Inchcock – Frid 30 Oct 20: Early start, hectic day, but got my head down earlier than usual. (Bliss!)

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Friday 30th October 2020

Scots Gaelic: Dihaoine 30 Dàmhair 2020

01:00hrs: Got up, wee-wee, wash, cuppa tea, Throne (Messy, but quick and mot so painful)

Thought: Appointments today: City Cardiac, then CDH Checks, then Flu-Jab. Must get the computing done as early as possible.

Got the Health Checks done. Bottled the urine samples ready for the hospital and doctors.

Computerised, template created, photos downloaded and prepped for publication.

Got the Thursday blogs finished and posted off.

Pinterested, Emai link sent, Facebooking updated.

WP and Facebook Comments read and answered.

WordPress reader section visited.

SisterJane rang. Pete was feeling a little better, thank heavens. Anf, Jane’s eye still had no vision. We are a set!

She’d seen my Warden Deana on the BBC 1 News and told me to put it on, so I could take some photos of it. It will come on again. We had a natter and laugh, and that was great!

But with the Doctors, Hospital things to sort out, and trying to get some blogging done, I couldn’t really concentrate.

No time to do owt on this blog at all. And needed to get the ablutions done, then get the things needed to take with me sorted out.

Got the first sample, and it was coloured like level 5-6. Which was much better now, got it in the three-wheeler walker guide bag, so as not to forget it!

The ablutions were done next. The mind was confused with so much detail to go through. The Ablutionalisationing is almost a blur, so much did I rush, and with my mind on so many things at the same time.

Jane rang back, and they will try to get some photos if Deana comes back on the BBC, for me. Bless em! That was good of them. I hope she can get some.

I found a letter on the floor near the door, only Sainsbury offering money off vouchers, but only if I spend £60! Oh, Goodie! Makes a change from crushed cakes and lousy silly substitutes, I suppose.

I got some breakfast. Marmite bread thins, potatoes from last night, and Frazzles with a mug of Glengettie tea! And most enjoyable it was too! As my Dad used to say: “It went down a reet treat, that did!”

I got some hand washing done, wrung and hung. Only one Zip-up jacket, and left it drip-dry at its leisure, on a coathanger above the kitchen sink.

I tried to get my head together and make sure I’d got everything needed for the medicalisational visits. Then the bus-pass, keys, cash, etcetera.

I didn’t feel too confident, and had a nagging feeling that I’d forgotten something or other! Which I suppose would not be anything new. Hehe!

I got the trolley, with the nibble-treats for the Hospital and Surgery staff, and set out, feeling apprehensive, and not knowing why I felt that way.

I turned and figuratively, waved farewell to the flats at the end of the road.

The hobble down Winchester Street was a hard, nervous-making experience. I’d forgot about the brakes being useless on the three-wheeler, and had to take my time and extra care not to topple it over. I stayed on the right-hand side pavement going down, to avoid having to walk in the road again to get by, for I had spotted a lorry in the distance parked on the pavement, Swine!

Not that the men had any alternative, really than to park there, they were in a sort of, mission impossible situation.

I walked up the Mansfield Road hill and stopped to check on the timing.

I was in plenty of time to get to the first appointment without any rushing. I had an hour before I needed to be there, so took my time and tried to take in the scenery, even though it was a bit bleak at times.

Near the hospital, on the ring road, a Pavement Motorist was spotted, for a change.

I crossed over at the Pelican lights and was soon entering the DVT Antigoagulation Unit. Where I registered and was taken straight into the treatment room.

(Well, they probably considered me an important, powerful, dynamic, wealthy patient, who was due the best care and not to be kept waiting… A Smug-Mode of ginormous proportions came over me) Hehehe!

I was soon on and attached to the machine, and within minutes, while the Q&A session was done, I was on my way out again! No obvious problems they said, an analysed result report will be sent to me. I thanked them and handed over some plonk in thanks.

I caught the bus, intending to stay on it into Carrington, and the Doctor’s surgery. Good planning, or what? On the way out, I walked to the Stroke Ward I was in, to leave them some nibbles and treats in thanks.

But, they were that busy. I decided it was best not to intrude. called to. From what I saw, they had just had a new patient come in.

 : The bus arrived within minutes of my getting to the bus stop (It’s going too well, I thought – Little knowing what lie ahead!) I got on the bus and decided to have a ferret around in the bag, to check that I’d got everything needed for the surgery visit. Concentrating on this, as the bus neared the stop I’d usually get off at in Sherwood, I panicked thinking I would miss the stop, rang the bell, and the driver waited patiently for me to struggle and get off? Bless him!

When got on the pavement is when it dawned on me… I’d got off at the wrong stop!   ‘Whatta a Plonka!’ Oy, oy, oy! I decided, as there was still bags of time available for me, I’d walk into Carrington, maybe even go in Lidl to see what they had on offer. It was very leisurely, and I was not too annoyed with myself – I’ve come to almost expect such calamities nowadays. Tsk!

I set of at a steady-hobble, no need to overdo it, still bags of time to get there punctually. Sherwood looked so barren this morning, with more retailers than ever closed down again, it’s so sad. All those people with their dreams shattered! Humph!

I’d not gone far, and Pavement Cyclist came from behind me, I smelt his B.O. as he passed me by. It’s not as if there was a lot of traffic for him to be scared off, on the Mansfield Road. I noticed he had the bike in the lowest gear, his legs were going like the clappers, but he was not getting anywhere fast. (A Sherlock Holmisianism moment, there) Hehehe!

I crossed over to the other side at the Pelican lights, over the hill and down int Carrington towards the church. It was still looking glum.

A bit further down the hill, and another Pavement Cyclist appeared. This one was more determined to ignore or injure any pedestrians than the previous one, and really did come close to hitting me, and the ladies further on. Git!

There was still time to spare, so I visited the Lidl store. Got some bits, and paid on the self-serve tills, no idea what I was doing wrong, but an assistant came to me on each of five times I did something wrong, and muttered something to me, and put it right. I didn’t realise I’d bought so much stuff, and had to stop on my way out, and rearrange things in the trolley, and make up another bag to hang on the handlebars. This took me a while to do, and I realised

I had to get a nip on to get to the surgery in time for the appointment, so I did!

I hastened to the surgery; thus, I was in a bit of a state when I arrived. They have now got an intercom system for us to use, which is not good when because of the mask-wearing, I can’t use the hearing aids when out and about. I’ve no idea what the lady was saying, but she let me in eventually. She thought I looked poorly and told me to take a seat, one of the only two seats now, in the waiting room. It was the late rushing to get there that had caused my laboured breathing. 

I was soon being called into the treatment room by the new surgery nurse. A most pleasant blood pressure, temperature, pulse, weighing, measuring, recording, and questions and answer session took place. During which, Doctor Vindla came in and gave me my Flue-Jab. Lovely to see them all again. I was leaving and Nurse… (Oh, dear, the phlebotomy nurse, I’ve not seen her for that long, I’m, ashamed to say I’ve forgotten her name. lovely lady too! Caroline was it? I bet Tim Price will remember for me?), came to chat for a few seconds. I handed the giant bottle of Perry for them all to share at Christmas, and sadly, I had to leave, by the front door now, as part of the Anti-Corona rules. Ah, Gorrit, I think, it was Nurse Nichole! ♥

I was weary but happy enough as I wobbled along Mansfield Road with the trolley, up and over the hill. (Travailing with the well-filled heavy trolley, which will be fun getting onto and off of the bus when I get to Sherwood, Tsk!)

As I was getting to Spondon Street, another ignorant, nasty, anti-social, objectional, offensive, law-breaking, seditious, thoughtless, inconsiderate, mannerless, yob, scumbag of a Pavement Cyclist belted by me, making my jump, he was so close! Grrr!

But it didn’t bother me.

But, as I went up the hill to the bus stop, another ignorant, nasty, anti-social, objectional, offensive, law-breaking, seditious, thoughtless, inconsiderate, mannerless, yob, scumbag of a loutish young Pavement Cyclist, was doing wheelies on the wide pavement?!?! I had to go around him to get into the Wilko store for my bleach! Grobleknackerbangles!

I paid and heaved my body and trolley up to the bus stop. The distant skies did not bode well at all. Incidentally, while I was waiting for the bus, three cars went through the traffic lights on red. Tsk! I suppose they know that those traffic-light cameras do not have any film in them?

I took a photo to the left, down the hill before the number 40 bus arrived. The driver getting a smidge annoyed as I struggled to get on the bus, and then to get sat down where I could hold onto the trolley. But it couldn’t be helped. Sorry, driver!

I was son back up Winchester Street and alighting the bus. Two residents to get off, I went first, and I’d like to mention that I did so without any Accifauxpas, injury or damage! And, I assisted the chap from my block behind me, to alight the bus with his trolley. Mega-Smug-Mode-Adopted!

