Wed 30 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Hey-ho!

Wednesday 30th September 2015


Misty Morning

Woke around 0500hrs – Dreamt of abandoned offices building again, with me either chasing or running away some peoples?

Urgent trip to the porcelain – I’d left some hand cloths soaking in the sink so went into the kitchen to wash me hands. Saw the medication pots I’d washed to use later were still on the draining board and needed wiping and the lids putting back on and placing in the drawer. So I got them all sorted with lids that fitted and put them in the bowl to carry them to the drawer for storing – Early Whoopsiedangleplop here… dropped the bowl! So had to cleaned them all again! Huh!

Made a good strong cuppa and took me medications.

Laptop on and did what I didn’t do last night cause I fell asleep early. Got yesterdays diary finished and posted.

Stated this diary then did some Facebooking while I had the chance.

Hurriedly got missen scrubbed up and to the bus stop outside the flats. Bit of a chin-wag with the other residents.

I managed to catch the wrong bus Huh! It was the L9 I caught, but it was the one going away from town not to town. Laugh… well no I didn’t actually. Dropped off in Sherwood and caught a bus into town.

01topj2As I walked along towards the bus-stop to go to Jane & Pete’s – I was reminded of the Alfred Hitchcock film, ‘The Birds’.

Harmless ones though – the pigeons are likely to crap on you from a great height, but I don’t think they would peck one to death?

Got the bus to Jane’s mansion and was greeted with a nice cuppa and a smile. (A bit of a rare and worrying event that!)

I set about trying to get Pete’s Spy Camera software to load. After around three hours I got it loaded – then we spent another hour trying to set the date on it – without any success.

I was really up-tight about me failure when Steve of Age UK rang but I couldn’t get me phone in time, so rang him back. He’d spoke with two people and got quotes from them, both high, £800 and £850 pound for the house clearance… Oh dear. He said he trusted the £850 man more than the £800 bid. So I agreed and told Jane and Pete I’d have to go, so I could get to the bank and get the money ready in case they could get to do it quicker than next week as will be planned

Said me cheerios and set off and caught a bus into town.


Exchange Walk, Nottingham City centre

To the bank, then worked out I had some time to spare before the last L9 bus left, so had a walk around, starting in the slab-square, then up King Street.

Walked up to Trinity Square where I found some ‘Bling to photograph for the TFZers site.

01topj4Can you believe the prices of these glasses in a shop window in Trinity Square?

I put the prices in Canadian, Australian and Canadian dollars so the TFZers can understand exactly what the English pounds in costs/prices actually represent in their money.

01topj5Got to the bus stop in plenty of time, passing the Cafe Row of shops on the way.

You can see how busy they were not can’t you?

Just as well I got there early because the bus pulled out three minutes early. Tsk!

I managed to fight falling asleep until just before the flats – and missed my stop, but got off at the next one and walked back. Wot a plonka!

Got in WC’d and made me salad ready for later and washed the pots.

Laptop on and made sure I added the  time of Fridays ‘Memory Test’ at the doctors, 1200hrs to me Google calendar that the surgery had given me in rely to me email bless em.

Updated this diary, then did some Facebooking with drooping eyelids. Hehe!

Went to make another cuppa to take me medications and found I’d left the hot tap water running! Getting depressed with missen now!

No bath tonight then, the water heater was not working?

01topj7Got me nosh.

Rated it 8.4/10, nice salad. Mushrooms, oiled and sliced some red peppers, Krakowska pork sliced up, garden peas, wonderful beetroot, boiled eggs, pork and pickle mini pies, tomatoes, last of the veggie bacon (No more to be had now, a one-off from MarieH agedFulton foods) some bread thins, spread with Bertolli Olive Oil spread and butter.

Checked me emails again – did a graphic of TFZ’s Marie. with Marie and a photo in the background I took today at the jewellery shop. I’ll post it later on the site.

Did some WordPressing reading and voting.

I decided to get just one bag sorted tonight… however I foolishly decided to have a cuppa first… and nodded of in the chair…


Inchcock Today: Tue 29 Sept 15:

Tuesday 29th September 2015

Woke around 0400hrs – No dream memories, but plenty of pains Tsk! The new swelling on me arm was taking the lead pain-wise possibly because it’s a new one, although the swelling had gone down a lot, the tenderness was the same. The reflux valve had gone down nicely at last. Arthur Itis was calm, Anne Gyna was giving out warning signs of what she intended for me later in the day though.

01topj2And the old scars on me chest and tummy from the heart operation had gone a fluffy white colour for some reason? The skin cancer wound was itching like crazy?

Possible perhaps that the scars and cancer wound problems were due to me using a different bath soak?

Still, other than these worries I was in decent spirits this morning, despite me busy day ahead!

I must try to avoid any more Whoopsiedangleplops today.

Put the kettle on and off to the porcelain – to find ‘Little Inchy’ had been bleeding again, but the hammorhoids had for once not been doing so.

Started the laptop and took me medications. Must find time to do up some more medication pots soon. Today is going to be a busy one again, more-so in fact. Got Morrisons coming early, on time I hope or I’ll not be able to get to the Doctors in time for me appointment, then to the chemist, then into town to the audio clinic for some batteries (Thankfully they do not charge us pensioners for em you know), try to get to a pound shop for some woolly hats, then to Loxley House to return me election papers and after all that, to the GUM clinic to get me cream for ‘Little Inchy’ – that’s if I haven’t forgotten owt like?

