Inchcock’s Porcelain Throne Marathon – Nothing witheld (Hahaha!)

Tuesday 19th October 2021

My Porcelain Throne Marathon


Agony would best describe this session!

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sat sitting, utilising the WordPress Blogosphere,

Facebook played up, it went a bit queer,
Problems were slowly driving me crazier,
Then things started to get somewhat peskier,
I got distracted, and this much was clear,
The innards churned and rumbled, Oh, dear!
To the Porcelain Throne, in a rush and full of fear!

Rock-solid Torpedo, stuck halfway; what a plight!
I struggled to free it, pain to expedite,
Harold’s Haemorrhoids I did excite!
They stung and bled, more than a mite,
The crossword, 6-letter word, trite?
The evacuating product was just too tight!
After a long painful, harrowing fight…
Suddenly, it came out alright!

Cleaned, and medicated with agility,
And a certain joyous alacrity,
But this was not the end of the activity…
Life often shows endless alterability…
A case for me, of banal carnosity!

Oh, what, an annoying bother and pain!
The evacuation had started again,
Soft as mush this time, almost liquid?
I’d no control over what it did,
Had to clean up the splatted semi-fluid,
Sessions like this are inhumane!
It was particularly stinky and horrid,
Sensations from burning pain to torrid…
The first one, reluctant, gigantic, immane!
The follow up virtually liquid, it’s insane!

A daily task, that brought me exhaustibility,
Can I claim uniqueness or exclusivity?
Or being a  fool, for Odeing with such clarity?
I think the fool bit is right, actually!

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Oded in Support of Nottingham Branch of the Bulgarian Pregnant Koala Appreciation Society

Donations Accepted. Billum somewhere near Utah.

Inchcock Today – Saturday 20th January 2018: Didn’t see a soul all day

Saturday 20th January 2018

Russian: Суббота 20 Воскресенье 2018 года

0230hrs: Stirred into semi-consciousness and awaited the brain to catch up for a few moments. As I eventually moved to extract the bulbous wobbling body from the £300 second-hand recliner, I became aware of the lack of wet and warmth coming from the lower region. Off to the porcelain throne expecting things in the fungal lesion department to be non-bleeding and improved.

Only to find the damned thing had been bleeding earlier in the night and had dried hard to the inside of the protection pants! Oh, ooh… argh! That was five minutes of pain and ten-minutes of cleaning up I could have well done without. Sorted things though, I think.

Hippy Hilda, Duodenal Donald and Anne Gyna were all being incredibly kind to me. I expect they knew about all the blood loss and agony I’d gone through and gave me a little respite. Hehe!

Got Health Checks and medications imbibed.

0315hrs: Set-to creating the on CorelDraw for the Funny Ode and graphic post about Nottingham Street Art. Got it posted.

0350hrs: Got the Saturday post updated.

Made a small mug of Extra Strong Old English Breakfast tea.

To the Porcelain Throne and the session went well. In fact, it was completely painless and bloodless.

Took a break from computerisationing and made up the dosage pots ready for next week.

No Fauxpas… well, I hope not anyway. You’ve got laugh ain’t yer!

I took a shot out of the kitchen window, then got back to the Funny Ode and graphic post about Nottingham Street Art creating.

0800hrs: Got the job finished! That one took some time to get done. Posted it off.

Then made up a Morrison food order for delivery next Tuesday. I know I have my INR Warfarin level blood test usually on a Tuesday, but the surgery could not fit me in, so its Wednesday this week. This means I might miss seeing Nurse Nichole. Humph!

1050hrs: Visited the WordPress reader. Then checked the comments.

1115hrs: Next, I started making the templates for the next weeks Inchcock Today drafts. I think I’ll make another mug of tea first, going to be along job this is.

1415hrs: Very tired now, but I’ve got the templates all done. Getting the nosh done now. Oh, no I’m not. I’ll have a go on Facebook then. Tsk!

Going to try and get my head down and some sleep now. Hope I wake up if I go to sleep that is before the potatoes are burnt. Hahaha!

No sleep, so I got up and made the meal.

A good one, despite almost falling asleep eating it. 9.3/10 rating.

Washed the pots and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Got done in the £300 second-hand recliner again and put a New Tricks DVD on.

That did not help me to get any kip it. So I turned on the TV – brilliant idea! I nodded off at the first set of commercials and slept for about four hours! Woke in need of a wee-wee, but could not nod-off again. So I put the TV back on to watch the football. Fell asleep and had a weird dream. Cannot remember much about it, but I was being chased again and ended up underground in a massive cave, conducting an orchestra of all Albert Einsteins in it?

Inchcock Today – Sunday 15th October 2017: I don’t like Sundays. Still, I got some decent graphicalisationing done.

Sunday 15th October 2017

Afrikaans: Sondag 15 Oktober 2017

0225hrs: I woke up in an odd position on the £300 second-hand recliner. The right leg over the arm of the chair, apparently having knocked off the medical supplies from the Ottoman onto the carpet. And yet the book I had been reading remained on my over-ample bulbous stomach, I still had the reading glasses on, and as I took in this scenario, I could clearly see the kitchen light had been left on? I remained there a while, musing, wondering and derestrict thinking, serving only to confuse myself further.

