyone knows how to use this Marinade.

1Mon10I put the boxes behind the £300, second-hand, grottily beige-coloured, c1968, not working, uncomfortable, falling to pieces recliner.

Then found boxes I’d put there earlier and had not removed yet! But I’ll get around to it sometime, I’m sure…

Washed, changed, and got settled to see some TV. The usual happened; watch a few minutes, nod-off a few minutes repeatedly, but no proper sleep for hours! Spit!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 8th September 2018: Graphicational progress and the Ironclads return!


Saturday 8th September 2018

Swedish: Lördag 8 September 2018

0305hrs: I bestirred, yet again as a different person from yesterday morning. This time the ailments were not being so kind to me. I lay musing over various things, but pathetically my mind refused to accept anything as being compelling or in earnest. For a few minutes, I thought the brain had reverted to adolescence mode, as concentration had gone AWOL. Without any doubt, for several minutes oneirataxia reined and ruled my brain’s thought patterns.

As the aberrations weakened and reality attempted to return and retake charge, it was assisted in regaining control, when the urgent need to utilise the Porcelain Throne arrived.

Whoopsies7Sun01 And what a kerfuffle I made of getting to the wet room!6Sat06

First: Detaching my fearsomely flobby figure from the £300 second-hand rickety shaking recliner, I knocked the bottle of clementine juice off of the Ottoman as I operated the remote thingamabob.

Second: I got my foot entangled in a little rip in the quilt that had fallen off during my sleep, making it a massive tear. An attempt to regain my balance failed. Over I went and cracked my knee again the corner of the large Ottoman as I fell on it, and my head on the waste bin on the way down.

Thirdly: I took my time and was as careful as I could be (Bearing in mind the need to use the Throne was becoming more imperative as the seconds passed by!) in my battle to get back up on my feet. I trod on a packet of cheese curls that were on the small Ottoman but got displaced in my tumble. The bag burst open. And thoughts that I would have to return and try to clean up all the damned curls and crumbs after visiting the wet room, I proceeded limpingly, but hurriedly to the Throne.

A threateningly large looking evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetle was near the shower floor drain. But other needs took priority to my liquidating the varmint.

I mounted the Throne, and things were a little reluctant this morning. A rarity!

6Sat05However, I got a few pages of the book read.

While I did so, the evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetle, actually came over and had a bite of my sock, climbed on top of it, nosed around, and then climbed down the other side, and did a patrol of the perimeter wall of the wet room? Guard Duty?

Harolds Haemorrhoids were not bleeding at all, although they were a tad sore.

6Sat02Whoopsies I cleaned myself up.

Then, I licked a finger to get the Ironclad boll weevil from the floor, and flicked the beetle, intending for it to land in the WC bowl; but made a hash of it and it landed upside down, on his back, in the sink with the soaking face cloths.

As I took this photo, he righted himself and 6Sat03swam to the side and desperately tried to climb out. How brave and resilient these beasts are! Being a big overweight softie, I freed him.

Weighed the body bulk in the spare room. Please note: The weight had gone down. Yes, Down! Smug Mode Adopted.

Back to the battleground. Did my best with cleaning up the result of the exploded bag of cheese curls temporarily. Don’t want to use the hoover this early in the day.

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks.


Took the medications and made a note for myself to remind me to apply the last of the Daktacort later in the day, to make it last longer. The bleeding from Inchies Fungal Lesion had congealed, but I am not going to do anything about it yet until it is late enough not to disturb the neighbours with the noise of the shower and my screaming when I medicate the area later! Hahaha!

Wax2Got the computer on.

Yet again, the Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet kept going down for a few seconds and minutes as I worked on starting this blog.

Thank You to Mike Fries, Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Liberty Global, the largest international TV and broadband company in the world, with operations in 10 European countries and 51 million broadband, video, voice, and mobile subscribers.


But, I struggled on and got this update done to here.

Then went to finalise the Saturday Inchcock blog. Got it finished and posted off to WordPress.

Went on the WordPress reader page. Then did the comment reading and replies.

I thought I’d better get the Facebooking done, while Liberty-Global Virgin Media is working, slowly, but it is back on now.

Between 0620 > 0800hrs, the chute was used on eight occasions. I imagine a lot of poor tenants would have been woken up by the noise, regrettably.

Did the next Health Checks a lot earlier than normal, so I could get on with creating some Inchcock Today headers, and hopefully getting the templates done for them.

On to CorelDraw. Part-way through creating the graphic tops, Sister Jane rang me. Glad she did, cause I was so deep into graphicalisationing, the break did me good.

We had a good natter, and she burnt her tomato sauce!

I made a cuppa when she’d gone, and let it get cold while I spent another two hours doing the templates. But, I enjoy doing them, and now, at last, I am currently, now in front with them.

But it did drain me a little, mentally.

So I got some chopped tomatoes and passata on a low light and warmed the oven ready for the Frikadellens to go into later.

The tiredness came later on in the day today. I think it was because I was so involved, determined and intent on getting the graphics and templates done?

But this meant I’d not got the late WordPressing reader done or comments looked at. So I had a go at them.

Extremely weary now, folks. Got the Health Checks done, and the Frikadellens in the oven.

6Sat23Whoopsies The Aldi Frikadellens were fatty and greasy, making them almost uneatable. I did consume one of them.

The tomatoes were utterly tasteless.

The bread thins had gone hard around the edges.

The apple was dry and bitter.

The soft Lemon cream cakes were terrific.

A rating of 3/10 was given for Flavour-Rating.

