Inchcock Today Fri 30 Oct : Incorporating Inchies Memories Mode Session!

Friday 30th October 2015

Woke 0555hrs, bits of me dreams racing about in me head, by the time I’d stirred and encouraged Arthur Itis to allow me move me knees and got a pen and paper to write down what I recalled, most of the memories had faded into oblivion! Huh! Something about me digging through soil underground, and coming across people who told me I was digging the wrong way and sent in another direction… that’s all I can now recall.

Still, the rumbling innards are not so bad now, Arthur is only niggling a bit, Anne Gyna is nice and quiet, the ulcer and reflux valve no bother, and only, as I found when I went for me first visit to the porcelain, Little Inchy is giving me real concern and bother, bleeding a way to his heart’s content! Took ages to stop it this time.

The kitchen looks a right mess in its part sorted state. The rain was coming yet again.

When I made a cuppa to have me medications with using the new bottle of Sterilised milk from the fridge – it looked black and not right? I thought I might have not rinsed the cup out properly so started again and made another. Summat still didn’t look right? Eventually I realised I’d bought a bottle of sterilised milk okay, but it was ‘fat free skimmed sterilised milk’ – tasteless crap! I might as well have used tap water! Tsk! Just bout better than no cuppa at all.

Laptop on and finished off yesterdays diary and started this one.


I noticed the top of the fire-surround shelf had items on it that for some reason installed me into memory mode?

Right to left:

Memory 1: A photo frame of Chrissie on me knee at the Arnold Labour club around 1970. What happened later that night was a first for us… a happy first.

DSCN0005 DSCN0006Memory 2: The £1 wall clock. I used to make a magazine for the lads at Sawley Security and bought several of these as prizes for a competition in one issue. Happy times then. This reminded me of the two lads who I met with on me walk along the Trent Embankment the other week. First time I’d seen the in about 30 years. Gossiped nattered and got a telephone number to ring them to arrange a meet proper… but when I rang the number, it was not recognised. Curse!

Memory 3: Maggie Thatcher squeaky toy. This reminded me of when I nearly voted Conservative. A shameful time!

Memory 4: The Kenyan policeman’s truncheon. Brought back from Nairobi in 1962 when it was in a brand new pure white condition. Hand carved for the government by tribesmen. How did I get it? It was traded for a packet of 20 Woodbine with a local policeman. Ah, memories.

Memory 5: The extendable baton. This reminded of me of the training day in the Derbyshire hills where I first used this protective weapon. The three-day training course was part of a national qualification in Security, can’t remember the name of it, or the actual place. But it was out in the dales, had cheap beer and I had to share a room with three other underpaid morons who couldn’t get a proper job. One was persistently giving off putrid emissions of wind every night,  one was the loudest snorer I’d ever come across and the other was the boss of the company.

At the end of the course I had bruises, cuts and a broken ankle. Somehow I passed it? It was surely a fiddle due to the company being desperately short of staff I reckon.

Memories, Hey-ho!

Did some Facebooking and checked me emails then started working on a graphicationalisationlistic idea I’ve had for the TFZers site, using Coreldraw Corelpaint and Serif draw to create this one – so fingers crossed it’ll come out alright.

It didn’t!

Steve rang while I was in the bath – fancy that! He’s coming over in 2 hours.

I started to get the kitchen stuff ready for sorting.

Steve arrived and I showed off what I got done in the kitchen with the drawers and wheelie trays. He was totally unimpressed.

I then showed him me new carpet. He was totally unimpressed.

I then told him  about the rules regarding drilling into the walls. He was totally unimpressed.

He then drilled into the walls and told me he’d brought the wrong raw-plugs and would have to return next week to fix it. I was totally unimpressed.

He made up the two drawers ready.

He then changed the light-bulb with a new one for me.

I left the flat with him, said thanks and walked through the park into Sherwood where I met a lady and her angel of a little daughter. ‘Cause Mum was with her, I gave her a packet of white chocolate buttons. Mum said “You’re an angel” I said and pointed to the daughter, “She is the angel!”

I plodded on to the shops and called in Wilko and got some brown raw-plugs as instructed by Steve, ready for net week hen he returns.

Then had a walk in the Co-op store to use me £2 off voucher. Of course this meant I had to buy a beetroot and apple loaf and some lemon curd cream cakes… Ahem!

It was well dark by the time I came out and it was dodgy walking back through the park and down the path to the flats due to the wet leaves, but at least it had stopped raining.

Got back in the flat and put the nosh away, WC’d and tried again to set-up a lottery payment on the Nottingham Hospice Charity site – no luck again!

Updated this diary while awaiting the arrival of the Morrison’s order that I forgotten about and if I’d remembered about, then I wouldn’t have spent so much at the Co-op store. Wot a plonka!

Morrison’s arrived early.

01topj2Put the stuff anywhere for now – cause me plan is to reorganise the kitchen in the morning.

Or at least to start doing it.

Got me nosh done, vegetarian tonight.

Potato roti, beetroot, cheese and potato croquettes, garden peas (I took the photo here then realised me pan of peas was bubbling away – tsk! half a loaf of Beetroot & apple bread and a lemon curd whatever-it-is thing I got from the Co-op with some single spray cream on it.

Is yer ready?… rated this 9.55/10. Bestest ever!

01topj3In the middle of all the mayhem in the flat, I got me things ready to settle and have a read of the paper/book. I thought to myself it don’t get any better than this.

Comfy chair, haemorrhoid cushion, the most comfortable and warm throw I’ve ever had, soft drinks to hand, nibbles to hand, me grabber nearby for when I drop things, newspaper, and book to hand… marvellous!

I managed to forget about the absolute mess and mayhem the kitchen was in, telling missen I’d make a start on sorting it in the morning – then thought, or should I make a start on sorting the paperwork first?