We walked to the end of the road and got inside the Woodthorpe lobby and to the lifts. I got in and invited the chap to join me, which he appreciated, he looked as done-in as I felt, bless him. He had to get out, to let me out of the lift, I didn’t realise he loved on the 4th floor. Still, we managed a laugh about it. I fumbled about getting the trolley in, with its extra weight and bags, and into the corner.

I soon realised that my original plans to get the updating done of this diary were not going to happen. I was jiggered, exhausted in body and mind! My new plan; was to get something to eat, wash, and head-down, even though it was still early, even for me to seek sleep.

As I got into the kitchen with the purchases from Lidl and Wilko, I spotted what looked like a fire in the far distance.

I got the camera from my jacket pocket and took this picture. Then got the bags opened and sorted the things needed for the meal I’d planned on the bus, earlier. The Potato Rosti was a must-have, even though I left some new pots cooking in the crock-pot. I could taste it before I’d got it in the oven. Took some grapes, an apple, tomatoes and washed them, for slipping on the plate.

I made the feast up and got it served n the tray. But made far too much for me, in my tired state of health; however, the potato rostis, grapes, some of the tomatoes and potatoes were eaten. A Taste-Rating of 7/10 given, it was just me being so tired.

I was happily amidst feasting, and the door-chimes rang out. I put the food tray on the chair, and fought my way out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, unkempt, fluctuant, ramshackle, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, tatterdemalion, heavy yet tottery, rickety recliner, and off to investigate who my caller was.

Aha! My visitor had been my patron saint Jenny, from the 8th floor. Who had kindly left me some yellow tomatoes, a big bag too! She does look after me! ♥

Then I got settled back in the c1968 recliner, it was nippy in here tonight, so I used a heavier quilt. Put theTV on, but I didn’t need the TV, or anything of a somnifacient nature, for the Sweet Morpheus, enwrapped herself around my body and brain within a few minutes – and it was good! I believe I was dreaming of being asleep in my sleep?

I put the tom’s in the fridge, and got my ponderously pot-bellied, portly-paunch placed back onto the recliner; grabbed the tray of food, got my legs up on the chair, and was just about to restart noshing it, and the Landline burst forth and flashed!

So, I put the food tray on the chair, and fought my way out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly beige-coloured, unkempt, fluctuant, ramshackle, broken-down, uncomfortable, dusty, rusty, decaying, tatterdemalion, heavy yet tottery, rickety recliner, got the stick, and off to answer the phone.

It was my Alma Mater, Jenny. She told me of how she managed to get some yellow tomatoes for me again, and we had a chinwag with laughs for a while. I was a smidge out-out-it and didn’t write down what else was talked about, so I must find out if anything was arranged or agreed upon tomorrow. We bade each other a fond-farewells, and I think (hope) I thanked her again for the tomatoes ♥.

I returned to the rickety recliner, to have another go at eating the meal. But couldn’t each much more, and was back to wide-awake mode. However, what I did eat was more than enough for what I needed, so is a blessing in disguise, and stopped me gobbling too much. Hahaha!

I washed the pots and took a snap of the threatening skies.

Took the evening medications, cause I forgot earlier with flailing so early.

I realised that my being out and about so long, I’d missed taking two of the Dioctyl® stool softeners. Uncertain whether to take three now or just the one, I veered on the safe side, and just took the one. (A choice that I much-regretted in the mornings’ Porcelain Throne session – Rock-solid again, Argh!)

Inchcock Today – Mon 8 July 2019: A Distressing, disturbing, dejectional, despondent, depressing, disastrous, detrimental, devastatingly, denigratory, Whoopsiedangleplop saturated day! Humph!


2019 July 08

Monday 8th July 2019

Samoan: Aso Gafua 8th Iulai 2019

21:30hrs (Sunday). After falling asleep early, Even with my baryecoia, I was woken by something, a noise, or whatever, and sprang back into ersatz-life! As I lay there on the £300 second-hand, c1968, grotty-beige coloured, uncomfortable in the extreme, rusty, rickety recliner, I pondered. I have to get ready for Jenny’s visit in the morning. She has offered to help me this coming morning. To sort out the airing cupboard for the electricians to come and make another mess, servicing the air intake system to the wet room. Bless her, she is so kind to us all. So I decided, as I was well behind on the blogging, to get up and sort the computerisationing requirements ASAP.

6Sat18bWDA 153.51.102 I rose gingerly and took the two paces to the hardly used EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-Wee Bucket). The shock of SHLNSWW (Sharp-Hosepipe-Like-No-Sensation-Wee-wee) caught me off-guard, and I had to do some cleaning and sanitisationing, splashbacks, after the unexpectedly fierce, yet sensitiveless, wee-wee was done. Oy Gevalt!

1Mon01aI got the medications taken and did the health checks. The readings all looked good this morning, I think. SYS 146, DIA 59, Pulse 91, and the Temperature was 35.1°f.

As you might have guessed by the state of the picture on the right-hand side, the hands and fingers were doing some  Peripheral Neuralgia inspired dancing and shaking. They were at it on and off all day, yet never for very long, thankfully.

1Mon02I took a snap of the sky, from the fearsome light and View-blocking, with glass one, can’t reach to clean, and the step-ladder is needed to see anything down below over the wide ledge, kitchen window. A beautiful evening!

Made a brew, and took it into the utility room with me, and with great assiduity, I began to create some graphics for the blog page top.

No calls to the Porcelain Throne yet, this was out of the usual for me.

Having got the graphics nearly done. I set about making the template for the diary.

With a dogged conscientiousness, I began to update the Sunday post.

WD 153.51.0b Then, I got that feeling of, what can I call it? Thinking I had not done or done something wrong, left taps (faucets) running, windows open, cooker on, etc. Best described perhaps as, one of my nervous-panic-sessions. I just had to go and check things. The wet room and kitchen both looked okay. But a lingering feeling inspired by the EQ perhaps, would not go away, I felt uncomfortable of mind. What a wanwit, I am!

6Sat18bWDA 153.51.102 I made a mug of tea. I’d put the milk in and was stirring it, and the right hand and fingers kicked-off with the jumping and I splashed hot tea on my bare, bulging stomach. That made me jump a bit! The humming and whistling-like noises started again. There was no way of locating where they were coming from, but still, they seemed to surround me? I just hope it is not the fabric of the building creaking! Many other tenants have said they can also hear this noise. I’m worried about myself now! Haha! Moments later, the wind like sound started, almost like a generator in the background? Might be the crumbling concrete of the building? Well, at least if the place does fall down, reading this record might help them to understand why? Or not, of course.

WD 153.51.0b I finished off the diary updating, and, with great assiduity, I finished creating the graphics for the blog page top.

Still,1Mon06 no summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived yet? Oh, dear!

I’ll ask Jenny if she would like the DVD I bought a while ago. Some oldie actors in it, but I was not impressed with the storyline, acting or the script. I bet she will know someone who might like it. With Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Tom Courtenay, Michael Gambon, Charlie Cox, and Ray Winstone being in the cast, I expected something better and less crude. 1Mon03It seemed to me that they were not enjoying making the film at all. Certainly not a classy or original movie at all.

I made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold (again). As I made a start on this post. The burning of the back of the hand yesterday, has left some almost bluish-purple scars for me to view. Hehehe! 

With my not going out yesterday, I noticed that I had also not done my ablutions correctly, and was undoubtedly over-chaetophorous. So I must take extra care later when shaving! Odds are, a nick or cut will cause some bleeding. And with the INR still being high, care is due!

I went for a wee-wee in the wet room, now back to the UWTWW (Unwilling-Weak-Trickling-Wee-Wee) variety. I noticed how obrumpent my stomach was, and I was surprised at how it had bloated overnight. I dare 1Mon07not go on the scales!

Got the ablutions done early, to give me time to get the place tidied a bit before Jenny and the INR Nurse arrive.

No shower, of course, too early. I took extreme care in shaving, it took a long time, but was a bloodless exercise! Hehe! 

A hell of a job afterwards, the sink took over ten minutes for the water to flow away. I used the last of the drain unblocker. Tsk! This is getting expensive!

As I was pulling the sock-glider fitted bamboo socks on, I noticed that the leg ulcer on the ankle can’t seem to make its 1Mon07amind up, whether to come back or not? Tsk! It keeps looking like it will return, and the next day, it doesn’t?

The pins were still looking more warped than they have of late. The right leg is definitely a lot thinner than the left one is.

But the left limb is the one that has acquired a new super-bruise. Tsk!

WD 153.51.0b Arthur Itis is visiting them both, well, the knees!

