Inchcock Today – Monday 26th September 2016: Laundry, To town, Laptop struggle, Olive not in, rain and drizzle, and I felt extremely nervous for some reason?


Monday 26th September 2016

Woke around 0130hrs. I’d dreamt a dream I thought I could never forget, it was horrible. When I woke again around 0300hrs, I’d forgotten all of it. Huh!

No demand for the general WRHD session, but plenty of WRWWs presented themselves. Took the medications with an extra Senna again.

1mon02Got the washing, which I’d got ready last night, all sorted and waiting to go down to the laundry room. When I arrived at the machines, around 0325hrs, someone had used both dryers and they had not used a washer. Naughty! Still, it didn’t work out too bad, the spinner with the timer showing indicated it had 34 minutes left. So I did my wash on the short cycle which takes 30 minutes. Returned to the flat, made a cuppa, started the laptop up and started to sort the Inchcock Today posts.

1mon01Back down to the laundry room and the lady who’d used both dryers arrived to retrieve her washing. She did not clean out the filter on either machine –Double naughty! She took her things away and I cleaned out both filters for her. Transferred my stuff to the dryer and back up to the flat.

Worked on the laptop and the time shot by. Back down and collected my now cleaned and dried clobber. Cleaned the filter, wiped the machines and titivated the sink area. Someone, had deposited a broken lamp shade and split cushion in the waste bin? Also, I noticed someone had put a note on the Tenant’s Board, asking whoever keeps throwing used tea bags out of their window to stop the practice? I know we have had six new tenants arrive this month, hope they don’t turn out to be elderly ragamuffins? Hehe!

Back again to the apartment, had what must have been my fifth WRWW, kettle on and put the gear away and reloaded the laundry pots for use next time.

Made another mug of tea and back on the laptop to finish yesterday’s dairy and start this one off.

1mon04Made sure the expensive mini M&S Quiche Lorraine was safely in the refrigerator for later.

I hope to get out and visit the mallards later today.No, second thoughts

No, second thoughts, I just nip in the Victoria market and get some of the chocolate cashew nuts, then to Tesco to get some cheapo cheese slices to have on top of the quiche methinks.

castle2Did some Facebooking.

Then enjoyed doing some more graphicationalisationing.

TFZer Terrie in this one, with no less than James Bond, the real James Bond too!

A couple of TFZer pets sneaked into the shot as well. Marie & Janet need to know where their animals get to. Hehe!

Jane had sent photo’s of Fooey and the last one of Queenie before she was put to sleep. Sad I know, but I’m proud of how Janet has handled it. I’ll get them posted on Facebook TFZer site later, or in the morning.

Carried out my ablutions and was soon down at the L9 bus stop waiting for it to arrive. Nice gossip with some other tenants while waiting.

Into town and dropped off on Goosegate, Hockley. Went to the Chinese shop to see if they had any of the cheesy seaweed in stock. But they were closed. Huh!

The weather was a little overcast, and there were very few folks about this morning.

1mon05The drizzle started to fall. 

This area (Hockley) was known as downtown Nottingham years ago. IT used to be very popular with the shoppers way back. But not anymore.

They say that pedal cyclists should be allowed to use the pavements when the traffic is heavy and dangerous? Like this one on Goosegate in downtown Nottingham this morning?

1mon04aI had a wander around and a slow walk to the Victoria Market (Mall).

As I crossed the walk-over, I took a picture of a lone pigeon on top of the Wilko roof a way off.

I thought I might use this one as a caption competition perhaps?

It seemed to me that the bird was looking straight at me? Thought it might get a few captions from the TFZers… or maybe not.

Over and into the Market and the nut stall – Swines have put the prices up now! They were costly enough before I thought, at £1.15 for 100 grammes, now they are £1.29! Humph!

Limped down the end of the mall and called in Tesco, thinking they sometimes have the seaweed and cheese snack in, but they didn’t today. They did, shame however, have some of the Fresh Cream French Horns on sale… Ahem! Along with cheapo cheese slices and some new season English Worcester apples.

The rain threatened again as I left the shops, and I decided to make for home as the L9 bus was due in eight minutes now. Got to the bus stop on Queen Street, and this made me think about Sister Jane having to have her Queenie put down.

A lady (Cyndy) tenant on the bus had a chinwag with me, and she kindly took one of the Fresh Cream French Horns from me to assuage my guilt in buying them. So then I was only feeling half as sinful. Hehe!

Back at the flats, we both missed the bus stop! We did laugh!

I got the WRWW session out of the way, and was going to start the photograph doctoring… but the laptop informed me it was preparing the updates…


The day had almost done by the time I could get on the laptop! Humph!

Still, I got some cleaning up done and sorted some paperwork out while I waited, it didn’t bother me at all. 09 

1mon06Set about doing Jane’s sad last photographs of Queenie. A real lady in the cat world that will be missed terribly.

1mon07Jane told me she is the only female in the house now.

The remarkable Fooey is still going, though.

Apparently, he decided to get his head down somewhere entirely different for a change yesterday.

Just where Pete was trying to lay a new carpet!

I don’t think they had the urge to move the lovable rogue, though.

I got some of the meal ready on the plate, only got to cook the high-priced quiche and add that to the platter now, oh no, I’ve got to cut up the Worcestershire apple.

Decided to go see if Olive was in and take her some Worcester apples. Back in a bit, I hope. Hehehe!

Damn it, she wasn’t in. Sob!

Took the medications and BP etc. The scales were out of order tonight, definitely!

1mon09Got the fodder meal ready and digested it.

The peppers might have been a bit dated, cause they were red hot, too hot for me. The cheapo Tesco cheese slice tasted like cardboard, the M&S Quiche like a newspaper, the chicken legs were too hot too, the pickled eggs, beetroot, red onions and chestnuts were excellent, though. The Worcestershire apple was crisp and sweet.

Watched some of the ‘Still Open All Hours’ DVD, began to feel nervous and unsettled, for no reason, that I could find?

Hoping that Jane and Olive are alright.

Sleep can easily this Monday night, a nice change that!

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