So much to do again now. But I was feeling good, the last thing I remember after settling down was singing Elvis’s “They remind me too much of you” to myself and getting annoyed with myself cause I kept singing the same four lines over and over… couldn’t remember the others.

Inchcock Today: Thu 29th Oct 2015 Progress in sorting… rumbling innards tested

Thursday 29th October 2015

Woke 0415hrs without any sense or feeling of had any dreams at all? Rare that. But I think I might have had some, because Little Inchy had been bleeding again overnight.

Put the kettle on, went into the bathroom and on the throne. The aroma produced in the evacuation had me worried about those tenants in the three floors of flats above! Putrid would be far too a gentle word to describe it. I wondered for a while why this new distinctly horrifying scent from within this morning?

Coughed a bit, had a rinse, sorted Little Inchy again and back in the kitchen to make me cuppa. There I realised perhaps why the lingering and seemingly getting worse aroma from the bathroom had occurred – spotted an empty Pot Noodle in the waste bin! Reckon I must have got up in the night and eaten it?

Finished yesterdays diary, made another cuppa and took me medications.

Then, just like turning on a light-switch – the innards started rumbling violently like never before. Tad worried, never known it so bad before or come on so viciously or quickly. Took some extra antacid medicine in the hope that it calms whatever is causing this down. I really will have to drop everything and seek help if gets any worse – my hands are shaking now. Good job I’ve got me wrist alarm on to press if needed, a comfort this is.

I wondered if I’d eaten anything else in the night with the pot noodle that might have caused me tummy-angst? Can’t see any other empty packets pots or tins anywhere.

Sod it, the angina started off now as well, what with Little Inchy stinging and the rumbling battle in me stomach along with the shaking hands its hard to type or concentrate. Huh!

Continued Facebooking then got missen washed cleaned and ironed. Hehe!

01topj6Set about erecting me 3 draw wheelie cabinet thingy wot I got from Ikea.

Took me time like, followed the plans diligently etc.

Took this photo when I got a phone-call from BJ to tell me he’s be here between 1030 > 1100hrs.


Still lots to do, but the old devil is progressing

Got in finished and went down to meet BJ – who nearly arrived on time – but I’m glad he didn’t, else I’d have lost the opportunities to remind everyone that he has never arrived on time yet! Hehehe!

BJ took me photo so I could show off me new trolley.


Proudly the old fool poses…

01topj4He took another but chopped the top of me head off!

So he tried again in the front room this time.

Got me grabber and old Security Working truncheon on show.

I had to use the truncheon as a hammer a I can’t find the one I thought I’d brought with me from the old house like.


BJ reminded me that the Nottingham City Homes contract mentioned some thing about not drilling holes into the wall? Oh dear… Have to check this with Steve tomorrow before we (Well he!) starts to drill the brackets into the wall to hold the book-case in place?

We had a good old natter and a cup of tea, then BJ said he’d run me into Arnold to a Carpet place he knows to try to get a carpet to fit.

So out in the rain and we were soon at the factory shop. Got a carpet that might fit, I’ll find out later.

BJ ran me back to the flats where I met some residents and the Obergruppenhureress in charge Julie. Gawd she gives me the shudders!

Gave them some nibbles, we had a little chin-wag and up to the flat.

WC’d, damned Little Inchy was dribbling blood again. I’ll ask for advice on Monday when I go to me Warfarin INR blood test.

01topj0101aDecided to have me Frikadellens with potatoes, Sweet potato nuggets with peppers & coriander Rotis, garden peas and beetroot for nosh tonight.

01topj9bWith some bread thins.

A very nice Swiss roll, lemon of course.

This will test the rumbling innards I thought?

It tasted gloriously wonderfully almost perfect. Rated this one 9.5/10!

Must get the kitchen sorted out after me making a mess in me assembling the trolley.

Tiredness dawned and I sat down to read me book for a while, then turned on the lousy TV.

That was the end of the day for me, nodded off…

Inchcock Today Wed 28 Oct 15:

Wednesday 28th October 2015


Woke after a dream filled kip at 0303hrs, fell asleep in the chair again.

Sat for a while trying to recall details of me dreams. In an office tower, empty abandoned, dusty… Searching for something, every-time I got through a door into a room or office I forgot what I was searching for, went back out of the room and the corridor was different to when I went into the rooms from it? This seemed to go on for ages?

Realised I’d missed last nights medications and pondered on whether or not to take just one Warfarin tablet with me morning ones?

In the end I made a cuppa and took me morning medications early while I thought of it, with just a half a tablet of Warfarin extra.

WC and oh dear, had ‘Little Inchy’ been bleeding! And then I realised that with Steve from Age UK helping me sort the Bookcase out yesterday, I’d forgotten to go to get some more pads from the chemist! Tut! Must get some today, really must!

I called the 111 NHS assistance number to ask for advice on any creams I could get over the chemist counter to safely treat Little Inchy. I had to go through 12 minutes of questions before I could ask them what I wanted to. A clinician is to call me back.

Sorry I phoned now.

Lady rang back. I asked her if there is anything I can use safely to stem the bleeding from me penis. No suggestions other than get in the bath and soak Little Inchy then dab him dry.

Told me to see GP.

Well that got me a long way to improving me condition.

Maybe I can see the chemist later and ask him if there is anything I can use to stem the bleeding from Little Inchy?

I’ll have a bath later when the running water will not bother me neighbours.

P1020305Did some Face-booking.

Went into the kitchen to make a cuppa and the site of the new 3 tier storage thingy in its box, waiting for me attentions to bring it to life made me feel a bit guilty.

P1020308So I started to get it out of its box and ready for assembly…

One look at all the parts and the so-called assembly manual and I decided to leave it for a bit… (Coward!)

Someone might call and take pity on me and help me get me head around the instructions. Tut, pathetic!

I think the check list of the 345 pieces scared me.