Last Health Checks were done, medications were taken, and down into the £300 second-hand recliner, so I could fall asleep trying to watch the TV.

Woke with a stomach ache an hour or so later. I blamed the terrible tasting Aldi Frikadellens. I’ll never by them again!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 3rd April 2018: I was treated contemptuously and disrespectfully today. Feeling aggrieved and dejected. Sorry-for-myself and dispirited with life, now! Duodenal Donald is rampant, too. Tsk!

Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Dutch: Dinsdag 3 April 2018

0255hrs: I woke and lay there a while to gather my thoughts when the brain joins in with the body and comes to life. The mind united with my blubbery body and cascaded into my head, philosophies, axioms, theories, fears, trepidations and a twitchiness that I have never suffered before. Some form of paramnesia? It took me a while to clear most of these perceptions and unfathomable nervous concerns from my grey-cells.

0305hrs: The extraction of the body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner was almost effortless and mostly pain-free. (Confusing as to how this can change every day, I seem to wake-up a different person physically each morning?)

2Tue02fOff to the kitchen to have a look what the weather was like. But I could not get out of the new windows to take a decent photo, so I nipped into the spare room to make this one.

Whoosie3W01 Getting the tablets, sphygmomanometer and medications out of the drawer, I dropped the olive-oil dispenser, and the rubber end-squeezer broke, distributing the Olea Europaea as mentioned earlier over the floor. Fancy that, I said! After Sunday’s farce in not being able to get back up after getting on my knees to clean this same floor, I got the mop and bucket, using these to clean-up.

Whoosie3W01 Feeling rather proud of my achievements, I emptied the water from the bucket into the Porcelain Throne and spilt some dirty water over the bowl onto the wet room floor! So refilled the bucket with clean water and disinfectant and mopped up. I might have muttered something along the lines of; Botherations!

Back to the kitchen once more. Made a brew an did the Health Checks


2Tue03The Sys has come down at last, and the pulsation rate increased a tad too.

Took the medications with a small mug of the Assam tea.

To the computer and made a start doing the updating of yesterday’s blog. Got it finished and posted off to WordPress.

I had a look at the Nottingham Weather forecast for this week.

2Tue05Seems like showers, thunderstorms, rain and cloudy for this week, then. Fiddlesticks!

Then I started this diary off. I broke off to have a look on YouTube, watched a video on the Grenfell Fire. London Fire Brigade had stopped using the high-rise ladders some months earlier. A spokesman said, they would not have made any difference. Then they said they were going to use them (Long Ladders) again! People were getting phone calls from relatives trapped on the higher floors, with no hope of rescue. One family, who all died, had rung the fire brigade eleven times, each time they were told to stay in their flat and await rescue! Brigade officers all thought people should have been ordered to make their way out. Perhaps some would have been injured or wounded in the ensuing panic, but he felt that fewer people would have become statistics than there was by telling them to stay in their apartments.

This upset me somewhat, naturally. I had tears coming down my cheeks. I closed down the computer and got the ablutions started.

2Tue12aHad a good session. Took the black bags to the rubbish chute.

Noticed the rain was beginning to fall a little as I got ready to leave.

As I was just about to open the door, a knock came from the other side of it.

It was a plasterer-bloke, who asked if he could do the plastering on the balcony window now, cause he’d had been let down with 2Tue15aarranged appointments.

The plasterer looked so sad. So I agreed and then left the door unlocked and shot off and down in the lift.

Some naughty person had left the fire doors wedged open in the foyer. Tsk!

I went through and outside, the drizzle was trying to come through, and the sky kept going dark as I walked along Chestnut Walk.

2Tues001aI stopped to take a picture of the works around the flats, en route to the Obergruppefurheress Wardens HQ and Social Hut. I remembered there was a meeting later today, one of the instructional ones about new things being fitted.

I pressed on the shack. Where a good few residents had gathered. Jenny was organising things for the meeting later on. Cindy and Eric, Big Bad John, Welsh William and about five others were there. I had a chinwag with the ever heartening Jenny then pulrcritudinic Cindy, I’d remembered to take Cindy’s nibble bar.

The bus came, and as it started to rain, the L9 arrived, so none of us got wet. (But I did not get excited, for my EQ told me things were going to get complicated and harassment would follow. It’s rarely wrong, unfortunately.

2Tues001bHad a go at the crossword on the bus. But gave up, my concentration was not right.

Dropped off on Upper Parliament Street, and hobbled up Broad Street up to Hockley and turned right up to and down Victoria Street.

Some retail buildings at the end of Broad Street had closed down and been vandalised. But the ever-optimistic plutomania-ridden Estate Agents had still placed the For Rent signs up.

2Tues001dThe Poultry, where the trams run up and down, (When are haven’t broken down, knocked someone over, had a crash, or had a technical failure, that is of course) and where the ‘Posh Shops’ are. I’ve no idea why, there is insufficient parking for tenants and owners, let alone the shoppers being barred from parking on the street. The shop on the right, well, bar actually, is where the stabbings were last month.

2Tues001eI limped down the road and took this photo of the back of the Little John bell tower.

The drizzle started to come down again, but not enough for me to get the umbrella out yet.

Carried on down to the end of South Parade, and over the road then left down onto Wheeler Gate, to the Poundland store, and had a  look around, hoping they may have some Magnesium tablets on sale. Nope! I still ended up spending £9, though. Chocolate Brazil Nut misshapes, chocolate almonds, some nibbles for the Social our handouts, including some half-price easter eggs. Biscuits as raffle prizes, and two packets for myself, of Raspberry jam Viennese at 2 for a pound. And some yoghourt covered peanuts. I also got two large easter eggs for only £2, an Aero and chocolate button one. Oh, and a packet of Earthworm Pellets to feed the Mallard with on the canal.