Still, the hernia and ulcer aren’t giving me any gip at the moment.

I realise how lucky I was to find me missing hearing aid yesterday and pondered if I’d ever find me missing camera memory card or the missing saucepan lid?

So busy with much to get done.

The right arm was hurting now without my using it – even when I just moved it, hurts when I straighten the arm too, it tingled a bit all the time? I don’t like this at all.

Started a graphic for a post while I had the time.

Got missen cleaned and polished for the days efforts to come.

Morrisons delivery arrived I quickly put away the fridge and freezer products.

Bag, nibbles, bus-pass, camera, hearing aids etc in bag and pockets and off on me walk to the GP surgery.

P1020133Thirty minutes later I arrived at the surgery.

booked in and crossword book out while I waited me turn.

Called in and met with Dr Vindla (Who as wearing a very short skirt and Little inch needed controlling) and told her about me blown-up legs and asked about whether I could go back on thee Furosemide tablets. She explained that as I was on so many medications she didn’t want to risk affecting the balance of effect of the others and said to see how it went – ‘Put my feet up whenever I could at night and keep up with the walking’.

Then she had a look at the pain in my right arm – I said I can see no bruising in the mirror and explained the pain. Turns out it was massive bruising and she asked me however this occurred. I had no idea?

I did feel a fool!

She suggested I take a memory test and told me to book one with the receptionist on the way out. which I did for Friday, but forgot to write down the time, later I sent an email asking for the time. 

P1020134Gave them their nibbles and set off on the bus into town.

The first sight when I got off of the bus was a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist who rode over the lights and along the pavement weaving between pedestrians. The Swine!

P1020136I noticed that at the entrance to Clinton Street, the traffic lights had been hit again.

Not that it stopped the famous Nottingham pedestrians from still crossing against the lights at all!

Walked through into the slab square and up to the audio clinic where I nearly grew hair again waiting to get some hearing-aid batteries. This is one of the more morose NHS places I have to visit, possibly because the patients being deaf there are no conversations going on?

P1020138The lady who spoke to me was almost impossible to lip read – no idea what she was saying but she looked rather stern faced? Frit me a bit!

Back down into the centre, feeding some pigeons en-route. I love the pigeon on the right with its legs apart and looking up.

P1020140Through the slab square. Not many folk about today in the centre.

Across and up through near Clinton Street again and I espied a new to me market stall laid out with three obviously Eastern European gentle men with stubble on their faces that spouted a threatening look at anyone P1020139who went near their many tables laid outside on the walkway. At least they were trying to make an honest living I thought.

They had many boxes of shoes and leather goods stacked up against the wall and their priced were really low.

The ladies boots in the photograph I took were all either £10 or £20.

Called in the pound shop and got a tin of stewed steak for a change.

I caught the bus to the GUM clinic as the day melted away – gawd it was going quickly.

Brother-n-law Pete rang me, he was having bother sorting getting his spy-watch sorted on the laptop I gave him. I told him I’d come to his mansion in the morning in an effort to help out.

Got me cream and on the bus back into Sherwood.

Then a Whoopsiedangleplop of sorts!

I fell sleep on the bus and missed me stop, in fact I woke up as the bus was arriving in the city centre!

Caught a bus back to near the flats and hobbled home – ‘Home’ – a nice word that nowadays.

Got in, WC’d, creamed little Inchy. Then put away the other stuff I’d had delivered earlier from Morrisons.

Sorted out me medication pots and took the nights doses.

Head Tue

P1020142Got me nosh on. Mixed some black bean sauce in with the stewed steak, made some mash and had it with some garden peas. Followed by a lemon mousse with Cornish clotted cream, delicious!

Rated this 8.2/10.

Decided to wash the dishes up after eating it and managed to drop me big dish when cleaning it – what a mess!

Sat down and put me legs up on the Ottoman… and that was that! Nodded off into oblivion.

Inchcock Today – Mon 28 Sept 15: Hectic!

Monday 28th September 2015

Woke around 0500hrs and lay a moment or two thinking of what I have to do today: Take rubbish to chute, bath shave, get the 0930 L9 bus into town – remember to take the laptop to give to Pete when I meet him in town, bus back to Carrington to the GP for me INR Warfarin blood level test and flu jab and ask for a prescription for some water tablets, back to town and then to the audio clinic to report me lost hearing-aid, then on the bus to the City Hospital GUM clinic… worra day in prospect I thought!

Then, having plenty of time I drifted off back to kip – a rarity that for me.

01topj1To the WC and somehow the memories of the dreams I’d had returned a bit, wrote them down to record here later… I was at a highland sports meeting – wanted to toss the caber but couldn’t lift – I seemed very upset that they would not let me throw me walking stick instead?… then recalled bits of me on a ferry trying to get to see my cyber-friend Lynton Cox in France – everything stopped me, I had no passport and insisted they let me into the country using me free pensioners bus-pass, they deported me back to the UK to Swansea? I was happy there and stayed joining the Torchwood team? They sacked me the next day when I passed wind and it killed an alien prisoner as I was feeding it a dog bone.

Done me porcelain duties then, emptying some bits from the rubbish bin to put in the bag to go to the chute and…

I Found Me Hearing Aid – Yipidee Super!