Retrieving the leg back to its usual location was a little painful, and I asked myself how I got it over the arm in the first place… and why? Hilda Hip was most displeased with me.

No visit from Dizzy Dennis as I got up and went to investigate the light from the kitchen. Tsk! I’d left the oven on again! Back in the front room and got the medications picked up.

Then to the wet room and the Porcelain Throne session. Amazes me, it really does, no problems at all today? How it can vary all the time from splurting loose and messy, to agony to pass and like bullets, I don’t understand.

Back to the canteen and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Made a brew of tea and got the computer on to update yesterday’s post, and sent it off.

Forgot to take the tea with me, so back into the kitchen and opened the window and took this picture of the skyline – got wet rain dripping down from the frame onto the back of my neck as I did so. Hehe! Tsk!

Back to the computer and guess what?

Luckily this time, unlike last weekend’s Richard Branson episode that lasted hours, this one was short lived.

Then as I started this diary going, the flipping whatever it is with the right wrist started again!

The boney area to the right top is giving me the hassle.

Checked the Emails. Then went on the WordPress Reader.

Moved onto Facebooking, fingers crossed it does not freeze on me again… here goes:

It froze.

Turned everything off and on again. Very slow, but it worked stutteringly.

Three hours later, I got most of it done on Facebooking.

Then set to work on the TFZer graphicalising again.

I think I got 19 TFZers into the graphicalisation. Took me five hours on and off to get it something like I wanted. A little surreal, but I was reasonably satisfied with it, I just hope the clan of TFZers like it and get a smile from it.

I was so dissapointed with myself later, when I realised that I had put two graphics of the same TFZer lady on this picture. Felt a right fool!

Wholly exhausted now, an early meal was called for.

Sweetly cured mackerel strips, surimi sticks – both with the new fish sauce (Anchovy) pored on them. Baked beans with balsamic vinegar and softly cooked frits with distilled vinegar. A banana and a lemon Fool Dessert.

I’m afraid both of the incisors suffered as I ate it, I could not masticate without pain from one or other of both of the teggies. Humph! Despite this, it tasted okay.

Nodded of and woke repeatedly, missed most of my Rio Bravo film including the end ten minutes. Grumph!

Made a note on the scribble-pad to remind me of the Audio Clinic at 1130hrs in the morning.

I dropped a remote control and had to dismount the recliner on my way to do the health checks and take the medications. Amazingly, despite my having supposedly hoovered this bit of carpet several times since, I found some bits of toenails that had shot-off when Footlady Sue did my feet over a week ago! And… wait for it; A rock-hard dried up garden pea! I found that when I trod on it. Hehehe!

Took the medications with an extra Codeine to counter the wrist and teeth discomfort. Health Checks looked okayish.

Settled again to resume the nodding-off and waking with a start routine, that lasted for hours.


Inchcock Today – Saturday 15th July 2017; Hoping the lemon wafers will be delivered today


Saturday 15th July 2017

Corsican: Sàbatu 15 Ghjugnu 2017

0350hrs: Woke up with the mind full of bits of memories from the dreams I’d been having; by the time I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne – they had all gone again. Tsk!

No signs of Diahorrea, D7Sun02aennis or Trotsky Terence at the Throne. That was a nice change.

Computer turned on and finished off yesterday’s diary.

Did the Health Checks, all good.

Had a wee-wee.

7Sun02bThe hue of the scene from out side prompted me to take this photograph. I thought it was rather colourful and a bit different to what it has been lately.

Took the medications with a cup of tea for a change.

I usually take them with a cold drink so as not to melt the capsules.

7Sun3I was also impressed with how the fingers were far less bent and warped today as well.

Of course, after taking the picture, I dropped the tablets.


Then, back to the Porcelain Throne. Haemorrhoid Harold was stinging and bleeding a bit this time. Why not last time?

Had a go at the crossword while in there, didn’t get a single more clue solved. Huh!

Started this post off up to here.

7Sun04Emails checked.

Good news, the Lemon Wafers were being delivered today.

Which is good, cause then I can get a good ablutionalisation session in. I’ve not been able to have a good one while waiting in and not wanting to miss the delivery, cause I love these wafer. These are for others nibbles these, oh no. These are for your truly only. Hehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Further down the list, another one from Amazon: No Ferrero Rocher Heart Box’s available. Sad that I was planning to hand these to Nurse Nichole, Jenny the Obergruppenfurher and Sister Janet. Humph!


Since being stuck indoors waiting for deliveries, I’ve been working on a new TFZer series of graphicalisations. Loosely all connected to food, of each member. It’s going to take me ages to get them all done, but I’ll get on with now, being as I have the time… oh, no, I’ve not done any Facebooking. I’ll do this first then get onto CorelDraw.

Took a while that did. Onto graphics now.

Been on CorelDraw for over three hours now, eyes tiring and the fingers beginning to play up, so had to knock off for a bit.

Had a wee-wee.

Pressed on with the graphics, managed to get 12 done, but much more to do, but not today, too tired now and the visit from Shaking Steven worried me a bit.

The Lemon6Sat05 Wafers arrived, late, but I’m going to get the ablutions done and have a hobble in my Tree Copse, legs permitting.