Went into the bedroom come storage come bomb-site bedroom that is… Hehe! and sorted some of the cardboard from the packaging ready to take down to the caretakers room later.

Ran me bath to give Little Inchy a good soaking, had a shave did me teggies, cut me toe nails (Not an easy or a pretty site I can tell yers), rubbed the cream on me skin cancer wound, pain gel into me knees and hands, dabbed Little Inchy painfully with the last bit of cortisoid cream, put the oil in me ear-holes and splashed after-shave on the four cuts I’d managed to give missen shaving this morning. Finally got in the bath without any Whoopsiedangleplops and had a good soak. Little Inchy somewhat painful and didn’t like me washing or creaming him.

Got missen dried and the bath and sink cleaned. Then filled up and sealed two large box’s with waste cardboard from the drawers, cabinet, and book-case and carried them down the stairs (One at a time of course, they were too large for one or two trips) left them outside Arthur Daley’s… I mean the caretakers room.

Readied myself for the walk in to Sherwood, got the measurements written down and set offP1020309.

I wont half raining still.

Saw a squirrel under the trees at the end of Chestnut Walk. Tried taking a photo but it came out rather miserably, too far away methinks.

P1020310Or I’ve lost me touch with photographicalisationing?

Crossed over the road and limped up the much used gravel footpath into Woodthorpe Grange Park and left down onto Mansfield Road.

On me way through the park I espied P1020311some… er… Wood-pigeons I think they were… or Doves of some kind. Again I tried to photograph them from too far away.

That or as I say, I’ve lost it with the camera and done to it that it doesn’t like?

Got into Sherwood and straight to the carpet shop.

They had no carpets of the size I wanted, and none in brown. Another wasted exercise then. Haha, fancy that!)

Now what happened next is a bit of mystery – an unexplained mystery:

I was on me way to the Co-op to get some bread and use me £2 off voucher and met  chap from the 6th floor of the flats and stopped to have a little natter with him. He was telling me about his collection of Owl ornaments and his solar-powered model owls he had in his window – a bus came and I got on it with him back to the flats?

Puzzled as to why I had done that, I decided that as the rain had eased off a bit, I’d nip up to the flat and make use of the WC, then walk back again to the Co-op store for me bread and bits. Tsk!

 I had unfortunately to clean up Little Inchy. By the time this was done, I remembered I was also going to go to the chemist to get something to replace the long longer any left in stock swabs.

Plodded down to the entrance doors to be greeted by pouring rain lashing away at them. Decided not to risk going out in this weather again and returned to the flat.

P1020313Got me chilli-con-carne and BBQ sausages in the saucepan, seasoned with Bisto, tomato purée and juice, vinegar and added some extra beans from the leftovers from the other day.

Followed by lemon curd Swiss roll and spray cream.

Rated this nosh 9.1/10.

Updated this, made a cuppa and did some WordPress reading.

Was soon nodding off and on in the chair.

Inchcock Today – Tue 27 Oct 15: Some sorting done – with help!

Tuesday 27th October 2015


Woke with a jump at 04150101bhrs. For some reason I was expecting my old cat Cyril to be laying on me chest purring away. Blimey, it must have been 12 years since I lost him???

Me dreams again involved me being chased around inside a dilapidated skyscraper offices and corridors?

Dark and misty with it outside this morning.

WC’d, no swabs for ‘Little  Inchy’ so made do with some bandages. Must get some more later.

Went through to the kitchen and spotted me overflowing used medication pots draw. Decided to tackle it straight away.

So I got me trays out, made up the new pots and rotated them into the draw for later use. Took me about two hours to sort them, but I didn’t drop any this time.

The kitchen was much warmer than the living room, I turned down the storage heater a bit – just hope I’ve done it right and don’t end up with no heat later?


Made a cuppa and took me medications.

P1020305Went through to the bedroom with the intention of having a look at the 3 drawer wheeled thingy I’d bought for the space where they left for a washing machine under the draining board. I couldn’t even lift the box, so I rolled it into the kitchen… bit of help needed here methinks. Tsk!

Laptop on got dairy done for yesterday and posted on WordPress. Some nice comments had come in I replied to.

Onto Facebook for an hour or two, the Steve of Age UK rang. Some money transferred to the Nottingham Building Society had not gone through. He would be here in about an hour.

Got a wash and shave and true to his word Steve arrived an hour later.

Firstly I explained that I tried to get a hold of him after he left last Friday, as I’d had a call from the bank about money going out and could not understand what the recorded message was saying so could not press any buttons in reply.

He checked his phone, and none of the eleven calls I’d made to him showed up?Odd that!

He rang the bank for me, all seemed okay, then he rang the NBS for me to pay what I owed them using me card.

It seems they have had four viewers at the house and another coming tomorrow.

I shan’t get too excited knowing my luck eh?

P1020304Steve then got stuck in to making a start of erecting me book-case bless him.

He got it out of the bedroom, making some space in it for the first time in a while – mind you he put the moved stuff into the hallway.

P1020301 P1020302With gusto he had everything out of the box’s and managed to get it started despite me not having a hammer he could use. (Well, I might have, but I couldn’t find it, I spend ages searching while spent ages working at the bookcase.

He didn’t have much time to spare and grafted away like a good un for me. Not in his list of duties either.

I crept up behind him and said “Steve, give me scowl will yer?”…

He did too!

P1020303Two hour after his arrival he’d got the base up in the corner ready for the drawers to be erected to go at the bottom, and the fixing thingamabobs to be screwed into the wall – and said he’s return to get it finished. Even said he’d bring his own electric drill! What a guy!

With Duncan and BJ’s help the three of them have saved me many a time. Thanks lads.

It wore me out just watching him.

Steve had to shoot off home to get his nosh then he had to visit another poor old bugger like wot I am, but this poor blokes in the Queens Medical Centre hospital.