I felt sure I’d looked in there when I found I’d lost it yesterday? Over the moon now!

Cuppa medications taken, laptop on and started this diary off.

01topj3Got a wash and shave, changed and off with me bus-pass, bag, camera and list of jobs to do, to the bus stop outside the flats and listen to the chin-wags while waiting the arrival, of the L9 bus into town.

Nice morning.

I noticed close to a sign telling us that Nottingham was now Officially the 01topj4cleanest City in Britain – laid this pile of rubbish – just thought I’d mention it like.

Then I met Pete at his bus stop. Handed him his laptop drive and mouse. Wished him well with it and off he went to buy some nuts for his squirrels then back to his mansion to sort out his spy-camera wot I bought him early for Christmas like.

I poddled to the bus stop to catch a bus back into Carrington for me GP nurses appointment.

Asked for a prescription for Furozamide water tablets cause of me swelling legs.

Sat down and  got me crossword book out to tackle going through the ones I was stuck on to get as many answers as I could. I got one answer from the 80 or so that needed doing. Tsk!

The nurse called me in and gave me the flu jab and took me blood for Warfarin level testing. Then she booked me in for tomorrow morning 1010hrs to see Dr Vindla about me swelling legs. Then booked me in for a week on Tuesday 6th October for me net blood tests. She was not happy with me reflux valve sticking out like it was as she noticed and made a memo for the Dr on the computer.

 I caught the bus to the City Hospital GUM clinic to collect me new ‘Natural based bio-polymer, topical calcium alginate cream’ (No I don’t know what it means either – Hehe) for ‘Little Inchy’ as instructed – it was all locked up? I supposed I’d got the day wrong again, I’ll check when I get back to the flat, if I remember?

Back on yet another bus into Sherwood. Damnably good job I’ve got me Pensioners free bus-pass innit!

01topj6Decided that as I’d done so well with me walking I’d walk back to the flat up through Woodthorpe Park, and down to the the flats.

I Noticed near the broken gate, they had put up another new poster informing us this ‘Our Green Flag Award Winning Park’!

It’s hard to see on this photo wot I took, but the Harris fencing that had been erected twixt the footpath and the dangerously crumbling wall had been vandalised and flattened. The used contraceptives on the floor near the first sitting bench on the left could hardly be seen due to the half-eaten and thrown away take-away remnants.

01topj7When I got to the top and turned right down towards the flats near the little croft, I used me full zoom to take this photo of a wood-pigeon.

Down the broken gravel-path and to the reception entrance. Where I met Deana Walker the camp kommandant and gave her some nibbles. Nice woman.

01topj8The little squirrel I named Cyril greeted me when I got there and he even nipped up on a parking bollard so I could get a reasonable photograph of him from a distance.

I wondered, does he know his coat blends in with concrete post?

Got in the flat and made for the WC.

Took the camera mobile and GP card from me coat.

I could almost feel me legs swelling physically – but they gave off no more pain than usual. The reflux valve and me feet were worse at this time.

01topj2Laptop on and updated this rubbish.

Added appointments to me Google calendar.

Another rather busy day tomorrow it seems.


Got me nosh on, fish-cakes, fish portions in batter, some chips and a couple of parsnips slices with garden peas in the oven.

While they were a-cooking I finished sorting the paperwork I found in yet another box yesterday – will it never end! Hehe.

P1020132Fair nosh, nothing special.

Followed by Lemon fool and mousse.

Tiredness dawned again.

Hate to thing how I‘ll manage with tomorrows lots to get through.


Nodded off and woke up half an hour later needing to tend to the porcelain, with a dirty great swelling on the back of me right upper arm? Throbbing and tender to the touch or when I caught it against owt?

Good job I’m going to see Dr Vindla in the morning. I’ve a feeling this might be seriously bothersome, whatever it is.


Inchcock Today – Sun 27 Sept 15: Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day! Oh dear…

Sunday 27th September 2015


Another dream filled waking up all the time nights kip! (Oh dear) I eventually got off proper like and managed a good five hours slumber in one go, and all through the night, only two calls to the porcelain.

I found some notes that I had apparently scribbled about the dreams, but they were largely indecipherable. Most annoying that.

Very foggy this morning.

Whoopsiedangleplop number one: I’ve lost one of me hearing-aids again! Searched fruitlessly for hours everywhere, including the bins. Definitely lost it this time. Damn and blast!

Made a Cuppa and took me medications. Depressed and annoyed wiv missen again now too!

Another Hearing-aid search, fruitless.

Had a good wash and scrub-up.

Decided although it was later than I had planned to to do it yesterday (I was hoping to get to the laundry-room around 0500hrs to beat the others to getting a free machine) to get me washing done. But I’d lost so long searching for me hearing-aid. 0645 hrs: Collected the washing from the bathroom bag, made sure the soap capsules and softener were in the bag and I’d got the coins to operate the machines.

Got to the lift to go down, and when I pressed the call button, a lift came up to me 12th floor, but the door didn’t open? After a few more presses, it did open and I nervously got in and pressed for the ground floor. The cage shook a bit on the way down – don’t know if it made any noises cause of course I had no hearing aids in. Huh!

Got in the room and someone had beaten me to one machine, but the other was free, so I got me washing in alright. I could see the fluff sticking out of the drier that someone or more than one by the look of it, had not cleaned out. I cleaned it up.