I’ve already eaten one pack of these. Naughty me!

Turned every thing off, put the camera in my pocket with the mobile in case I forget later, and off to the Wet Room.

Back in a bit.

I hope! Hehe!

6Sat07Off down the lift and out into the daylight, at last.

Over the road up through the bottom field.

Where I found it hard to believe that the grass and fauna had grown so quickly. Had the struggle to get through it at first to get to the Copse.

Had a bit of a struggle to get through it at first to get to the Copse.

Found a mowed strip of grass someone had kindly cut out and used that route.

The cigarette stubs, empty drink cans and takeaway boxes were strewn around was not nice to see.

I put some that I could reach in a carrier bag to drop off at the bins.

It was still lovely to hobble up and through this Copse.

I did not see any wildlife at all on my journey within.

No squirrels or birds?

Nature still fascinates me – even when I tripped over one of the tree roots… I had to laugh.

But a tree stump near where I landed was so convenient to us e to pull myself back upright and continue my journey.


To the top and out into the top field, which was beautiful with its daisies battling through to get some sunshine.

Walked along the top, many golfers, well, Pitch & Putt players out today, some even playing with a football between holes.

Right and down towards the flats.

As I got to the bottom of the gravel hill path, a young chap with a dog chain was calling out ‘Betsy’ in search of his obviously little dog in the long grass on the bottom field.

Glad to say that he found her after a few minutes.

Dropped the bag of rubbish in a bin and made my way down the hill and back up to the apartment and got the dinner on.

6Sat06It was a tasty one, beef pie, Chinese mushrooms, garden peas, boiled potatoes and beetroots.

Did the Health Checks, took the evening medications and perused the TV magazine to see if there was anything worth watching on the goggle-box.

The wasn’t. So I got a Dr Who DVD into the machine to watch. At least there will be no advertisements to fall asleep watching on this.

But I still fell asleep, and with the hands, fingers and cramps giving me grief as well.

I must have been well tired.

TTFN all.

Inchcocks Woes – Thursday 14th December 2016: Got out to go to Arnold, got on the wrong bus and ended up in Nottingham. Oven fire. Lost shopping bag. Nothing new here then?


Thursday 14th December 2016

In Maori: Rāpare 14 Hakihea 2016

Woken at 0330hrs, the £300 second-hand recliner in the down posIition, nibble pots scattered about me, the TV still on. I think I’d been dreaming of Sister Jane and Dad? The urge for a WRWW prevalent and responded to. A trickle of blood from Little Inchy, Haemmohoird Harold not too much bleeding either.

The urge for a WRWW prevalent and responded to. A trickle of blood from Little Inchy, Haemmohoird Harold not too much bleeding either. Got the washing and down to the launderette and loaded the machine got it started and back up for a WRHD. Not an easy affair this morning

Got the washing bag and down to the laundry room, loaded the machine got it started and back up for a WRHD. Not an easy affair this morning at all. Got the computer started and made a cuppa and took an extra Senna with the medications.

4thur02Back down to move the clothes into the dryer. Popped out the foyer door to see if I could get a photograph on the Copse in the dark.

0415hrs: Up once more to the apartment, updated this diary. Brewed a mug of tea. Finalised yesterday’s journal.

Started graphicationalisationing for the next TFZer fun creation.

Back to collect the finished clothes from the laundry room. I was a little late with concentrating on the graphics and someone had kindly thrown my clothing on top of the dryer for me.

Up, put the clothing away and got a cuppa and back to the Graphicalisationing.

Again I lost track of time and had to rush to do the ablutions in time for me to get to the Tenants Social Hour in time. Not that the impetus and joy are in going there anymore, but I did tell BJ I would be going, so. Had a refreshing shave and shower, did the teggies and treated tender, sore Little Inchy as best I could.

Got the pressies, prized and nibbles in the bag.

Popped over to see Olive, where I got a mega-telling off for asking if I could take her photo. Apparently, her hair was not suitable at that moment. But she is so sweet yet commanding with it, and the twinkle in her eye transfixes me you know. Hehe!

4thur03Off to the Social Hour.

I must say the new display in the Foyer looked fantastic with the lights on. Very homely looking?

Out to the Winwood Community Shed and put the prizes on the trolley and sat down at a bare table and awaited the arrival of my weekly tale-mates. Bill arrived, in his usual confused state, a grand bloke is Bill. Bob next, he of the ‘I want’ category. Polish Eddie then, a 93-year-old-miracle is Eddie. Full of vim and energy too. Then mate BJ arrived. He’s taken to these Tenants Hour Session has BJ, he’s taken over helping with ‘doing’ the raffle now. The women love him to bits. I hate him… Jealousy! Hehehe!  A helper, can’t remember his name, he gave me some DVDs that he had from clearing his Mothers flat out.

Said my cheerios and back to the flat. Got ready to go out into Arnold with the intention of getting some Surimi, Sourdough bread and Rice-Pea snacks from Sainsbury’s. Down to the bus stop and chatted to a few other tenants. I noticed that on the concrete bollards at the side of the kerb, the Ladybirds had gathered again.


