Inchcock Today – Sunday 25th March 2018

Sunday 25th March 2018

Maori: Rātapu 25 o Maehe 2018

0150hrs: After several waking-up, passing wind and nodding off sessions, I managed to force my reluctant body-mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner. The brain joined us a short while later, and off to the Porcelain Throne.

Harold’s Haemorrhoids had bled only the tiniest bit. But, Little Inchies lesion had been flowing and congealing then flowing again repeatedly, judging by the mess in the PPs. A most problematic and embarrassing cleaning up session ensued. The Daktacort cream had done me no good last night, then. Washed up and to the kitchen.

7Sun05Went to get the slippers on in the hallway, and blow-me-down, more gumph had been delivered.

A guide for residents. A letter with the leaflet from Luke Johnson, the Nottingham City Homes’ Dedicated Project Manager for the scheme. He will be working at Winchester and Woodthorpe for the duration of the scheme. (Although the ‘scheme’ has been pestering, annoying, ignoring, making residents poorly, deafening, dirtying the flats, making them so cold, installing heaters that cost twice as much to run as the old ones, cocking up medical appointments, leaving holes in walls and floors in single flats [Mine anyway], blowing our minds with masses of advice and details of the works progress and future activities. Held meetings where anyone with hearing aids find it impossible to hear over the multitude of voices. And, successfully making tenants into nervous wrecks; for months now.) Hehe!

More details about the additional safety works will follow.

7Sun07At the bottom of the letter, it said: We also have information on our website. This site includes some short ‘myth-busting’ films about the sprinkler systems that we’ll be installing. I thought this is nice and thoughtful of them. Later, I looked at the page indicated. Which was But found no myth busting films on it. I searched the page for; sprinkler system and got No Results. I went back to Google and did a search on there, and found the site with the film on it at:

Interesting mini-films, mind.

Sprinkler Systems This site also informs us that: It will take two days to fit a sprinkler system in your flat, and your décor will not be damaged. I doubt that very much, judging from past work done of which my apartment still carries the scars!

Tannoys Make it possible for us or the Emergency Services to broadcast announcements, instructions or messages in communal areas. This, adds an additional level of security and safety.

Intercoms Are linked to front door access to provide a standard front door intercom, but they’re also connected to our control centre so that we can contact you in your home to let you know about disruption to services, lifts issues, or what to do in the event of an emergency. They will also be programmed for direct access to the repairs helpline and your local housing office. The system also allows us to contact you, by text message to your intercom, and to broadcast to you in emergencies or at times when services are being disrupted. We will need access to your home for around two hours to install your new intercom.

All slippered-up, I went to the kitchen. The Health Checks, sphygmomanometering, and medications were tended too.


I made a brew. The tummy started to swell and gurgle a bit.

The computer switched on, and I got on with completing the Friday post. It took a while.

Then I took a picture out of the new kitchen window of the scene below.

WDP02A I shan’t be doing this very often in future, though. The 7Sun06cmain reasons being the bruised knuckle, the strained back and my head in hitting the handle on the window as got up on my already painful toes to reach forward to place the camera in the optimum position for the photograph to be taken.

I started this blog off.

The innards got worse, and I had to abandon the computer work and get to the Porcelain Throne with as much expedition as I could muster. It was close-call, but I got there just in time! A little ululation was released as the once again, Trotsky Terence affected evacuation progressed – slowly once the movement began, I might add. Cleaned up yet again, back to the computer. Leaving behind a strong stench that could strangle anyone who enters again in the next hour or two. Cor blimey!

7Sun33Brother-in-law Pete sent me a photograph he’s taken in Nottingham City Slab Square the other night. Pete thought it was rather good.

I think it was brilliant!

He’s got the latest mobile G5 phone. He used that to take this picture.

WDP02A Off I went to make another brew. As I left the room, I spotted yet another of the thousands of bits of concrete and plaster still awaiting clearing up on the floor. Bent down to gather it up, and boing! Hit the head in the same spot as I had earlier on the window handle, this time on the corner of the writing bureau. A nice little blue bruise coming up now. It may turn out to be a pretty pattern methinks. Haha!

