Inchcock Today Tue 30 Aug 2016: No celerity today!

Tuesday 30th August 2016


Woke and rose at 0425hrs: Realised I was not wearing the alarm wristlet and panicked, trying to think of where I’d left it was no use, I was in such a pickle and state last night… weary drained and in pain.

As I fought my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair, the pains from yesterday were still lingering around my bloated body-mass. The boil was still tender, the Anne Gyna letting me know she was there, the knees were hassled by Arthur Itis. However, the hernia was far less of a bother. Still feeling weary, overdid it yesterday I reckon.

The only thing on my mind was, where is the Alarm Wristlet. I tried to recall logically; I was on the laptop when BJ phoned to ask me to go to Papplewick… so I searched the desktop, no red and white alarm wristlet found.

Into the wetroom and searched all over, nothing found.

To the laundry bag, felt in the sleeves of the two tops to see if I’d taken them off forgetting about the wristlet. Nothing found.

All coats on the hallway pegs, inside the shoes, on the floor, Nothing found.

Kitchen, checked the bins drawers, cupboards food storage areas, Nothing found!

Front room; Took the covers off both chairs, got the torch and looked under both of them, cabinet, all drawers checked, rubbish bin checked. Nothing found.

In a state now. I shall have to throw myself on Deana’s mercy and pay for a new one then.

Took the medications, and had a stand-up wash and shave, it was still too early to make a noise using the shower.

A quick check around in case the alarm might be somewhere visible, nothing found.

0730hrs: Got the laptop on ready to do yesterday’s diary and… there, right next to the left-hand side of the laptop was the Wristlet Alarm! It was turned inside out, and the red and white parts were hidden under the black elastic. I probably turned it inside out in a rush to get it off when BJ rang me yesterday.

Now, this might sound like an excuse for my failure to see it, especially as this was the first area I looked in? It is.

But the joy of finding it after only three and a half hours of searching for it was incredible!

Much Facebooking and graphicationalisationing followed.Rang Deana

1115hrs: Rang Deana to see what time she would be calling, then I could work out finding time to get to the shop for some fresh vegetables hopefully before the buses stopped at 15oohrs. Deana was busy covering for holidays at another complex on Sneinton or St Ann’s I think she said. Told me to call and see her in the morning at the Winwood Community Shed early.

I’ve got a Morrisons delivery coming twixt 0900>1000hrs, the wonderful cleaners arriving twixt 1000>1100hrs, and I need to get to town for a new doorbell battery somehow. I’ll try to get to see Deana EASP, although I don’t think the talk will take too long. I’ve got to pay this second-meter bill now I reckon. But would like it, if when the bill is settled, she can help me sort out a new supplier for the electricity. I’d like to know why they kept lying to Deana telling her often, that the mystery meter account had been closed then make it into my main one?

Deana is up to the neck in work normally, but even more so now, poor gal.

Did some light ablutionisationing and got ready to go to the shops, thought I’d call to see how Olive was on the way out. She told me not to pay the British Gas bill and to cancel the arrangements they have already made without me being aware of until it was all done. And tell Deana I was not going to pay. She (Olive) was in goodish form today, bless her. She told me where the Aldi store was on Woodborough Road that I could use by catching the L8 free bus.

A peck on the cheek and quick pleasurable cuddle and I off I poddled.

Caught the L8 and got off up the hill a stop too early, Humph! (I can’t take myself anywhere Hehe!) Plodded up and right down Woodborough Road to the Aldi shop.

Got some leeks, sunflower oil, porridge pots, cheese topped cobs, vine tomatoes, red pepper, 3 bananas, cheese twists and the thing I went for, some fresh pod garden peas. The lady at the checkout was so different to many of the till operators and did not rush me through too fast, bless her.


Split the stuff into two bags, and walked slowly back to the flats, well, it was downhill nearly all the way. Made a slight detour into the woods to look for wildlife to photograph. I didn’t see any, just as well, I’d forgotten to take the camera with me.

Good job olive told me about this shop, it’ll come in handy knowing I can use the L8 bus up the hill, and get some gentle exercise walking back down after buying my fodder, in good weather anyway.

Got back in the flat, WRWW and WWHD tended to, put the nosh away and back for another WRWW?

Got the kettle on and weariness overcame me. I put on ‘Diehard with a Vengeance’ DVD, and nodded off for so many minutes here and there, I gave up with it. Tried watching the TV and the same thing happened.

Got reading the war book and that seemed to do the trick… nodded off after two chapters and hearing a noise from somewhere, I know not where… next thing it was 0500hrs when I woke, having missed the evening medications again! Humph, clot and 11b !

Inchcock Today Monday 29th August 2016 – Bank Holiday


Monday 29th August 2016

10b0230hrs: Stirred and battled to free my bulbous body from the £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WRWW. I felt I’d been dreaming, but could recall nothing of them, Tsk! Took the medications, thinking it was around 0500>0600hrs, then realised is was only 0240hrs. Got the laundry things together and set off down to the laundry room. Popped outside, and I took a photograph, of the end garages.

Back to the flat, and got the cleaning stuff to take down with me later.

11a0320hrs: Back down and moved the clothes from washer to the dryer, had to clean the filter first, some naughty person who last used the machine had not done so. But I don’t mind, it could well have been a tenant who could not bend down to get to the filter housing box. Back up to the apartment. Started the laptop and finished off the Sunday diary.

11c0420hrs: Down again to the washing room to collect the laundry… I’d left the bag upstairs, so, back up again and got it, returned and got the washing out and sorted. Cleaned the filter and wiped surfaces and sink area down.

0445hrs: Back in the flat, but the clobber away, some in the airing cupboard, some hung up. Kettle on for my first brew of the day.