I took a couple of photo’s of them, there were eight bollards I looked at, and the insects were on each one. This phenomenon continues to puzzle me. Here we are in December and Ladybirds still active? Each time I see these, I tell myself to look up at them on the internet, but I always forget to.

4thur05Foolishly I got on the wrong bus, muggins here got on the inbound L9 in error for the outbound one.

Pillock with bar, that’s me!

Dropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street and up and over the walkway and took this photographicalisation of the Nottingham shoplifters and Benefit claimants. Haha!

4thur06My alternative plan was to go in the Victoria Centre Mall and go into Tesco and have a wander around. The intended Sainsbury expedition will have to be done tomorrow. Tsk!

I took a shot from the upper floor of the ‘Everything Made of Chocolate’ stall below.

It still fascinates me. Can’t make out what the yellow and grey things are bottom right?

Window shopped my way along and down and to Tesco. Where those deadly Fresh Cream French Horns jumped into my shopping basket without me realising it. (Ahem!)

4thur07Got some bits and wandered out of the centre by the shortest route, as it was getting a bit dangerous with the crowds so large, to walk safely.

Walked into the City Centre Slab Square, avoiding the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists as best I could.

When I was coming onto Milton Street, I was approached m an ITV interviewer and cameraman and they interviewed me about Government or Local to fund social care! I stuttered and was slow in forming my answers, so I don’t think they will be using me on the box, but they might?

In the square, the ice skaters were all having fun.


Many years ago, I tried ice skating at the arena. Ten minutes after starting and a broken ankle later, I gave up trying. Hahaha!


The stalls and rides evoked another memory from my muddled mind. I once had a go on the Horses around 1959 it was, at Goose Fair. They say I was the first person they had that fell off of a horse.

4thur10I had a further poddle around and then Anne Gyna started playing me up, so I made my way to the bus stop to catch an L9 bus back to the welcoming ‘So glad I live here now’ flat.

As the bus pulled off and I took this photographicalisation on the right at the top of King Street, I remembered that it was the City Hospital GUM Clinic appointment today! Plonker! However, it proved so lucky I recalled this when I did, ’cause all I had to do was stay on the bus beyond the Woodthorpe Court flats, and it took me straight outside the City Hospital gate, where I dropped off. Leaving one of my bags on the bus! Plonker again!

Walked through to the other side of the compound and into the GUM clinic. Smiler was working on the reception again. I’ve learned not to bother to even attempt any verbal communications with him, just yes, no and nods is best, he understands these simple non-sociable things.

Another session of embarrassing and belittling treatment ensued. Why should whoever sees me, do the interview and update, take me to a treatment room, pants down, lie down. Giant lighted magnifying machine placed over the lower regions as I lay there pretending not to be disconcerted or flustered while she has a look, then always they fetched some other persons to have a look and give their opinion and nurses and students are summoned to have a laugh as well! Huh!

4thur12Caught the bus back to the flats at the bus stop just out of view at the end of the side road in this photographicalisation above.

So glad to get back into the apartment and get the kettle on, slippers on and a WRHD session. When it came to putting the bits I’d bought away, I realised I had only one bag – the second bag I assume, I’d left on the bus or at the GUM clinic. Twit!

Got preparing the evening meal. Sliced the boiled potatoes I did earlier into thick wedges and placed these along with the last of the lamb leg steaks in a foil tray into the oven, to cook them slowly.

Into the living room and got the DVD, one that the chap gave me this morning, ‘Extras – The Special’ and got carried away viewing it, really good it was, and I was so contended watching it – until I saw the smoke coming through the door, which thankfully was open due to not being able to be closed (Mainly because it won’t close thanks to the United Carpet fitter’s lack of skill!).

Oh dearie me… when I opened the oven door, so much smoke flooded out I was sure the smoke alarm would go off, but it didn’t – and that amazed me somewhat. Belatedly I closed the kitchen door and opened the window, bruising my knuckles on the damned fiddly switch twixt the window and wall… Sob!

I got the fodder out, and it looked fine… well marinated with smoked, but fine. Set about investigating, and the tray had leaked and the lamb juice dripped onto the bottom of the oven. It took me more than an hour to clean it up, and it ain’t properly cleaned but looks a lot better. Had to clean up the floor, the bowl, the sink, the counters, me… Humph!

4thur11The meal I’d placed in foil to try and keep it warm. It wasn’t too bad actually.

Chinese mushrooms, normal mushrooms, tomatoes, strong blue stilton cheese, garden peas, cheesy cob (Only ate one of them) anf the lamb was curiously tasteless, despite looking grand?

Took the medications with some orange juice, and settled to finish watching the DVD. Couldn’t settle properly and kept nipping into the kitchen to make sure the oven was okay, the taps not left running etc.

Lovely smell of lamb and burnt ash prevailed. Hehehe!

Worra day!

Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th December 2016: A most uncomfortable day, but I’m not complaining I say!


Sunday 11th December 2016

In Haitian Creole: Dimanche 11yèm Desanm 2016

0425hrs: Woke with thoughts that I had had amazing, scary but passionate dreams – And so annoyed that no actual memories of them could be retrieved! I knew that passion had been involved somewhere, ’cause Little Inchy’s lesion had been bleeding and he was very sore.