I returned to the flat and made a cuppa and did another pointless search for me hearing-aid.

Laptop on and did some updating on me diary. Then down again to the laundry room – via the lift that acted up just like me earlier trip down in it.

Me washing had 3 minutes left to finish, so at least I timed something right for once. Hehe! But someone had used the drier I’d cleaned out, so I cleaned out the other one and used that.

Back to the flat and did another pointless search for me hearing-aid.

Did a graphic and searched again for me hearing-aid.

The lift acted the same when I went down to the drier in the laundry room.

Took me washing out and into me bag and back up to the flat. Saw my first person of the day a lady I’d not seen before. Obviously she was on her way to the laundry room. Maybe not a good idea to try and get my laundry done on a weekend?

Back to the flat. Took me bags to the rubbish chute now it had well gone 0800hrs.

Whoopsiedangleplop number two: When I got back from the chute, I bent down to pick up a bit of fluff I’d walked into the hallway – had a dizzy, grabbed at the door handle to stop missen going down – of course the handle turned and down I slid – Clunk thud! Hard to believe even for me, but I caught me left cheek (Face cheek!), against the storage heater – it is now more important than ever that I get  to the dentist, and it also started the angina off. Hey-ho!

01topj1Another cuppa (a right thirst this morning?) and took an extra pain-killer to ease the pain from the tooth.

Started today’s, then finished and posted yesterdays diary. While doing this I came across a photo I’d taken yesterday afternoon when I noticed a large number of flies buzzing outside around the kitchen window. I tried repeatedly to get a close up photo of one of them, ten wasted shots later, this was the best I could manage. Wondered why they should suddenly appear? Were they perhaps young meat flies?


Fog all cleared now

Did some Facebooking,  a lot of Facebooking.

Went to make another cuppa and took another photo from the kitchen window now the fog had gone.

Rang Jane about the time for meeting Pete tomorrow with the Laptop for him.

Agreed to meet him twixt 10 > 1015hrs. (Well that’s what they demanded like).

Then if we’re quick I can get back to the GP for me flu jab and INR tests in time for 1130hrs – then back into ton to report me hearing aids missing – then back to Sherwood to get booked in at the dentist. That’s the plan any-road…

Whoopsiedangleplop number three: Went into kitchen to wash me cup and noticed the sink looked a tad grungy. So I decided to try the Jif cream cleaner on it to see if that would improved it any… during which I came up with some advice for any other old twit who wants to scrub his kitchen sink with cream cleaner to be aware of…:

P1020119“Take extreme care when bending over into the sink to get good access with yer scouring pad… as when you get carried away, it does yer spectacles no good at all when yer bang em against the tap spout!”

You can always add calling in to see the optician tomorrow along with going for yer flu jab, yer INR Warfarin level blood test, the dentist and the audio clinic to yer plans. Huh!

Got me nosh in the oven and saucepan cooking away.

Pondered on whether or not to try and do, me corner-stand up again, but thinking of the Whoopsiedangleplop ridden day up to now – I decided to leave it until tomorrow morning, then I’ll give it plenty of time to dry properly while I’m out in me appointments and errands for hours.

P1020120Ate me nosh, battered fish fingers, seasoned chips (fries), and baked beans, followed by a lemon dessert and apple pieces.

Rated 8/10.

Washed up the pots and sat down to watch TV, after a few nod-offs I gave up and sorted what I hope is me last bag of documents, mostly for shredding, then found some more in the next box. Tsk! They can wait.

Had a bath and changed into me night attire. Made a cuppa and laptop on to finish this diary off.

Did some Facebooking and checked emails.

Evening all, have a good day.

After I’d had a nod-off for a few minutes I sprang awake – I’d been dreaming of Kentucky Angel, I was in America with her and we were at a fair eating candy-floss! Wonderful dream.

Inchcock Today: Sat 26 Sept 15 – Idle little monkey dun very little in sorting stuff today. Huh!

Saturday 26th September 2015

01topj0101aWoke at 0515hrs: No cramps again last night – I still put this down to the magnificent magnesium tablets.

WC’d and pondered on me dreams form last night – and how I found time to have any cause I seemed to be waking up every ten minutes? Had a pen in me dressing gown pocket and wrote what I could recall about the dreams onto some loo paper to get on here later.

Felt a bit perkier this morning. The usual bleeding from the back end was absent, but ‘Little Inchy’ had been bleeding again. So much for the new magical cream potion. Hey-ho.

P1020109Made a cuppa took me medications and checked out me last efforts on getting the corner-stand to look decent – failure again! It’ll get one more effort from me later today, and if that fails also I’ll have to get rid it and get a another one.

Taking the tea bag out of the cup to put it in the bin, and the fingers froze (As they often do – Tsk!) and I dropped the bag – naturally it splashed as it fell on the  corner-cabinet. Oh lucky me! Hehe! More sorting to do now.

It looks okay from a distance, but the blotches are so apparent close up. Even worse now I’ll dropped me hot tea-bag on it. Shame!

I got the old computer out and gave it a good charge up while I finished off yesterdays diary. (that took two hours plus off the day!) So Pete can use it it straight away when I give it to him on Monday to use in conjunction with the pressie of the spy-watch I gave him for Christmas like.

Nipped to the WC again and saw me dream-notes on the loo-roll, so I brought them back to the laptop to record.