Had a WRHD which went comfortably well, but I could hear an odd noise in the wetroom while on the throne. Not the gurgling sound that sometimes comes from the shower drain, not this time. Best describe it as a mechanical chuntering? Reminded me a bit of a distant steam train engine? I solved this by taking out the hearing aids.

0545hrs: Got the laptop on again and finished the Sunday post off, and started this one, did some graphicalisationing on CorelDraw. Then onto Facebooking.

0940hrs: Facebook getting jumpy and slow again, Tsk! Made a mug of tea and pressed on.

WRWW and the mystery noise was still there in the Wetroom?

BJ rang and asked if I am I interested in going to Papplewick Pumping Station? Jumped at the opportunity I did, despite my not feeling very good or well! (Bad decision!) He’ll collect me outside in the front around 1230 to 1245hrs. So I got a shower and shave quickly, and got myself down and in the foyer by 1215hrs.

Got chinwagging with some residents there, and solved a few world issues. Hehe!

At 1225hrs I went out and walked up to the corner at the end of Chestnut Walk and waited for BJ to arrive. My hernia was playing up badly. Henceforth this ruined the day for me.

At 1250hrs BJ rang to say he’s on his way.

At 1305hrs, BJ arrived with David in the car and I struggled to get in and join them. Off to Papplewick Pumping Station we went. Very busy and crowded it was too. BJ had to park hundreds of yards at the back-end of the field where the car park was. He dropped me off at the front and I wandered into the trees to be fascinated by them.

The three of us, BJ, David and me entered the site of Papplewick Pumping Station and going down the steps at the entrance I pulled at my hernia and that ensured pain for the rest of the day and night. Tsk! Destroyed a lot of the pleasure of actually going out somewhere, thanks to BJ’s kindness. When the ulcer started to join in, I was terribly unhappy.

09Within minutes of having a walk, I got the dizzies! They left my sat under some trees and wandered off.

Glad I remembered the camera, though. If it wasn’t for the ailments attack I’d have loved it here.

Standing and Arthur Itis in the knees was not happy, sitting was just as painful as I tried to get into a position to avoid the haemorrhoids, the new boil on the bum and the hernia! I did feel horrible Hehe!

01hAfter a while, I decided that slow hobbling was the best defence, and had a walk around the wonderful lake. Mallard ducks and many miniature boat enthusiasts were out today.The weather was perfect too. I wish I could have appreciated this better.

The weather was perfect too. I wish I could have appreciated this better.

I kept limping along though and came 01iacross this old Morris (I think) Motorcar on the driveway.

I spotted BJ and David at the end of the site near the boiler room and made my way towards them, but, they had gone by the time I arrived. My arthritis, piles, earlier dizzy and the bum boil made sure of this as they steadied my hobbling to a minimum rate of knots.

Yet still, I found some enjoyment as I wandered slowly about trying to find them. Which I did an hour or so later, outside the cafeteria nibbling away. I joined them, luckily the garden benches had a slatted wooden top with one missing, and that suited the boil and piles to a tee! I got the crossword book out and they were gone again.

10bI limped to the mini-train station and found BJ sat gossiping to his mate there, and I joined them. David had a run on the  train then BJ joined him and I waited in the bushes to take a photograph of them as they returned. I got some waves as they noticed me.

David wanted to go on the bus trip to the waterworks and I went to the bus with him and saw him off and waited until he returned, as we dare not leave him on his own. Watched some jugglers while I waited for David. Took him back to BJ when he returned all excited, he loves buses and travelling on them bless his cotton socks.

The petrol driven engine was in use today. All the staff are volunteers, with a lady, seen in the first picture behind BJ both having a crafty fag, this lady was obviously in charge, she loved BJ.

I had a hobble to one of the steam sheds with mining memorabilia on the walls. Seen them all before, but they are still of interest and stirred the long memory.

11aMy hernia was getting worse than ever, and I made my way to find BJ and David, to tell them I was going back to the bench under the trees.

I soon found BJ still with the woman in charge and smoking at the mini train loading station.

I thought I’d take a clandestine photograph, but as you can see in it, BJ was not pleased! Oh dear!

Met up and BJ said time to go, so we went to the gatehouse and BJ kindly reminded me about giving them my new address.

Eventually (It takes BJ so long to say cheerio to his many friends, kissing and hugging the females [They all love him so – but I’m not jealous hehe] and shaking hands with the blokes. I must remember not to introduce him to Olive! It was 45 minutes before we got out of the place.

BJ kindly left me at the front of the car park while the fetched the car. We were soon on our way, the boil being the worst offending of my ailments on the journey.

Being late leaving, BJ had to collect his other half and was in a bit of a state about being late. So I asked him to drop me off at the end of the road, which he did.

The pains seemed to all get worse as I limped the few hundred yards to the flats, this would have been cause I was getting weary after a long day I expect.

I called in to see Olive first, and we had a chinwag and she told me off for even thinking about paying the British Gas bill. But, they have already taken the money and changed my direct debit, so what could I do? She said to go to the bank and cancel it! Still, in pain and now even more confused, I had a cuddle and kiss and back to number 72.

The first job, for a WRWW, then got the medications and took extra painkillers, then pain gelled the knees and ointment on the rear end and boil. I’m thinking it must be a boil, the pain is just like one, but I could not feel anything sticking out when I applied the cream?

All in all, I was shattered, done in!

11cManaged to get some nosh done, all in the oven, easier that way.

It looked and smelled good, but I cnearly fell asleep eating it.

Got the washing up done, and settled to watch some TV.

Nodded off.