I set to sorting the black bags to take down to the caretaker’s door. It’s still too early to use the waste chute, yet. I carried them down, dropped them at the door, and returned back up to the flat.

 I thought I would remove some bits from the old defunct, out-of-commission airing cupboard. Those that would not require any reaching, stretching, or bending to get at, I feel a bit guilty, with Jenny having to come and help me. Humph!

6Sat18bWDA 153.51.102 Oh heck! I pulled gently at some kitchen towels, and a ton of things came tumbling out and down onto me and the floor! I felt a right nincompoop! I dare not leave the stuff on the floor, for fear of the leg doing any of its shaking and stamping. I used the picker-upper stick and moved most of the things. All I could do was stick it in the rubbish room (Steptoe’s front room) Haha!

1Mon07dThen I had so much more stuff, I filled another two black bags. I got the camera with me and nipped down to the caretakers’ room again.

I noticed the end bit of newly laid lawn, had some patches seemingly coming on well, and others dying a death! So, I took this photograph of the sad scene, outside the apartments foyer door, near the extra car parking. Humph!

1Mon07cAs I re-entered the foyer, I spotted some clothes, well jeans and a jumper had been thrown in the waste bin. I wondered what if any, was the story behind this?

Back up in the elevator, and made a brew of Glengettie tasty tea. The shaking in the leg was terrible for a few minutes, and the involuntary Okey-Cokey performance was not welcomed! But, it only lasted for a short while this time. The hands were shaking as I used the walking stick.

Then I had to go for a wee-wee. Naturally with Jenny, bless her, coming to see me, I do not want the grey bucket in view. And, of course, there is my catagelophobia. Yet another mode of wee-wee, this time. An LHBLWW (Long Hosepipe-Blasting like Wee-Wee). Variety is the spice of life they say. I don’t know who said it, but someone did, I’m sure.

1Mon08As I began today’s blogging, the door chimes ran out Dusty Springfield’s tune, “I only want to be with you”. Jenny had called to sort out the cupboard for me. We had a lovely chinwag while she did it. Very organised, Jenny had brought some carrier bags with her. She told me off for moving the stuff that had fallen out of the airing cupboard when I grabbed the kitchen towels. (Told off in the most helpful, most beautiful possible way, I almost enjoyed it!) I explained that I dare not leave them on the floor, in case the leg started stomping and stamping, then I’d have myself over again. Jenny soon had the job done for me. I waffled on a bit about things, and she was very patient with me. I wanted to give her a thank-you kiss but was not brave enough, so I just thanked her copiously and profusely. BPAFM (Beyond-Pathetic-and-Feeble-Minded-Mode engaged)

Timing-wise, I’d missed the chance of catching the 09:30hrs bus to town, so I did some catching up on this blog, and went to find the 10:30hrs L9 bus to City Hospital. Then the 40 bus to town for a photographicalisationing session. Then the L9 back to the flats. That’s the plan, anyway!

I got ready, no rain forecast so left the umbrella, got the three-wheeler-guide, bus pass and card, and set out to the bus stop at the other end of Chestnut Drive. That is outside Winwood and Winchester Courts, this leaving we Woodthorponean tenants with the pleasure of a little extra exercise each bus trip. How kind of them! Hehehe!

There were many tenants at and around the bus stop, in spirits ranging from delirious, sullen, miserable, friendly, and NIWID mode ‘No-Idea-What-I’m-Doing.

WD 153.51.0b Moments later, the INR Nurse and Angel appeared, and my heart sank, and I tried to make myself look as small as possible! I was so embarrassed at forgetting about her calling, and was red-faced and nervous when she spoke to me! She was amazingly calm, after going to the flat to find me not in, and said she would call in the morning AGAIN! Her cunningly vocalisation of the word ‘Again’ was of a fashion that drove home, I can tell you; it will remain with me forever! USMA (Shame Mode Adopted!) I inwardly vowed to try and not make cock-ups anymore again! (But as you will read later, this prayed come desire did not mature. Oy-Vey!)

WD 153.51.0b I had a few slightly nervous mini-chinwags while waiting for the L9. On the bus to town, I was unsettled, feeling awkward, ashamed and disconcerted at my forgetfull failings. I stewed over them in my mind for a while and decided there was no hope of any improvements in this area. There is none physically either, and I was soon in the depths of depression. Arriving in town, without any memory of the actual bus journey.

1Mon09WD 153.51.0b Getting off of the bus, amidst a crowd of other folks, and it dawned on me. I should have caught the other bus, and I had missed the City Hospital appointment now! I had a hellish job fighting off the wickedly demoralising dysphoria, and self-hatred had crept in the scenario. I fought to get some equanimity back; but had to settle and accept, that a ‘crestfallenness’ was with me to stay. I tried to ignore my failings. I wrote a note to remind myself to call the Stroke Unit number as soon as I get home, to apologise and cringe to them. They said in the letter, if I fail to turn up, they will refer me back to my GP. The last thing I wante1Mon09ad. Dr Vindla does not understand the mental problems involved. But, I only have myself to blame. It’s always the same (life), just when something cheery that goes right (Jenny helping and seeing her again), unbelievably joyous, or a minimal success or victory happens, is when things go tits-up. Usually of my own making. Aka today!

I had a walk around the city centre, but my spirits were not good. On Parliament Street, I 1Mon10took a couple of pictures. Taking the second one, as I turned, I noticed some new, to me anyway, Graffiti and Street Art.

WD 153.51.0b There are CCTV cameras all over the place in Nottingham City Centre. I just hoped that they would identify the scumballs responsible for this appalling anti-socialness!

1Mon11 The street art near the shelters didn’t help me to cheer up either!

Being in the mood I was, low! (my own fault, I know) I started to dream of the punishment I would meter out, if I were in power, of some sort of autocracy, where liberality, mercy, and tolerance were frowned upon! My options for the ignorant graffitier’s and pavement cyclists are best not mentioned. A few of my chosen in mind punishments were anatomically impossible anyway! Hehe!

I pulled myself round as best, to take an interest in what I was doing as I could, and had a walk around the city, taking photographs en route to the Poundland store on Lister Gate. Note that on two of the photographicalisation, I caught a Nottinghamian smiling! Also the giant blow-up man?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got the Poundland Store, where my spirits were temporarily lifted when I found they had some Prok Farms Pies in stock. Bootiful! Being in the self-reproachment mood I was, is my excuse for buying so much stuff today. I came out with; Two Pork Farm pies, another drain unblocker, four nibbles, Lemon slice cakes, Twiglets, orange smarties, mini Kit-Kats, penguin nibbles, jelly babies, and stilton cheddars. Paid at the self-serve tills. £14 worth! Only some were for myself mind, the Pies, Twiflets, jelly-babes, orange Kit-Kats and the lemon cakes. Ahem!

1Mon15A slow walk back to the L9 bus stop on Queen Street, afterwards. Being in the mood I was, I ignored many photo opportunities of the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclists. Boy was I on a downer!

I took a zoomed-in photo on my way up Queen Street, of the recently opened, ‘The CutFather Turkish Barbers’ on Upper Parliament Street. As last week, there were no customers 1Mon16in the shop. I must have a look at the prices next visit to the town. There has to be a reason for his lack of trade – apart from the fact that I walked by six barber shops on my little hobble today from the bus stop into the Slab Square area!

I took a snap along the street, that shows a collection of buses. I think it might appeal to my beloved American TFZers. (I hope)

WD 153.51.0b Got on the bus. I tried to have a talk with a regular traveller gal, but we were both hard of hearing and the look of the incredulity of her expression, made me give up trying to natter with her.

WD 153.51.0b Back at the flats in no time, it seemed. I had been stewing in deep unhealthy thoughts en route, I think.

When I had got off the bus and exchanged ‘hello’s’ with other tenants waiting to get on the bus, I noticed the poor old new lawn. So as I hobbled along Chestnut Grove, I took some pictures of sad scenes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue03I didn’t see a soul in the flats as I got in and up the lift but felt in a slightly easier frame of mind (Fool, I should have known better!) as I got in the apartment.

WD 153.51.0b I found a note had been put through the door, from the INR nurse. Saying ‘Please contact your GP to re-arrange another visit!’ At first, my heart sank… then on reading it correctly and carefully, I saw the time on it was 10:20hrs, Phew! She had left it before she saw me at the bus stop earlier. So, the precious nurse will still be calling in the morning to see me.

WD 153.51.0b This reminded me that I had to call the Stroke Team at the City Hospital to grovel and explain things about my missing the appointment. I could not find the letter, so I went on the computer, as I was sure I had put the number on the Google calendar. I found it eventually, only to discover: It was for in August! Another Whoopsideangleplop! I’m getting fed up with myself!