The end of the world had arrived, so many wars and religious battles going on, so many different peoples living together all killing each other, no control, death, hatred... for some reason I found myself in a conning tower at an airport, burning planes and the city beyond was aflame… A traffic warden was ticketing the crashed planes on the runway? The people in the room were asking Me? what to do. All I was interested in was finding my missing saucepan lid?…

Another time later, I was eating a pot of porridge in a trench with shells landing all around and painting on an easel a portrait of Margaret Thatcher?

Much more happened that I cannot recall. Then I was back on the roofs of buildings running, being chased and leaping from building to building until I got to the library which I entered through an old fashion chimney and the lady at the desk told me off and sent me to get cleaned up – I opened the door and fell into a boat on the sea… Giant fish fingers came up out of the depths and offered me a haemorrhoid cushion…?

Fooey2There was much more I’m sure, but can’t get any details back.

Got me emails checked, did some Facebooking then spent several hours doing graphics for this diary and me blog post about Fooey.

I eventually forced missen off the laptop. Not easy yer know..)

Went on the old one to take off anything private on it like, before giving it to Pete.

Time shot by today.

I got the old laptop sorted (Eventually) and then had another go at getting the corner-stand sorted out.

01topj4Got me nosh done.

Vegetable sausages, few chips, polish sausages, tomatoes, bread thins and me seasoned baked beans. I was going to have the last of me lettuce with it, but it had ‘Gorn-off!’ Tsk!

Followed this with a low-cal blackcurrant jelly and sour cream. Good stuff again – rated this one 8.85/10.

Fell asleep watching the goggle-box, Jonathan Creek it was.

Kept nodding and waking for a few hours before finally getting off proper.

No cramps but the tooth played up a bit.


Fooey – The fantastic OAP Pussy Cat!

FooeynTales of Fooey

Here are a few Tales of Fooey I’d like to tell.

Fooey is one of me Sister Jane and Brother in Law Pete’s cats.

He’s now 98 years old in human terms.

He’s struggles to get about with his arthritis, looses his balance often nowadays too.

He’s not very good looking and drops off to sleep any-time, any-where.

He jumps and jerks with his dreams when kipping.

He’s a bit like me. (Hehe!)

Perhaps that’s why I love him so.

Occasionally he give out a loud wailing noise for ages for no apparent reason.

He often used to settle on his favourite chair and fall off of it! (Like me again, twice!)

He struggles with the litter tray and leaves a pungent aroma like no other cat I’ve ever known(Like me again with me haemorrhoids)

FooeyHe now sleeps on a low stool behind the patio doors. His choice.

He needs his coat sorting out daily, a special comb thingy me Sister Jane uses on his matted hair looks frightening to me, but he just loves it being done as clumps of hair are dragged off of him flesh, what bit he’s got left, he is very thin nowadays! (Not like me I’m afraid).

P1020099A poor waif of a stray all those years ago, they took him in and fell in love with him.

Yesterday I visited them all, Jane Pete and the three cats.

I saw something I would not have thought possible: Pete got the normal P1020097upright hoover out and hoovered Fooey!

The noise the Hoover made was tremendous, but Fooey being nearly deaf (Again somewhat like me) this didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest.

P1020101He was obviously well used to this treatment and hobbled around to help Pete not miss any bits of loose or matted hair.

Bless him (Fooey not Pete).

Took it all in his stride… well hobble!

He kept head-butting the Hoover pipe guiding Pete to where he wanted doing next – an amazing performance to me!

FooeyThe photo on the right was from some months ago – just after Fooey had had his Whoopsiedangleplop falling off his chair. You can see the scars on his poor head. (Like me again here!)

I just can’t help but love him to bits.

Being 19 years old now in human terms we all realise we may soon lose him. (Bit like me again! Tsk!)

So I thought I’d make up this post in his honour, so no one will ever forget him I hope.

A brave fighter with a wonderful nature.

FooeyTabI took this photo on the left last year of Fooey, or as Sister Jane and Pete named him, Mr Fooey!

He was in the middle of a dream when I took this photo.

Wailing occasionally and twitching away.

Foo01The photo on the right is one of my favourites.

He can only see so far, but on this occasion he’d spotted Jane going into the cupboard where they keep the cat-fodder.

He lost interest in me and kept his eyes on Janet then!

Bless his cotton socks!

Inchcock Today – Fri 25 Sept 15: Day of rest… of sorts

Friday 25th September 2015


The kitchen this morning, a mess. Corner-stand in the middle of the room still drying, wood polish, cleaners all over the place, the leaked Flash spray to sort, hey-ho!

Kept springing waking all through the night until about 0300hrs as I recall, dream filled but cannot recall them. Yet I reckon I got a total of over 7 hours in, and woke still feeling drained.

But realised I had to get so much done today and was visiting Jane and Pete this afternoon. I must remember I have to ring them first to make sure it was okay for me to go, as instructed by Pete yesterday.

Cuppa and took me morning medications, had an extra painkiller because I missed me medications last night. Tsk!

The reflux valve and angina were bad because of this. The toothache still there but not too bad at the moment.

Made another cuppa and laptop on. Finished yesterdays diary and posted it, checked emails, then had a bash on Facebook while I had the chance. So much still to do today, not going to be an easy one methinks.