I exited the shop, and hobbled along to the end of Lister Gate and through the dying Broad Marsh Centre (Mall) and out and over Collin Street and down Carrington Street, over Canal Street and up to the canal.

As I was leaving the centre, a young girl was sat against the wall and asked if I had any money to spare. The unfortunate thing had blotches and spots on her cheeks. I told her no, no money, but I do have an easter egg for you. I handed it to her, her face lit-up and she thanked me. I think the novelty of being given something to eat, cheered her a little.

Apart from the drugged up alcoholic youth who is apparently2Tues001g a well-trained member of the Nottingham Pavement Cyclist Squad, as he rode off of the pavement onto the road without even looking, while drinking from a bottle, not using the handlebars, and undoubtedly unconcerned about the Highway Code. He probably thinks the Highway Code is a new form of Asian Flu. Hehehe!

You can see the last bit of the Broad Marsh Bus Station and car park as it is being demolished.

2Tues001hWhen I arrived at the Nottingham Canal, I stood a while letting memories flow to and frow. This is the canal that I got thrown into when I was about five or six years old. Although not from this bridge, one further along.
This got me thinking deeper, nearby was the spot I used to wait for Dad to arrive in his British Railway Horse and Dray, then later the British Railways Karrier Bantam articulate lorry and trailer.

I looked over the side of the bridge, to see a bloke sharing a bag of glue with another, and smoking a slightly thick roll-up between them. I thought they were risking things a bit, I felt that adhesive was susceptible to burning?

2Tues001jI moved to the other side of the bank, in case the gentlemen saw me took offence.

There were no mallards about again today. However, the Canada Goose (My sweetheart from Canada, Pattie, told me off for calling them Canadian, it’s Canada), and the pigeons enjoyed the pellets I threw down for them.

I made my way back a different way, through the shopping mall going in from another entrance, into where the Wilko store is. I called in to get some Magnesium tablets. I couldn’t find any, and no one was about to ask. So I went to the pay desk and inquired of the lady there. She went to have a look for some but returned with the news that they do not have any in stock. Shame that, if the hand or leg cramps cone on tonight, I will suffer. She said you can try the shop next to Brighthouse. So, I thanked her and visited the store. Again, I could see none on the shelves. I asked a young lady, and she shouted out for to a youth, in nappies (Well, he was very young, Haha!) to look for me. Negative again. They only had some Magnesium tablet that had Vitamin E in them.

I started to make my way to the other end of the building, to call in the Boots to get some of my tablets, and noticed the Heron Food Store was still open, so I wandered in. Another mistake! I came out with biscuits, biscuit, biscuits (Well they were very cheap!), some nibbles to go in the hand-out box, a box of belly pork and sauce to cook for nosh tonight, some gammon end-bits and some biscuits. Hahaha!

When I got near the Boots store, several officers of the law, (I didn’t realise Nottingham had so many left nowadays) were sectioning an area off from the public. Thus, I never did get any Magnesium tablets, Phuh!

Back into town and caught the Lp bus back to the flats. Met tenant Mary (I think that’s her name, I get confused you know), and we had a natter on the bus back.

Dropped off and called into the Obergruppenfurhresses Hut.

2Tues001kI was still in time Jenny told me, to get to the flat and drop-off my bags the get back in time for the meeting.

So I shot off and to the apartment.

Took this photograph as I hobbled along, feeling in rather a decent mood for once I was indeed.

UGTue3Apr02iGetting into the outer hallway to the three flat’s doors, was so disappointing and instantly down-heartening. Worse than that really!

The state of the carpeting was terribly dirty and covered in bits of plaster and its dust, from the plasterer’s workings I assumed.

With trepidation, I entered the flat.

I have made a post about this incident and the effect it had on me, I’ve already posted it, mostly just all the photographs of the mess!

He’d left plaster in the kitchen sink, every carpet had residue, lumps of half-dried plaster and dust all over them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Curtains left on top of the heater! He even got plaster spilt on my little corner shelf unit. Plaster on the windows. Plaster on the armchair.

Every time I walked anywhere, I was spreading it around and making things worse! I was in a panic!

I spent an hour or so trying to hoover and brush up the dust, deep-set, lumps and granules from the carpet. All I achieved was the hoover battery ran-out, and I slipped when using the scrubbing brush to try an loosen the crap on the floor, bruising my knuckles. Then, trying to get back up again, hit my head on the door frame!


I decided that I must go to Sherwood and try to get some carpet cleaner, and magnesium tablets if I remember too. Even with Duodenal Donald and Dizzy Dennis nagging away at me. (Thanks again to the health-threatening so-called improvement works). Looked like I was getting Nervous-Hives coming back again on the head and face? Humph!

Off to the shed, where I asked for advice on what type of cleaner to get. Jenny and Cyndy suggested Vanish. I told them of the mess. Then set out to hobble to the shop.

I met with Obergruppenfurheress and Obergefreiteress Wardens Dean and Julie further down the road. I began to tell them of my problems. But, the rain started belting down at that time, Deana told me to talk to them later in the day and in the dry of indoors. I went on a few paces and thought I would return to the flat, as the rain really got nasty then.

Got in and I was in a right mood with myself.

I made up the extra post with the 2Tue19photos of the mess left by the plasterer and posted it.