WD 153.51.0b 1Mon22Then I remembered I had not put the Pork Pies, or anything else, away yet! So, I got one pie in the fridge, put the other stuff away and cut up the other pie onto a plate for the meal. Only some part-baked cobs to cook for ten minutes in the oven. Sliced and onion-salted some small tomatoes, opened and drained a can of peas, some Marmite cheese medallions added, and a pot of lemon mousse for afters. Buttered the cobs, and dug into the meal. Flavour rating of 6/10, the cobs, not being sourdough, was so bland, I might as well have had cardboard! Tsk! I ate it all, though! (Pig!)

I had a rinse, stayed stripped off and the expected weariness, with me getting up early as well, as expected came over me. I got in the recliner and put a DVD to watch.

WD 153.51.0b I soon drifted off into a deep sleep. Unfortunately, not deep enough for me to ignore the door chimes. I struggled painfully out of the chair, got some clothes on, got the stick, and made my way to the door. But no one was there, by that time!

Back in the seat, and in no time, I was back in the land of nod!


Inchcock Today – Monday 22nd May 2017: Nice hobble to the hospital blood test

Monday 22nd May 2017

Latin: 22 Lunae Maii MMXVII

0530hrs: Woke, felt sorry for myself for getting no response to me begging for help with the Chrome problem. Out of the £300 second-hand wobbly recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. I reread some bits of the ‘Emotions’ book while there.

No bleeding anywhere, an easier session and decided to do the ablutions while I was in there.

Only two cuts this morning (The new Bic razors you know?), shaving, had a visit from Dizzy Dennis.

Out and got the nibble bag ready for the nurses at the Blood Clinic and put the Anticoagulation Record Card in the jacket pocket so as not to forget it later.

A bit nippy this morning.

Got the computer on and made sure that Chrome would load and did some WordPress reading.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications. The only thing about the results that bothered me was the 14.82 Weight. Sys:155 Dia:85 Pul:84 Temp:34.9. With staying in, in case the Tech Man called for two days (He didn’t) thus not getting any hobbles in may have contributed to the increase in mass weight? I must remember to email Sam, the Tech Man when Chrome allows me to and inform him of the No Change situation with Google Chrome going unresponsive, even after all the work he’s done on it, and ask him to have a look again when he gets the time.

Made a mug of tea and started this dairy off. Then I finished off yesterday’s post.

Oh dear, the tummy rumbling is back again now, suddenly came on? And I have a long hobble coming up to get to the City Hospital Anticoagulation INR blood test session.

Had to stop doing this at this moment, or I will be late if I don’t get a move on now… Hope things (Google Chrome) will let me back on later.

1Mon01Been no bother yet today?

Would you believe it, after typing the above, guess what happened?

Not feeling too good with the innards, hope I can get to the hospital without any hassle. Hehe! Thank heavens for the free Pensioners Bus pass.


I’m back.

I’d set off and up through the park passing and talking to the tree Copse as I went. (I know, sad innit?)

Up over the hill and right down towards Valley Road Dual Carriageway.

Not too cold at all this morning, and no signs of any rain imminent either.

1Mon02On the hill hobbling down to the main road, I came across these giant daisies in a driveway of one of the houses.

I cannot remember seeing any of this giant variety of this species of daisy, the Asteraceae family ever before in England. I recall seeing some on a fishing holiday in Ireland at Athlone, though. Bootiful!

1Mon03As I approached the dual carriageway to turn left down to the turn at the next traffic island for the hospital, the fifth Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came at me.

I had the camera out from taking the flowers shot.

Along the footpath near the turn-off for the blood tests, I saw through the railings, one lone 1Mon04Ladybird, or Lady Bug as the Americans call them.

Did the best I could to get a clear shot of it, but ended up with the one here on the left as the best I could manage.

Onward through the ground passing the GUM Clinic and right into the Anticoagulation Section.

Took a ticket and went to get the Crossword Book out of the bag. But I’d left it in the flat. So I took the ticket from the machine and ventured to a mini-shop and bought another one. I must have about six of them now. Tsk!

Got seated and waited for the number to come up. The book I had bought had odd shaped crosswords grids where there were fewer answers crossing each other so made it a little hard to get some of the answers. That’s my excuse anyway. Hehe!

Half an hour or so later my number came up, and I hobbled into the clinic. Once again no bother with the extraction, but a right job to stop it bleeding afterwards.

Out and over the road to the bus stop with the bus pass in hand ready. I would have liked to have had a crash helmet and knee pads on too. Boy, was it busy on that bus! Haha!

1Mon09Got into Bulwell and walked to the cheapo shop where I found nothing I wanted. Limped to the Fulton Food Store to get the Sterilised milk – but they had none in stock. Not doing very well with the shopping today. They had none of the Bread Thins in either. I did get some battered fishcakes and fish fingers, though.

At £1 each on offers, so not all a waste of time, eh?

1Mon05Out of the shop through the Market Place.

Not many folks around today.

Although I could hear many emergency vehicles sirens and horn somewhere nearby? Mind you, this not uncommon in Bulwell I have to say.

To the River Lean Bridge to have a talk to the 1Mon07Mallard Ducks.

Gave them some of the fodder I’d mixed for them that I know they like.

Birdseed, Cornmeal pellets, Sunflower seeds and Mealworm Pellets.

Oh, I do look after them, and in return, it gives me so much pleasure to see them gobble them up.

1Mon06One white duck, a little larger than the others, did not join in the feast.

He or she was far more interested in something on the bottom of the river – and that is all I could in the photographicalisations I took of the bird – The Bottom!


I didn’t find out what was so tantalising the Duck in the river, though.

Went to catch a tram back to Nottingham, and a more perilous journey this one was. The tram was almost full when it arrived in Bulwell Station and dozens of ankle-snappers with mothers in toe with fags hanging out of their mouths and a varied vocabulary coming up from their oesophagus regions, shoplifters and yobboes competed with me for a seat… I lost!

Dropped off at the Theatre Royal stop and checked the time on the display. Twenty minutes until the next L9 bus. Not long enough to go to get some bread and milk, so I wobbled further down Queen Street and caught a 40 bus back. Another full bus!

A kerfuffle of sorts, but not an ill-tempered one at all. When it came to my getting off on Winchester Street Hill, Three ladies and a chap were getting off as well. But a lady who got on later in the journey had a for wheeled shopping trolley with her, and what a picklement as he had to move the trolley to make room the three trolleys the getting off ladies had. Still, they all managed it with a laugh, that was nice. The bus driver wasn’t too happy it took ages and a line of cars behind the bus up to the top of the hill by the time they’d sorted themselves and got off. Hehehe!

I waited as the bus departed to cross over where there is a central pedestrian island, waited further for the queue of traffic to clear and crossed over. To my surprise, the ladies had crossed with the chap and about fifty yards on down the hill already!

1Mon08Down and onto Chestnut Walk and took this photo from under the tree.

I wondered if this one will survive the chopper when they start the alterations at the compound?

Met Penny’s husband Frank in the foyer of the flats. We had a chinwag and a laugh.

Up to flat number 72 and to the porcelain for a wee-wee.

Put the fish away, keeping some out to use for the meal.

1Mon17aFelt somewhat peckish, so I got the meal cooking, took the medications and set the timer to remind me when the fish and fish cakes were ready.

Ate the lot of it and still felt a bit peckish afterwards.

Did the health checks.

1Mon18Drifted off into the land of nod in no time.

Woke a couple of hours later and put the kettle on to have a brew.

The sky looked nice, what is it they say? ‘Red Sky at Night – Shepherds Delight?

A small Whoopsiedangleplop with the washing up. Left the hot water tap running again. Blooming good job the plug was not in the sink!

Had a look at the TV magazine and found endless programmes I thought I’d like, took a while to choose which ones to watch… not that it mattered, I fell asleep again! Tsk!

Not a good one, off for a few minutes, waking up, nodding off again…

Eventually, I sprang awake with the need to make use of the Porcelain Throne, this woke me properly like when I stubbed the toe again en route. Hunger pangs returned, and I had a look what was available in the freezer for a second meal. Not had two meals in a day for years before.

1Mon17Cooked some potato cakes, petit poi and had the last three tiny potatoes left from the first meal of the day. The cooked smoked crispy bacon was a day out of date, but smelt and looked alright to me, so I had them cold.

Even had a pot of lemon yoghourt with it.

Within minutes of consuming and enjoying this extra feast, the innards started rumbling and stabbing away at me. Huh!

Put the empty plate and tray to one side, thought about taking an extra Omeprazole as Duodenal Donald was starting to kick off too… still managed to fall asleep right through until 0545hrs!

Inchcock – Monday 15th May 2017: Got soaked in the rain going for the INR Blood Test, Tsk!


