Inchcock Today: Sat 10th December 2016: Got out into town – forgot to take the camera – Humph!

Inchcock’s Advice for the elderly

The easiest way to find something that’s lost around the house is to buy a replacement!

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Saturday 10th December 2016

Armenian: Շաբ 10 Դեկտեմբեր 2016

0300hrs: Up and out of the £300 second-hand recliner and got the things required to go to the laundry room and get the washing done.

Down in the lift and got the washing machine going.

6sat01Went back up to number 72 and took the medications. Got the computer going and then down to the laundry room again to move the washing into the dryer. The filter had been cleaned this time.

Spotted another new display for Christmas in the foyer.Took a photograph and back up and doctored it to look like this here on the right.

Took a photograph and back up and doctored it to look like this here on the right.

Spent an hour doing the diaries and graphicalisationing. Without any demands for a WRHD session yet? Plenty of WRWWs, though.

6sat02Final trip down to collect the dried washing. Oh dear!

The towel was covered in little bits of black fluff! Tried picking them off, but realised it would be a long, very long job!

Up to the flat and tried the Magic Brush to remove the multitude of black fluff bits investing the towel – and was initially very pleased with how it got the fluff off without too much hassle – the Magic Brush then became blocked with the fluff, and there the problem exacerbated. I just could not work out how to get the fluff off of the brush then! Oh, heck! Gave up after ages trying to get it off, the towel still with plenty of black bits stuck to it. Humph! Sad innit?

Got yesterday’s diary finished at last.

Facebooked for a while. Hours actually. 0902hrs, closed down to get the ablutions tended to in time to catch the first bus (1o30hrs) into town to get the photographs taken.

Back in a bit…

1545hrs: Back.

There was nobody to have a chinwag with this morning at the bus stop or on the bus. Arrived in town, and immediately saw so many photographic opportunities as I got off the bus. The fair, so many stalls, a traffic accident and police arresting some youths… Great, I thought!

I dug into the bag to get the camera – But no, guess which absolute dumb idiot had left it at home? Gnash! And so it went all through the visit to the City Centre and shopping, it should have been enough photographs taken for me to do a special page on the blog. I was so angry with myself. Humph!

Had a trip around the slab square, the ice rink, amusements all with something worth taking a picture of. Called in many of the charity shops to look see if any had a camera with normal batteries I could buy and use. Jessops on Exchange Walk did not sell them anymore. The Money shop on the same Walk had none is stock. The other Money Shop on Upper Parliament Street had two cameras on show, but they did not have normal batteries either. To Long Row, calling in the Barnardos shop, none. The Heart charity shop had none either. The Cash Converters on Long Row and Milton Street didn’t have any. By now I was getting tired and depressed with myself, so gave up looking and went to Tesco in the hopes of getting some of their sliced Sourdough Bread. I had to search through the few loaves they had on the shelves, to find two that had a few days code left on them. Got some Chinese seaweed and cheese nibbles 

I had to search through the few loaves they had on the shelves, to find the last two that had a few days code left on them. Got some Chinese seaweed and cheese nibbles and a packet of Fresh Cream French Horn cakes fell into the basket as I passed them. Mind you, when I got back I put them in the fridge and forgot all about them, Tsk!

Had a walk to M&S Foodhall, pottered around but didn’t buy anything. As I came out the Salvation Army were playing Christmas Tunes, I gave a hefty donation to one of the officer’s collection tins. Although they are plastic nowadays. Always do each year.

The streets were cram packed and getting around without someone walking into me or hitting me with their bikes was wearying me more. And just to think, the shots I could have taken if only I’d got the camera with me. Huh!

To the bus stop, and again, no one to talk to on the journey.

Got in the flat and tended to a WRWW, and put some pain gel on the feet and knees then took an extra Codeine 30g with the evening medications.

7sun01aGot the fodder cooking.

Roast parsnips, a few oven chips, sweet potatoes which I mashed with just a bit of sea salt, peeled an apple, tomatoes, Chicken thighs, boiled egg and a good mix of Crock-pot seasoned vegetables, swede, parsnips, turnips, carrots, peas, mushrooms and leeks, all overdone just how I like em. I’d left them slow cooking while I’d been out, having started the pot off hours before that. v

The American sweet potatoes were mega sweet. Had two slices of the last of the Sainsbury sourdough bread with butter with the meal. Couldn’t eat it all, but enjoyed trying to. Hehe!

Tried to watch some TV I’d picked out from the magazine, which turned out even a more farcical happening than usual. Off to kip after a few minutes, woke for a few, back to kip for a few… on and on this went. Why I didn’t give up and get my head down I don’t know… oh yes I do! I wanted to watch the double shows of ‘Hetty Wainthrope Investigates’. I didn’t see much of them, perhaps three or four few minute periods of the  two-hour show between kipping?


Sorry about the lack of photographicalisations.

TTFN all.

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