I measured the size of carpet, well mat, that I needed for under the brown 1967 E-plan cabinet, and did it in new measurements 160mm by 110.

If the Asda delivery comes early I can have a walk through the park into Sherwood to see they have any that size at the carpet shop there.

Cleaned up the bit of mess we made and got the laptop on to update this tosh.

Asda arrived and then hunger overcame me and made me nosh.

P1020306Fish salad: Fish sticks, cheesey pops, beetroot, new potatoes, BBQ Herring fillets in tomato sauce, bread thins followed by Lemon cheesecake and cream.

Rated this as 8.9/10.

Back and legs starting to ache now.

Got several of those calls from the bank again.

So tired now, fell asleep and missed me medications. Tsk!

Going to pay for this tomorrow methinks…

Inchcock Today Mon 26 Oct 15:

Monday 26th October 2015

01topj1No kip last night at all.

0435hrs I put the laptop on, made a cuppa took me morning medications and finished yesterdays blog and started this one

WC, haemorrhoids leaking, Little Inchy too.

Made plans for today, no INR Warfarin blood test today, so:

Walk to the launderette – On way back call in Nottingham Hospice with their bits and ask about their lottery – Call to see how BJ is going – bus out to the clinic for me checks on Little Inchy – Bus to town to get some photographs and feed the ducks and pigeons in the Arboretum – make a start on assembling (alright, trying to assemble) the trolley I got from Ikea for the kitchen – Go to the Community shed to take previous tenants mail… I got this far, but just knew there was something important besides these jobs, but could I remember?

I checked the Google calender but nowt on it for today at all… oh dear?

Did some Facebooking, a lot of Facebooking.

Soon time for me bath and readied missen for me walk to the launderette.

Took the mail I’d had delivered at the flat for Margaret the previous tenant, to the Community Hut on me way out.

Met Deana, she’d just arrived on site. Gave her a nibble and then the letters. She asked when she saw me carrying me usual bag and the bag of washing why I was not using the machines in the flats. I explained that I was fed up of people using the driers only when the washers were in use ad having to wait an extra hour before I could use them.

01topj2I poddled on and down Winchester Street’s hill into Sherwood, then up Mansfield Road, then down into Carrington and the launderette.

Just avoiding one of the famous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists en-route.

Got in and got me washer going.

01topj3Had a good chin-wag with Mandy after taking her photo when she wasn’t expecting it. Not a good one but still.

Brother in law Pete rang to see if all was okay, nice of him. He’s going to ring back late in the week to let me know when I can visit them and or meet with him in town.

01topj4A lady came in carrying her dog and I fell in love with it straight away.

The dogs name was Randa. The lady explained it came from Miranda.

I put me washing when done in hte drier and went off to Lidl and got some bits.

Razors, 2 cobs, Frikadellens, mini tomatoes and a Pork Farms Pie. I hink the lady on the check out must be new to Lidl, because she didn’t Tut at me or get sarkie or nasty when I dropped me money on the floor and she had to pick it up, bless her. Lidl will soon knock the empathy out of her!

01topj5Back to Launderette and took me washing out of the drier. I must say me woolly cap had shrunk even more this time. I called to tell Mandy as I squashed in down on me head – and Mandy laughed out loud and took me photo as I went up to the counter!

It was nice having a laugh.

01topj6I caught the bus back into Sherwood, and walked up through Woodthorpe Grange Park back to the flat.

Not many folk about, a few with their dogs like.

It looked so beautiful with the different coloured leaves falling as the sunshine came out for a while too.

Me feet were aching for some reason, but me hands and knees were not bothered by Arthur Itis at this point!

Back in the flat I WC’s and put the camera card in the laptop to transfer them.

Then decided not to, and to go into Arnold on the bus that was due it ten minutes from the flats. I hastily got me things back on and hot off to catch it.

Only just made it in time as it was coming on site as I got to the bus-stop.

No hassle or Whoopsiedangleplops on the way.

Dropped off and had a slow walk around. When I got to the pathetic market I thought I’d take a photo of it for yers… as soon as the camera told me there was no memory card in it… (Quick as a flash I knew I’d left it in the laptop, I’m quick yer know Hehehe!) I decided not to take a photo of the pathetic market after all.

I called in Fulton food store and only got the last two polish chicken portions they had left, because they were selling them at 40p instead of the usual £1.35, and they were in date too!

I had some time before the bus was due back so called in Asda to get some of their 50p BBQ noodles before they returned to full price of £1.09.

I found they were offering Walkers Pops at £1, so got some, Bread thins at 89p so I got some… and do yer know, a packet of fresh cream French Horns dropped themselves into me basket! Amazing!

I wandered off to the bus stop. And caught the 11 minutes past L9 that arrived at 19 minutes past – I nearly gave up and walked off to catch a bus into town then one out again back to the flats.

When I got in I WC’d, put the kettle on and then as I put me fodder away realised I’d not got the BBQ noodles from Asda that I’d gone there to buy in the first place! Tsk!

I put the laptop on… the laptop that had been looking after me camera card for me – Hehe.

Many emails awaited answering.

Getting dark early now.

IMG_0081Got me nosh ready.

Two cobs, polish glazed chicken, beetroots, pork pie, and the Lidl Mini plum tomatoes…

Possibly… no, I can say with certainty…

The most bitter, foul tasting tomatoes I’ve ever tried in me 4o years on the earth WPlie. Oh, all right, 70 years on this earth!

P1020300They were very juicy though, fair enough acidly sour juice.

I would recommend that any readers who have any taste-buds still working give these a wide berth.

Made a cuppa, took me medications and sat to read down around 1800hrs.

Woke up around 2300hrs.

Made another cuppa and turned the TV on after looking at the magazine to find that ‘Mash’ was on.

Fell asleep within minutes… Woke up several times with Little Inchy bother and ended up using all me swabs! Must get some more tomorrow without fail! Tsk!