Now I was really getting ratty. This was due to it already being past my head-down time, and I was nervous about not getting up in time for the blood test in the morning.

Stupidly, I decided to update this diary. Which tool hours further.

2Tues001dGot the meal (Belly Pork) in the oven cooking. Now, my head-down time was really, well gone.

Got the fodder served up. It looked and smelled terrific.

Whoosie3W01 It was terrible tasting! I don’t think I ate a quarter of it. Perhaps my being depressed and morose about the way I’d been left in the quagmire and let down by the plastering chappie and lack of response to my plea for help?

I wrapped and binned most of the meal, had a wee-wee and washed the pots.

Did the Health Checks.

2Tues001bEven the beautiful sun-going-down sky photographicalisation was taken without any genuine appreciation of it, just automatically.

I felt right down in the dumps, bitter and twisted silly thoughts invaded my thoughts as I waited for sleep to arrive. Pondering over the execrable way I thought I had been treated, with contempt, by leaving me with all this hassle and worry, and as I wrote earlier, Duodenal Donald, Anne Gyne and feeling so isolated and nervous. Maybe I am suffering from GAD?

Worried about getting up in time, with it being hours beyond my usual Head-Down time. I don’t want to be late at the surgery for the blood test.

Goodnight all!

Sorry for being so down-in-the-mouth and despondent.

I hope for good news, help (Changes for the better) and cheering myself up soon.

But I won’t hold my breath! Hehe!

Life is not so good with all this undeserved nasty extra-hassle.

TTFNski, each.


Inchcock Today – Saturday 24th March 2018: An Anodyne day of the Shpilkes!

Saturday 24th March 2018

 Yiddish:  שבת 24 מאַרץ 2018

0245hrs: Oh, dear. I’ll not mention the ailments giving me bother, it would take too long. Far easier to tell you which are not giving me discomfort. Hippy Hilda, Hernia Harry and Roger Reflux. Hehe!

No time to gather my thoughts this morning. Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner with some difficulty, thanks to Arthur Itis, and off to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne. The toe I stubbed twice last night was still painful. It looks like Trotsky Terence is making a comeback. Messy. But Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not bleeding at all. Seems that the Germoloid cream is working. Mind you, as Corin pointed out, with the low INR reading, the bleeding should be less. Little Inchies fungal lesion had been leaking, though. Washed up and changed the PPs.

Tended to the Health Checks and medicine and tablet taking.


6Sat03The pulse seems to be dropping over the last few days. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing?

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee. The lesion was bleeding again. Huh!

I returned to the kitchen and took the medications.

6Sat001I had another brew to replace the one that went cold and looked out at the row of street lights depicting the location of Winchester Street hill.

The mind went off on its own course, feelings ranging from loneliness, jealousy, self-hating, fear for mankind’s future and surprise at my standing thinking like this?

Anne Gyna started to kick off. Another astonishment. This happening, while I was stood quietly with my little mug of tea in my hand looking out of the kitchen window, and in a relatively meditative, calm state of mind. Anne rarely if ever gives me any pain or hassle unless I am moving, walking (Especially uphill), bending, lifting or pushing something. When Duodenal Donald joined in, I was in trouble. So, off to the medical drawer and had another big swig of the medicine, an extra Codeine, Ramipril and an Omeprazole capsule. I don’t like having to take additional medications. But I was in real pain this time. Why this should suddenly happen, I don’t know. I felt right uncomfortable.

I went to get the mobile phone, I’d left it, as I often do, in the jacket pocket hanging up in the hall. A double-sided information leaflet from Nottingham City Homes and Willmott-Brown had been put through the door. (When I have no idea) The dreaded anticipation of the mess and hassle of the new Sprinkler system was mentioned. This is going to be another two-day job. With pre-visits to discuss areas needing to be cleared to enable the works to be carried out. Like with the heaters, windows and balcony work. These were enough to get me and many others all wound-up: with the changes made to appointments, days changes, late arrivals, the mess left behind. Having to rearrange medical appointments and people promising to come at a specific time, after I explained things to them and still being late! Which in turn has so far, made me late for the blood tests, dentist and the clinic. In fact, I missed an appointment at the GUM clinic at the City Hospital. Making me very unpopular within the NHS!


So now, I have the physical pains joined by anguish and dread for the upcoming mayhem. I do not intend to do any cleaning at all, now! Sod-it! It’s only going to get messed up again with the sprinkler, communications system and new alarm fitting. And the plastering of the holes in the windows and doors has to be done yet. More mayhem and hodgepodge to look forward to! If I’m still alive when this all gets done, then I’ve got to get new curtains, pay someone to fill in the holes left in the floor and wall when the heaters were installed too close that I could not open my drawers so had to be moved! And the panels cracked along the bottom of the walls will need replacing.

I’m shuddering at the thought of all the work and expense I’ll have when it is all eventually finished. And the chances are I’ll be a few years U04older by then. Hehe!

Another thing, why do they put metal screws into the white panelling without white plastic caps on them?

I wonder if I can buy some to click-on myself from somewhere?

Then, there are the new balconies to be fitted. I reckon these will mean my having at least eight more windows to clean every week.

I’m waffling and moaning again, aren’t I. Sorry. I blame Duodenal Donald and the mess I find all around me. The coping with it mission is impossible to deal with and as for the cleaning up after… Still, as Jenny said: Just turn-off and go with the flow! Jenny knows best!

Duodenal Donald was getting a bit more intense, worst he’s been for a long time. Tsk!
Ruined the day for me that has. Big Bad John will no doubt start his banging about shortly, as it is the weekend after all.