Came across some photographs of the latest upgrade work now finished at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inn. The oldest pub in England and still trading, too! Thought some of my Australian, American and Canadian TFZer friends might like to see them. Especially as I can’t do a lot on their Facebook page. But a bloke is coming to look at things on the computer for me sometime next week.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On to CorelDraw to do some page top graphics.

Big Bad John is banging about again.

7Sun33aWDP02A Had a break to get the potatoes in the slow-cooker. A few seconds then ‘Bang!” (Not as loud as them from Big Bad Jonn earlier, but loud enough to hear it without the aids in the lug-holes). No idea why or what had happened, but I unplugged it straight away. Got the new spare crock-pot out of the Junk-Room, and washed it, then used that to do the potatoes. Tsk!

Made a brew of Assam tea and got back to doing the header graphics! I’ve only done the one in over two-hours. I got carried away with it, cause I thought it might be a decent one. Not so sure now I’ve finished it.

The head is still stinging a bit.

The next one I did, I don’t want to reveal the graphic until it is used, was a mock book cover entitled; “The thorniest, perplexing, unexcogitable, inexplicable, and dishonest lying nepotistic groups of esurient, ingordigious expense-fiddling, slime-balls in the UK”.

Got one more done. The potatoes were nearly ready in the crock-pot. Got the onions and beef in the oven after a while.

So I got the drafts done and saved.

BBJ (Big Bad John) upstairs is at it again, banging about. Tsk!

Going to get the nosh served up now. Back in a bit folks.

7Sun33bFrikadellens, potatoes, mushrooms and battered onion rings onto the plate with a lemon mouse.

Ate and enjoyed the nosh.

Got the washing-up done and settled to watch some ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ DVD episodes. A two-part pleasure this was. The viewing was appreciated and having the headphones on, meant I could not hear BBJs (Big Bad John’s) noises for a while.

I watched through two episodes of the DVD before drifting off into the land of Nod.

WDP02A Sprang awake an hour or so later, and had to tend to the fungal lesions bleeding. Washed, dried, Daktacort applied and changed PPs.

As I got back into the recliner, I scribbled on the notepad to remind me to change the clocks in the morning. Another hour lost. Hehe!

WDP02A The phone light flashed as I lay there in blissful sleep, amazingly I heard the ringer. It was Brother-in-Law Pete. I was deeply confused and half-awake. I think we spoke a lot but can’t recall what I said. The whole thing was dreamlike.

Reckon they are calling to see the new windows and balcony, on Friday next possibly. I’ll check with them tomorrow to confirm it was not a dream.

Head down again, and off in seconds.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 25th March 2018

  1. Remember that only extreme heat will set of your sprinklers! I didn’t know that anyone thought otherwise. I think they just needed an excuse to make a stupid video. Nice photo Pete sent you. The oldest pub in England looks pretty spiffy. Very nicely arrange dinner.

    • Cheers, Tim. I’ve never lived anywhere with sprinklers. (I’ve never lived really! Hehe!) The video gave a bit more confidence about having them.
      Pete did a good job of that shot. Braver man than me, being in Nottingham City Centre after dark. In the last two weeks, five stabbings, two murders and dozens of assaults have been perpetrated (Is that the right word?)
      Since stopping drinking many years ago, I do not go in pubs, well, very rarely. I hate it when I ask for an orange juice, get a tiny little bottle and have to pay twice as much for it as for a pint of ale. Hehe! I used to use the Trip as we called it back then, often, and always enjoyed it. I might venture one morning to it again… maybe not though, the temptation is there even now, and the last thing I need is to get addicted again, nt with a pint costing £3 nowadays they tell me.
      I’m waffling again, sorry.
      TTFN Thanks, Sir.

      • Pete is a brave man. I don’t go to pubs either. I never liked beer so that makes it easy.

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