Inchcock Today – Sunday 28 August 2016: What’s a Pork Dewlap? I know now…

Olive Aug 28bc

Sunday 28th August 2016

0400hrs: I burst into life struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and for a WRWW, no signs of aWRHD yet. As I performed at the porcelain, bit of a dream came into my befuddled brain. Something about my being chased up a mountain… at the top was a McDonalds with Nigel Farage serving? I hid in one of their walk-in fridges and found David Cameron inside playing the fiddle or violin and singing The Horst Wessel Song while eating ice-cream from a German Helmet? Weird or what?

Got the Crock-Pot going with some vegetables. Mushrooms, yellow peppers, turnips, swede, carrots and01 peas. Took the medications. made a cuppa and got on with finalising the Saturday Diary – it depressed me reading what I’d written already! Sad innit?

The need for a WRHD disclosed itself, so I responded. Little Inchy leaking a bit, Haem Aroids too, Anne Gyna being fair with me, Arthur Itis a bit bothersome and a new pain near where I had the hernia operation, but nothing like the pain then. Summat else causing this?

Spent too long on laptop WordPressing, so I need to make sure I get my ablutions done before Jane and Pete arrive. I think it was 1130>1230hrs they said they’d be arriving.

I updated the British Gas post and got into the shower room and done my ablutionisationing.

Took some jars to the recycling bin.

Olive Aug 28baTitivated a bit around the kitchen, and took the rubbish bags to the chute. Olive came out as I was coming back. She popped in with a Birthday Card for me. Bless her dimples. I walked her back to number 68 and we had chin-wag and cuddle. She had received a photograph of the family ladies party (Top of this page) she went to. And she liked it!


On my visit to see him last week

I called in next door to make sure that Norman was in, he was, then I nipped back to 72 and got the other LPs and took them to him.Some bad news here, the day before yesterday he went shopping and fell over as he got off the bus. Eventually, he got help and an ambulance took him  to the Queens Medical Centre A&E, and they sorted him out, with great patience he told me. Then they ran him home.

Some bad news here, the day before yesterday he went shopping and fell over as he got off the bus. Eventually, he got help and an ambulance took him  to the Queens Medical Centre A&E, and they sorted him out, with great patience he told me. Then they ran him home. His retention bag burst when he fell, and he was so embarrassed, but everyone was nice to him. As is befitting for such a grand old chap! I’ll call to see how he is feeling later, and tomorrow.

 1130hrs, Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete about due anytime now. Hello, their here…

Gave them a cuppa and gorrum sat down and chinwagging ensued.

01a01iThey got me a book, for my birthday, and a lovely towel with a cunningly sewn on ‘Bates Hotel’ sign. I got them to adopt a suitable pose for me: I think they deserved an Oscar for their instant acting without a script! Hehehe!

I gave them their nibbles, pussy cat treats and theatre binoculars.

Janet looked very fit and young, Pete is still scared of shaving properly (I’ll cop it later, for saying that now! Hehe!).

Farewells and off they trotted. Sad to see em go.

01fI satisfied the call for a WWHD session and got the fodder prepared.

I have to say, without any doubt, this was an even betterer dinner than the previous bestest! Rated 9.5/10!

Think that the black bean sauce and extra mushrooms made a difference this time. Ate the lot of it, but only had one slice of the bread with it.

The Nordic Style bacon with herbs is so tasty! Somehow the fat in it doesn’t taste like fat? Honestly! I will not be jumping won the scales again today. (Ahem!)

01I looked up on the net to see what pork dewlap is.

I saw this was in the contents of the jar of Polish Bigos I’d bought.

Similar to the Nordic bacon block as seen above in the fodder photo?

I got the TV on and at last, after so many nights, I nodded off and stayed off!

Woke many hours later, at 0230hrs, and decided to get the rest of the laundry done.

Inchcock Today Sat 27 Aug 16: British Gas hassle again, but Olive was in super form!


Saturday 27th August 2016

Such a bad night, got off around 0300hrs I sprang awake again, I say again because I kept doing this all through the evening and it was very annoying.

The last springing awake was at 0445hrs, and I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner in minutes. The TV was still on, the mug of orange juice spilt all over the carpet and Ottoman, seeing the British Gas envelopes on the writing table brought me into a new deeper depression for a few minute, and a dark thoughts-inspiring black sense of doom loomed.

By the time I’d WRWW’s, took the medications and made a strong brew, amazingly I felt more like my old self and cheered a bit? I felt like a different person had woken up in my place? A possibility of my going bonkers here you know. Hehe!

10bI bravely popped onto the scales – and was cheered up instantly!

And this weighing session had taken place before any WRHD had taken place too!

One and a half pound down on yesterday!

Yeeha! Took the other readings then: Sys: 180 Dia: 85 Pulse: 79 Temp: 36.2. For some reason, the pulse figure had a flashing icon displayed on the side of it?

It was very nippy this morning, the thermometer on the kitchen wall was showing 56°f when I noticed it yesterday is was on 64°? Come think of it, though, I did turn down the heating level after I got the email telling me I was in debt to the tune of £375.30 now with British Gas yesterday.

The lump on the head from yesterday’s Whoopsiedangleplop had gone completely. Still no signs of a WRHD being needed, however, there were some rumblings and stabbing pains from the innards. I put this down to my rather disastrous meal last night.

Got a Pingback on me link to the British Gas link for yesterday, but can’t find out how to get to it? Can anyone help me, please? I’ve clicked on the red circle in the Posts list, but cannot get to any comments? Is a pingback a comment?

11aGCB05dI clicked reply, a box came up for me to comment in, but could not see any message?

I think my confusion, lack of education and senility are not helpful, I’ll just have to do me best with them!