After dismounting the £300 second-hand recliner, (with relative ease I proudly might add), the first job was to put the jammie bottoms into the sink to soak in a mixture of Dettol antiseptic disinfectant and soap powder. Felt very uncomfortable, even worse when I had a WRHD session and had a freshen-up, Haemorrhoid Harold bled profusely, even the gums bled when I cleaned the teggies. To add to my morning woes, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve, Duodenal Daniel, joined in with Inchies Lesion to give me a worrying time. Even Donald’s Dizzy’s started hassling me.

The poor old jammy-bottoms were more blood than not. As I rinsed them out a bit later, I found a tear in the crotch?  Dried them and threw them in a black bag to be taken to the waste chute when is was not so early as to disturb other sleeping tenants.

Worra Mornin’!

I knew (For some reason and I don’t know why) that I must carry on and not go back to resting again?

Cleaned up now and semi-sorted like, I got the kettle on and took the morning medications. Donald’s dizzies visiting again. Not a good start, why is it nearly always the weekend when these ailments appear? Just when they know that no help is at hand? Humph, Tsk and Huh! Hehe.

If Donald Dizzy continues to plague me, I think I might have to use the panic alarm button for the first time? (Typical, I open my gob and Donald disappears, Hmm?)

ianh03cComputer on. Did a graphic for Sir Martin Shuttlecock for his birthday. A grand chap.

If you read this mate, Cheers for being you, I’m proud of yer coping so well with things Sir.

Odd noises coming from somewhere now? Put the hearing aids in to try and work out where from and what it was.A sort of shuddering noise but without any actual shaking or trembling… a bit like, well I don’t know really. Rumbling?

A sort of shuddering noise but without any actual shaking or trembling… a bit like, well I don’t know really. Rumbling?

Did some work on the diaries then onto Facebook.

carCarried on updating the diaries.

Got the latest TFZer graphicalisation finished.

Pat and Marie with some pets and a Cat Car!

I hope they like it.

Got it posted to the TFZ site.

Then a call for a WRHD session was demanded, and with hope and crossed fingers and off to the porcelain I poddled.

No more Donald Dizzies and Haemorrhoid Harold has almost stopped bleeding. Little Inchy will require some attention when I do the ablutions later.

7sun02Went to make another cup of tea and the view from the kitchen window was nice now the mist had cleared somewhat.

It was still only 59°f in the kitchen though and mind you.

I then got deeply involved in getting graphics to doctor later and use for Facebooking and the diaries. In fact, I spent over 6 hours doing this and arranging them so I  might find them later when needed. Donald Dizzy paid a few visits when I stood up to go to the porcelain and made a mug of tea.

Made the brew and I just stood looking out at the view, thinking of everything and nothing, but couldn’t clear my concerns over the dizzy spells. Haven’t even done my ablutions yet. And I don’t seem concerned either. Opened a tin of tomatoes put them in the pan seasoned with sea salt and basil. Very tired and I’ve only done computerisationing. Tsk! Got the lamb chop and a half into the oven ready to make the fodder.

Did some Facebooking for a few hours. No more dizzies, so despite not seeing or talking to anyone all day, the graphicalisationing and art preparatory work took up eight hours – and I still didn’t get it all done! Mentally drained, but the ailments eased off unexpectedly, but nicely

Got the meal. The picture of which has once again disappeared from the Lumix camera?

Nice it was, apart from a slight Whoopsiedangleplop after eating it, when I took the tablets with the orange juice – spilt the blooming orange juice didn’t I! Worra mess to clear up. All over my clothes and the box at the side of the £3– second-hand recliner, and the carpet and slippers. Tsk!

Late now, and I was really feeling weary, but forced myself to do the ablutions now, so as I could get ready quicker in the morning. Little Inchy was still very sore and bleeding just a tiny bit.

I’ve got the City Hospital visit on for the INR test, and need to be out by 0800hrs at the latest to get to the haematology and not have to wait on such a large queue. I should get there for about 0900hrs, there will be a large body of patients waiting as usual. Sometimes it can take only 15 minutes or so, but others, up to three hours. But I’ll take my book with me. No wonder I can’t make any plans. Humph!

Terrible time trying to get to sleep, hardly any nod-offs and once again it was gone midnight by the time I got off, so to speak!

Inchcock Today Thursday 8th December 2016


Thursday 8th December 2016

Urdu: جمعرات 8th دسمبر 2016

0510hrs: Well warm again this morning. Hated not being able to recollect the dreams yet again. Got up hours later than normal, because I could not get to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

Made a cuppa, no calls to the porcelain yet? Took the medications and updated the diaries.

With expecting the Nottingham City Homes plumber between 0800 > 1700hrs today, Deana at 0900hrs and not knowing if I can get out to the Social Hour, and having to ring the clinic and awaiting the district nurse, I was a little confused about things that needed doing.

With not having a shower proper yesterday, and the possibility that someone could call today anytime after 0800hrs, I took a shower with my ablutions around 0715hrs. Just hope it doesn’t disturb my neighbour.

Good shave, WRHD session, teggies done and an excellent carbolic soap shower. Towel on the clothes warmer.