2Tue08eWDP001A Got the computer on and began finalising yesterday’s post. I was doing well, and working between two sites, when the Internet went down, only for a short time, but enough for me to lose some graphics work I was making. Humph!

Eventually, I got the post finished. On to WordPress Reader, then comments. Made a start on this one.

Had a glass of milk, hoping it would appease Duodenal Donald, and tried to go on Facebook. It was okay for a few minutes. When I went to the TFZer site and slow, slower… Humph!

Ablutions carried out.

6Sat091000hrs: Dressed and I set off to call at the Social Shed on the way to catch at the first bus up to Mapperley.

Noticed the electronic sign as I got out of the elevator. Light rain and a decently high 5°c indicated on display.

A man and woman and Jenny in there when I arrived. Had a gossiping session. Jenny told me 6Sat10she had given the Moussaka meals to a lady resident who is not very well, and she appreciated the muchly as she could not get out to shop. Jenny doing this made my day, it is lovely to be able to help others, especially those in need. Thanks, Jenny!

The couple were also going to Aldi to do some shopping. I went up on the bus to the top of Mapperley with them. By gum, they moved quickly. Soon as they were off the bus, I was in their wake as like Olympians (compared to me anyway, hehe) they shot off to the Aldi store for some nibbles. Lovely couple.

6Sat11 (2)I ambled around and got £17.60 worth of fodder. No sign of the couple from the flats, I had a look from the checkouts, but couldn’t see them. We were going to catch the bus back together.

Had a little Dizzy-Dennis session, so I waited a while before leaving. Cleared up in a couple of minutes.


6Sat11 (2)Yellow lines= Hobbling, red lines= on the bus.

Coming out of the store, I picked my way through the compost from the split bags that were on display in front of the shop.

I set off on a mini-hobble along Mapperley top and right down Winchester Street.

6Sat12aI saw the Belle Vue Lodge Home as I turned the corner.

I read on the web, on the NHS site: “Belle Vue Lodge is a modern nursing home, equipped and staffed for specialist nursing needs, including dementia care for which all care staff are expertly trained. All of the home’s 59 bedrooms are single en-suite and have walk-in shower facilities to suit those with mobility issues, having been purpose-built to welcome a wide range of complex care needs. Relaxing lounges with thoughtful decor and views are a feature. Modern care technology, resident internet connection, TV in each room, including nurse call systems, function alongside homely comforts to make for a relaxing day-to-day lifestyle. I loved that bit: homely comforts to make for a relaxing day-to-day lifestyle. Relaxing, blimey would many of my fellow Woodthorpe Court tenants and I love and long for relaxing!

The downer is; that the charges for old and disabled folk in this place, start at only £689 a week. If you have special needs, you’ll pay more of course. I couldn’t find the top-end charges. Hehe!

6Sat15As I carefully made my way down Winchester Street hill and the apartment building in which I dwell came into view, I took this picture of the flats. Not a soul in sight.

As I noticed the hoist supports and cranes around the battered flats, I put down the heavy bag of shopping to ease Arthur Itis for a few moments. As I stood there, feeling sorry for myself, my thoughts wandered. The mess from the windows, the mess from the balcony, the holes left in the wall and floor from the heaters being fitted. New curtains will be needed. A new floor in the kitchen required. A dread of the new sprinkler system being fitted and the further upheaval this will bring. Same with the upcoming new alarm fitting and communication system will precipitate failed appointments from the workers, dust, grit, gravel… Force me to change medical appointments again. Am I doomed to live what life I have left in a lugubriousness mode? The new balconies to be fitted, with their eight or nine more windows that will need cleaning. Will Little Inchies bleeding lesion ever get healed? Will Hippy Hilda slip out again? Damned Duodenal Donald needs some different medication that is effective. Can they ever get the Warfarin INR level right? Will the computer play-up once more today? How many wrong number calls will I get this weekend? Will Big Bad John be making noises again? No forget that one, it’s the only unfaltering bit of things in life that is, he will be making loud sounds again! Did I leave the tap running in the sink?

The shpilkes suddenly concentrated on that last thought. Picked up the bag and hobbled at the best speed I could manage, back to the flat to see if I had left the tap running.

The distress of not knowing was appeased when I got in the apartment to find the taps had not been left running. Sad innit?

6Sat16Got the purchases out and put away. Well, not the cottage pie. I got the oven warming up while I added a ton or two of grated cheese and sliced tomatoes on top of the meal in readiness for when the oven heated up sufficiently.

Got the hemadynamometer and did the Health Checks and medicationalisationing.

The noise began from Big Bad John up above.

WDP001A Putting the tray and pie in the oven, I singed a couple of finger ends. Smelt a little bit like burnt sausages? Tsk!
Applied a little Germolen cream.

6Sat17 Got the nosh prepared on the blue tin plate.

I added two slices of the great tasting Scottish Plain bread and dribbled some soy and balsamic vinegar mixture on top of them.

It looked jolly appetising. But, it was like a promise from a politician, disappointing!

The pie was only average, the red onions had gone off, and the chips were unexpectedly tasteless, flavourless and insipid. The bread was good, mind.

Nodded off soon after eating this meal. Woke and got the last Health Checks done. Tended to the medicalisationing needed, and got down to watch a DVD of Steve Coogan.

Couldn’t stay awake and nodded off again, but not for long, thanks to Big Bad John. Hell of a bang from his flat woke me, then another one arrived, this is how I worked out it must have been him in the first place waking me up.

