Inchcock Today: Monday 12th December 2016


Monday 12th December 2016

In Nepali: सोमवार 12 डिसेम्बर 2016

Well well well, what a horrible night! Tsk!

Didn’t get to sleep until well after midnight – then persistent dreams, it seemed like one long continuous one, I reckon it was full of regrets and failure. Yet I once again can recall no details for certain at all.

Around 0420hrs I woke and pondered on the things that needed to get done today.

Out of the £300 second-hand, working rather shakily recliner and off for a WRWW. Little Inchy was still sore.

Into the kitchen to make a cuppa and get the medications ready. Took a photograph at the top of the page, by bravely opening the window to get a better less reflective shot. It surprised me with it not being so cold with the fog stroke mist out there this morning.

Responded to the innards demand, for a WRHD session with trepidations. But all was well indeed! No Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding at all. Anne Gyna was absolutely fine with me. Roger Reflux Valve hardly any bother at all! Duodenal Daniel not the slightest hassle! Even Arthur Itis was in a good mood with me! All this, along with Little Inchy’s lesion not bleeding, cheered me up. Good!

1mon03Sorted me out and got the computer on, a fresh cuppa and took the morning medications.

A bit of bother with the WordPress gallery not working, but it came back on of its own accord later?

I wondered how I could get to see Jane and Pete and consulted the Google Calendar.

0645hrs now, and I thought (Another rarity there, hehehe!) I’d call Pete to see if we could arrange a meet somehow or other. I conceived that I might catch him on his way to the paper shop and ATM. When I rang, he’d just got back a few minutes earlier. We had a natter, with Pete wisely consulting with Jane in between, and it was decided that they would both come up to see me next Wednesday morning. I was even more cheered up now!

I considered taking up numismatics as a hobby. I’ve no idea why I said or thought that?

1mon04I poddled into the kitchen again to replace the gotten-cold mug of tea.

Got the inspiration to take the few Estima boiled potatoes in the saucepan, out with me in a bag to nibble on my travels.

While doing this, I realised that the vegetables in stock in the Crock-Pot had not lasted well and were ponging a bit.

So I strained them, put them in a bag then into the black refuse sack. Had to leave the porcelain part of the slow cooker soaking in the bowl in the sink.

Spent a while Facebooking and grahicalisationing.

Did the ablution duties, carbolic soap today.

1mon02All ready and wrapped up, a quick check on the weather from the kitchen window, and I set off on the walk to the Nottingham Haematology for the Warfarin INR Level Blood Test.

Trudged up the hill and through the Woodthorpe Park and left down to Mansfield Road.

Just a bit of a nip in the mist this morning, but I kept going, and it was not too bad at all.

No dizzies!

1mon03Up into Sherwood, and right down Edwards Lane to the ring road.

Stopped to take a photograph of the traffic coming up Edwards Lane.

The mist was oddly masking the far scenery, I thought if it comes out alright, I might add this to the ‘Moody Photo’ Album on my Facebook page later.

Onward, avoiding many Nottingham Pedestrian-Cyclist on the ring road, and arrived at my destination and took a ‘waiting ticket’ and settled to read my book in the Out-Patients hall.

An hour or so later, after keeping my eye on the roster board, my number came up and I rather foolishly as it turned out, went to the usual ‘Blood-Room door to find it locked’? I looked around rather confused, and a chap laughed at me and pointed in a backwards direction indicating this is where I have to go today. Through a mini-maze of corridors and into an entirely different area of the hospital, I found a nurse stood in the hall waiting for me, and she hastened me into a tiny room to have my blood taken. It appears that the usual room had suffered a water leak and could not be used. Hey-ho, How I managed not to notice that each time the dozens of numbers came up and no one went near the old room, I don’t know – or the signs I saw on my way out informing us of the change. Hehe!

1mon04Went to the bus stop to find a number 40 was due in four minutes, so caught it back and thankfully, up Winchester Street Hill.

This picture was taken near the ring road through the bus window.

Dropped off at the Commercial Laundry and hobbled up, turned left to the apartment.

Back at the flats I nipped in to see Olive and got a telling off or two. Collected her empty jars after a nice chinwag.

Back to the flat, and literally did nothing more of any interest worth or bother than collapsing in the £300 second-hand recliner, for some reason almost entirely worn-out?

Very strange this sudden loss of drive and interest?

It took a while for me find the interest in making something to eat, but this seemed to bring me round a bit.

1mon05Made a meal with eyes far too ginormous and big for my stomach. Tsk!

Not that it mattered, cause when it came to eating it, the interest had gone and I left most of it.I didn’t eat any of the boiled potatoes

I didn’t eat any of the boiled potatoes.

A sudden feeling of inadequacy, valuelessness and almost a depression came over me – but why I don’t know.

I did nothing more after that, other than fall asleep, wake up, WRWW, fall asleep, wake up, pass wind, TV on, fall asleep, wake up, but I did have many dreams in between, no detailed facts about them remain.

TTFN all.

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