0800hrs: All done, made a brew and back on the computer.

4thur02The view from the kitchen window. Three sets of Christmas garden decorations now.

I must remember to have a tête-à-tête with Obergruppenfurheress Deana when she arrives if she has time, vis-à-vis the rather confusing British Gas charges and the Nottingham City Homes Repair team letters.

Providing she comes of course. Deana is a very busy gal.

Computer utilised again, emails checked. Then Facebooking… well, I was going to. Deana arrived with her questionnaire pad and laptop. Went through all my details to make sure they were up to date, changed a few. Managed a laugh or two along with it.

I told her about the British Gas duplicates, she went on the computer to try and sort it out but ended up sending them an email.

Then, she looked at the NCH duplicate repair letters and took them away to have them cancelled. I later found she had not when I spotted them still on the writing desk.

She then looked at the filler damage in the kitchen and said she would advise them of the problem.

An engineer arrived to test the smoke alarm.

Then, Deana departed to do much more demands of her time.

4thur03Half an hour later, the Nottingham City Homes plumber arrived. I explained about the leak lasting for two and a half days then stopping. He took a look, Filled up the tank and flushed it a few times, and declared it had him beat on while it had leaked.a few times

I told him that Andy, a cyber-buddy from Canada had offered his view that the heat from the hot shower water being used when the weather was so cold, might have caused condensation on the cold porcelain that pooled on the floor. He was very impressed with this and then agreed that this it what might have happened. He was off and gone in six minutes.

4thur05Got the Nosh on, much early than usual.

One and a quarter bone filled minted lamb chops, minted garden peas (canned), and boiled potatoes, halved and baked along with the minted lamb bones.

A luxury lemon curd yoghourt.

Note that I had no bread with this at all.

I didn’t have any! Hehe!

Enjoyed it tremendously, despite the bone to meat ratio being so high in the lamb.

I put some more potatoes to boil in the saucepan ready to bake tomorrow.

Next, sister Jane rang. She has a pressie I might want to give to Olive. Wanted me to get to see them before Christmas. This week has been hectic with appointments and days where I’ve had to stay in to receive visitors, mostly Nottingham City Homes and Medical related. We had a good natter… just long enough for the burnt potatoes in the saucepan to pong enough that I could smell the burning! Whoopsiedangleplop!

Called to see Olive, but no answer.

The nurse rang, she has been delayed and will call tomorrow around teatime (Whenever that is?).

Computer turned on for graphicalisationing.Fodder

4thur06Hunger attacked me, despite only having eaten a few hours earlier?

Not like me at all, eating two meals, but I did – and consumed the burnt potatoes, two mini pickle pork pies, a few pickled mushrooms, tomatoes, and two of them stick meat thingies.

The burnt potatoes were delicious!

Turned on the TV and alternately dozed and watched bits of some programmes.

Later, I managed to save the large ‘singed’ saucepan to use again. After soaking in washing up liquid and bleach, it came clean enough to use once more. (Just!)

Returned to the £300 second-hand recliner with its new deep cushion and nodded off very quickly.

Woke a few times, musing over  the dreams I just knew I’d been having, but didn’t make any notes and lost all the memories again by morning.


Inchcock Today Tuesday 1st November 2016: Bewilderment, befuddlement and bemusement Whoopsiedangleplop day!


Tuesday 1st November 2016

Up, out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner and down to the laundry room, washing in the machine and back up to the flat and computer on all by 0205hrs. WRHD session, only a little bleeding and hassle.

0210hrs, down to the laundry room and got the washing going on Quick Mode. Back up the lift t’flat and on the computer again.

2tue020240hrs, Down and moved the things into the dryer, wiped the machines. Up and did some work on the computer. Started work on the diaries and graphicationalisationing.

0345hrs, To the laundry room again, folded the things into the bag, cleaned out the filter and wiped the machine and sink area surfaces down.

Put the clobber away in the airing cupboard and hung some up, readied the powder, capsules, freshener and droplets for the next session and brought them in the empty laundry bag ready.

2tue05 Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications. At this stage, 045hrs, the first Whoppsiedangleplop of the day occurred. I dropped the pot of tablets, bent down to retrieve it and knocked the bottle of antacid off the kitchen counter and what a horrible mess it made as the bottle broke and the medicine looked like gunge and stuck like gunge to the kitchen floor! Picking out the brown glass bits was easy compared to cleaning up the liquid that had clung to the floor like a moveable glue!

2tue03Tried using paper towels but that wasn’t very successful, so I got the mop and bucket out – eventually the floor was presentable it – but it took as long again to get the mop and bucket cleaned, and it took two rolls of Blitz kitchen towels, flash liquid, bleach, washing up liquid and a lot of swearing to clean the sink that I cleaned the mop and bucket in!

But at least I was happy at getting the things cleaned up rather well, even if it did take me ages. And it did too, I reckon it was around 0540hrs by the time all was sorted, well over an hour. Tsk!

2tue04Good job I’d just collected this month’s two bottles yesterday. So I started the last one off.

I’ll have to ask for a prescription for another bottle when I pass the surgery, that’ll make me very popular with the staff!

Thinking of all the hassle and effort it took to get the stuff off of the floor, and they tell me to take four doses of the stuff a day?