Monday 15 May 2017

Icelandic: Mánudagur 15 Maí 2017

0215hrs: Rose out of the rickety £300 second-hand recliner. Had a visit from Dizzy Dennis on the way to the Porcelain Throne. A long, long session this first one today. Got some of the ‘Emotions’ book reread. The movement was far less than of late, but resistant to my needs, although still Pebbledash quality. Cleaned things and me up and into the kitchen to make a cuppa.

Got the washing ready and down to the laundry room and got them machine going. Back up to the home.

Took the morning medications, not realising it was so early.

1Mon02Down and moved the things into the dryer.

The view from outside the foyer door was photographicalised.

Onto the computer and finished off the last diary for yesterday.

Google Chrome keeps going unresponsive, and I have to close it and all other programmes and restart – then it does it again! Grumph! Does it each and every time I try to go on Facebook!

Then I did the Health Check Print-Out for last week.

I think things looked okay.


Noticed the, er… aroma shall I call it, from the Porcelain Throne room seemed to have permeated into the rest of the flat’s rooms. Foul and followed me all over, even when I went down twelve floors to the laundry room! Nose blocked today, maybe that has something to do with it. Seem to be endlessly spraying air freshener over everywhere, without any success?.

1Mon04Down to retrieve the clothing.

Why or how I had not noticed before beats me, but I realised how few clothes I’d actually taken down to be washed?


I’d unaccountably started two laundry bags and taken only one down! Nincompoop, idiot and simpleton spring immediately to mind as a description of me?

Up one last time to the flat. The first thing needed to be was to visit the Porcelain Throne… what a phoo too! Hehe! More disinfectant splashing and fresh-air spraying ensued!

Must remember today is the INR Blood Test at the City Hospital. I’ll try a walk there again like last week, a slow, steady walk. Put the nibbles in the bag while I thought of it, and the Anticoagulation form in the jacket pocket.

6Sat01aWhile searching got the things, I came across the leaflet about Tuesday being available for us to go and talk to someone in the Community Shed about out preferences for the new colour scheme for the flats.

I don’t mind what colour they are, but will vote for the dark brown I think, because I can’t see others opting for it. That is of course if I remember to go.

Started this off, in between Google Chrome crashing and having to rest everything – getting miffed with this. I must try to find someone who can come to the flat and fix it for me if possible?

Then is dawned on me. Will I manage to get to the hospital without any Accifauxpa in the emissions department? Fingers crossed and safety pants on I think.

To the Porcelain Throne once more, much wind and rumbling but little action. Although much stinky-poos I’m afraid. While I sat there, a mental picture of the dream, I had earlier adumbrated into my mind for few seconds. I was in the back of a lorry, had a uniform on and playing cards with some other soldiers, each one from a different army and time period…? Was this from a dream? Or did the pain of the Throne session warp the mind? Hehehe!

Got ready and did the ablutions – spent ages trying to get to every crevice to feel cleansed. Creams, medications and deodorants applied afterwards, but the smell still seemed to have lingered.

1Mon07Got dressed up well, I still can’t find the umbrella. Naturally, it was raining as I left the foyer.

Up by the magnificent looking Copse along the gravel path, taking my time and enjoying the wildlife and fauna as I poddled along.

Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis and even Duodenal Donald were being gentle with me, bless em!


I was under some trees looking up at the branches trying to locate a bird singing away but could not.

But I got a shot of this young lady as she cycled along the footpath with her child in a chair on the crossbars.

Some friendly dogs around that let me fuss them a bit, enjoyed that.

1Mon09Out and up the hill, and this gentleman came by from behind and gave me a start.

Over the crest and down to the traffic lights to cross over and onwards down to Valley Road.

The rain started to come a lot harder.

But no signs of interest from Diarrhea Derek bothering me, that was another good sign.

1Mon10Down the hill and looked back as this Herbert rode a little close to me for my liking. I’m pleased to report that the motorist turning into the side road gave the Pavement Cyclist a toot on his horn and made him wobble… and I just caught him in mid-wobble!

Turned left and crossed the two-stage Pelican Lights over to the other side of the dual carriageway.

1Mon12The wildflowers and weeds on the verges looked so fresh in the new rain.

I came across these Daisies that were bigger and larger than any I have ever seen, Bootiful they were.

I reckon the bigger ones were up 4 inches wide?

1Mon16I spotted this Pavement Cyclist (No problem with him at all, and the traffic was very heavy on the road), so saw him coming towards me and moved out of his way.

By gum, he was moving.

Realised the rain had almost stopped as I took this photographicalisation.

A few hundred yards further on the drizzle turned back into torrential rains – not that it bothered me too much mind – I was that wet anyway it would have been hard to get 1Mon11wetter without throwing myself into the stream further on, nearby.

I leant over the bridge and looked down into the stream or Brook whatever it was.

There were not many tings that had not been deposited in it along this stretch. Railings, shopping trolley and baskets, fag packets, Coke cans, Condoms, someone’s jacket, etc. A bit sad really.

As I approached the GUM clinic entrance, the rain increased, even more, it belted down! They could not help with my request for a date for the op but would let me know ASAP and reminded me I am still on the Standby List and do I still want to be on it? I said yes and thanked them.

Out into the wet rain and hobbled as fast as I could manage to the Phlebotomy Department, took the ticket and had a go at the Crosswords. The nurses were back in the proper Bay Area now, so it did not take them long to clear the queue, and I was in and being done in less than fifteen minutes! The nurse had a job stopping the vein bleeding again, but it didn’t bother her. Gave the nurses nibbles to her, thanked her and asked which way if there is one, can I go to get out at the other end of the site using inside corridors to avoid the rain? She explained to me, and I was off.

I was soon lost.


I eventually got to Edwards Lane and back up into Sherwood, through the Park and back down to the flats. Soaked through I was! Hehe!

Met Jenny and Frank, then Olive in the foyer and had a chinwag.

Then up to the flat and amazingly, did not need a visit to the Porcelain Throne! Watch it now, I’ll probably get Constipation next… Tsk, Hehe!

An hour updating this diary, and then I did have to visit the Throne, not a bad session at all.

Bravely I tried Facebooking, fully expectant of the Computer freezing or just becoming unresponsive.

Which it did, and I gave up.


 Got some fodder ready and did my best to eat it all.

The recent return of hunger had gone again now?

However, afterwards, in between nodding off sessions and I failed to view the DVD (Last of the Summer Wine Christmas Specials), I did nibble on some naughty snacks. Crisps Marmite, chocolate bar and rice peas.

Dizzy Dennis paid me a few visits.

Did the ablutions, took the medications and got the head down to sleep… which within about five hours I achieved! Humph!

TTFN each.

Inchcock Today: Monday 12th December 2016


Monday 12th December 2016

In Nepali: सोमवार 12 डिसेम्बर 2016

Well well well, what a horrible night! Tsk!

Didn’t get to sleep until well after midnight – then persistent dreams, it seemed like one long continuous one, I reckon it was full of regrets and failure. Yet I once again can recall no details for certain at all.

Around 0420hrs I woke and pondered on the things that needed to get done today.

Out of the £300 second-hand, working rather shakily recliner and off for a WRWW. Little Inchy was still sore.

Into the kitchen to make a cuppa and get the medications ready. Took a photograph at the top of the page, by bravely opening the window to get a better less reflective shot. It surprised me with it not being so cold with the fog stroke mist out there this morning.

Responded to the innards demand, for a WRHD session with trepidations. But all was well indeed! No Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding at all. Anne Gyna was absolutely fine with me. Roger Reflux Valve hardly any bother at all! Duodenal Daniel not the slightest hassle! Even Arthur Itis was in a good mood with me! All this, along with Little Inchy’s lesion not bleeding, cheered me up. Good!

1mon03Sorted me out and got the computer on, a fresh cuppa and took the morning medications.

A bit of bother with the WordPress gallery not working, but it came back on of its own accord later?

I wondered how I could get to see Jane and Pete and consulted the Google Calendar.

0645hrs now, and I thought (Another rarity there, hehehe!) I’d call Pete to see if we could arrange a meet somehow or other. I conceived that I might catch him on his way to the paper shop and ATM. When I rang, he’d just got back a few minutes earlier. We had a natter, with Pete wisely consulting with Jane in between, and it was decided that they would both come up to see me next Wednesday morning. I was even more cheered up now!

I considered taking up numismatics as a hobby. I’ve no idea why I said or thought that?

1mon04I poddled into the kitchen again to replace the gotten-cold mug of tea.

Got the inspiration to take the few Estima boiled potatoes in the saucepan, out with me in a bag to nibble on my travels.

While doing this, I realised that the vegetables in stock in the Crock-Pot had not lasted well and were ponging a bit.

