Inchcock Today, Monday 5th December 2016: Another day indoors, but, busy busy!


Monday 5th December 2016

Polish: Poniedziałek 05 Grudnia 2016

Woke a few times during the night, even wrote down some notes about the dreams on the pad; but could not read much of them later. Picked out the odd word or two, chased and falling being the only ones I could determine for sure. It was almost as if someone else had written them, nothing like my own handwriting?

Eventually rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner at about 0430hrs or so, and noticed the evening medications pot from last night, with the tablets still in it! As I wondered how I was gaining in senility, it dawned on me that it was nice and warm this morning – Aha! the radiator was working! Yehaa! I must email the Nottingham City Homes Repair Team and thank them for taking only 35 days to get it mended. Oh, I am sarcastic at times!

Off to the porcelain for a WRHD session, a lot easier this morning, Haemorrhoid Harold was still bleeding of course. The kitchen towels I’d put around where the leak yesterday was changed for new ones. I was surprised that there was so little water this time. It seems to be an intermittent leak? Sometimes a puddle, others a few drops?

The knees legs and wrists were not too much bother at all, even Anne Gyna and Roger Reflux were taking a rest. A bit disquieting in a way, this. Hehe!

Made a brew and started doing the  diaries on the WordPress blog, and remembered I was going to get the laundry done, so packed up on the computer, all the things were already prepared for the washing session, so down to the laundry room. Got it started in the washer, and back up to continue the diaries for a while.

1mon04Half an hour later, down to move the clobber into the dryer.

Someone had failed to clean the filter again, Tsk!

I observed that the ceiling had been decorated in readiness for the 25th of December celebrations.

Dryer going and up again to carry on doing the diaries. Made another cuppa and sorted some graphics to use.

Down to collect the washing. Found Olive in the laundry room, cheered me up no end this did. A cuddle and chinwag and she said she would call the 1mon03Nottingham City Homes Repair Team for me about the WC porcelain leak. She is so good to me.

Cleaned the filter and got the clothes in the bag and back up to the apartment, the warm apartment!

It’s taking me a while to resist wearing my gloves and dressing gown. Hehe!

Put the clothing away. Then got the Crock-Pot vegetables going. I’m intending to try and reproduce a meal similar to yesterday’s, cause it was super!

The doorbell sounded, it was Olive, telling me hse had contacted the NCH and they would be calling today to investigate the leak. I thanked her proficiently.

1mon05Seasoned the vegetables and got them going on the low setting.

Spotted the kitchen thermometer telling me it was only 58°f. Checked outside temp, to find it is only 30°f.

Thank heavens the storage radiator had been mended and working last night!

Dropped the jug of gravy I was making… Huh! Mopped the floor up.

Back to doing the diaries and graphics.

Then onto Facebooking.

I’m not too confident in the Nottingham City Homes Repairmen coming today, let’s review their record to date: 

DSCF0238  P1060071

  1. They arrived to seal up the holes in the kitchen walls to stop the draughts coming in. They left the higher up one like the photo on the right. Then the filling ran down the walls over the electric sockets. Still like this now.
  2. 403aThey informed me the wetroom installation would take four to five working days to complete. Sixteen, I say 16 days later, it was completed! But the quality of the jb on this occasion was very very good and the fitter worked cleanly clearing up after himself.
  3. When the electricians arrived to connect up, they honestly made more mess in one hour than the fitter made in 16 days!
  4. Then, when the Radiator stopped working, I was told it would be 30 days before they could attend. But they would supply a heater on loan for me – which they never did. On the 30th November, a chap arrived, reset the radiator and asked for the heater that never arrived back. Off he went.
  5. The heater did not work, so Olive called them, and they told her they would be here in four hours. They never arrived.
  6. Olive called them again two days later, they will arrive in four hours again. They did. The chap soon found the problem, the other expert had turned off the power to work on resetting the radiator, and had forgotten to turn it back on. He did so, and wallah! I had heat that very night!

Now I await the arrival within four hours again of their plumber – scared? worried? anticioating their non-arrival? Me? Yes!

Back on Facebooking, listening to Dean Martin though the headphones on YouTube.

The rest of the Coopers order arrived. Made the dryer up, the light for the airing cupboard and the cushion for the chair looks perfect.

Olive called, the Nottingham City Homes Repair Team had called her, they will not be calling today, but Thursday. Well fancy that, how did I know? Thanked her muchly. This will mean me missing Thursdays Social Hour again no doubt. Another day stuck indoors for nothing, and I bet Thursday will be another one. Humph!

Got the dinner cooking and took the cardboard down to the caretaker,s room.

1mon06TV plans made.

Nosh worked on.

Managed to get it like the one yesterday, and was pleased with the outcome.

Got the things prepared for the INR blood test in the morning at 1020hrs, nibbles, paperwork etc. Must not forget the Tenants Update Meeting at 1400hrs in the Winwood Centre afterwards.

Put the tray to one side while I turned on the TV, sat down and drifted off…