Hours later I got the bath I’d been longing for. And, no Whoopsiedangleplops getting in or out of it!

Got the pressies and nibbles for Jane and Pete in me bag, bus-pass, camera and letters for the previous tenant to drop off at the community shed. Set off.

Met Deana and Julie on my way out of the building as they were emptying the coins out of the washing machines. Handed Obergruppenfurher Julie the letters, and she promptly screwed them up and dropped them in the rubbish bin? It’s nice to know that conscientious reliable centre-carers that we pay extra for on top of our rent can be relied on innit? Hehe!

Walk to Sherwood through Woodthorpe Park and caught bus into town.

Realised I’d again left me HDSC card in the laptop and could not take any photographs – decided to get another one so I can always keep one in the camera.

P1020089Called into Vic centre and got a Spending Voucher for Jane’s Christmas pressie.

Went to the Jessop camera store and bought yet another HDSC card for the camera. Tsk!

Took photo when I came out of the shop on Clinton Street. Busy as usual.

P1020098Caught the bus to WB, dropped off and walked to Jane’s mansion.

When I arrived Pete was vacuuming the old cat Fooey!

He loved it! (Mr Fooey the cat I mean)

I was so impressed with this I’m going P1020097to do a post about it with photographs on WordPress later today.

Cuppa tea presented to me and we had a good chin-wag.

Gave them their pressies and nibbles.

Pete was very much impressed with the camera-watch I gave him. Read the instructions and said it needed a computer. No problem I told him, I can give him me old one to use. We agreed to meet in town on Monday and I can give it to him then.


Hog Roast stall, one customer!

Much nattering later, I departed to catch the bus into town so as not to miss the last L9 bus that goes to the flats. Realised I’d got the timing wrong when I got into town and had an hour to spare, so I had a poddle around town using me camera.

The food stalls were back in the slab-square. Some new ones I spotted, but 01topj5they were not doing very well trade-wise.

The Hog Roast stall only had one customer.

Mind you the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich stall didn’t have any!

01topj6The same amount of customers that the Ostrich burger stall had!

The Chocolate Strawberry Stall was the same.

I caught the last L9 bus back to the flats.

WC’d then got me nosP1020108h on.

I was tired again and the reflux valve started to play up – I thought about abandoning the Beef and onion in black bean sauce with seasoned fries in case it made the reflux valve any worse… But I do so love this meal…

I ate it slowly as I could to limit any chance of it bothering me later.

Rated this 9.2/10 for sheer taste – the mandarins in jelly with sour cream cheese was nice too!

Feet up, drink of shandy and I nodded off nicely for an hour or so.


I’ve not got it right yet – Tsk!

Took me medications, thought about giving the corner-stand another touch up.

It’s still there being walked around in the middle of the kitchen floor and not yet anywhere near passable as usable.

I’ll ave to ask someone if there is anything I can do to make it less blotchy.

I must have done summat wrong, I don’t know whether to use the scratch liquid or polish on it again next? Huh!

Sat down again and put the telly on.

More nodding-off ensued.

Gave up trying to watch whatever it was I was trying to watch, curled up and drifted into oblivion – where dreams kept making me wake up (?) very often throughout the reminder of the night?

Somehow this didn’t bother me at all, I think I was feeling more content than I have for a long time now. Worrying that for me… Hehe!

TTFN all, and thanks to all who have helped me get through me problems of late.

Inchcock Today 24 Sept 15: By gum I got a lot done today, now shattered!

Thursday 24th September 2015

Woke 0015hrs.

Mouth felt like sandpaper, but surprisingly the toothache was no worse.

Cleaned up the kitchen stuff, WC’d and made a cuppa.

Started laptop to start of this diary.

Checked and replied to emails.

Did some Facebooking and graphicationalising.


Placed order from Morrisons for delivery tonight – got some big tins of sweets in to give as Christmas pressies while they were on offer price.

Another cuppa and took me medications, then started sorting some bags out.

P1020079Over four hours later and I’ve taken me corner stand to pieces and cleaned the wood, touch it up wood scratch liquid and left it drying ready for reassembly and polishing later.

I’ve cleaned the book case and sorted all the DVD’s out. Had to stack the box collections on the top to get em to fit in.

Notice the Certificate on there?

I found that in one of the bags of DVD’s I was sorting. Guess what it was for?

P1020080Then turned me had to reassembling the corner stand for me photo’s to go on. But I was not happy with the finish, too many blemishes and marks, so I’ll give it another session and try to get it right later.

I used two of the empty Ikea clothes rack boxes to put some cardboard and 01topj2paper in for recycling. I’ll take it down to the caretakers room later, the rubbish chute is far too small to get it down.

There’s still much to sort, but I’ll get there… wont I?.


I’d better do it now, then by some miracle I can maybe find the caretaker and ask him for the fourth time for some recycling bags. Tsk!

I’ll go now.

Back in a bit…

Saw one of the caretakers and asked him if they had any of the orange recycling bags and he had a look and gave me the last of his stock. I told him that I had been sorting me DVDs out and had many to give to the charity shop tomorrow… he answered “I’ll be up to take them when the Robert the  other caretaker arrives…” I was going to add if there is any you want you can have them.

Back up to the flat to get the mail for the previous tenant and down to the Community shed.

Gave them some nibbles but I forgot to get the letter – Tsk!