Got sidetracked and un-podded the pod peas into the Crock-Pot, added a bit of salt and demerara sugar and got them cooking for later. Got the idea for an ode to insanity come to me, and got on with making it before I lost or forgot the idea.

Then, I sorted a week of medications doses. (Found some escaped peas as I did so. One near the drawer and one in the sink, Tsk!)

Still awaiting the bubbling, churning, tender innards as it prepared to let me know when the WRHD was due. Anytime now I think?

IBAFOL4aGot the idea for an ode to insanity come to me, and got on with making it before I lost or forgot the idea. Struggled on and got it done after a few hours of graphicalisationing and composing.

11cDamnations! Two more letters from British Gas. Down my spirits go again! Looks like I’ll have to pay, despite so many people advising me not to, I don’t think I’ve had the will-power not to or will be talked into it if I talk to BG, just to get rid of the hassle?

Got some more LPs found for Norman, nibbles for Olive, and set about having a grand shower and clean-up. The drain in the shower threw up water afterwards?

Called at Norman’s, but he was not in or could not hear the bell. On to Olive’s and she was in fine form. A gossip, she had a look at the British Gas letters and told me not to pay; everyone seems to be telling me this, but it looks like I’ll have to now. Olive applied some pain gel on my less accessible bodily parts for me which was lovely of her, Bless her cotton socks.

A good chinwag and cuddle then I was off back to the flat.

In the kitchen making a brew and I tried the binoculars out and saw a wood pigeon in the trees in the copse across the way.


So I got the camera out and took some shots of it. They didn’t come out as well as I would have liked, I couldn’t make them any better. But the bird having its ablutionisationing session cheered me up. And the forecast storms did no appear.

Feeling a bit flat with things… well, the British Gas farce now.

11dGot the daily fodder prepared.

It was super after yesterday’s failed efforts. Roast potato cubes with herbs, fresh garden peas, mushrooms, beetroot, cabbage-onion-pepper mix with garlic and pork loin.

Lemon Drizzle and a tiny apple for afters. I had some cheese twists afterwards, but I won’t mention that. Hehe!

Did the pots, sat down to watch some TV and watched some TV! Too much TV, I just couldn’t get to sleep again for ages. Tsk!

Life is but a Daily Competition – A guide for those of you who are not yet senile

Forgive this little ditty; I know it’s not got class or erudition,

I know it’s a bit of an uneducated disquisition,

So this is the position of my exposition.

Entitled: Life is but a Daily Competition

Slab riots

The fight to extract my mass from the chair each morning,

The £300 second-hand recliner, it dangerous take-warning,

It’s a bit of a gamble, will be dead or functioning,

Will I get out in time for my ablutionising?

Usually not, so follows medicationalising and sanitising!

Take the tablets, do the medical checks too,

Important this, when one’s decrepit and seventy-two,

BP, temperature, pulse, just a few you have to do,

Creams, lotions, pain gel and new aches for you,

Hospital, doctors, clinic and chiropodist appointment due?

Check what day it is, or you won’t have a clue!

There’ll be plenty of things for you to misconstrue,

Things to forget, not remember, it makes you feel blue,

Getting things wrong is easy like you’re on Autocue,

Leave the tap running, heater or lights, there’s more than a few!

From decision making, you will find you eschew,

The red Gas Bill demand will be overdue,

What day and time is your next health assessment interview?

Singing to yourself, ‘Jealousy’ and  ‘A Boy named Sue’,

Knowing the words surprises you,

But you won’t remember, what’s needed next to do,

The name of your neighbour or grandnephew,

The number bus you need or when it is due,

Or, where you put the letter from the Inland Revenue.


Try to find your hearing aids, pen or glasses, but you cannot,

Get people’s names wrong and feel a right clot,

Forgetting where you were going, you’ll do that a lot,

Or getting there, no idea why and lose the plot,

Dropping things all the time like the teapot,

Bottles, coins, medicines and anything hot,

Arriving at the surgery, and wondering for what?

Repeatedly telling folks the same thing like a parrot,

Most of what you utter will be complete tommyrot.


Falling asleep anywhere or time without any fuss,

Often in a waiting room or on the bus,

Waking up at the depot, feeling ridiculous,

You’ll find your hands and fingers less dexterous,

Delicate parts of your body become fugacious,

Redundant, saggy and then none exitatious,

You’ll lose the urge to be flirtatious,

But gain the urge, to be grumpy and vexatious!


Inchcock Today Fri 26th Aug 16: Not a Good Day at all, apart from Olive looking good!


Friday 26th August 2016

0405hrs: Gae up trying to sleep and struggled out of the not-working-again £300 second-hand recliner chair and to off for a WRHD. Not a pleasant experience this morning.

01aTook the medications with some orange juice, and got the things ready for the laundry room visitation. During which the first Whoopsiedangleplop of the day took place.

I was reaching into the cupboard and had a little dizzy spell, and caught the stack of storage bins and over they went!

What a mess!

I believe I might have said something like “Oh, dear me, fancy that!”

Clean it up as I muttered some obscenities.

0425hrs: Down to the washing room and got the machine going. The place was in a bit of a state. Back to the flat.

010505hrs: Down to the laundry room and got the clothes into the… wait for it… New Drying Machine! At last, after waiting for about nine weeks, we now have two dryers again. I was surprised to see it was a similar model to the one that conked out, and they could not get the spare part to mend it cause it was so aged? The drum appeared a lot larger on this one. Got it going and returned to the apartment again.