No wonder I’m having troubles with my WRHD sessions is it? Hehehe!

I checked some paperwork waiting to be sorted and put away, and found the hospital appointment for November and realised it was a Serologist the arrangement was for me to meet.

Had to look up Serologist on Google. Turns out he or she is a specialist in bodily fluids – blood, serum, saliva, etc. Then I looked up what serum was. It told me it was: An amber-coloured, protein-rich liquid which separates out when blood coagulates. So now I know, being on Warfarin which thins the blood to avoid coagulation. I wish they wouldn’t confuse with changing the names. Haha!

Reading this reminded me to check the emails in case I’d received any from the surgery about yesterday’s INR test. Nothing from the NHS in it. Plenty of Can-We-Sell-You-Something Emails, though. Asda, HP, CorelDraw, Serif and Epson being amongst them.

Eventually got back on the computer, with my wrinkled hands and fingers after the marathon cleaning up operation, and got on switching between the diary and doing graphics, and Facebooking.

Realised I could not remember the pin number for the new card! Duncan said he’s put his phone number in the mobile, but I could not find it? I’ll have to see them at the bank for advice.

Got the ablutions done post haste so I could catch the half-past bus.

A gossip with a couple of residents at the bus stop. The L9 bus came on time, and I was soon in town. Well, with 35 minutes.

2tue06Made my way straight to the bank and they couldn’t find Duncan’s number on my mobile. I needed to call him cause he knew where I’d concealed the number, Humpf!

It’ll take five working days for them to get me a new pin number.

Running out of money here!

Came out of the bank and nearly got hit my a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on Exchange Walk! Not surprising, there were dozens of them about.

2tue112tue12Nipped down to Broad Marsh, to take a photograph of a particular area to put on a Nottingham site, along with one from the 1950’s.

2tue07Back up to the Slab Square, where they SSE electric company workmen were busy setting up the Christmas decorations, on and around the Council House.

Waltzed (Well I use the term waltzed but…Hehe!) up King Street and down Upper Parliament Street, left up Milton Street, across that and hobbled through the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and out the other end, over Glasshouse Street to Huntingdon Street, across that and into the Aldi store.

2tue13Where I was in luck today.

I got some Gnocchi potatoes, Tomato & Mushroom sauce and some Pea & Rice nibbles for after the nosh. I added a tin of mini sausages to go in the sauce later, and I already had some Ciabatti cobs at home, they’ll need doing in the oven for a few minutes. The Gnocchi can be done in another saucepan, they only need simmering in boiling water until the food rises to the top the instructions say.

2tue08Walked back through the Victoria Mall (Centre) and noticed this Pizza place, The Stonebaked Pizza Company. Four staff and no customers.

Another one to close down soon I expect?

Out onto Mansfield Road and around the corner to catch the L9 bus.

There were no Woodthorpe or Winchester Court tenants at the stop, which is rare.

2tue09I took a picture from the bus stop, facing where the bus would arrive from. Can you see some of Fothergill Watson designed building on the left-hand side?

The bus came, and I had a chinwag with a lady passenger en route. Lovely lady, she was telling me about her family and the problems she was having.

2tue10At the flats stop, I found Mary, having a rest on the bench there, before she carried on into the flats. I stayed with her, and we had a gossip.

She was in fine form today. She let me take her photo twice! The on you see here, and one where she was pointing at the metal lattice seat. This is the one where I took a photograph of a ladybird last week for the TFZers on Facebook.

I walked Mary to her flat, gave her some nibbles, then got the lift again up to mine. Where a WRWW was tended to with a degree of urgency. Hehe!

Put the bits away and had a search for the missing PIN number, then realised the Bank had suspended it anyway, while they arrange to send me a new one.

Got the computer going and updated this rubbish.

Then did a bit of Facebooking again, and some graphicationalisationing was done.

2tue13Got the meal prepared.  Put the sauce, and mini sausages in a saucepan were slowly warming.

Ciabatti cobs in the oven for five minutes.

A big pan of boiling water and added the Gnocchi.

Served it up in the bowl, and this helped me forget the terrible accident prone, frustrating and embarrassing day I’d had, as I savoured the wonderful taste of the meal.

Washing up afterwards took a while.

Put a DVD on and fell asleep.

Inchcock Today – Monday 26th September 2016: Laundry, To town, Laptop struggle, Olive not in, rain and drizzle, and I felt extremely nervous for some reason?


Monday 26th September 2016

Woke around 0130hrs. I’d dreamt a dream I thought I could never forget, it was horrible. When I woke again around 0300hrs, I’d forgotten all of it. Huh!

No demand for the general WRHD session, but plenty of WRWWs presented themselves. Took the medications with an extra Senna again.

1mon02Got the washing, which I’d got ready last night, all sorted and waiting to go down to the laundry room. When I arrived at the machines, around 0325hrs, someone had used both dryers and they had not used a washer. Naughty! Still, it didn’t work out too bad, the spinner with the timer showing indicated it had 34 minutes left. So I did my wash on the short cycle which takes 30 minutes. Returned to the flat, made a cuppa, started the laptop up and started to sort the Inchcock Today posts.