Then, I had trouble getting bad into the land of Nod. So I turned on the TV.

That did the trick! Off I nodded.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 18th March 2018

Sunday 18th March 2018

Icelandic: Sunnudagur 18 Mars 2018

0300hrs: No need for me to waken and wait for the brain to join the body this morning. I didn’t have any sleep last night at all. Depressingly, my night’s activities were: Watching the platitudinous, banal TV, listening to Herbert in the flat above banging about and getting up now and then to take a photograph of the snow. Sad, or what?

Off to the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

-3°c outside, and it felt the same inside. And, I can hear you asking how is that then. This is because this old fart left the window open when he took his last picture hours ago! Humph!

I took these two photographs of the conditions outside. It looked a bit bleak. Another day of hibernating and vegetating indoors methinks. There are no buses anyway on a Sunday. Mind you, if there were, I don’t think they would get up or down the Winchester Street Hill anyway. My mind seemed to be concentrating on the negative side of things and life this cold morning.

I made a brew in the small mug, and I had some extra milk in it than usual, because Duodenal Donald was giving me some terrible stick.

The fears and worries in my confused brain were natatorial, flashing and annoying me. Because I was not in a frame of mind, to concentrate very well. I expect this was due to the total lack of sleep.

I started on finishing off yesterday’s diary. Got it completed and posted off, then the sudden grumbling and rumbling in the innards forced me to the Porcelain Throne; and what a session it was. So much blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids and Little inchies Lesion, it startled even me for a while. Deep red and lots of it. Medication and cleansed thing up. Duodenal Donald continued with such enthusiasm, I began to feel a bit atrabilious, and the stomach started to feel… what’s the word for it? Delicate, with a new to me, aching just below the belly button. It felt tight, yet wobbly. No that isn’t the words. Tsk!

I wonder if Noisy Herbert above will start with his banging and knocking about again today? Silly question, of course, he will, it’s the weekend!

Off to the kitchen to make a brew. Knocking things like the tray, bottles of vinegar and sauce and the crock-pot off of the counter as went in. Purely luck, that they fell into the rubbish bins, thus saving any noise to upset my neighbours. No question about my worrying about Herbert above, sometimes I wish I could make return noises that just affect him. But not this morning, I have no energy left to waste on hatred or revenge.

No question about it, I’m feeling snarky, ratty, and crotchety with myself. I’m a grumpy lad indeed.

Had a wee-wee. Made another brew.

I got this post started off.

Returned to the kitchen, with a feeling of dread that I might have left the tap (faucet) running in the sink. Thankfully all was okay and no calamities.

I took a picture o this rather picturesque scene of one of the roads opposite.

It looked like no one had been walking on the snow in this road. Ramsdale Crescent I think it is named. If anyone has to go out from there, they may have troubles. Mind you, it might thaw out quickly yet?

I did notice down below, somebody had had the pleasure of being the first person to walk along Chestnut Walk.

I went to Facebooking next. Praying that it will not freeze on me again.

Virgin Media Internet Down Again! As Tim Price, cleverly put it in an email to me: “Virgin should just give you an Internet voodoo kit with pigeon feathers, monkey blood, sparrow bones, an eye of newt and bat guano to use for incantations, hocus pocus and giving your router a magical stink eye. It’s more fun than simply unplugging, waiting five minutes and all that stuff.”

Turned everything off and rebooted to see if that would help me get back on the internet supplied and increased in charge five times by Virgin Media!

Tried resetting without any luck, still two blue lights not lit on the box.

Unplugged the unreliable, unconcerned cause they still take the money each month Virgin box. Left it a few minutes and replugged it and turned on again. Nothing. Well, fancy that. Hehehe, I like it!

A wee-wee and I stewed wondering how I could get my own back at the Cable Cowboys Liberty Global who lassoed Virgin Media with a huge £15bn deal. They also have bought Formula 1 racing business, All3Media (50% ownership with Discovery Communications) ITV plc (United Kingdom) (9.9% shareholding). Deep breath: Lionsgate (12% ownership with Discovery Communications), Telenet (Belgium) (58% ownership), Viceland Belgium (a joint venture with Vice Media), UPC Broadband, UPC Austria, UPC Czech Republic, UPC Magyarország (Hungary). UPC Polska (Poland), UPC Romania, UPC Slovakia, UPC Switzerland, e-fon (49% ownership), UPC DTH, UPC Direct (Hungary), Freesat (the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Focus Sat (Romania), Unitymedia (Germany). Virgin Mobile UK (United Kingdom), Virgin Media Ireland (Republic of Ireland), TV3 Group, Virgin Mobile (Ireland), VodafoneZiggo (50% ownership). Vodafone Netherlands, Viceland Netherlands (a joint venture with Vice Media), Ziggo, Ziggo Sport, Ziggo Sport, Totaal Markets. Liberty Puerto Rico, a provider of pay TV, Internet, and telephone services, CWC’s operations in Seychelles, named Cable and Wireless Seychelles. All3Media (50% ownership with Discovery Communications). ITV plc (United Kingdom) (9.9% shareholding), Lionsgate (12% ownership with Discovery Communications), Telenet (Belgium) (58% ownership), Viceland Belgium (a joint venture with Vice Media). UPC Broadband, UPC Austria, UPC Czech Republic, UPC Magyarország (Hungary), UPC Polska (Poland), UPC Romania, UPC Slovakia. UPC Switzerland, e-fon (49% ownership), UPC DTH, UPC Direct (Hungary). Freesat (the Czech Republic and Slovakia), Focus Sat (Romania), Unitymedia (Germany). Virgin Mobile UK (United Kingdom). Virgin Media Ireland (Republic of Ireland), TV3 Group, Virgin Mobile (Ireland), VodafoneZiggo (50% ownership), Vodafone Netherlands, Viceland Netherlands (a joint venture with Vice Media). Ziggo, Ziggo Sport, Ziggo Sport, Totaal Markets, Liberty Puerto Rico, a provider of pay TV, Internet, and telephone services and CWC’s operations in the Seychelles named Cable and Wireless Seychelles.