An hour to wait so I got the vegetables prepped and in the Crock-Pot. Fresh garden peas, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, turnips and parsnips. I added tomato puree, salt, vegetable seasoning and then added some Oregano – Whoopsiedangleplop number two here: The lid came off the Oregano pot, and the contents all went in me vegetable stew!and 

I said something like (Not really, though, it was something a little more vitriolic) “Oh dearie me, I seem to be having an error-ridden morning, ah-well!”

01b0605hrs: This was quickly followed by Whoopsiedangleplop number three. I started to clean and clear properly, where the bins had fallen earlier and clouted my head on the draining board as I bent down.

0615hrs: Checked the Crock-Pot, tried to get out as much of the Oregano as I could, and went down with some cleaning stuff to the laundry room to collect the washing. Titivated around and cleaned the soap in slots and trays and filters that had not been cleaned. Felt quite proud of myself at this point.

0625hrs: Back once more up to 72, opened the door, and boy did that Oregano pong! Stunk the place out.

01cI opened the window in the kitchen to let the aroma out.

Took a photo while hanging out of the window.

Can you spot something out of order in the picture on the left?

Naughty person. Hehe!

Put the clothes away, one pair of trousers had shrunk that much, I put it with the other stuff in the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop bag. I’ll take the bag down today, it’s nearly full now, mostly with things that have shrunk… alright then, things that no longer fit due to me increased flobby-body mass. Tsk! This encouraged me to get on the scales that were nearby… but that is a horror story you can do without. Ahem!

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on and set about finishing the Thursday post and starting this one.

Tried some Facebooking. Not too good, sticking a bit, but I got some done.

Did my ablutions, and called to see Olive on my way out. She was in good from considering, and this cheered me up no end.

Went to see if I could contact Deana bout the British Gas cock-up. She was not in today.

01hCaught the L8 bus into Sherwood and went to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop and unloaded the bag of clothing.

A lot of emergency vehicles running about Sherwood today.

Nipped in the shop and got some mushrooms to add to the Crock-Pot… the over Origami’d Crock-Pot. Got two cheese cobs as well.

01iCaught the bus back up to the flats and had a good chinwag with some other tenants en route.

2Aug16aThe view from the kitchen window was very nice.

Not going to last long, though, I’m afraid.

Forecast heavy storms for tomorrow.Got in to find two letters in the box from British Gas!

Got in the apartment, to find two letters in the box from British Gas!

They had closed the proper account and made the …67 one, a new report adding £253 to the total making me in debt now for £375.38.

Confused now, I went on the internet to email Deana, and found she had sent me a copy of BG’s last email sent to her yesterday!

You can find this here: Updated British Gas record It’s a long detailed one. This addition is at the end of the post.

She will not be available to see me until next Tuesday to discuss the outcome and what tactics to adopt. Just my luck – holidays again! Tsk!

Put the fodder away, took the late medications and added the mushrooms to the Crock-Pot.

Updated this post and went on Facebook. Still sticking a bit, telling me I had not finished commenting when I had?

The food in the Crock-pot had to be sorted, to get rid of some of the juices. I added a tin of beef to it after draining and added a bit more black bean sauce, to weaken the Origami taste. NO! I  mean the Oregano taste. Hope it is eatable as a stew with the cobs when I get it sorted. Tsk!

Well, I have to say that it came out as the most horrible tasting meal of the year! A failure of epic proportions, even after my assiduous day long efforts!

10Within minutes of foolishly finishing eating this monstrous so-called edible creation, the stomach was rumbling, bodily winds were escaping from all extremities, and I felt that along with the dissatisfaction and worry of the unfair British Gas charging me affair, these should have been sufficient to ensure my suicide.

But, being a coward, I decided against any such intentions and put the goggle-box on, fell asleep and dreamed of me being pursued in tunnels by just about everyone.

Around 0200hrs, I sprang awake and struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and went to the door of the flat… why I did this I had no idea? Feeling rather foolish, I wandered between the door and the recliner chair a few time hoping the reason for me waking and going to the door might return to me. It didn’t, so feeling uncomfortable with my state of sanity, I climbed back into the recliner and spent an hour or so wondering what I might have been intending to do in going to the door?

Inchcock Today: Thur 25 Aug 2016 A mixed day


Thursday 25th August 2016

Awoke around o400hrs. The ailments apart from the Duodenal Ulcer were being so kind to me. Even the £300 second-hand recliner let me out to go for a WRHD without too much shuddering. Was I dreaming I thought?

01cI even remembered the Asda (Walmart) delivery was due twixt 0600 > 0800hrs. You know the one, that should have been delivered yesterday had I not forgotten and gone shopping at Asda – Humph, what a 11b. Remembering this was probably helped by the great dirty sign I wrote on a large envelope and stuck it in front of the laptop screen?

So, out of the chair for the WRHD, even that was easier than usual? No bleeding from Little Inchy either. I was getting very nervous now with all this good fortune this morning you know!

01dGot my ablutions done early, no shower, though, it was too soon for that, all the noise it makes would have disturbed my neighbours. So a stand-up wash and shave – and I didn’t cut myself shaving?

I did espy some markings and a bruise on the throat/chest mind. But no pain or itching with them? Overall, I seem to be doing well medically today.

Made a brew and took the medications, then finalised the Wednesday post and started this one off.

0655hr, the Asda delivery man, rang, I could not tell what he wanted, but he spoke with me. I rang off and went down to see him, thinking he might be coming up the other lift as I go down. He was stood with the boxes in the foyer. A new to the job man, obviously. We both went back up to the flat, and he handed me the carrier bags and an amazingly large amount of unpackaged food through the door. I signed for them and started to carry them into the kitchen, this left bits all over the hallway carpet.

01fSo I hoovered it up and got onto sorting the delivery out. I’ve now got a full fridge, freezer and overflowing cupboards and floor!