Inchcock Today: Sun 25 Oct 15 – Incorporating me latest Graphicationalisationing efforts!

Sunday 24th October 2015

HWin1Up at 0345hrs. In the chair again, feeling tired still, but had to get up to attend the porcelain. Vague memories of my dreams, something involving tunnels and chasing or being chased again?

The ulcer was starting to play up as soon as I moved, hoping it doesn’t get HWin2worse, of all my ailments the worst are the reflux valve (I reckon this one will do for me in the end), the hernia and the duodenal ulcer.

Titivated the kitchen, made a cuppa and got the laptop on. When I signed in the screen went a horrible dark grey for several minutes – then an update Hwin3message came and I clicked to start the updates. Another message: The usual wait while windows installs updates, this may take a few minutes do not turn off  etc, half an hour later the Installing window disappeared. The ‘working light’ has been on ever since? Waited another half hour and started Google? Oh dear!

HWin4Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Then amazingly, I did not want the WC?

Checked me emails and went on Facebook.

Hwin5Sandra from the TFZ site suggested some graphicalisations of the gals on there relating to Halloween might be a nice idea.

So I set to creating some to post on Facebook – it is now six hours later, and I’ve managed to finish them…

I’ll post a few of them down the right Hwin6hand side of this page.

I used one photo for the background for each gal, then made the graphics of each gal in a Halloween outfit, then added some text I thought might be funny and appreciated.

I couldn’t put them al here, but I Hwin7enjoyed doing them mind.

Don’t know if they will all find them acceptable, but I avoided putting owt on the that I thought might me naughty.

I haven’t posted them on Facebook yet but will do soon,

Hwin7bI’ll not tag them, just post them to the TFZ site.

Had some lovely comments on Facebook.

Had a thought about what to have for me nosh..

Hwin7cHad a jolly good bath without any Whoopsiedangleplops, a nice soak. clean-up Little Inchy, medicated and creamed me haemorrhoids.

Cuppa and took me evening medications.

Started preparing it.

P1020298Sweet potato balls with coriander, Frikadellens, beetroot, peppers, BBQ turkey bits and the last of me chilli from the pan, along with a banana, two little whirls and orange yoghurt with single low fat cream from the can.

When it came to trying to get me head down it was total failure.

I got the laundry ready for the morning.

Then spent the night though to 0430hrs listening to the radio and reading me book on and off.

No kip at all.

I can’t see why this should be, it’s been one of me idlest days since I’ve been in the flat? Tsk!

Inchcock Today Sat 24 Oct 15: Out in the rain again, then Whoopsiedangleplops!

Saturday 24th October 2015


Up at 0325hrs. In the chair again, feeling horrible, guilty and amazingly not wanting the WC?

This changed as soon as I moved me knees to see if they would allow me to stand up yet, and started the hernia off.

Little Inchy in a state again. I could not remember having any dreams at all, but I think I must have by the state of poor Little Inchy.


The rain has stopped now…


Cuppa and cornflakes this morning

The rain has stopped as the daylight forced its way through.

Cuppa and updated yesterdays not so good a day diary. Feeling rough, I did some Facebooking.

Time for me medications by the time I’d got it done and posted.

Had a good wash and brush up, too early to have a bath, the noise would disturb me neighbours.

Got myself ready for a walk to the Community Shed then through the Woodthorpe Grange Park into Sherwood and walk on to Carrington to get me monthly medications.

Wrapped up well, it looked like more rain to come.

I went down in the lift and there were about ten residents in the foyer, waiting for the bus to arrive – I suppose there would be more today, being a Saturday and there only being four buses all day to choose from. Had a natter and went out to walk to the shed.

The plans changed a bit here – I’d nearly reached the shed when I realised no one was on duty at the weekends. And I passed the memory test at the doctors???

01topj5 01topj6So I left by the other end of the complex and walked down Winchester Street onto Mansfield Road. Called at BJ’s house but he was out.

So back onto Mansfield Road up the hill, over and down into Carrington and got me prescription bag of goodies for the month.

Then in the paper shop to get me TV paper.

To Lidl, and got some cobs, Frikadellens and fish sticks.

01topj7Out into the now rather heavier rain to the bus stop.

Caught a bus back into Sherwood.

The bus was filled up but I managed to get on one of those drop down seats near the front.


I went Arse-over-end when I came to getting up to get off in Sherwood…

I got missen tangled up with one of the bags and as I went down the medication packs fell out all over the place, luckily the bottles and tubes didn’t break. Like a shot, most the caring Nottingham public transport users remained seated but looked sympathetically at me, one young lad did help get me stuff back in the bags and watched me safely off the bus. Tsk, felt such a fool again!

01topj8I stood under the bus shelter for a while as the rain turned into torrential downpour mode, to adjust and sort missen out. I’m afraid that Little Inchy got squashed in me fall and rise to and from the bus floor – he was bleeding again now!

Ah-well… over the road and into the 01topj9bNottingham Hospice Charity shop, gave em me bits, bought a Brian Clough book titled ‘Cloughie 150 BC – The inside stories’ for a quid.

Then up to the Co-op store and bought another tin of the Vegetable-Chilli-con-carnie. Bit of luck here, they were reducing some frozen foods to clear, so I got three small packets of sweet potato lumps/balls at 50p a pack! Also got pack of out of date fish-sticks at 49p for ten sticks to have with me tinned kippers later in the week.

Whoopsie2 When I got to the check-out the lady pointed out that I was bleeding from me ear-hole. Tsk and huh! She insisted on fetching a first aider, I put a tissue to me ear and there was only a drop of blood, must have caught it on me first Whoopsiedangleplop on the bus – any-road, I bent down to me bag to get some more paper towel and clouted me head on the edge of the counter!

