Inchcock Today Thursday 8th December 2016


Thursday 8th December 2016

Urdu: جمعرات 8th دسمبر 2016

0510hrs: Well warm again this morning. Hated not being able to recollect the dreams yet again. Got up hours later than normal, because I could not get to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

Made a cuppa, no calls to the porcelain yet? Took the medications and updated the diaries.

With expecting the Nottingham City Homes plumber between 0800 > 1700hrs today, Deana at 0900hrs and not knowing if I can get out to the Social Hour, and having to ring the clinic and awaiting the district nurse, I was a little confused about things that needed doing.

With not having a shower proper yesterday, and the possibility that someone could call today anytime after 0800hrs, I took a shower with my ablutions around 0715hrs. Just hope it doesn’t disturb my neighbour.

Good shave, WRHD session, teggies done and an excellent carbolic soap shower. Towel on the clothes warmer.

0800hrs: All done, made a brew and back on the computer.

4thur02The view from the kitchen window. Three sets of Christmas garden decorations now.

I must remember to have a tête-à-tête with Obergruppenfurheress Deana when she arrives if she has time, vis-à-vis the rather confusing British Gas charges and the Nottingham City Homes Repair team letters.

Providing she comes of course. Deana is a very busy gal.

Computer utilised again, emails checked. Then Facebooking… well, I was going to. Deana arrived with her questionnaire pad and laptop. Went through all my details to make sure they were up to date, changed a few. Managed a laugh or two along with it.

I told her about the British Gas duplicates, she went on the computer to try and sort it out but ended up sending them an email.

Then, she looked at the NCH duplicate repair letters and took them away to have them cancelled. I later found she had not when I spotted them still on the writing desk.

She then looked at the filler damage in the kitchen and said she would advise them of the problem.

An engineer arrived to test the smoke alarm.

Then, Deana departed to do much more demands of her time.

4thur03Half an hour later, the Nottingham City Homes plumber arrived. I explained about the leak lasting for two and a half days then stopping. He took a look, Filled up the tank and flushed it a few times, and declared it had him beat on while it had leaked.a few times

I told him that Andy, a cyber-buddy from Canada had offered his view that the heat from the hot shower water being used when the weather was so cold, might have caused condensation on the cold porcelain that pooled on the floor. He was very impressed with this and then agreed that this it what might have happened. He was off and gone in six minutes.

4thur05Got the Nosh on, much early than usual.

One and a quarter bone filled minted lamb chops, minted garden peas (canned), and boiled potatoes, halved and baked along with the minted lamb bones.

A luxury lemon curd yoghourt.

Note that I had no bread with this at all.

I didn’t have any! Hehe!

Enjoyed it tremendously, despite the bone to meat ratio being so high in the lamb.

I put some more potatoes to boil in the saucepan ready to bake tomorrow.

Next, sister Jane rang. She has a pressie I might want to give to Olive. Wanted me to get to see them before Christmas. This week has been hectic with appointments and days where I’ve had to stay in to receive visitors, mostly Nottingham City Homes and Medical related. We had a good natter… just long enough for the burnt potatoes in the saucepan to pong enough that I could smell the burning! Whoopsiedangleplop!

Called to see Olive, but no answer.

The nurse rang, she has been delayed and will call tomorrow around teatime (Whenever that is?).

Computer turned on for graphicalisationing.Fodder

4thur06Hunger attacked me, despite only having eaten a few hours earlier?

Not like me at all, eating two meals, but I did – and consumed the burnt potatoes, two mini pickle pork pies, a few pickled mushrooms, tomatoes, and two of them stick meat thingies.

The burnt potatoes were delicious!

Turned on the TV and alternately dozed and watched bits of some programmes.

Later, I managed to save the large ‘singed’ saucepan to use again. After soaking in washing up liquid and bleach, it came clean enough to use once more. (Just!)

Returned to the £300 second-hand recliner with its new deep cushion and nodded off very quickly.

Woke a few times, musing over  the dreams I just knew I’d been having, but didn’t make any notes and lost all the memories again by morning.


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