Or rather, billion-billionaire top Chairman, Michael T Fries, who earns $111.9million a year. And that is only from one of his companies. Naturally, he must get expenses as well and besides.

I wonder if he is even aware of the pathetic performance and demoralised staff and customers since his take-over? Potato cakes with cheese and tomatoes baked, sliced apple, beetroot, BBQ nibbles, red onion, pork pie with crust removed (The weight you know? Haha!), roast courgettes, parsnip and peppers. Lemon Mousse to finish off with. Mmm! Wish I could have made one for my TFZers to dine with me. Humph! I’ve read on Trust Pilot about people trying to cancel contracts with this esurient gentleman’s company.

Anyway, after deciding I can’t get my revenge on him, and typing this little monologue above about his crap service, I felt a tad better. Not as good as if could have found him and eliminated him, mind, but a little cheerier, just at the thought. Then, it came back on! Hurrah! Back to semi-sanity.

Back to finish off on Facebook. Problems in importing photos now! Had to give up on it. Tsk!

Hello! Noisy Herbert in the flat above is at it again. Scraping noises, banging too.

To WordPress Reader next. Then the comments.

Had another go on Facebooking. Stuttery and slow, but got a lot done, it just took me hours to get done. Humph!

Duodenal Donald was terribly bothersome again. Settled to watch some TV. Watched the Wigan v  Southampton Cup match. Well, when I had not nodded off that is. Great game.

Did the Health Checks.

Did the ablutions and medicalisationing without too much bother.

Got the nosh prepared.

Fresh pork knuckle, chips, tomatoes, red onion, sugar snap peas, apple slices and a Lemon Mousse. (It may appear that I’m consuming lemon desserts a lot lately? That’s cause it is still on offer price). The orange juice was not touched for some reason.

Ah, I remember now, I fell asleep! Tsk!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 17th March 2018

Saturday 17th March 2018

0155hrs: I’d been having horrible dreams, all night long it felt. But could I find any scribbled notes on the pad, or recall any details? No! Most annoying making when this happens! I had an idea that I was watching the dream through a clithridiate window or screen? I laid a while trying to remember anything about them, but could only perceive there was nothing redolent about them.

When the sudden need for the Porcelain Throne to be utilised arrived. A bit of a slapstick-burlesque followed in my extracting myself from the £300 second-hand recliner. Lowered the chair, tripped on one of the slippers, kept my balance and avoided going over by putting my hand on top of the Ottoman – the lid slid, and I did: ending up on my side with the arm over the Ottoman. I got up rather quickly, due to the need for the Throne, and limped to the wet-room.

Oh, boy, I could write a few paragraphs on this session. But suffice to say in short; Massive, the shape of the Hindenburg, solid-heavy-mass, struggle and hassle, slow movement, kerplunk, water splashing, blood bleeding and blessed relief! It seems that Trotsky Terence has withdrawn from the scene. Hehehe!

Cleaned-up and off to the kitchen to make a brew.

Looking outside I thought it was wet, so opened the window to take this photographicalisation. You can see the giant raindrops falling from the bottom of the frame in the top of the picture. So I made one downwards of the car park on Chestnut Walk.

This when it became apparent that it was snowing such thin flakes, snow-showers I think they call this type of weather. It seemed to be melting as soon as it landed on the ground.

The only part of the picture where any snow can be seen in close to the street light.

When I got back in and closed the window, the camera and my dressing gown sleeves were slightly wet.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

The weight was still the highest ever for me. Despite my having less to eat for my meal last night. At least it hadn’t gone up again, so that was something I suppose. (Says him clutching-at-straws!)

I felt some brewing and churning from the innards. I envisaged another Porcelain Throne session preparing itself in readiness for evacuation procedures to be implemented again shortly.

Got the computer on and started this post off up to here. Then started to finalise yesterday’s diary. This task took me hours and hours to get done. Posted off.

Checked the Emails, and found some terribly lousy news from Sister Jane. She told me: “Heard from our Sis-in-law Frances, that our lovely nephew David Bratton got stabbed in the lungs today while confronting some yobs who were slashing his car tyres – luckily he seems to be improving, but still in Intensive Care.
It was on BBC local news to18 year-old student Mariam Moustafa, dying aft being assaulted by several teenage girls in Nottingham, outside the Victoria Centre on February 20th around 2000hrs.night on TV. Got three youths in custody thank goodness.”