Much to the annoyance of those in the queue, the first-aider arrived and had a look at me. Then other concerned staff arrived? Then the manager who wanted to fill in an accident book – I told him that the accident if there was one indeed, happened earlier on the bus – everyone lost interest and the lady asked me for £5.99, tutted and gave me the change along with a voucher, this time for £1.50 off if I spend over £15 before the 30th of the month.

I was a bit confused with all the happenings, so stood a while to gather me senses (And lets face it, me and sense are getting further apart lately... Hehehe!

01topj9cMoved on out and up over and down the hill then up through Woodthorpe Grange Park, the rain easing nicely.

At the top of the path a chap with his dog passed and the tail-wagging thing came to me for a bit of fuss, and he got it too!

Down the crumbling footpath to the flats and got in the flat just in time to the WC. Had to clean-up painful ‘Little Inchy’. (Humph – getting fed up with this now – Grrr!)

01topj4Th ear-hole looked okay, just a tiny scratch.

Nice little lump on me head from the Co-op Whoopsiedangleplop though.

Sorted out me new medications, then rotated them with the few left over from last month in the drawer.

Put the food away, and having some Chilli in the pan from last night, I added some red-beans in tomato juice to it along with some cubed potatoes to have later.

Laptop back on, because I didn’t feel up to starting to sort out or cleaning up as I had originally planned to get done.

A couple of dizzies came in quick succession, so I got the wrist alarm on me wrist, just in case, cause I felt… er ‘A bit odd’. No jokes please! Hehe!


What a tasty nosh! Rated this 9.4/10

Facebooked a bit.

Had me nosh chilli, potatoes with two Frikkadelen and four cobs, followed by can cream on Lemon cheesecake.

Rated 9.4/10 for this one, tasty!

Then I washed the pots and got me head down due to the sudden on-start of fatigue once more.

It seems like my days are getting shorter as I flake out earlier each day it seems?

Hey-ho, take care all.

Inchcock Today Fri Oct : BJ takes me to Ikea in search of a book case

Friday 23rd October 2015

Up at 0525hrs. Once more distorted in the chair, having failed to get me down on me quilt again before nodding off. Reckon I had a good five hours actual kip, good that, and no waking up to use the porcelain – so straight to the porcelain!

While sat there worrying about the amount of blood coming out, I recalled something of a dream I’d had about me jumping from cloud to cloud in the sky being chased.

So, the blood from Little Inchy and my rear end as has been normal recently, was cleaned up, although a lot more this morning from the rump end. Had a wash.

Kettle on and took me medications.

Remembered BJ is calling today and is going to give me a lift to Ikea bless him.

Finished yesterdays diary off then started this one.

Facebooked to catch up in case I get busy later in the event that I get a bookcase from Ikea to assemble.

Reflux valve playing up now, first time or days though.

I did a search for Nottingham Building Society advert for the old house cause I was sure by now they would have got it on the market ready for offers etc after I’d begged the to get a move on and told their representative how urgent the need was considering me dwindling finances.

01topj3Found it eventually, and clicked on the View Property Details button:

Nothing, it said ‘Coming Soon – Call branch for details.

Nice to know the Nottingham Building Society is rushing to help me out. <%”666!£$£$!

As Steve from Age UK recommended them I shouldn’t not be surprised.


He suggested I use Painter Paul to do me flat when I moved in – that is Painter Paul who got more paint on the wooden door edges than the walls, I’m still finding splashed of paint now after two months!

He then suggested I use United Carpets.

United CHuh! The worst possible choice – Cowboys, crap!

Made me pay up front, told me as all the boards outside the shop did that Free Fitting on all Carpets did, then told me I’d need an extra £100 in cash to pay the fitter on the day!

DSCF0256Who came late without the carpet, tore off me electric socket from the wall, left me with two doors that would not close cause of the carpet too high and left me a load of rubbish to sort out, bless the conning antisocial criminals and superior scrotes!

Steve also suggested I get me TV from John Lewis.

So foolishly I took his advice again. After the men came to fit it up – The TV reception was crap, they told me I’d need to get a signal booster, the remote control was different to the one in the manual and i still haven’t worked it all out yet and keep getting into different modes when I fall asleep and don’t know how which button I’d hit to get into the different mode… most unsatisfactory!

St02So naturally when Steve from Age UK said to use the NBS, I did.

So, if there are any 70 year old single blokes out there with arthritis, reflux valve sticking, hernia, skin cancer, duodenal ulcers, angina, heart valve replacement, haemorrhoids, dizzy spells, high BP, high cholesterol, depression, deaf, bald, overweight, 5’3″ tall, suffering with excessive involuntary wind, on 22 medications a day, lack of confidence and with no one to help you get through – Steve of Age UK is yer man!

Mind you, trying to get in touch with him is dodgy when yer deaf. He’ll appreciate this and understand and give you n incorrect email address so you can get in touch with him, as he had a phobia of his own in answering phone calls… I know this, I’ve tried 11 times in two days and no answer.

He’ll tell you your house will sell quickly once it’s on the market. And now, after 5 months it is still not on the market properly, but maybe next month it will be?He cunningly gives you other problems to worry about, Dodgy crap carpet fitters, TV’s that don’t work, Painters that use one tin of emulsion to paint three rooms and still splash a third of it on wooden doors,, sinks, cupboards, WC, bath etc…

Bitter? Frustrated? Me?

LyzKandRFacebooked me latest updated graphic for the TFZ team.

Washed and ready for BJ to arrive at 1030hrs in plenty of time, and I was waiting down in the lobby by 1015hrs.

Crosswording as I waited… 1030hrs arrived and left… 1100hrs came and IMG_0042went, I decided to have a walk to the end of Chestnut Walk to meet BJ when he arrived.

I waited on the corner looking down at the laundry building.

I utilised me me little camera to take some shots of the greenery flowers etc.

