Inchcock Today, Wednesday 30th November 2016: Got to see Olive at last – Joy! Amidst the hassle.


Scottish Gaelic: Là Naomh Aindrea

Wednesday 30th November 2016

Greek: Τετάρτη 30 Νοέμ, 2016

0000hrs: Woke up on the stroke of midnight. Off for a WRWW, made a cuppa and took the medications far too early without realising it was so early.

The Nottingham City Homes repair people should be arriving today to look at the storage radiator. The Morrison delivery should be arriving twixt 0730 > 0830hrs. I had thought the podiatrist was calling but realised this was next week after I checked the diary.

Yesterday I got the INR results with the next date to return, this being next Monday 5th December. I sent a request to the surgery for an appointment – still waiting for an answer. Nothing in the inbox from them.

Checked the Facebook and spent a while on it. A good while.

0625hrs: Got the ablutions carried out, a carbolicalisationing session this one. A WRHD that decided me to take a Senna tablet. Little Inchies wound was not bleeding, flared up a bit, but not bleeding, so that was good. Put on the new trousers I bought a few weeks ago and guess what? – Whoopsiedangleplop! The zip on the flies broke! And I cannot remember where I bought them from. Humph!

Got the laundry ready for collection. Got the bags of rubbish assembled to take to the waste chute after 0800hrs.

Made a drink and noticed the ice on the rooftops below. The kitchen thermometer read 57°f and the wind blew in through the cracks in the window. I thought I’d open it and take some photographs of the cold looking dwellings outside.

3wed023wed033wed04Opening and closing the damned window involved going into the narrow gap to pull out the plug to release it.

I started the cut on the thumb bleeding again. Tsk!

The doorbell played it’s Dusty Springfield melody ♫I only want to be with you♫as the Morrison delivery driver rang it. He told me that one item was unavailable and one was substituted. He offered to take the stuff through to the kitchen for me, but I was feeling good health-wise so thanked him and declined the offer.

The missing item was, of course, the Sourdough Bread! Gnash!

The substitute was for the pack of six Morrison’s kitchen towels, the substitute a two pack of the same. After thinking how annoying this was that the Sourdough bread had to be only thing unavailable, I realised it wasn’t annoying really. Cause I’ve been eating far too much bread again this last week or so.

Put the fodder away. I had to throw away some stuff from the freezer to make room for the frozen food delivered. I’d made two errors with this order (Fancy that?) The sliced mushroom I’d ordered in the belief that thewy were fresh, were frozen and a much bigger bag. The 500g bag of chips Albert Bartlett Homestyle Chips (Those that Martin Shuttlecock recommended me to try, and taste super), was in actuality 1.5 kilogramme. Had I not cocked-up the ordering everything should have fitted into the freezer. So, once again I can blame my senility.

The noise started from above the flat, drilling. I think the chap there is having a wet-room fitted. If this takes as long as mine did. I’ll have 14 days of this noise to put with. Can’t be helped.

One the computer again, emails, Facebooking and graphicationalisationing.

They just gave out the temperature in Nottingham on the radio. -1°c/ 29°f. Brr!

Nottingham City Homes man arrived to look at the radiator. Said it had tripped out, but not sure why. Reset it, told me it should be working for the morning.

Obergruppenfurheress Dean called, she had been to Olive and was concerned about me not seeing her. Explained that I had called three times but there was no answer and was beginning to worry about Olive. I asked her if she could tell Olive about my staying in for the repair man, and I am still waiting for the laundry man. She then explained that the notice on the board downstairs about not using washing machines in the early hours of the morning was for people using their devices in their flats. Not the laundry room!

Told Deana about the British Gas communication and another email from 38° Degree about moving to another electricity supplier. She said it’s better to stay where I am because moving will be a lot of hassle. She will ask Susan to talk to me again.

1240hrs: Still waiting for the morning collection of my laundry as promised – Tsk!

At around 1615hrs, I went to visit Olive and asked her if she could please ring the launderette to ascertain if they are coming today or not to collect the service wash. They weren’t, so I cancelled the whole thing with them. Had a chinwag and cuddle with Olive, then returned home and got the nosh on.3wed05

The frozen mushrooms I’d done in the Crock-Pot were like little pieces of leather, the beetroots were as hard as bullets. The bacon & egg twist I’d overcooked, the Sourdough bread tasted nothing like sourdough bread, but the apple, tomatoes and the mushroom pate were all excellent.

Not one of my better efforts. 6/10.

3wed06Went to do the washing up and the sky was lovely.

WRHD session of serious struggling and pain with a little bit of bleeding. Took another Senna with the evening medications.

Took another Senna with the night medications, and added a Senna to the morning pill box so I wouldn’t forget to take it. (Planning ahead now, I’m getting worried about myself! Hehehe!)

Sorted out the TV viewing plans: 1650hr Ch10 Heartbeat, 1900hrs Ch4 News, 2000hrs Ch17 History, 2100hrs. Ch31 Police, 2200hrs Law & Order SV and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner. Where I promptly fell asleep within minutes.

I probably have the TV on at night as much as anyone else does, but actually watching the TV? Possibly Brother-in-Law Pete understands this more than I do, so he is not bothering to help me pick out a new television, cause he realises it would be a pointless exercise. Well spotted Pete! Hehe!

TTFN all.