Inchcock Today 24 Sept 15: By gum I got a lot done today, now shattered!

Thursday 24th September 2015

Woke 0015hrs.

Mouth felt like sandpaper, but surprisingly the toothache was no worse.

Cleaned up the kitchen stuff, WC’d and made a cuppa.

Started laptop to start of this diary.

Checked and replied to emails.

Did some Facebooking and graphicationalising.


Placed order from Morrisons for delivery tonight – got some big tins of sweets in to give as Christmas pressies while they were on offer price.

Another cuppa and took me medications, then started sorting some bags out.

P1020079Over four hours later and I’ve taken me corner stand to pieces and cleaned the wood, touch it up wood scratch liquid and left it drying ready for reassembly and polishing later.

I’ve cleaned the book case and sorted all the DVD’s out. Had to stack the box collections on the top to get em to fit in.

Notice the Certificate on there?

I found that in one of the bags of DVD’s I was sorting. Guess what it was for?

P1020080Then turned me had to reassembling the corner stand for me photo’s to go on. But I was not happy with the finish, too many blemishes and marks, so I’ll give it another session and try to get it right later.

I used two of the empty Ikea clothes rack boxes to put some cardboard and 01topj2paper in for recycling. I’ll take it down to the caretakers room later, the rubbish chute is far too small to get it down.

There’s still much to sort, but I’ll get there… wont I?.


I’d better do it now, then by some miracle I can maybe find the caretaker and ask him for the fourth time for some recycling bags. Tsk!

I’ll go now.

Back in a bit…

Saw one of the caretakers and asked him if they had any of the orange recycling bags and he had a look and gave me the last of his stock. I told him that I had been sorting me DVDs out and had many to give to the charity shop tomorrow… he answered “I’ll be up to take them when the Robert the  other caretaker arrives…” I was going to add if there is any you want you can have them.

Back up to the flat to get the mail for the previous tenant and down to the Community shed.

Gave them some nibbles but I forgot to get the letter – Tsk!

Back up to the flat and did a bit of work on the corner stand, but it’s going to take some time to get anywhere near right. Leaving it a bit longer this time before touching up again.

ALynda BettySantDid some graphics.

aaaTyler3I found this old photograph of yours truly in a box today: Of course you can tell just as soon as you it, it was taken thirty years ago.

WWarnLie Whoops!

Wanted to get a bath, but didn’t know what time the Caretakers would be calling.

Think I’ll nip down see if  find them and take the DVDs to them.

Off again down the lift… No sign of them.

Steve arrived and we had a chat about things. Although the flat was in a mess with all me moving stuff to see where it might fit it Steve was impressed with the progress I’d made.

He got onto the phone and called and made appointments with two possible house clearers for him to meet Monday and Tuesday to get the house cleared. Bit of progress there then, Good!

He then spoke with Pete, explaining everything that had took place. This was a bit unnerving for me as I thought things might get heated between them but it sounded as if they were in agreement with things – and of course, my phone bill will now be enormous after the forty minute call on me mobile. Tut!

 Still it went well.

Steve took the flea-pit key and some of me DVDs with him to watch, and told me he’s to get back to me after meeting the van-men and getting quotes from them.

I was well shattered and worn-out by then. But in good spirits with hopes that things might get moving soon… at last!?!?

P1020086Made me nosh.

Rated it as 8.2/10, and ate it with relish then nodded off again.

I wanted to have a bath but with the Morrison delivery due, I checked the corner stand to see if it was dry but it wasn’t so made a cuppa sat down and fell-asleep once more.

I kept waking and wondering if I’d missed the call on the intercom – but felt sure I hadn’t, as, as long as leave the door open I can usually hear the loud ringer on it even without me hearing aids in.

Well gone the time the delivery was due, the mobile phone rang. It was the driver who’d been caught in horrendous traffic and was a few miles away. No problem I told him, drive safely I’ll see you later.

He arrived, and to expound the situation, a bottle of kitchen-spray had leaked in one of the bags. Luckily it was in a bag with me curried beans and bottle of shandy so nothing was ruined. I felt a bit sorry for the bloke, he was already late and didn’t need this delaying him further.

I moved the stuff into the kitchen and cleaned the tins and bottle, put the rest away, looked around at the state of the place with the corner-unit on a sheet in the middle of the room and thought “How have I managed this, the place looked in more of a mess than ever! Tsk!

Put the other stuff anywhere and was now free to get a bath, but felt too tired to bother now.

Made a cuppa and realised I’d missed me medications. I’ll suffer for this… oh dear.

Kept nodding off for a few minutes and waking again – pee’d me of that did. Eventually very late I  must have got to kip – much needed it was I think, as I didn’t have to get up for the usual WC visits.

I’ve a feeling that today was a landmark day somehow?

Oh so tired and drained, I’d overdone it  reckon. The place looked worse hat before despite all me efforts. But mildly proud of getting things done.

Tomorrow I’m going to see Jane and Pete with their pressies for Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today 24 Sept 15: By gum I got a lot done today, now shattered!

  1. PROGRESS!!! I’m not sure why, but each time I start clearing something up I make it look like Hurricane Hannah just roared thru, followed by a couple of tornadoes, a train wreck, and a big norther, all at once. You wouldn’t believe what this room looks like right now, just because I’ve been in here working most of the night, and just don’t seem to have accomplished a single thing.

    I’m ready to find something edible, grab a shower, then either nap for a while, or get at it again in here, and see how much of this mess I can straighten up so I can do a bit of crocheting. It would be nice to say I got something done on the positive side today.

    I’m mostly trying to figure out what I can repurpose into a filing cabinet or drawer, or something close to it. There are some possibilities, but no probabilities. I’ll have to put my brain to work at some point today, and that might hurt!

    Take care of you luv.

    • Love your last paragraph Angie.
      It sounds like we’re both similar situation wise. Hehe.
      So many medical appointments I’m getting nowt done wiv me sorting at all lately.
      Going to see brother-in-law later today (Wednesday) to see if I can help him with the laptop he’s struggling with.
      Take extra care, cause I now it’s often just when you think things are going well that the Whoopsiedangleplops occur! Cheers flower. X

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