A jar of Bigos I ordered came alright. Bigos, also known in English as hunter’s stew, is a Polish dish of finely chopped meat of various kinds boiled with sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage (Saurkraut). Might be tasty, methinks.

I decided after sorting it all out as best I could, to make a cup of tea before I got back on the laptop to update things further.

11b Well well, I dropped the mug, and it spilt all over the floor. Got some of the Blitz paper towels and down onto the floor, to dry up the mess. Astonishingly, I got back up without too much of a struggle? I began to worry now really… Hehe!

I then got the nibbles ready for the nurses and the Winwood Social Hour Meeting. Although, I won’t be attending today, because, the only appointment the surgery could give me for my INR blood level test, clashed with the Social Hour… Again! When I remembered this, and the Whoopsidangleplop with the dropping of the mug of char, things were starting to get back to normal for me.

A WRWW session then made another cup of tea and back on the laptop. Graphicationalisationing and doing the diary. Then to the challenge of trying to do Facebooking. If it allows me, I must make sure I do not spend too much time on the session, or else I might be late for the surgery. Must leave no later than 1000hrs to walk there in time for the appointment.

That went well, no hiatus whatsoever? I just ran out of time, though, Huh!

0914hrs: Got the things ready for the surgery, and called at the Community Hut with the nibbles. Hoped to see Warden Deana, but she was not in today they told me. Left some raffle prizes and informed the few tenants there ready for the meeting that I couldn’t make it, then departed on my hobble to the surgery in Carrington. Met BJ as he was going to the meeting and had a little chinwag.

Onwards to the nurse, taking it nice and steady cause I was in plenty of time. Only the feet gave me any trouble going there, and even more coming back. Arrived with time to spare and logged in and started doing some cross-wording.

The nurse (the one I saw yesterday in Asda), tapped me on the shoulder and made me jump. (That’ll stop me laughing at her like I did in the shop) She told me took her over two hours to get her photographs done. She looked at the bruising and marks on me chest and told me to book an appointment with the Doctor Vindla if they had not cleared up after two days.

Then she took the blood for the INR level test, and I gave her some nibbles.

I was soon out and walking (limping) down 09Mansfield Road in Carrington to the Lidl store.

I got some potato chunks, a tin of garden peas, cheese twists and a can of Spanish Piquillo Peppers with stockfish filling in tomato sauce, as a treat for Sister Jane when she visits me on Sunday. Got prawns in it? Might be nice for them?

At the checkout I dropped a packet of cheese twists and a lady kindly picked them up for me, bless her.

To the bus stop and caught one within minutes into Sherwood. As I dropped off the bus, there was BJ’s car in a layby, couldn’t see him anywhere. I know he likes to go in one of the cafes for breakfast sometimes… well, every day. It saves his other half cooking when she gets back from work. Got a TV paper for next week.

Crossed the road to see if a bus was due that would get me back up the hill to the flats – but no. So I shuffled on up and over the hill to go up again through Woodthorpe Park, and down the gravel path to the apartments.

01hAs I started off from the bus stop, I saw a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist coming down the hill at me. Happily freewheeling it down and not moving for any pedestrians, we moved out of his way! Luckily there were very few of us in his way today.

No sunshine, even the odd spot of rain was getting through now, but the park looked so beautiful to me. I decided not to walk down the gravel path but went into the copse instead. No one else about, I really enjoyed this diversion.

01iUntil I stubbed my already hurting toe on a tree branch coming out above the ground.

But I didn’t mind at all in fact.

Because with this happening, I lost my fear of things going right for me, like they had been doing earlier in the day if you see worra mean like. Hehehe!

Out if the bottom end, across the field and down the last bit of the gravel path to the flats. Up to 72 and a WRWW, again, just in time.

Put the bits away, cleared the pots up, cuppa and medications took then laptop on to update this.

Tried again to do some Facebooking. Started perfect, the had a glitch for a few minutes, then came back alright?

0001Got the food going, roasting vegetables, (parsnips, carrots, red onions and potatoes) to have along beside a frozen something or other I had in the freezer without a box.

It will be, I think, either pork ribs or lamb in sauce/gravy. I’ll find out when it’s done, and I dish it up. Tsk!

Turned out it was Chinese Pork Ribs. The carrots were not good, but everything else was okay, though. Made a right mess of myself eating it. Huh!

Called to see Olive, but she was out.

Looked at the TV magazine and found stuff to put on and fall asleep. Nodded off so many times for a few minutes, I got confused as to what day or time it was each time I woke?

Tonight was not to be a night for sleep methinks!

Inchcock Today. Wednesday 24th August 2016: Olive feeling better today – Wunderbar! Then Whoopsiedangleplop time, Huh!


The Nightmare of nightmares last night!

Wednesday 24th August 2016

0525hrs: Woke with the dream come nightmare I’d had rumbling around in my head, wrote some down quickly before it disappeared, to record here later. Although more than usual did remain with me.

The £300 second-hand recliner chair shuddered and let me out so I could get to the closet for a much-needed WRHD and WRWW session. A bit of bleeding from the rear, but none from Little Inchy.

Made a mug of tea and took the medications.

Pots cleaned and got the pod peas shelled and into the Crock-Pot. Then got the laptop going and finished the Tuesday diary and started this one. Facebook and emails were playing up again? Tsk! Virus?

Noticed the scribbled notes about the nightmare, and this is how it went.

