Fri 11 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – So busy, he wore hissen owt!

Friday 11th September 2015

aaaa3b1250hrs, still up graphicationalising and Facebooking! Tsk!

I did this one on the left as a Caption Competition on TFZ: “What is Daddy Mallard saying to his family?”

0650hrs: Woke up in the chair where I fell asleep last night (Well this morning really) while watching TV… again!

Mused for a few minutes on the dream I’d had and wrote down notes to record later.

I was in a queue with millions of recently died humans in it – the ground was invisible, mists lingering all around, no sky or roof above, just faces above, all sorts of nationalities of faces, well, heads – no torso. They seemed to be talking to each of the other faces.

Signs appeared every hundred yards along the queue and the words lit up, but no one understood what they meant – but in the queue I spoke with Turbaned gentlemen, Red Indians and a Russian general and we understood each other I can’t recall what we were talking about though?

Then many of the group ‘popped, blew-up but no blood and disappeared, the line of the dead closed up? That’s about it memory-wise.

WC’d, made a cuppa and took me morning medications, I felt good this morning.

Cold this morning, I really must ask the caretaker how these night-storage heaters work again.

Laptop on and started this diary.

Did a search on the web, Facebooked, emails and blogged a bit.

DSC00066Then at 0900hrs, I decided I just must gerron wiv cleaning the windows and kitchen.

So made a start.

First thing to open the kitchen window…

A challenge in itself, a painful one too!.

The dang release mechanism is DSC00065conveniently positioned on the right about two inches from the window frame edge.

Getting me Arthritic digits in the minute gap without taking too much skin off me fingers, pulling out the stubby little button thing and holding it out whilst turning the heavy window with me other hand was not easy, and cause DSC00067some language of a not-nice nature to burst from me lips.

But I eventually managed to get it turned all the way around so I could clean the outside of the window glass.

Got some window cleaner with vinegar, blue wipes, and attempted to clean the outside of the glass with it.

It just seemed to smear it though?

DSC00068I tried a general leaner spray on it – oh dear! What a pickle I got missen into here.

Got it rightish in the end by using Jif, Cif and Multi-purpose sprays and elbow grease.

Lucky that Arthur Itis didn’t visit me.

DSC00069Then moved onto doing the floor with me new mop. Got down and used cloth to do the edges first like, then used mop fer the big area.

I couldn’t find me sponge mop anywhere.

Very confusing to me this was indeed, i was sure I’d brought one from the flea-pit?

Any-road I used this one.

Then rang Age UK’s Steve to ask him how the house sorting had gone on since he told me he’s look after everything. No answer so left a message.

Ran a bath and while it was filling he rang back – the answer was nothing had happened!

He’s going to call to see me later today. Huh!

DSC00070Had me bath and took out the bags to the rubbish chute.

Then titivated the kitchen and made a much-needed cuppa with me midday medications.

Then I began to do the windows in the living room.

01topGot me squeegee, bucket of water and glass spray out onto the balcony – terrible mess I got into. the windows were really filthy, the frames grotty and I came in after struggling to try to get em clean to do the insides – Dizzy-spell came and it  was bad enough for me to stop working on them there and then. It didn’t help when eventually I started moving again and noticed the streaks and spots I’d missed on the windows – 01topaif I had been being paid to clean them, I wouldn’t have got paid – they were that bad! But I’d just struggled to get the mop, bucket and other stuff back into the cupboard room – and didn’t feel so well, just thought Sod-it!

Naughty boy!

Then I realised where the sponge mop was!

When I made the temporary curtain from the throw – I used it to hold it up! Huh!

Thought I’d nip to the Community Shed and see if anyone was there to help me understand the heater controls, or I might catch the caretaker en-route – he seems to avoid  me 01topa2afor some reason?

I’m off down then, TTFN.

Nobody about at all.

The Community Shed was all lock-up, no caretakers to be found.

Got back to the flat and made a cuppa.

The hot water was not hot again! Tsk!

Updated this tosh while waiting for “No news – No progress Steve” who’s going on holiday for two weeks Steve to call from Age UK. He’s going to drop off the house key? Not good this!

0101aSteve arrived and we had a chin-wag and a cup of tea – no progress on selling the house at all though. Steve went out on the balcony and lo and behold, his Missus was 12 floors down in the evening Sunshine with the dog and neighbour, so I got me Sony camera out and took a photo.

The evening sunshine shows how late in the day it was.

After he’d gone, I got missen ready and had a walk up to Woodthorpe Park and down into Sherwood and the Co-op shop so I could use me £1 off voucher, nd 0001get some Beetroot and Apple bread.

One animal en-route on the footpath through the park.

The swine nearly hit the woman’s baby in his pram!

Onward and into the Co-op store and had an amble round looking for bargains like. I got some orange scented soap powder, sliced red onions (Half price short dated), Special offer Viennese Swirls and a TV paper. Don’t know why, I always fall asleep watching it anyway nowadays, Tsk!). But they had no Beetroot and Apple bread.

At the checkout I struggled a bit to get me zip open on me pocket and the obviously experienced but impatient lady assistant looked up with her eyes to the roof, gave a look like Hyacinth Bouquet and gave me a couple of loud ‘Tuts’. So I was really pleased when I delayed her further by offering her the money-off voucher.

0001bI came out of the shop in a good mood for once.

This soon changed however, when on me way back on me walk to go through the park, this Turd of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist made the lady jump he passed so close to her… did I mention I’m not too keen on the ignorant, bullying, arrogant, nonchalant, illegal Pavement Cyclists that intimidate pedestrians, especially the infirm and elderly?

0001aOn the footpath back up the park, another one belted passed an old dog and made the poor thing nervous.

The Swine, the Bas… Never mind!

Lovely night, and no more dizzies, so a contented Inchcock got in the flat, put his nosh away, WD’d, made a cuppa, took his medications and got some chips on the oven to have with his salad of sorts.

Tried putting the settings right on the storage heaters and powered them.

I got the laptop on and updated this diary.

Busy day, tired, weary, drowsy and no cramps, no bleeding, no Arthur Itis or Anne Gyna… but can I get to sleep?