Back up to the flat and did a bit of work on the corner stand, but it’s going to take some time to get anywhere near right. Leaving it a bit longer this time before touching up again.

ALynda BettySantDid some graphics.

aaaTyler3I found this old photograph of yours truly in a box today: Of course you can tell just as soon as you it, it was taken thirty years ago.

WWarnLie Whoops!

Wanted to get a bath, but didn’t know what time the Caretakers would be calling.

Think I’ll nip down see if  find them and take the DVDs to them.

Off again down the lift… No sign of them.

Steve arrived and we had a chat about things. Although the flat was in a mess with all me moving stuff to see where it might fit it Steve was impressed with the progress I’d made.

He got onto the phone and called and made appointments with two possible house clearers for him to meet Monday and Tuesday to get the house cleared. Bit of progress there then, Good!

He then spoke with Pete, explaining everything that had took place. This was a bit unnerving for me as I thought things might get heated between them but it sounded as if they were in agreement with things – and of course, my phone bill will now be enormous after the forty minute call on me mobile. Tut!

 Still it went well.

Steve took the flea-pit key and some of me DVDs with him to watch, and told me he’s to get back to me after meeting the van-men and getting quotes from them.

I was well shattered and worn-out by then. But in good spirits with hopes that things might get moving soon… at last!?!?

P1020086Made me nosh.

Rated it as 8.2/10, and ate it with relish then nodded off again.

I wanted to have a bath but with the Morrison delivery due, I checked the corner stand to see if it was dry but it wasn’t so made a cuppa sat down and fell-asleep once more.

I kept waking and wondering if I’d missed the call on the intercom – but felt sure I hadn’t, as, as long as leave the door open I can usually hear the loud ringer on it even without me hearing aids in.

Well gone the time the delivery was due, the mobile phone rang. It was the driver who’d been caught in horrendous traffic and was a few miles away. No problem I told him, drive safely I’ll see you later.

He arrived, and to expound the situation, a bottle of kitchen-spray had leaked in one of the bags. Luckily it was in a bag with me curried beans and bottle of shandy so nothing was ruined. I felt a bit sorry for the bloke, he was already late and didn’t need this delaying him further.

I moved the stuff into the kitchen and cleaned the tins and bottle, put the rest away, looked around at the state of the place with the corner-unit on a sheet in the middle of the room and thought “How have I managed this, the place looked in more of a mess than ever! Tsk!

Put the other stuff anywhere and was now free to get a bath, but felt too tired to bother now.

Made a cuppa and realised I’d missed me medications. I’ll suffer for this… oh dear.

Kept nodding off for a few minutes and waking again – pee’d me of that did. Eventually very late I  must have got to kip – much needed it was I think, as I didn’t have to get up for the usual WC visits.

I’ve a feeling that today was a landmark day somehow?

Oh so tired and drained, I’d overdone it  reckon. The place looked worse hat before despite all me efforts. But mildly proud of getting things done.

Tomorrow I’m going to see Jane and Pete with their pressies for Christmas.

Wed 23 Sept: Inchcock Today: Hassle!

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Morning all!

0630hrs (Late for me) Woke up in the chair, hobbled to the WC.

DSCF0200-002Me legs were swollen again and Arthur Itis was visiting me knees fingers and hands. Reflux valve sticking again, bleeding Little Inch and haemorrhoids and toothache persisted.

The skin cancer wound started stinging and itching again?


Thought of the dreams I’d had while I was on the porcelain – by the time I’d finished made a cuppa and got the laptop on few memories remained. Somehow I was back in boats/ships again, and frustrated… no details came back to me. Annoying that!

Made another cuppa and took me medications, and extra 30g codeine taken.

Finished off yesterdays diary of Woe and started this one.

Checked emails – Did some Facebooking and posted yesterdays diary. Graphicationalised.

Got a bath and shave, got me things ready and went to the community shed with letter I’d received for Margaret the previous tenant. Gave Deana and Julie their choice of nibbles.

Caught bus to town, then another out to West Bridgford to sister Jane and Pete’s abode.

P1020070Gave them their bag of treats. Had a Chin-wag and rollicking received.

Had a bit of fuss with their cats.

We decided that I would ask Steve of Age UK to ring Pete, who had some ideas for selling the old house quicker. I said next time I contact Steve I’ll get him to ring Pete. Pete was not happy P1020072that I didn’t ask him first.

Jane managed a smile and showed off her home grown figs.

I walked on to the centre and caught the bus to town.

Dropped off near the Victoria Centre and had a walk around for a while until time to catch the L9 bus back to the flats.

P1020076Slipped the pigeons some seed near the back of the council house.

Walked through the slab-square.

The square was full of little ganglets of Nottinghomians.

Not very busy elsewhere.

P1020077Caught some citizen ignoring the traffic lights as a tram passed by clanging it’s warning bell.

Along Long Row and up inton Street, that was it’s usual busy self.

Turned into a street to avoid nowadays if you don’t want to be stopped by Big P1020074issue sellers, beggars, street artists or consumer service interrogators.

Walked to the top and into Upper Parliament street and left along to the Post Office bus stop.

The L9 arrived and I got on and fell asleep without any problem.

Kept waking and nodded off again and was lucky when I woke just as the bus was arriving at the flat bus stop.

