Fooey – The fantastic OAP Pussy Cat!

FooeynTales of Fooey

Here are a few Tales of Fooey I’d like to tell.

Fooey is one of me Sister Jane and Brother in Law Pete’s cats.

He’s now 98 years old in human terms.

He’s struggles to get about with his arthritis, looses his balance often nowadays too.

He’s not very good looking and drops off to sleep any-time, any-where.

He jumps and jerks with his dreams when kipping.

He’s a bit like me. (Hehe!)

Perhaps that’s why I love him so.

Occasionally he give out a loud wailing noise for ages for no apparent reason.

He often used to settle on his favourite chair and fall off of it! (Like me again, twice!)

He struggles with the litter tray and leaves a pungent aroma like no other cat I’ve ever known(Like me again with me haemorrhoids)

FooeyHe now sleeps on a low stool behind the patio doors. His choice.

He needs his coat sorting out daily, a special comb thingy me Sister Jane uses on his matted hair looks frightening to me, but he just loves it being done as clumps of hair are dragged off of him flesh, what bit he’s got left, he is very thin nowadays! (Not like me I’m afraid).

P1020099A poor waif of a stray all those years ago, they took him in and fell in love with him.

Yesterday I visited them all, Jane Pete and the three cats.

I saw something I would not have thought possible: Pete got the normal P1020097upright hoover out and hoovered Fooey!

The noise the Hoover made was tremendous, but Fooey being nearly deaf (Again somewhat like me) this didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest.

P1020101He was obviously well used to this treatment and hobbled around to help Pete not miss any bits of loose or matted hair.

Bless him (Fooey not Pete).

Took it all in his stride… well hobble!

He kept head-butting the Hoover pipe guiding Pete to where he wanted doing next – an amazing performance to me!

FooeyThe photo on the right was from some months ago – just after Fooey had had his Whoopsiedangleplop falling off his chair. You can see the scars on his poor head. (Like me again here!)

I just can’t help but love him to bits.

Being 19 years old now in human terms we all realise we may soon lose him. (Bit like me again! Tsk!)

So I thought I’d make up this post in his honour, so no one will ever forget him I hope.

A brave fighter with a wonderful nature.

FooeyTabI took this photo on the left last year of Fooey, or as Sister Jane and Pete named him, Mr Fooey!

He was in the middle of a dream when I took this photo.

Wailing occasionally and twitching away.

Foo01The photo on the right is one of my favourites.

He can only see so far, but on this occasion he’d spotted Jane going into the cupboard where they keep the cat-fodder.

He lost interest in me and kept his eyes on Janet then!

Bless his cotton socks!

Inchcock Today – Fri 25 Sept 15: Day of rest… of sorts

Friday 25th September 2015


The kitchen this morning, a mess. Corner-stand in the middle of the room still drying, wood polish, cleaners all over the place, the leaked Flash spray to sort, hey-ho!

Kept springing waking all through the night until about 0300hrs as I recall, dream filled but cannot recall them. Yet I reckon I got a total of over 7 hours in, and woke still feeling drained.

But realised I had to get so much done today and was visiting Jane and Pete this afternoon. I must remember I have to ring them first to make sure it was okay for me to go, as instructed by Pete yesterday.

Cuppa and took me morning medications, had an extra painkiller because I missed me medications last night. Tsk!

The reflux valve and angina were bad because of this. The toothache still there but not too bad at the moment.

Made another cuppa and laptop on. Finished yesterdays diary and posted it, checked emails, then had a bash on Facebook while I had the chance. So much still to do today, not going to be an easy one methinks.

Hours later I got the bath I’d been longing for. And, no Whoopsiedangleplops getting in or out of it!

Got the pressies and nibbles for Jane and Pete in me bag, bus-pass, camera and letters for the previous tenant to drop off at the community shed. Set off.

Met Deana and Julie on my way out of the building as they were emptying the coins out of the washing machines. Handed Obergruppenfurher Julie the letters, and she promptly screwed them up and dropped them in the rubbish bin? It’s nice to know that conscientious reliable centre-carers that we pay extra for on top of our rent can be relied on innit? Hehe!

Walk to Sherwood through Woodthorpe Park and caught bus into town.

Realised I’d again left me HDSC card in the laptop and could not take any photographs – decided to get another one so I can always keep one in the camera.

P1020089Called into Vic centre and got a Spending Voucher for Jane’s Christmas pressie.

Went to the Jessop camera store and bought yet another HDSC card for the camera. Tsk!

Took photo when I came out of the shop on Clinton Street. Busy as usual.

P1020098Caught the bus to WB, dropped off and walked to Jane’s mansion.

When I arrived Pete was vacuuming the old cat Fooey!

He loved it! (Mr Fooey the cat I mean)

I was so impressed with this I’m going P1020097to do a post about it with photographs on WordPress later today.

Cuppa tea presented to me and we had a good chin-wag.

Gave them their pressies and nibbles.

Pete was very much impressed with the camera-watch I gave him. Read the instructions and said it needed a computer. No problem I told him, I can give him me old one to use. We agreed to meet in town on Monday and I can give it to him then.


Hog Roast stall, one customer!

Much nattering later, I departed to catch the bus into town so as not to miss the last L9 bus that goes to the flats. Realised I’d got the timing wrong when I got into town and had an hour to spare, so I had a poddle around town using me camera.

The food stalls were back in the slab-square. Some new ones I spotted, but 01topj5they were not doing very well trade-wise.

The Hog Roast stall only had one customer.

Mind you the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich stall didn’t have any!

01topj6The same amount of customers that the Ostrich burger stall had!

The Chocolate Strawberry Stall was the same.

I caught the last L9 bus back to the flats.

WC’d then got me nosP1020108h on.

I was tired again and the reflux valve started to play up – I thought about abandoning the Beef and onion in black bean sauce with seasoned fries in case it made the reflux valve any worse… But I do so love this meal…

I ate it slowly as I could to limit any chance of it bothering me later.

Rated this 9.2/10 for sheer taste – the mandarins in jelly with sour cream cheese was nice too!

Feet up, drink of shandy and I nodded off nicely for an hour or so.


I’ve not got it right yet – Tsk!

Took me medications, thought about giving the corner-stand another touch up.

It’s still there being walked around in the middle of the kitchen floor and not yet anywhere near passable as usable.

I’ll ave to ask someone if there is anything I can do to make it less blotchy.

I must have done summat wrong, I don’t know whether to use the scratch liquid or polish on it again next? Huh!

Sat down again and put the telly on.

More nodding-off ensued.

Gave up trying to watch whatever it was I was trying to watch, curled up and drifted into oblivion – where dreams kept making me wake up (?) very often throughout the reminder of the night?

Somehow this didn’t bother me at all, I think I was feeling more content than I have for a long time now. Worrying that for me… Hehe!

TTFN all, and thanks to all who have helped me get through me problems of late.