1mon01Back down to the laundry room and the lady who’d used both dryers arrived to retrieve her washing. She did not clean out the filter on either machine –Double naughty! She took her things away and I cleaned out both filters for her. Transferred my stuff to the dryer and back up to the flat.

Worked on the laptop and the time shot by. Back down and collected my now cleaned and dried clobber. Cleaned the filter, wiped the machines and titivated the sink area. Someone, had deposited a broken lamp shade and split cushion in the waste bin? Also, I noticed someone had put a note on the Tenant’s Board, asking whoever keeps throwing used tea bags out of their window to stop the practice? I know we have had six new tenants arrive this month, hope they don’t turn out to be elderly ragamuffins? Hehe!

Back again to the apartment, had what must have been my fifth WRWW, kettle on and put the gear away and reloaded the laundry pots for use next time.

Made another mug of tea and back on the laptop to finish yesterday’s dairy and start this one off.

1mon04Made sure the expensive mini M&S Quiche Lorraine was safely in the refrigerator for later.

I hope to get out and visit the mallards later today.No, second thoughts

No, second thoughts, I just nip in the Victoria market and get some of the chocolate cashew nuts, then to Tesco to get some cheapo cheese slices to have on top of the quiche methinks.

castle2Did some Facebooking.

Then enjoyed doing some more graphicationalisationing.

TFZer Terrie in this one, with no less than James Bond, the real James Bond too!

A couple of TFZer pets sneaked into the shot as well. Marie & Janet need to know where their animals get to. Hehe!

Jane had sent photo’s of Fooey and the last one of Queenie before she was put to sleep. Sad I know, but I’m proud of how Janet has handled it. I’ll get them posted on Facebook TFZer site later, or in the morning.

Carried out my ablutions and was soon down at the L9 bus stop waiting for it to arrive. Nice gossip with some other tenants while waiting.

Into town and dropped off on Goosegate, Hockley. Went to the Chinese shop to see if they had any of the cheesy seaweed in stock. But they were closed. Huh!

The weather was a little overcast, and there were very few folks about this morning.

1mon05The drizzle started to fall. 

This area (Hockley) was known as downtown Nottingham years ago. IT used to be very popular with the shoppers way back. But not anymore.

They say that pedal cyclists should be allowed to use the pavements when the traffic is heavy and dangerous? Like this one on Goosegate in downtown Nottingham this morning?

1mon04aI had a wander around and a slow walk to the Victoria Market (Mall).

As I crossed the walk-over, I took a picture of a lone pigeon on top of the Wilko roof a way off.

I thought I might use this one as a caption competition perhaps?

It seemed to me that the bird was looking straight at me? Thought it might get a few captions from the TFZers… or maybe not.

Over and into the Market and the nut stall – Swines have put the prices up now! They were costly enough before I thought, at £1.15 for 100 grammes, now they are £1.29! Humph!

Limped down the end of the mall and called in Tesco, thinking they sometimes have the seaweed and cheese snack in, but they didn’t today. They did, shame however, have some of the Fresh Cream French Horns on sale… Ahem! Along with cheapo cheese slices and some new season English Worcester apples.

The rain threatened again as I left the shops, and I decided to make for home as the L9 bus was due in eight minutes now. Got to the bus stop on Queen Street, and this made me think about Sister Jane having to have her Queenie put down.

A lady (Cyndy) tenant on the bus had a chinwag with me, and she kindly took one of the Fresh Cream French Horns from me to assuage my guilt in buying them. So then I was only feeling half as sinful. Hehe!

Back at the flats, we both missed the bus stop! We did laugh!

I got the WRWW session out of the way, and was going to start the photograph doctoring… but the laptop informed me it was preparing the updates…


The day had almost done by the time I could get on the laptop! Humph!

Still, I got some cleaning up done and sorted some paperwork out while I waited, it didn’t bother me at all. 09 

1mon06Set about doing Jane’s sad last photographs of Queenie. A real lady in the cat world that will be missed terribly.

1mon07Jane told me she is the only female in the house now.

The remarkable Fooey is still going, though.

Apparently, he decided to get his head down somewhere entirely different for a change yesterday.

Just where Pete was trying to lay a new carpet!

I don’t think they had the urge to move the lovable rogue, though.

I got some of the meal ready on the plate, only got to cook the high-priced quiche and add that to the platter now, oh no, I’ve got to cut up the Worcestershire apple.

Decided to go see if Olive was in and take her some Worcester apples. Back in a bit, I hope. Hehehe!

Damn it, she wasn’t in. Sob!

Took the medications and BP etc. The scales were out of order tonight, definitely!

1mon09Got the fodder meal ready and digested it.

The peppers might have been a bit dated, cause they were red hot, too hot for me. The cheapo Tesco cheese slice tasted like cardboard, the M&S Quiche like a newspaper, the chicken legs were too hot too, the pickled eggs, beetroot, red onions and chestnuts were excellent, though. The Worcestershire apple was crisp and sweet.

Watched some of the ‘Still Open All Hours’ DVD, began to feel nervous and unsettled, for no reason, that I could find?

Hoping that Jane and Olive are alright.

Sleep can easily this Monday night, a nice change that!