IMG_0047 IMG_0046

I was surprised at the blackberries in clumps with so many different levels of growth. Some overripe, some green, some ripening.

Tried to take a decent shot of some flowers a bit further up the road. Not to bad a shot, I only had me little camera with me.

Still, looking at these photographs now, I found there was something of beauty in them? I spotted the leaves were new strong and gleaming, while so many others were dying or dead. Something I’ve never properly seen in the past, just walked by?

The mobile rang for just a second or so, it was BJ – so I rang him back. He was running late (I expect nothing else from good old BJ, he’s never been on time for any meetings since I’ve known the lad). He told me he’d be here at 1140hrs. So, being about 1115hrs, I poddled back along Chestnut Way to wait in the reception area in the flats, as it was getting a bit nippy stood about outside.

On the walk back, I spotted though the bushes on the roadside, looking down the really steep hill, there was what was originally some steps cut out in the IMG_0043ground and a parting in the trees/bushes.

I took this photo of the leaf covered steps and the danger of using them – but the picture doesn’t show them very well.

Hey-ho, so I’m never not going to be a David Bailey then! Hehe!

More crosswording at the flats and soon it was 1200hrs gone – so I walked back to the corner to meet with BJ when he arrived.

About 1225hrs he arrived, and I could see the lad was uptight about something ad not on good form.

We went into Sherwood and he collected some prescriptions from Boots, after getting a bit angry at not finding a parking spot. Then we walked up the hill and he got some nibbles from the cake shop.

I was concerned that BJ was not too well, he took some of his medications when we left the chemists.

We were off to Ikea, being unable to find a space to park in BJ got more uptight than he was earlier bless him.

We plodded through the store and I got a Book-case, a three shelf metal storage unit that I hope will fit in me kitchen in the space they left for a washer.

We were there for a long time. I felt a bit guilty as BJ was not happy.

When we got to the place where you pick-up your choices BJ was irate with things. I thought his anger was due to him missing his medications and felt guilty again bothering him. He was so drained and stressed and i cold do nothing to help him. It was made worse when we found we had to go to another department after paying for everything.

He bought a wind-up torch for a relative and I insisted I pay for it in thanks for his efforts to help me out.

Then as we reloaded the stuff – three really heavy box’s, a cushion and cover onto the trolley at the checkout, I pulled me hernia into painful action and am now suffering badly with it – then I was in a bad mood too! Tsk!

IMG_0048We went and joined the queue to get the Book-case box’s – took ages and my guilt increased.

It was worrying to see the queue at the Complaints and Returns desk, of about 12 unhappy looking people!

When it finally arrived (the bookcase) in more two box’s, we left to the loading IMG_0049area and poor old BJ had to walk a long way to fetch the car. All the time cars were circling around looking for a space. A nightmare!

Very painfully we loaded BJ’s car with my stuff.

As I waited I spotted a sign opposite the loading area. “Getting your shopping home couldn’t be easier!” Humph!

BJ called at a relatives house on the way back, then he dropped me and the heavy awkward box’s off at the flats. And damn me, the key-swipe entry doors were not working! This really got to BJ and he was almost angry. I understood and said nothing to get him going worse.

There he was, trying to help a mate out, not feeling good himself, medications needed, shopping for others en route, car parking, queuing at Ikea, everything seemed to be going against him today – I felt terrible about it all. And now, even the mechanical things were against us!

Painfully, very painfully we got the stuff up and into the flat bedroom. BJ said he was sorry for things and his attitude today, but he could’t get to help me assemble the stuff we’d bought for a week or so. I (Feeling guilty still) said not to worry, and thanked him for helping me again.

I decided in the morning to call at this house and see how he was feeling.

Off he went well drained bless his cotton socks.

I managed to put the over on the cushion before fatigued I threw a tin of chilli and one of beans into a pan for me nosh. Put some lemon curd yoghurt and soured cream in the dish and visited the porcelain, where I fell asleep. Oh dear!

IMG_0050I woke up ten minutes or so later, so very glad I’d put the hob on minimum, and it wasn’t burnt.

So tired now.

My plan was to get the laptop on and update this diary.

In reality I fell asleep in the chair with me plate of empty dishes on the tray (Oh, the new tray I forgot, I got this from Ikea as well, thanks to BJ) at the side of the seat.

Felt horrible when I woke up.

Inchcock Today: Thu 22 Oct 15: tiny-bit of sorting done – BJ visits

Thursday 22nd October 2015


Up at 0455hrs.

Found notes of dreams I must have wrote sometime during the night, the usual scribble, most indecipherable.

Painfully forced Arthur Itis to let me go with me knees to get to the porcelain – oh dear, ‘Little Inchy’ in a right state again.

Dream from notes more than memory, though some bits did manage to trigger the old brain-box into action:

1: I was lying in the floor in an old fashion counter service store fighting with a mouse? Fell through floorboards giant mouse, talked to it, it wanted a cup of tea, I ordered a bucket of tea on me old style phone from Asda – Brooke Bond chimps arrived delivering it?

2: I was in a track race in a stadium, world press, TV, thousands cheering – ten runners all with flags on the shirts, the crowd seemed to consist of plastic dolls? – some of the racers had zimmer frames, some had disability scooters others disabled chairs, I had me walking stick. I came last and watched as George Osborne awarded the  winners a medal, he was surrounded by body guards and police with clear plastic shields held up all around him.

No other scenarios recalled, but a few decipherable words were on me list. Canal, Lost coffin, pregnant mouse and chasing bus?

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

01topj3Must remember to be in twixt 1200 > 1400hrs for me Asda delivery. I’ve ordered a load of those Sticky Rib pot noodle thingies while they are still on offer at half-price, 50p a pot – for some reason I like that flavour but none of the others? They come with a tiny sachet of Peking sauce, but I don’t use that, I put some tomato purée and BBQ sauce in it.

