Monday 26th December 2016 – Whoopsiedangleplop


The Reason for this marathon hobble?

A Whoopsiedangleplop!

I awoke in a rather confused state of mind – befuddled.

I called to see Olive, her son Malcolm was there and we were gossiping about something or other and it seems I drifted off into my own little world and started making no sense of what I was saying?

Malcolm took me back to the flat and had to tell me that the paramedic was on the way.

Found these notes I’d done:

1230hrs: Visiting Olive and I a lost consciousness while talking.
1245hrs: Olive rang ambulance paramedic.
1320hrs: Paramedic arrived. Tests.
1600hrs: The ambulance arrived. More tests and they took me away.
1700hrs: Arrived for more tests from different doctors and departments.
I felt a bit sorry for some of the patients in the big holding area, there must have been dozens of trolley-bound patients waiting, they all had a relative or friends with them and the resulting mayhem with patients being moved along and ever squashed further in an effort to create more room as other arrived all the  time.
2015hrs: Seen by Cardiac – After tests, I was told that I was being admitted.
2055hrs: Got ready to go to the ward.
2200hrs: Still on trolley waiting. But felt so much better and more alive.
2225hrs: Different doctor arrived with INR blood test results. Very high, 4.7. Then another blood pressure test and that was far too low after the previous one was found to be far too high. Another doctor arrived and told me to stop taking the Ramipril and Warfarin for two days, and they would let the Doctor Vindla (My GP) know of the situation.
2205hrs: I was placed in a long remote corridor along with several other patients waiting for a bed to come free. None did. The queue grew.
2255hrs: Told I was being released (No beds). Must make an appointment to see my own doctor.
Officially released.
No buses and no taxis, not that I saw any on the walk home anyway, and I had no money with me either.
Took about an hour and 45 minutes to walk home.
Strangely I enjoyed the hobble, apart from the pain from the calves. I nip in the air, and several gangs of youths kept my attention and forced a rapid rate of walking was attained and kept throughout the hobble home.
Got in and pain gelled the legs, took a codeine and ate a thick slice of shoulder ham.
Sat and fell into a deep much-needed sleep.
Slept for over nine hours.
Rang Olive to thank her for the help from Malcolm and herself yesterday. Arranged for me to visit her at 1400hrs today. When I intend to cuddle and thank her for caring for me.
2tue01Set about doing this post.
The calves were still aching relentlessly, but all the other ailments, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Haemorrhoid Harold, Harry Hernia,  Roger Reflux Valve, Duodenal Daniel, Inchies Lesion, Donald Dizzy and bruised head were of no concern at this moment.
I was just glad to be here in acceptable health and Compos Mentis.
TTFN all.