The first part when the bailiffs arrived was clear in my mind, the rest a bit vague: I was going out of the door, and there were about six burly blokes waiting with a Writ and Warrant with them, demanding £2159.58 on them, for British Gas. All the men seemed like those I’d seen on the ‘Can’t Pay – We’ll take it away’ programme that is on the goggle-box. The leader, the bloke to my right in the graphic, spoke: “We have been instructed to take goods to the value in the writ, remove an electricity meter number (____whatever) and leave you a candle!”

He paused for a moment while the other chaps had a laugh, then continued, “If you do not pay this debt, British Gas have instructed us to knock the hell out of you and cut off your testicles, we don’t want to do this… well, Bert here would like to, you have 30 minutes to come up with the cash, then we will be forced to beat you around a bit and take the meter and goods to the value of your debt, then tear off your goolies slowly.

I asked, what about the candle? He ignored me and asked what is the highest value items in the flat. I told him, the medications were, and he took them? They searched for hours looking for the non-existent meter, and I made them some cheesy potatoes and lamb chops to eat.

The rest of the memories were vague and fussy, but the notes said: Throw off the balcony – sugar – chopped off ear – balloons – head butt and coffin?

BGPut the laptop on ‘sleep mode’ and did my ablutions. Took my time and enjoyed a jolly good shower with using the Mandarin gel and lemon scented soap.

Got on the scales… enough said!

Got changed into nice clean clothes and made another cuppa.

11dMade another cuppa and the view from the kitchen window, was gloriously pretty.

Deana is calling to see Olive this morning, and Olive will ask her to call and see me, then I can suggest us getting in touch with the local MP?

No dizzies yet today, I’m pleased with this.

Olive Aug 24Went to see Olive, hurrah! She was feeling a lot better today! Cheered me up no end. She told me Deana had told her this morning, that another tenant in the Winchester Court block is now having the same thing happen to them!?!?!?!?! Chinwag, cuddle and a kiss and I returned to flat 72.

Chinwag, cuddle and a kiss and I returned to flat 72.

Decided to update this, then get ready to go to Asda (Walmart) in Arnold, to look for some comfy socks.

WRWW and off to the bus stop to get the L9 into Arnold. Nice chinwag at the shelter.

Dropped off in Arnold and straight into Asda and to the automatic photography machine – who should I meet, but Nancy the surgery nurse using the very next machine. A laugh and chinwag, then I did the shopping. I got a turnip, carrots, parsnips, fresh pod peas, an Irish Batch loaf and some Lemon Drizzle desserts.

As I passed the photography booth, Nancy was still doing her prints. She was using the new Blue-tooth system that had been added.

I hobbled to the clothing department at the other end of the store and a pack of seven cheapo thin summer socks. Back to the other end of the shop to leave, and Nancy was still at the printing machine! A laugh and she told me she had downloaded over 200 photographs! No wonder it was taking so long.

JaneTo the bus stop and a long wait for the bus.

The timetable was all over the place due to the local roadworks.

The gals at  the bus stop with me were getting anxious and concerned.

Eventually, they caught one, and half an hour later the L9 arrived.

The driver was not a happy laddie at all.

Then I got a phone call, it was the Asda delivery 11bdriver telling me he was at the house to deliver the order I’d placed with them…

What a plonker first grade! I’d forgotten I’d ordered the fodder, and just bought some of what was on the order! He was not happy either, shouted “You’ll have to do the order again then!” and rang off.

Feeling guilty and stupid for the rest of the day now!

Back at the flat, a WRWW got the details of the fodder order and limped straight to Olive’s to beg for help and her to ring Asda to explain for me and see what could be done. When I arrived, her grandson Roger opened the door, so I could be embarrassed, with two people present, instead of one. Hehehe! I humbly explained things and when they had stopped laughing, Roger took charge and rang them for me. He soon sorted it, and although (Rightly so) I had to pay two delivery charges, they will send the stuff back to the flat twixt 0600 > 0800hrs in the morning.

I did feel a fool! (Again).

MC001Thanked them both, and returned to the flat to put the food and socks away, took the medications with orange juice, laptop on to update this.

Not sure how I’ll find room for all the groceries coming tomorrow, though.

Thank heavens for help being at hand to sort it.

Note the socks are colour-coded so I shouldn’t get them mixed up or lost now… maybe I shouldn’t have said that?

But, then again why not, let’s be positive Gerry, I said.

Heard nothing from Deana or British Gas… Yet!

01Got the peas on the go in the Crock-Pot, tomatoes, chicken thighs, veg mix (Cabbage carrots & peppers), beetroot, and mash potatoes with cheese. Now Olive and Roger have sorted me out, I feel a bit peckish!

A slightly big nosh, but I did enjoy it so despite the worries humming around in me bald head. Hehe!

Inchcock Today – Tuesday 23rd Aug 2016: Busy day, ups and downs – Olive a bit better!


Tuesday 23rd August

Stirred around 0525hrs; Struggled urgently out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRWW and WRHD session. A bit painful and bloodied during and afterwards, Tsk! I cleaned myself up and started fretting way again. Hoping Olive would be alright with her visit to the Queens Medical Centre for her blood change? Will Deana have any good news from British Gas about the bill? (Not a lot of hope, more a prayer really!), then got some new pains stabbing at me under the left arm ribcage. Humph!

Made a drink and took the medications. Washed the pots in between several WRWWs.

Laptop on, some nice emails of support received. Finished the Monday post, then started this one going. Cross fingered I tried out Facebooking.

01bWent well for a while.

Spilled some of the contents of the pan of minted garden peas on the kitchen floor… used the new spinning mop to rectify the ensuing mess.

Popped over to see Olive, but she’d already gone out.

0910hr: Returned and did the 01cablutions, then to the Community Hut to see Deana.

All locked up, so, back to the foyer and a chinwag with some tenants, then out to the bus stop and we caught the L9 into town.