There is a Brazilian BBQ steak flavour one I tried – ‘Phwoar! red hot!’ Too hot for me to handle.

Got the laptop on and done yesterdays diary and posted it, then started this one.

SpikwHenryjWhile setting up I found the graphic I did for Janet of the TFZ site.

David’s lovely dog Spike, who everyone loves although we’ve never seen him him and I added Janet’s kitten pussy.

Spikes mournful eyes get everyone to be a fan of him.

Went into the bedroom to see if the clothes rack was still on one piece from yesterdays Whoopsiedangleplop.

DSCN0040I opened one of the box’s I’d gotten from Wilko and took out this box in the photo on the left here.

I thought when I ordered it, that it would be perfect for storing my er…

I can’t remember now! So I’ve left it out in the kitchen so each time I go in to get me medications, cook or make a cuppa it might come back to me when I see it laying there forlornly awaiting to be used?

LyzK2Did a bit of Facebooking then Worpressing.

Managed a nice graphic one for the TFZ site.

Facebooking for hours again, no guilt this time, just enjoyment!

I rang Steve from Age UK again, no answer.

IMG_0134Then rang BJ to see how he was going.

He called for a chinwag 15 minutes later bless him.

A good natter and cup of tea ensued and we went on the Ikea site to try and find if they had any brown book cases, but they only had light beige black or white. But we did find one that looked like being the type I fancied with drawers at the bottom in black.

BJ took the measurements and it seemed to be suitable for the corner spot I had planned for it.

He then measured the space for a washer in the kitchen, and then said he would pick me up tomorrow and take me to Ikea for a look around. We can use these measurement to find out if we can get some drawers to fit that are deep enough to take me tall cleaning bottles.

Cheered me up he did. Must get something for his birthday next month – or slip him some cash.

Had a look on the Ikea site again after he’d gone.

Asda delivery came. Put the stuff away, and set to betting me nosh ready.

DSCN0046Curried baked beans, tasty BBQ sausages, bread, mild peppers, and followed by Lemon Curd cheesecake and soured cream, oh and I unzipped a banana.

Washed up and had a look at the TV paper to see if owt interesting was on tonight.

Fell asleep before I got the TV on.

Inchcock Today Wed 21 Oct 15: Laundry – heavy rain so no walk in the park

Wednesday 21st October 2015


Up at 0520hrs, TV blazing away again, headphones on me lap in the chair I’d nodded off in yet again.

Thoughts of me dreams I’d had were not very clear or many. Not much idea what I’d dreamt of at all. but I wish I knew, cause little Inchy was in a right state. The dried congealed blood and pain told me I’d been dreaming of something erotic perhaps?


Spent hours catching up on Facebook and WordPress from the time I had been made Internetless by Virgin Media, who are crap… did I mention this earlier?

Got me things ready for the Laundry room and had a wash of sorts.

Took some nibbles down with me for any tenants I might meet, me camera and pen and crossword book.

Got down in the room and realised I’d forgot to take me coins down with me for the machines. Huh!

Back up to collect some and down again.

DSCN0042One or two tenants were amassing in the reception area and I gave em a nibble and had a chin-wag with some after I’d got the washers going.

There is one old dear who often goes to catch the first bus, thin drawn, stern looking, who doesn’t get involved with the chin-wags with the others and tends to get ignored a bit, she was there this morning. I always go out of me way to try and cheer her up. She never seems to start any discussions, or reply to anything said to her with more than a single word like, Yes, No, Mmm or a shake or nod of the head. I have given myself a mission to make her smile. My EQ tells me she is unhappy and I want to bring a little cheer to her. My next stage next time I see her is to ask her some questions to try and  get her opening up a tad, you know, questions like “Where were you brought up?”, “What do you think of…” type of open questions that seek a mutli-worded reply. She needs to know that someone cares I’m sure of this, bless her. At least this morning she took a nibble from me bag of goodies at the second prompting.

They went off to catch the bus and I got me crossword book out.

Found myself singing away to missen again this morning.

Eventually the machine was done, and I had to wait a while for a naughty resident who was drying only came down earlier and started the one free drier Tsk!

Moved the togs into the drier and got it going, thought I might have a walk into Sherwood while waiting, but the heavy rain put me off like.

Back to the crossword book.

Arthur Itis let me know his displeasure at yesterdays marathon walk as I limped back up to the flat with me fresh smelling clothes.

Whoopsie When I put the togs away, I hung the dressing gown on me proudly ‘Self Erected’ Ikea clothes rack – as I turned to struggle back out through all the mass of stuff that still needs sorting – the clothes rack collapsed. Oh dear I thought.

Tried again to get some of the paint off the door edges that Paul the Painter had left for me. No good!

Got me potatoes in the oven and prepared me nosh. I remembered to add me battered fish-cakes to the tray an hour later in an attempt to get them both cooked right at the same time.

Then I jumped in the bath… (Jumped? Me? What a misused word). I took me night attire from the airing cupboard with me into the bathroom, ran the bath while I had a shave teggies etc – then struggled dangerously, nervously and bravely into the bath.

Getting out was more taxing but I managed it… although again painfully.

‘Little Inchy’ had very little bleeding I was glad to find.

Wiped around and the nosh was ready for serving.

DSCN0043Oiled Roast potatoes, bread thins, sliced peppers, baked beans, battered fish-cake, cheesed cob followed by an ice-cream cheesecake with extra cream from me aerosol thingy… oh, and of course me can of Roasted Kippers in vegetables.

The potatoes and kippers were nice, all the other ingredients disappointed a bit. So only a 6.5/10 rating.

So weary again now, although I hadn’t done much today, yesterdays marathon hobble had got to me I think.

Fell asleep.

Woke up, cleaned the pots and kitchen, returned to see if owt was on the goggle-box worth watching… fell asleep… each time I woke either the knees or the reflux valve was giving me some gip.