Inchcock Today – Sunday 11th December 2016: A most uncomfortable day, but I’m not complaining I say!


Sunday 11th December 2016

In Haitian Creole: Dimanche 11yèm Desanm 2016

0425hrs: Woke with thoughts that I had had amazing, scary but passionate dreams – And so annoyed that no actual memories of them could be retrieved! I knew that passion had been involved somewhere, ’cause Little Inchy’s lesion had been bleeding and he was very sore.

After dismounting the £300 second-hand recliner, (with relative ease I proudly might add), the first job was to put the jammie bottoms into the sink to soak in a mixture of Dettol antiseptic disinfectant and soap powder. Felt very uncomfortable, even worse when I had a WRHD session and had a freshen-up, Haemorrhoid Harold bled profusely, even the gums bled when I cleaned the teggies. To add to my morning woes, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve, Duodenal Daniel, joined in with Inchies Lesion to give me a worrying time. Even Donald’s Dizzy’s started hassling me.

The poor old jammy-bottoms were more blood than not. As I rinsed them out a bit later, I found a tear in the crotch?  Dried them and threw them in a black bag to be taken to the waste chute when is was not so early as to disturb other sleeping tenants.

Worra Mornin’!

I knew (For some reason and I don’t know why) that I must carry on and not go back to resting again?

Cleaned up now and semi-sorted like, I got the kettle on and took the morning medications. Donald’s dizzies visiting again. Not a good start, why is it nearly always the weekend when these ailments appear? Just when they know that no help is at hand? Humph, Tsk and Huh! Hehe.

If Donald Dizzy continues to plague me, I think I might have to use the panic alarm button for the first time? (Typical, I open my gob and Donald disappears, Hmm?)

ianh03cComputer on. Did a graphic for Sir Martin Shuttlecock for his birthday. A grand chap.

If you read this mate, Cheers for being you, I’m proud of yer coping so well with things Sir.

Odd noises coming from somewhere now? Put the hearing aids in to try and work out where from and what it was.A sort of shuddering noise but without any actual shaking or trembling… a bit like, well I don’t know really. Rumbling?

A sort of shuddering noise but without any actual shaking or trembling… a bit like, well I don’t know really. Rumbling?

Did some work on the diaries then onto Facebook.

carCarried on updating the diaries.

Got the latest TFZer graphicalisation finished.

Pat and Marie with some pets and a Cat Car!

I hope they like it.

Got it posted to the TFZ site.

Then a call for a WRHD session was demanded, and with hope and crossed fingers and off to the porcelain I poddled.

No more Donald Dizzies and Haemorrhoid Harold has almost stopped bleeding. Little Inchy will require some attention when I do the ablutions later.

7sun02Went to make another cup of tea and the view from the kitchen window was nice now the mist had cleared somewhat.

It was still only 59°f in the kitchen though and mind you.

I then got deeply involved in getting graphics to doctor later and use for Facebooking and the diaries. In fact, I spent over 6 hours doing this and arranging them so I  might find them later when needed. Donald Dizzy paid a few visits when I stood up to go to the porcelain and made a mug of tea.

Made the brew and I just stood looking out at the view, thinking of everything and nothing, but couldn’t clear my concerns over the dizzy spells. Haven’t even done my ablutions yet. And I don’t seem concerned either. Opened a tin of tomatoes put them in the pan seasoned with sea salt and basil. Very tired and I’ve only done computerisationing. Tsk! Got the lamb chop and a half into the oven ready to make the fodder.

Did some Facebooking for a few hours. No more dizzies, so despite not seeing or talking to anyone all day, the graphicalisationing and art preparatory work took up eight hours – and I still didn’t get it all done! Mentally drained, but the ailments eased off unexpectedly, but nicely

Got the meal. The picture of which has once again disappeared from the Lumix camera?

Nice it was, apart from a slight Whoopsiedangleplop after eating it, when I took the tablets with the orange juice – spilt the blooming orange juice didn’t I! Worra mess to clear up. All over my clothes and the box at the side of the £3– second-hand recliner, and the carpet and slippers. Tsk!

Late now, and I was really feeling weary, but forced myself to do the ablutions now, so as I could get ready quicker in the morning. Little Inchy was still very sore and bleeding just a tiny bit.

I’ve got the City Hospital visit on for the INR test, and need to be out by 0800hrs at the latest to get to the haematology and not have to wait on such a large queue. I should get there for about 0900hrs, there will be a large body of patients waiting as usual. Sometimes it can take only 15 minutes or so, but others, up to three hours. But I’ll take my book with me. No wonder I can’t make any plans. Humph!

Terrible time trying to get to sleep, hardly any nod-offs and once again it was gone midnight by the time I got off, so to speak!

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