So I strained them, put them in a bag then into the black refuse sack. Had to leave the porcelain part of the slow cooker soaking in the bowl in the sink.

Spent a while Facebooking and grahicalisationing.

Did the ablution duties, carbolic soap today.

1mon02All ready and wrapped up, a quick check on the weather from the kitchen window, and I set off on the walk to the Nottingham Haematology for the Warfarin INR Level Blood Test.

Trudged up the hill and through the Woodthorpe Park and left down to Mansfield Road.

Just a bit of a nip in the mist this morning, but I kept going, and it was not too bad at all.

No dizzies!

1mon03Up into Sherwood, and right down Edwards Lane to the ring road.

Stopped to take a photograph of the traffic coming up Edwards Lane.

The mist was oddly masking the far scenery, I thought if it comes out alright, I might add this to the ‘Moody Photo’ Album on my Facebook page later.

Onward, avoiding many Nottingham Pedestrian-Cyclist on the ring road, and arrived at my destination and took a ‘waiting ticket’ and settled to read my book in the Out-Patients hall.

An hour or so later, after keeping my eye on the roster board, my number came up and I rather foolishly as it turned out, went to the usual ‘Blood-Room door to find it locked’? I looked around rather confused, and a chap laughed at me and pointed in a backwards direction indicating this is where I have to go today. Through a mini-maze of corridors and into an entirely different area of the hospital, I found a nurse stood in the hall waiting for me, and she hastened me into a tiny room to have my blood taken. It appears that the usual room had suffered a water leak and could not be used. Hey-ho, How I managed not to notice that each time the dozens of numbers came up and no one went near the old room, I don’t know – or the signs I saw on my way out informing us of the change. Hehe!

1mon04Went to the bus stop to find a number 40 was due in four minutes, so caught it back and thankfully, up Winchester Street Hill.

This picture was taken near the ring road through the bus window.

Dropped off at the Commercial Laundry and hobbled up, turned left to the apartment.

Back at the flats I nipped in to see Olive and got a telling off or two. Collected her empty jars after a nice chinwag.

Back to the flat, and literally did nothing more of any interest worth or bother than collapsing in the £300 second-hand recliner, for some reason almost entirely worn-out?

Very strange this sudden loss of drive and interest?

It took a while for me find the interest in making something to eat, but this seemed to bring me round a bit.

1mon05Made a meal with eyes far too ginormous and big for my stomach. Tsk!

Not that it mattered, cause when it came to eating it, the interest had gone and I left most of it.I didn’t eat any of the boiled potatoes

I didn’t eat any of the boiled potatoes.

A sudden feeling of inadequacy, valuelessness and almost a depression came over me – but why I don’t know.

I did nothing more after that, other than fall asleep, wake up, WRWW, fall asleep, wake up, pass wind, TV on, fall asleep, wake up, but I did have many dreams in between, no detailed facts about them remain.

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today, Wednesday 30th November 2016: Got to see Olive at last – Joy! Amidst the hassle.


Scottish Gaelic: Là Naomh Aindrea

Wednesday 30th November 2016

Greek: Τετάρτη 30 Νοέμ, 2016

0000hrs: Woke up on the stroke of midnight. Off for a WRWW, made a cuppa and took the medications far too early without realising it was so early.

The Nottingham City Homes repair people should be arriving today to look at the storage radiator. The Morrison delivery should be arriving twixt 0730 > 0830hrs. I had thought the podiatrist was calling but realised this was next week after I checked the diary.

Yesterday I got the INR results with the next date to return, this being next Monday 5th December. I sent a request to the surgery for an appointment – still waiting for an answer. Nothing in the inbox from them.

Checked the Facebook and spent a while on it. A good while.

0625hrs: Got the ablutions carried out, a carbolicalisationing session this one. A WRHD that decided me to take a Senna tablet. Little Inchies wound was not bleeding, flared up a bit, but not bleeding, so that was good. Put on the new trousers I bought a few weeks ago and guess what? – Whoopsiedangleplop! The zip on the flies broke! And I cannot remember where I bought them from. Humph!

Got the laundry ready for collection. Got the bags of rubbish assembled to take to the waste chute after 0800hrs.

Made a drink and noticed the ice on the rooftops below. The kitchen thermometer read 57°f and the wind blew in through the cracks in the window. I thought I’d open it and take some photographs of the cold looking dwellings outside.

3wed023wed033wed04Opening and closing the damned window involved going into the narrow gap to pull out the plug to release it.

I started the cut on the thumb bleeding again. Tsk!

The doorbell played it’s Dusty Springfield melody ♫I only want to be with you♫as the Morrison delivery driver rang it. He told me that one item was unavailable and one was substituted. He offered to take the stuff through to the kitchen for me, but I was feeling good health-wise so thanked him and declined the offer.

The missing item was, of course, the Sourdough Bread! Gnash!

The substitute was for the pack of six Morrison’s kitchen towels, the substitute a two pack of the same. After thinking how annoying this was that the Sourdough bread had to be only thing unavailable, I realised it wasn’t annoying really. Cause I’ve been eating far too much bread again this last week or so.

Put the fodder away. I had to throw away some stuff from the freezer to make room for the frozen food delivered. I’d made two errors with this order (Fancy that?) The sliced mushroom I’d ordered in the belief that thewy were fresh, were frozen and a much bigger bag. The 500g bag of chips Albert Bartlett Homestyle Chips (Those that Martin Shuttlecock recommended me to try, and taste super), was in actuality 1.5 kilogramme. Had I not cocked-up the ordering everything should have fitted into the freezer. So, once again I can blame my senility.

The noise started from above the flat, drilling. I think the chap there is having a wet-room fitted. If this takes as long as mine did. I’ll have 14 days of this noise to put with. Can’t be helped.

One the computer again, emails, Facebooking and graphicationalisationing.

They just gave out the temperature in Nottingham on the radio. -1°c/ 29°f. Brr!

Nottingham City Homes man arrived to look at the radiator. Said it had tripped out, but not sure why. Reset it, told me it should be working for the morning.

Obergruppenfurheress Dean called, she had been to Olive and was concerned about me not seeing her. Explained that I had called three times but there was no answer and was beginning to worry about Olive. I asked her if she could tell Olive about my staying in for the repair man, and I am still waiting for the laundry man. She then explained that the notice on the board downstairs about not using washing machines in the early hours of the morning was for people using their devices in their flats. Not the laundry room!

Told Deana about the British Gas communication and another email from 38° Degree about moving to another electricity supplier. She said it’s better to stay where I am because moving will be a lot of hassle. She will ask Susan to talk to me again.

1240hrs: Still waiting for the morning collection of my laundry as promised – Tsk!

At around 1615hrs, I went to visit Olive and asked her if she could please ring the launderette to ascertain if they are coming today or not to collect the service wash. They weren’t, so I cancelled the whole thing with them. Had a chinwag and cuddle with Olive, then returned home and got the nosh on.3wed05

The frozen mushrooms I’d done in the Crock-Pot were like little pieces of leather, the beetroots were as hard as bullets. The bacon & egg twist I’d overcooked, the Sourdough bread tasted nothing like sourdough bread, but the apple, tomatoes and the mushroom pate were all excellent.

Not one of my better efforts. 6/10.

3wed06Went to do the washing up and the sky was lovely.

WRHD session of serious struggling and pain with a little bit of bleeding. Took another Senna with the evening medications.

Took another Senna with the night medications, and added a Senna to the morning pill box so I wouldn’t forget to take it. (Planning ahead now, I’m getting worried about myself! Hehehe!)

Sorted out the TV viewing plans: 1650hr Ch10 Heartbeat, 1900hrs Ch4 News, 2000hrs Ch17 History, 2100hrs. Ch31 Police, 2200hrs Law & Order SV and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner. Where I promptly fell asleep within minutes.

I probably have the TV on at night as much as anyone else does, but actually watching the TV? Possibly Brother-in-Law Pete understands this more than I do, so he is not bothering to help me pick out a new television, cause he realises it would be a pointless exercise. Well spotted Pete! Hehe!

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today. Tuesday 29th November 2016: Cold and lonely day, late Whoopsiedangleplop. Tsk!


Tuesday 29th November 2016

In Finnish: Tiistai 29 Marraskuu 2016

0345hrs: Woke late, not surprising with the marathon hobble I had yesterday. Recalled bits of dreams, I was in a cellar (Again), and being beaten with hot rods and made to read Hitler’s false diaries while hanging on the wall chains. That’s all I remember.

I extricated myself from the £300 second-hand recliner chair, coming across a melted chocolate cashew nut on me jammies, knocked the headphones I’d not noticed onto the carpet and off for a WRHD session of great pain, but not 2tue001amuch bleeding this time. Returned and cleaned up a bit.

