The Marissa and Mike Mystery Photo?

The Marissa Bergen & Mike Steenedski Mystery Photo


Have Marissa and Mike started to confabulate again?

Has Mike finally cleared his system of the Claret then?

Has he started working again, or is calumny resounding? 

Why is Marissa not giving her drums and guitar a good pounding?

Why is she not doing the laundry, cooking or ironing?

She lies there looking all desirable, appealing and tempting like,

Why is she being photographed through the window by Mike?

Can anyone explain this Mysterious scenario,

If they know, will they please tell us so?

Then we bloggers can have ammunition,

To retaliate verbally and keep down the rumours,

Of naughty things going on, and give vent to our humours!

I know this little ode is utter crap,

But I’m not well at all and in a bit of a flap,

I wanted to write summat clever, witty and that,

But I couldn’t and feel a right prat,

Alright then sorry… I’ll get me hat…

14 thoughts on “The Marissa and Mike Mystery Photo?

  1. I know you are up to young Inchy…the sale of this quite innocent snap to a right wing tabloid no less. My intent all along was simply to take a photo of Marissa’s guitar so that I could sell it on ebay…times are hard you see!

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