This above, and a few others reported this week:

  • A teenage boy told a jury that he was twice stabbed in the back when three youths came up behind him in a Basford park. He immediately recognised the boy with the knife and identified the other two after being released from the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham Crown Court heard.
  • Mum-of-six kicked a female police officer after a row over son’s drug use.
  • 18-year-old student Mariam Moustafa died after being assaulted by several teenage girls in Nottingham, around 2000hrs, outside the Victoria Centre on February 20th,
  • Police officer and dog injured with a knife following Top Valley aggravated burglary.
  • Stabbing in Nottingham becomes a murder investigation after 17-year-old dies. Police have now launched a murder investigation and are issuing a renewed appeal for information. Detective Chief Inspector Hayley Williams, of East Midlands Special Operations Unit (EMSOU) Major Crime, who is leading the investigation said:“We believe he left home sometime around six pm and at some point, he was chased and attacked before being left very seriously injured in Stock Well. We are appealing for more people to come forward to help us piece together the exact circumstances of the incident”.
  • A new top cop is to be appointed to look after policing the city, the Police and Crime Commissioner has confirmed. Paddy Tipping said the new superintendent would be in place from April 1 and their role will be to run the police force in the city on a day to day basis.

Inchcock’s Comment:

Bearing in mind that Nottingham has lost more than 380 police officers in the last five years, this appointment of a new top cop seems an empty and futile decision. If the Top Cop has not got the sufficient number of officers, which he or she will probably not have, thanks to the Conservative Governments enforced cut-backs, what’s the point? The only option I see, is by moving some of the preciously few Officers to the City, thus allowing the druggies, car criminals, muggers, knife, machete and gun-wielding gangs and burglars etc., free rein to use the estates for their illegal practices?

While I was reading about the appointment of the Top Cop, I found it interesting that on the same page, were these links.

0720hrs, already. I got carried away.

A little snow shower had left the pretty picture opportunity for me.

So, took this picture, no snow at the moment falling.

Made another brew and then I visited the WordPress Reader. Again, some great stuff on there.

I took this zoomed-in photograph of the car park below. The snow was so subtle and delicate and blowing upwards again now. With very little of it was settling.

But with freezing and below temperatures forecast, I think it might get worse later on out there.

I decided to get the vegetable tray made up ready to go into the oven late. Much later. Why I did this so early in the day, is still a puzzle to my befuddled brain.

I covered it and went to get it put back into the fridge.

What a shame. In my concerted efforts to get the tray back in the refrigerator, I decided I’d have to move some of the other fodder around to make room for it. I managed to knock the milk over, squash a carton of lemon mousse and somehow or other, I spilt some grated cheese over the two lower shelves, the floor and me! What a Plonka!

I sorted the comments and decided to have a rinse and change the PPs again. No further Porcelain  Throne demands yet. But the rumbling innards continue, getting noisier as time goes on?

Onto Facebooking, hoping it would not play me up again. Started to go slow, but I got a lot done first.

I went back on CorelDraw to do some prep work on graphics for later use.

Herbert banging about a bit again, you can tell it’s the weekend!

Health Checks and medications were seen to.

I was feeling all out-of-sorts for some reason, but I at most of it.

Fell asleep for ten minutes, and woke with Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald both giving me some grief.

Herbert from the flat above was so much noisier than he has ever been. No chance of nodding off again.

I put the DVD on, didn’t nod-off. Tried the TV, that should surely send me to sleep. But no. Not a chance. I spend hours watching the banal rubbish on the TV, and occasionally getting up to take a photograph of the weather. I collated the photos taken timewise:

A lousy Day!

Inchcock Today – Saturday 3rd March 2018

Saturday 3rd March 2018

Hebrew: יום שבת 3 במרץ 2018

0035hrs: Woke with the shivers. It was feeling so cold. And, I had the woolly hat on, too. I was in urgent need of a wee-wee and had to hurriedly abandon the warmth of the £300 second-hand recliner to get to the WC in time. Little Inchy’s lesion had been bleeding and needed some uncomfortable medical attention.

During which the brain did not seem to be following its own commands, malapropos-like, the actions taking place seemed almost like I was dreaming or imagining they were taking place. No, Whoopsiedangleplops, Accifauxpas or Fears occurred, just the realisation that suddenly everything clicked into place and it was them, I understood that they were not in situ in the first place. I made a mess of explaining that, but it’s the best I can manage at the moment, sorry. The codswallop and balderdash started affecting my thoughts and lingered on in the background.

Off to the kitchen and got the Health Checks done.

0110hrs: It felt well below freezing out there as I opened the window to have a check on the weather… well, the state of the snow and ice really.

No new snow had fallen at all. But the compressed snow and ice were twinkling threateningly for any walkers.

I gave my elbow one heck of crack in the window frame as I came back in after taking the photo. I think I may have said something like “Oh, blow it!”

At this stage, all sorts of ailments appeared almost in unison. (Hippy Hilda was nae-bother). The grumbling-rumbling innards and Duodenal Donald were the main culprits for my sudden decline in health. Reflux Roger occasionally joined in. And this is how things were for a long time, until the Porcelain Throne visit, anyway.

Made a brew and then onto the computer to start this post off up to here. Then finalised the Friday post.

Checked out the WordPress Reader. Emails sorted.

Herbert from the flat above started his banging and knocking again.

Had a right funny-turn as I was getting the nosh sorted out. Did myself no-good at all. I had to stop everything and just sit down. I soon fell asleep and woke up many hours later, feeling as fit as a fiddle? Life can be very confusing.

The day had gone by now. But I must have needed the kip.

Got the meal served up. I had one of the Lamb Hotpots I bought from Aldi. And have to say, it was superb, flavoursome and filling. Plain Greek yoghourt with Maple Syrup, sliced Italian tomatoes the only sad part of the meal, bitter!) added, and a sliced apple with a large mug of Clementine Juice finished off this delightful repast.

I remembered I had not done next weeks Morrison order, so I got the computer on and did so.

I felt sure I’d be able, after so much sleep, to watch some TV, so settled down to view some.

Fell asleep!