Inchcock Today Wednesday 7th December 2016


Wednesday 7th December 2016

Maltese: L-Erbgħa Diċembru 7, 2016

0250hrs: Woke, disappointed in not remembering the dreams again. Felt all warm and snug in my freshly washed last night dressing gown. It was nice not to have to sleep in my gloves and woolly hat.

3wed02Out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair without any hiatus and off for a WRWW.

Took the medications with water, then made a strong mug of tea and got the computer going. Updated the diaries to here.

Posted yesterdays.

Busy time ahead for a couple of days it seemed when I viewed the Google Calendar first job.

A call for a WRHD session from the bowels was answered. No water on the floor around the porcelain again thankfully.

And the bleeding from Little Inchy had stopped, Haemorrhoid Harold bled a lot less than yesterday and Anne Gyna was being kind to me again.

I looked at the cleaned clothes from yesterday’s laundry session, covered in little bits of blue fabric from the dressing gown and did not fancy the job of picking off the thousands of bits. Decided to take them to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop with the other stuff, soon as I get the time that is.

Started this diary off.

Time was getting short now. I had to get the ablutions done early as the Morrisons delivery is coming early today. Had a quick bash on Facebooking. Found many photographs I’d like to doctor and use later, saved them, cause no time to do them yet.

Tended to the ablutionalisational duties. Couldn’t use the shower cause of the noise it would make so early in the day (0625hrs) Si did a strip stand-up using the lavender soap and spray.

I could have ululated when I stubbed my toe on the trolley again, Tsk!

Changed into the day togs and made another cuppa and back on the computer to make a start on the graphics to do from the photographs I got earlier.

Well well well, another cock-up from Inchcock! It got to 0845hrs and no Morrison delivery had arrived, so I checked on the email confirmation and found I’d booked it for the 14th, not the 7th!

What an absolute plonker!

So, no bread to have, ’cause I’ve got that many tings on today, no time to get out. I do feel a fool again!

Susan, the foot lady came earlier that arranged, no bother with that, she got on with giving my feet pain with that damned round file thing again. We had a nice chinwag that I enjoyed, though.

Ten minutes after she had gone, the M&S cleaners arrived. Both gals in high spirits and much laughter followed… not much cleaning, but still.

I had some nibbles, very rare for me that in the day.

On with graphic creating for a few hours, then did a bit of Facebooking.

3wed03The Iceland delivery arrived.

The short-dated products outnumbered the others.

Got them put way, placing the root growing smelly bag of potatoes in a drawer on their own.

Thank you, Iceland.

Got the Cumberland sausages in the oven, the plan being to have them with the potatoes boiled. The phone rang. A wrong number; and forgot to put the potatoes on the boil.

3wed04So, it was to be baked Cumberland sausages  with BBQ sauce and the last of the hastily defrosted frozen bread from the freezer.

Not a nice effort at all.

Being generous, I rated this nosh a satisfaction score of 4/10.

They tasted rather hot and spicier than usual.

Took the evening medications.

3wed05It had been a lot warmer today, and again the falling sun was beautiful.

The phone rang –(blimey twice in a week, was I getting popular, was someone becoming xenodochial?)

T’was the Flat Complex head honcho, Obergruppenfurheress Deana, she needs to talk to me and will be here at 0900hrs in the morning! Dang dang dang dang! I wondered why?

Settled down and this may be hard to believe, but I watched over five hours of TV without nodding off! In fact, it was well gone midnight before I managed to nod off at all!

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