Tue 15 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Knuckled down to sorting stuff out! Well…

Tuesday 15th September 2015

Head Tue

Woke at 0445hrs: No cramps last night – I put it down to the magnificent magnesium tablets.

No memories of dreams, just a sensation and certain knowledge that I’d had many and didn’t like them? They left a sense of guilt, terrible guilt in me for some unknown reason?

Determined that I should get me medications pots done, and make a start on sorting some of the bags that need doing today overcame me.

I decided to get yesterdays diary finished and posted, then do me Facebooking and make a start on this diary first, being as it is too early to start me sorting yet (Noise – neighbours).

PMClad2WC’d, made a cuppa and took me medications.

WC’d again, no blood from little Inchy yet.

Started on the laptop. Facebooked, emails did a graphicalisation for the TFZers site (For Pat) and then got on with sorting me medication pots out like a good boy.

I did an order from Asda for tomorrow and ordered some A4 folders in the hope that I can sort out me official paperwork into individual folders for each department like.

Rang BJ to see how he was going, he seemed alright bless him.

He’s coming to see me tomorrow, no, Thursday if his car gets repaired.

P1020015Had a wash and shave and titivated up, then did me medication pots up.

Out of me Omega capsules, so I got ready and went on a walk to Holland & Barrett on Sherwood to get some with the smaller tablets if they had any.

Called at the Community shed on the way out and dropped off some more mail for the previous tenant – nobody P1020017around in the shed again.

Up through Woodthorpe Park and into Sherwood, one or two of the regular Nottingham Pavement Cyclists en-route.

Over the hill (No not talking about missen…Hehe) down and across the P1020016pelican lights into the Holland & Barrett shop as the sun struggled to come out.

The nice lady looked for some Omega3 for me in smaller capsule but found none – she sold me some liquid stuff with lemon in it. the label reads that it can be taken by using it as salad dressings like?

P1020013Walked back to the flat and put me bottle away, then WC’d – Little Inchy’s lesion only leaking the slightest bit.

I looked at the bags that needed sorting in the living room and shuddered at the thought.

Then I looked at the terribly large P1020014amount of bags and box’s that need sorting in the bedroom and shuddered even more violently.

Laptop on to update this diary.

I decided to get some sleeves files or whatever you call them to sort out the paperwork into different relevent sections, Utilities, insurance, Nottingham City Homes, the old house, bills, water rates, council tax… etc.

I ordered some A4 folders with me Asda order for delivery tomorrow – hopefully this will force me to make a proper start at sorting further?

The now usual tiredness and weariness overcame me, and I got me nosh on sharpish.

Checked emails, no answer from the police about me Pavement cyclist email I sent them.

P1020018Facebooked a while then got me nosh ready and enjoyed it muchly.

Seasoned baked beans, bread thins, oven fries, crispy bacon – followed by some very naughty Lemon Cheesecake and Fromage frais.

Good this was, rated it 8.8/10.

Settled down to read me book while awaiting an episode of New Tricks coming on BBC 1 at 2100hrs.

Nodded off waking up just before 2100hrs and put the set on to watch New Tricks – It’s lost it for me has New Tricks, all the actors have changed? Don’t like this lot and the humour has gone from the scripts – not that this bothered me much though, I fell asleep after about ten minutes.