Inchcock Today, Tuesday 13th December 2016: Good start to the day


Tuesday 13th December 2016

In Bosnian: Utorak 13 Dec 2016

0440hrs: Woke, annoyed that I could recall no details of the dreams I’d been having again! A feeling that they were not nice prevailed.

Roger Reflux was being naughty, and I was doing rather a lot of coughing and sneezing? However, the weariness of last night, disseminated.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, that worked impeccably this morning and off for a WRHD session. No bleeding from Little Inchy or Haemorrhoid Harold. Another decent start to the day eh?

cookInto the kitchen to take the medications then made a cuppa. Got the computer on and diaries tended to.Bash on Facebook.

Had a bash on Facebook.One

Shirley, one of the TFZer gals had posted a beautiful photograph from when she was just 21 years-of-age. Mind you, she still looks a cracker to me now.

Made up this graphicalisation on the right, placing Shirley in with some men cooks and added some bits of fodder and drinkies into the mix as well. Took me ages, but I enjoyed doing it, and it came out not too bad I thought. I hope they like it.

Did the ablutions, a lemon scented soap one this time with Citrus antiperspirant used afterwards. Cut myself shaving, and it hardly bled at all. The haemoglobin seemed very thick?

Got prepared and wrapped up well and down to the bus-stop. Nice chinwag with many other tenants there.

Got into town and walked over the footbridge into the Victoria Centre. Into the Next Store and purchased a Gift Voucher for Sister Jane.

Then to the market for the stocking up on Christmas nuts.

Along to the end of the top floor and into the Man Shop. Fascinating place, spend ages pondering before I got two pressies for Jane and Pete.

Poddled along to a shop called Tiger, I think. Had all odd, unusual things on sale. Spent a good while in there and got some more bits for Christmas for Jane and Pete.

Down to the ground floor and popped into Tesco. Their Sourdough Bread had only one day left on the best before date. Humph! I avoided the fresh cream cakes aisle. Got some cheesy seaweed snacks, cheesy cobs and lamb chops.

Out and through Trinity Square and to the bus stop to catch a bus to the GUM clinic – Huh! Luckily I realised the appointment was for next Tuesday, not this one before I got on the wrong bus.

2tue06At the bus shelter, I noticed damage to the little seating area as I rested the bags on the bench.

I tried to picture what would nave caused this injury to the seat and the, in particular, the thick metal end support, that had been torn and bent away from the structure.

No one on the bus to talk to. Very few passengers at all on the bus.

2tue07Then it started raining.

In the flats, I called on Olive, who was not in.

To number 72 and got the meal started earlier than usual, due to a sudden attack of hunger pangs.

Popped in for a WRWW and oh dearie me… Little Inchy had been and was still flowing with blood. Thick blood again.

Took me ages to stop it. Cleaned up, changed certain clothing items and applied the Daktacort cream. Feeling very uncomfortable then.

Checked on the food in the oven and saucepan and went back into the porcelain room to check the warm wet sensation in lower regions. I thought for a few moments I was really going potty here: I turned on the power switch for the shower instead of the wetroom light, got in, dark of course, and I pulled the wall heater string in error for the light switch pull. Came out after cleaning up and again, turned the switch to the shower power instead of the light switch! I stopped for a few seconds, actually wondering what the hell was I doing, and heard a noise down the hall. Checked and it was the INR Anticoagulation Results in the letter box. A bit late I thought for the postman?

Maybe the noise I heard was some bags going down the rubbish chute? Must have been, cause even with the hearing aids in. I don’t hear anything coming through the letter box usually.

Anyway, the INR level was very nearly spot on – so this informed me that the Warfarin level was not the cause of the bleeding from Little Inchy being so thick?

2tue09Got the fodder all prepared and served up.

I did enjoy it, but could not eat it all.I must try to make smaller servings in future.

I must try to make smaller meals in future.

Then I’ll moan about there not being enough to eat?


Settled to watch some old ‘Heartbeat’ DVD episodes. Fell asleep and woke up coughing badly for a few seconds, then that horrible warm wet sensation manifested itself in the lower regions!

I was despondent to find what I expected, Little Inchy had been pouring again, what a mess, and he started tingling badly this time? Cleaned and sanitised my flobby body parts again, and returned to the £300 second-hand recliner and the DVD.

Couldn’t concentrate on it, though, the mind started racing and bickering with itself for some unknown reason. Jane and Pete coming tomorrow, have I got everything ready… will Little Inchy cause me more bother? Did I turn off the taps and light in the wetroom and kitchen? Did I take the evening medications? (I hadn’t, so I got out of the comfort of the £300 second-hand warmly covered recliner and took the medicines, checked the lights and taps at the same time, none left on). Did I leave the mobile in my jacket pocket? (Out of the chair again to check, I had left in in the pocket and the battery was almost out, so I put it in charge and returned to the recliner again) Did I turn off the oven and cooker?

Somewhere amidst this cacophony of confused out of control brain activity, I fell asleep…

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    • Thanks, Duncan mate.
      I always like to give them three presents each and receive my pair of socks from both of them in return.
      Only joking, Hehehe!
      All the bestest for you both your end. Please give the woofies a bit of fuss for me, thanks.

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