Made a brew, WRWW again and took the morning medications.

And boy, is it cold this morning!

Outside 24°f (-3.2°c) and in the kitchen 54°f (12°c).

2tue01Brrr! Got the new thick socks on, that helped a bit. Can’t complain at £1 a pair, can I?

Although, knowing my luck, the first time I wash them they’ll shrink to a glove-fitting size. Humph!

St Andrews day tomorrow, so I got on with doing graphics to celebrate it for Suzieann Smith and Duncan Robertson, two wonderfully caring people and cyber friends. I’ll use it on tomorrow diary. Then updated the journals.

2tue032tue01aPopped onto the scales.

Very pleased, when I compared them to last months one on the left. Although, after yesterday’s marathon, and I did strip off today when I weighed myself and the time before, I had some clothes on. Maybe not so pleased after all? But better than going up I reckon.

2tue04Started the Crock-Pot vegetables off. Carrots, leeks, onions, tomatoes and parsnips.

I wasn’t sure if I could cook using sauces in the Crock-Pot, but I gave it a go. Black bean sauce, vinegar, oregano, Bisto vegetable flavouring, some Marmite and sea salt added. Must remember to keep stirring up the concoction.

2tue06Did some more Facebooking and graphics, etc.

I went into the kitchen to stir the Crock-Pot and make another mug of tea, and noticed outside, this lady on the right giving lessons about dog control I think to the others. As soon she left with her dog, the other two ha da devil of a job getting theirs to come back to them. Hehe!

Carried on graphicationalisationing and Facebooking until 1055hrs, when I started my ablutions. Used the scented Dettol soap today.

Ambled hopefully to see Olive, but she was out. Might be her Scrabble day? Disappointed.

2tue07Stirred the Crock-pot. Then I returned and took the empty jars to the bottle bank.

Took a photograph of the bins, but once again the red spots appeared? Spoilt the whole picture. I wonder what it is I’m doing wrong?

Then again, I often wonder this on and over many situations and occurrences. Tsk!

Stood a while looking at the beautiful but dastardly cold view around the apartments. Shivered, broke the wind and returned indoors back up to the flat for another WRHD session.

2tue08Stirred the vegetables and gravy in the Stock-Pot, tried a piece of parsnip and it was still rock hard. This was after nearly four hours in the slow-cooker? I imagined that dong the fodder in gravy as opposed to the usually salted water might be having an effect here?

Turned up the setting to high, kept stirring the stew of sorts, often in between working on the computer, Graphicationalisationing mostly.

Finalising and preparing the fodder.

2tue09Moved the seasoned Crock-Pot vegetables into the saucepan and added some tinned stewed steak in gravy to it. Did the washing of the slow cooker bowl in between stirring the mixture up.

Made a right sticky mess of the porcelain and it took ages to get it cleaned, managed (Whoopsiedangleplop) to cut the right thumb on the concrete like bits of food sticking to the bowl, in the process. Ended up with a stew of sorts, that was enjoyed with some Sourdough bread and a lemon yoghourt.

The TV viewing choices were selected, something was on from 1755hrs through until 2300hrs for me to watch. Of course, I realised the expectancy of getting to the end was not high. Eventually settled and watched Heartbeat that was due to finish at 1900hrs, but nodded-off at the second set of commercial breaks – waking up at 0000hrs!

Inchcock Today Monday 19th September 2016: INR blood test – Laundry – Shopping and Sweet Olive joy!

Monday 19th September 2016


Didn’t stir until 0630hrs this morning – fought with the £300 second-hand recliner and escaped for a WRHD session. The event went without any hiatus, but I did notice the water level in the WC was a few inches lower than normal?

Rushed around and got things ready for the walk to the Nottingham City Hospital for the INR Blood level check.

1mon02I was soon setting out and up the gravel hill and into Woodthorpe Grange Park and left down the path onto Mansfield Road.

The rain was so fresh and so thin that I didn’t actually notice it as I wobbled along.

Not until I stopped at the gate to take a photo of the waste bin.

1mon03The contents crammed in so much that stuff had been left on top and at the side of it.

Somebody had been having fun it seemed, judging by the empty alcohol bottles and inside: Half-eaten pies, cakes and pizzas.

They, must have been dining in the rain?

1mon04Left over the hill and started off down Edwards Lane to the traffic island.

Where I came across another roadside waste bin.

With an interloper showing interest in the debris on top of the bin as mentioned earlier.

He/she wasn’t too interested in my camera work, though.

The rain stopped for a while as went on over the road and carried on down Edwards Lane, 1mon081mon05then left along Valley Road, the ring road.

On to the Traffic Island, over the pelican lights and left up to Hucknall Road to the hospital grounds. Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered, nad made my way to the blood taking Hall.

Passing the oft-frequented GUM clinic as I entered the grounds, and made my way through the maze of buildings and to the blood receiving hall. Took a ticket and settled to read my Keep Calm and Carry book, with the anecdotes and true stories from ordinary people of their experiences during the war.

I was summoned to go in and soon had the blood took. The nurse had a bit of bother stopping the bleeding, well, a bit more than usual, like.

1mon06As I departed, the rain came down a bit heavier.

When I got to the crossing on Valley Road, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist nearly had me, as he belted by.

I pressed on as the rain got a little lighter.

Took a photographicalisation near the 1mon07next traffic island. From under the umbrella. I have to say, I’m well pleased with this brolly, nay bother from the wind with it at all. Mind you, it wasn’t very windy, come think of it.

Over the road, limped on and right up Edwards Lane.

The only bother I had on both the going and coming trips, was this part, going back up this hill, Anne Gyna let me know she was rather unhappy about this. Hehe!

I didn’t time myself on either journey, but I seemed to get back to the apartments in pronto-time.

As I went in, I noticed that both machines were free at the time. So I nipped up and got the washing ready. Where does it all come from, hehe! Back down and got it going. Back up again and got the laptop on to finalise yesterday’s and get it posted.

Back down and move the stuff into the dryer. Then up to the flat and got awfully carried away doing graphics and starting this diary off. Realised a couple of hours later I’d not collected the washing yet! 11b

Down and gathered the laundry and cleaned up the filter and counter surfaces. Someone had put the clothes on the draining board for me to retrieve. Oh, I do feel a clot!

2tue02I got the bags and bus-pass and made my way to the bus stop and off to Arnold to get some fresh veg. Had a nice chinwag with one or two on the bus.

Dropped off at the Sainsbury store in Arnold.

The bus shelter had been vandalised again. Fancy that! 

Gawd did I spend well today! Cream cake, cheeses, Danish Blue, Stilton, Marmite cheese, cheddar cubes, Aya potatoes, carrot, parsnip, turnip, leek, Wiejska, Higgidi onion & cheese quiche, Chicken drumsticks, Marmite rice cakes, Surimi, a jelly and cherry vine tomatoes! Over £30 worth altogether. Tsk, Huh and Humph!

Caught the bus back and had a chinwag with a lady tenant.

2tue03Called in to see Olive. She was in fine form again, still telling me off for things. She did not want one of the cream horns. Very kindly Olive rang the Chiropodist that was advertising home visits to see if she could fit me in. Olive said she charges the same as the Foot First who I was not very pleased with on my last visit on Saturday. But of course, a home call to tend to me is a distinct advantage. The woman is to call Olive back later, and I am to call at Olive’s tomorrow at either 0900hrs or after 1600hrs to find out if she can take me on. The nails will need clipping again in four to five weeks. She’s so good to me, bless her cotton socks X

I returned to the flat after giving Olive a kiss and cuddle in thanks. Well, I like it!

2tue01aBack on the laptop to update things and do some more work on graphicalisationing for a few hours. The time shot by, and soon it was time to get the meal ready.

I popped on the scales as I went into the spare room to get me jammies ready – flipping things are playing up again! Hehehe!

1mon09Balsamic Onion  and Cheese Quiche, red and yellow tomatoes, beetroot, gherkins, pickled egg, extra blue cheese slices on the top & cheddar cheese cubes… I believe there might have been two fresh cream horns and a pot of mandarins in jelly lurking in the vicinity too?

So tasty it was. I’d planned to eat half of it and save the other half to have cold tomorrow, but it was too nice not to eat all of it!

Phoned Sister Jane and told her about me trying the very first quiche of my life.

Soon started nodding off when I got the telly on, and it was not long before I was in the land of nod.

Inchcock Today Mon 21 Dec 15: A Tiring Painful Hospitalisation day – Hey-ho!