Steve rang minute later – I told him about Pete wanting to speak with him, he sounded a tad put-out by this. Wanted to know why. Told him I thought they were worried about me not things sorted in time before the reserves got too low. After another chin-wag he said he could be free tomorrow but wanted to know what time. I said I’d ring Pete to find out then ring him back.

Rang Pete, who said any time after 1400hrs.

Rang Steve back and he said he’s be at the flat about 1400hrs then.

Tension was in the air…

A letter from Nottingham City Homes arrived about Virgin Media making folk sign a contract with them. Like they had with me. A bit confused about this? Sent email to Dean Walker telling her I’d signed a contract and asking for advice.

I had a walk into Sherwood and called at the Co-op shop to get some beetroot and apple bread. They had some Cheese and Jalepeno bread on sale and I tried one of those, even not knowing what Jalapeno was. Got some other bits so I could use me £1 off if I spend £10 voucher.

Walked back through the park, was going to take some photographs of the birds in there, but had not got me camera with me. Tsk!

P1020078Had curried beans, hot dog sausages and the new bread followed by mandarins in jelly with cream cheese.

It was horrible!

Rated this culinary disaster at 3/10. Huh.

The jalepeno in the bread tasted like red hot peppers, I could still taste the burning flavour hours later.

Took me medications.

I washed the pots left them to drain on the draining board, made a drink, sat down and nodded off.

Woke hours later at well gone midnight. Mouth felt like sandpaper, but surprisingly the toothache was no worse.

Cleaned up the kitchen stuff, WC’d and made a cuppa.

Started laptop to update this diary.

Checked and replied to emails.

Did some Facebooking and graphicationalising.

Tue 22 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Up and Down… down mostly… Tsk!

Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Woke up in the chair 0320hrs. Reflux valve, bleeding Little Inch and haemorrhoids and toothache the first things I noticed. Hehe!

To the WC, ‘Little Inchy’ creamed, haemorrhoids bleeding badly, stomach still churning away, but the toothache seems to have eased a little since I woke up.


That’s not the sun, it’s a reflection from me flash – Can’t touch me for it. Hehe!

Got the laptop on.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Facebooked catching up with wot I missed yesterday. Checked emails.

Got missen a good spit and polish ready fer the Morrison delivery of fodder.

Morrison’s delivery arrived and I put the stuff away.

BJ rang he’s on his way. Got ready and went down to meet him, rather pleased with myself for remembering to take me mobile, camera, hearing-aids, shopping list – all four items on it, the washing, powder, softener and change for the machine with me.

Got as far as the lift…

Went back and collected me hat.

When we arrived at the launderette I tried to contact Steve at Age UK – no answer again. Left message asking him to contact me.

01topj2Two hours later we were all done and BJ lifted us to Asda (Walmart).

I had to get to their loo, hobbling hastily I got there just in time.

Had a good wander round, and ended up spending only £18.15.

That includes a pack of good thick socks at £6.

Bottle bitter orange mixer, mandarins in orange jelly, Washing up liquid, chicken sausages and two new items, well one new one being made again. Walkers have started to produce the Marmite crisps again, si I nabbed two multi-packs of 6. Also spotted some 01topj3Sweet potato chips in seasoned oil – expensive mind – £2.59 for a tiny bag of em. One of the TFZ gals recommended them so I had a go and got one.

Took a photo of some ‘Bling’ for the TFZ gals.

The toothache started throbbing again.

01topj4The sun was coming out when we left the store.

Got an ear dropper from the chemist on the way out.

Not too busy today, far less than usual when I used to go regularly with BJ on a Tuesday.

Tried ringing Steve at Age UK again – I do like wasting my time don’t I? Huh!

01topj5BJ dropped me off outside the flats, and I hobbled up with the two laundry ans shopping bag to the flat.

The lift was making some disturbingly odd sounds?

WC’d and got me dinner started, then laptop on and updated this tosh.

Took a long distance photo with new Panasonic camera of the top of the path into the woods – the first time I think that I’ve looked in this direction without seeing owners or dogs or ankle-snappers, Park Cyclists or yobs – in fact no one was in site?

01topj6Made me nosh and thoroughly enjoyed it – another 8.9/10 for this one. Very tasty!

The Sweet potatoes were grand.

Cleaned me pots, opened the blister-pack that held the ear-dropper in it – tugged at the edge and what do yer reckon? – Whoopsiedangleplop, When it finally gave I hit me blooming chin and set the tooth off again! Grrr!

One more final attempt to get in touch with me councillor Steve from Age UK – failed again.

Back on the laptop to catch up up to here, then tried the Serif Draw again – never really got into this package, I’ll see how it goes.

Waste of time, I can’t get used to it at all.

Lost hours with it – fruitless hours.

Sept15 aaaTyler2Facebooked and put some of me graphics on Facebook.

Watched the TV for a good while. Until I fell asleep for a minute or so and pressed a button on the remote and woke with the screen bare bara notetelling me there is no DVD in the unit?

I tried me best to find out how to clear it back to the TV. An hour or so later I gave up and turned it off, disconnected then reconnected the goggle-box, and still the same message came up. Then, hard to understand how this happened I know: I dropped the remote and caught it as it hit the chair arm – and the TV came back on?!?!?

All this because John Lewis who sold me the set sent a different remote to that in the instruction manual, and I could find no details or guides for this replacement control on the web anywhere. Tsk!

Nodded off again eventually, woke up with toothache.