Monday 21st December 2015

Up at 0515 hrs, laid a while pondering on what me schedule was for the day: Make sure all the things for the possible stay in the City hospital were in my bag to take with me. (Although I’m sure they will not be keeping me in this time now the bleeding from Little Inchy has abated so much – typical, after eight weeks it stops just before I manage to get an appointment  – huh!).

Then I’ll get the diaries done as far as I can. Must call BJ and keep him informed later.

To the Queens Medical Centre Haematology for me warfarin Blood INR test – then hopefully, catch the inter-hospital bus to the City Hospital. Timing this to arrive near the right time might be dodgy.

Then into the GUM clinic and go through the embarrassment of having Little Inchy examined again – then see what decision they take about me. They just might decide to do surgery, and I’ll be kept in overnight for it in the morning, but I don’t think this will happen now it’s bleeding so much less. I anticipate being given some more creams again and given a new follow-up appointment. If this is the case, getting home will take some effort unless the 40 bus us still running that late at night, it means having to catch two buses and a good walk when I get to Sherwood up to the flats. I know from experience how uncomfortable things will feel after having him prodded, poked, twisted and being laughed at. Hehe!

UP10eI stirred myself and got to the bathroom to check on Little Inchy – who for the first time in months didn’t feel tender when I woke.

This blood did not come from Little Inchy this morning, there were only a few specks from him – this was from another area of my anatomy! Tsk!

P1020711Nice looking view from outside the kitchen window – then the rain started again. Tsk!

Took my medications with a cuppa and set out to do a graphic in Coreldraw – oh dear, what a picklement I gotten into!

Everything froze when I tried to download a fill-pattern from the Corel Store. Had to force close windows and restart. It got to the green screen loading and stayed there for two hours. I was fretting now, force closed again and left it a while then restarted again. Much flashing and shuddering but eventually I got into windows and nervously tried out Coreldraw – everything was so much slower, but it worked in the end. Tsk!

Facebook, WordPress and Coreldraw a while.

Had a bath and got my things for the medicationalistical activities to follow later.

Took bags to the rubbish chute and called at the Community Shed but no one there left some mail I’d had for Margaret the previous tenant, the a chin-wag with some others waiting and caught the bus to town.

P1020712 P1020714

The wet pavements and road tempted me to take these shots of the Nottingham folk as they unsmilingly mope about in search of bargains and pressies.

Still a little early for me go to the QMC for me INT blood level tests, so I had a wander about for a bit searching for something of interest to photograph and taking in the lack of smiles from the crowds.

P1020715 P1020716.

As they rushed around looking morbid and depressed.

Caught a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre. The atmosphere in the bus was one of darkness and despair I’m afraid to say.

Into the haematology department and took me ticket filled in my form and waited for my number to be called out, which it was in a couple of minutes!

The staff in the treatment room all seemed pretty melancholy this morning – I supposed because they had to work when they didn’t want to in the holidays? The nurse who did me was almost obnoxious in her attitude and curt replies to me efforts to cheer her up. Oh dear, poor thing!

Got done and left and caught a bus into town, arrived with plenty of time to spare.

P1020713Dropped off early and had a potter around again waiting for the time to catch the 40 bus to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic there.

I managed a semi-moody shot, helped by the laying rainwater and dark lighting on Talbot Street in the City Centre.

Then I walked around trying to capture the nature of people’s moods as they rushed and hurried round the shops in search of a bargain to buy or shoplift.

P1020717 P1020718

P1020719Getting busier now in town.

Caught the bus out to the City Hospital, and was glad to find it dropped me very close to the clinic I was after.

The visit was one of frustration, pain and left me with a most nervous disposition and feeling grumpy, very grumpy with things. Normally I would just write what happens, usually with, I’m told, far too much detail.

Afterwards, they gave me some Betamethasone 0.2% w/w cream. The same cream they tried to cure the problem with back in Aug 2014?

So the procedure that I went through will not be mentioned in any detail this time – suffice to say, three hours later I left in the dank darkness and had to walk all the way back to the flat – in pain and feeling sorry for missen!

They made an appointment for me to return on 18 January 2016 and gave me a number to ring in the event of the blood flowing too freely in the time in between.

Having missed the bus, I started to walk home in the dank dark night.



Weary I began the long walk home in the dark – Dang dang dang dang!

Feeling somewhat sore in certain areas, the walk was not a pleasant one in the least.

It took about an hour and a quarter or so I think, maybe a tad more.

Going through the park in the dark with no lights at all was an eerie feeling.

BJ rang en-route and told me he would call to collect me twixt 0800>0830 hrs in the morning to take me to the launderette bless him.Once in the flat, for the first time in months, there was no demand for the use of the porcelain?

Once in the flat, for the first time in months, there was no demand for the use of the porcelain?

Once in the apartment, for the first time in months, there was no requirement for the utilisation of the porcelain?

Put my things away and stored the cream in the bathroom. Got the kettle on for a very welcome cuppa and somehow I think I forgot about me evening medications. Tsk!

When I did need the porcelain, the haemorrhoids were bleeding a lot, and the system did not clear the pan, despite several attempts. More hassle!.

Fell asleep in the chair, but with mind racing?

Inchy’s Angiagram Hospital Procedure – Part of Inchcock’s True Tales of Woe series

Inchcock’s True Tales of Woe


Inchy’s Angiagram Hospital Procedure

AmorrisAngiAmorrisAngiI’d starved myself, taken the medications, and I arrived at the specified time, and reported to the Obergruppenfurher at the Morris Ward Cardiac reception desk.

I was greeted with a curt superior nod of the head by the receptionist and my paperwork demanded – which of course I gave her.

I was given the short order of “Sit their”, as she pointed to a chair in the waiting area, “as the bed was not yet free.”

I humbly sat on the chair with my bag of accoutrements and bedclothing by my side, and took out Spike Milligan’s ‘Rommel Who?’ book to read.

She came over a few moments later, trod on my toe without any comment, and sat next to me to confirm my details, then returned to scold someone else at her outside of the ward ward reception desk.

An hour or so later, she called out my name, and instructed me to go with the nurse, into the ward.

I managed to resist giving her a Heil Hilter salute.

As the nurse led me through the coded lock doors, I realised I’d left my bag outside, and I returned to collect my bag, and got a lecture about security and bombs from the Obergruppenfurher on reception, then I returned sheepishly to the nurse in the ward.

She led me to a bed, tagged my wrist, and told me to get my jammies on, then scrub my hands, chest and groin with some gel she gave me to use.

I actually heard her giggle as I removed my underpants. (I’ve got used to this now, after a few visits to the hospital, and the usual flow of nurses to have a look, and smile sympathetically at me, or run out laughing. It’s true)

A Doctor came in after I’d been antisepticated, and went over the procedure I was about to have. I could have anaesthetic if I requested it, but they prefer to use a sedative, so they can ask me to move if required. A sedative was agreed on and given.

An earlier procedure had been cancelled and I was to go into the theatre in an hour. During that hour, I was informed by a male nurse that a patient had died, and I was taking his place for the same operation.

That perked me up no end! If they’re losing patients at the pre-heart op preparation stage… what chance would I stand with the actual Aorta valve replacement operation?

I was collected, and taken into the theatre, and they were very precise in getting me into an exact position on the table.

AmorrisAngi2As they were injecting me in the groin – this pair of well developed breasts with a nurses head over them leant over me and asked if I’d like a pain-killer injection. I answered ‘Yes please’ to both of them.

Just as I realised seeing the breasts were having an effect on my lesser endowed lower region where the tube was being inserted…

I drifted off into a semi-conscious state, I could see the smiles and looks of sympathy develop on their faces.

I seem to remember them returning me to the ward bed, where a Doctor attended and told me that everything looked good for the big operation and I would be notified shortly of the date.

Then the good bit came, they informed us that the breakfast was now being served at the other end of the ward, and I felt ready for some.

AmorrisAngi3When I returned to the bed, someone had left me photographs of someone having the Aorta mechanical valve replacement operation I was due for soon.

As I got out of the bed, I realised that my ‘Little Inch’ appendage was stiffer that it had ever been (not bigger, just harder), and it stayed that way for hours and hours. I asked a nurse, jokingly of course, if I could have another stab of the sedative!

She looked me up and down, smiled and asked Why?

The next morning I was signed out, and released at 0500hrs ’cause they needed the bed urgently.

They called brother-in-law Pete and he agreed to pick me up.

I was handed a very handy descriptive and helpful leaflet about ‘What happens in a Angiogram’ – obviously far too late to be of any use, but interesting like. Tut!

As I passed the reception outside the ward, I went to the Obergruppenfurher, and with all my sarcastic efforts, smiled sweetly at her and said: “Thank you very much for all your help and understanding!”

The ‘Humph’ I got back made me smile, it would have done Hattie Jacques proud in Carry on Doctor!

More to follow… TTFN