Had a nice conversation with a lady tenant on the way. She even helped me with the crossword bless her.

01dIn town, I walked down and through the Nottingham beach.

Glad to report this was being used a lot more today – the rides and food stalls (As opposed to the beach which was free!) were not being used much at all.

I arrived at the Tram Stop on South Parade opposite the slab square. Swiped my bus-pass and waited amongst the obviously experienced 01epassengers, who were already juggling with each other to gain the optimum position to scramble onto the tram, in the hopes of finding a seat free and knocking the likes of me out of the way.

Which they did with great aplomb when the tram did arrive.

Luckily for me, I only had to stand for 01habout four stops, before we arrived at the Asda Store.

By the time I’d trudged down the winding steps to the store’s car park, I had needed a rest, so stood opposite a big black SUV with a well-built swarthy youth was sat in the driver’s seat.

As a genuinely disabled lady arrived in, to park parallel next to him, for some reason he hit the gas and belted backwards running into the woman’s car with the rear of his, and shot off at great speed. The poor lady was a bit nervous and upset. I went to her to see she was okay. I was joined with seconds by several other shoppers who had seen the incident, on lady had taken the index number, and tended to the woman.

Into the store to search for one of the Nordic Bacon blocks with seasoning like I got the other week from there, they had just two packs left, so I bought them both.

Got some fresh garden peas, and apples too.

I met BJ in the shop, he was looking good and in fine form.

When I came out, a policeman was talking to the lady, I asked her how she felt, she’d recovered well from the shock. I informed the officer of the description of the geezer driving the car, and that he did not have a disabled card on show in his window.

I walked to the front of the store (More hobbled really) to avoid the steps back up, and caught a tram into town. The weather had turned sweltering, and the masses on the tram were joined by another ten or so sweating, irritable parents with their sweating grumpy kids.

I was lucky I reckon, to get off the bus uninjured!

But lucky, that an L9 bus was due out just as I arrived at the stop.

Even the L9 bus was crowded by the time we’d gone two bus stops further on. When we arrived at the flats, I had a job to get free with the lady next to me decided not to get up, but just twisted her healthily and plump legs around to leave me about four inches twixt her ample knees and the luggage rack tp squeeze through.

Battered and bruised I escaped into the daylight. Hehehe!

Up to the twelfth floor and called at Olive’s, too early, though, she wasn’t back yet.

To the flat and a WRWW, kettle on and took the late midday medications. Realised I’d not finished cleaning the Crock-Pot porcelain dish, so I did.

No email from Deana about the British Gas situation yet, so I walked down to the community hut, no one in. Back to number 72 and made another cuppa and got the laptop on to update this.

01fThe day had turned out a hot one; indeed, the wind dropped, yet as I took a photographicalisation of the gravel footpath outside that led up to the Woodthorpe Grange Park next to my favourite copse, no sign of human life was espied!

Perhaps they were at the Nottingham Beach by now?

Checked the emails to see if Deana had any news, nowt in the inbox yet.

Then disaster! The laptop screen went blue with a complicated message telling me I had a virus and was to ring a given number immediately! This was not from McAfee and looked like a con-job – but the laptop would not let me escape or close or do anything – the warning remained on screen!

Force closed the laptop – waited and rebooted and the when I restarted the Warning Screen, and Google opened immediately again! Panicking now, I force closed again and left it for half an hour and tried again – the whole system was slow, but it seems whatever it was causing me the hassle had gone.


Went to see Olive at her flat. She looked terribly tired yet was in good spirits, bless her brave, beautiful soul. I found out she was to go back in later, what she thought was pain from her hips, was something to do with her backbone, and they were to investigate. The blood transfusions should make her feel a bit better in 4-5 days.

She told me some stories from the War years and her childhood that fascinated me. I made a fuss and took my leave as soon as I saw her eyelids drooping, gave her a big kiss and cuddle and departed, feeling better in myself knowing she’d come through okay.

Back to number 72. Checked the emails and found one from Deana with a copy of the last email she’s sent to British Gas;

I received an email from Grace Winearls regarding a complaint I made on behalf of Mr Timothy Gerald Chambers 72 Woodthorpe court, Chestnut Walk , Sherwood, Nottingham, NG5 4DZ stating that she couldn’t speak to me has they had no permission from the account holder and if I wanted to call when the account holder is with me then you could add me to the account , every time I call British Gas Mr Timothy Chambers always gives permission for me to speak on his behalf and I’m sure if you checked the account you would see that I have spoken to your customer service team on numerous occasions for Mr Chambers , Mr Chambers is very hard of hearing and struggles hearing what is being said and what he is being asked hence why I do the phone calls for him , I have further reasons to now make another complaint  I AGAIN made a phone call to customer service on the 10th August 2016 and spoke to Ricmondo. Mr Chambers has again had another letter asking for £250.32 for account number 08467, Mr Chambers pays direct debit £58 a month for account number 0695 and has done since 14/12/15 . After being on hold by Ricmondo on and off for 55 minutes I was told that Mr Chambers would receive no further letters demanding money or sending in the debit agencies until someone had been to look at the meter I asked for a letter stating this for Mr Chambers peace of mind and a letter to tell Mr Chambers when the inspection of the meter would take place I was told yes to both neither have happened, and again Mr Chambers has received a letter asking him for £250.32  , I rang British gas yesterday and spoke to a man on customer service I asked to be put through to the complaint department he told me he couldn’t and I had to speak to him I explained I was fed up having a three way conversation with customer service and whoever they were supposed to be speaking to  and I wanted to speak to someone in the complaints department , I was put on hold for 10 minutes has I now time all calls made to British gas he came back and said that there wasn’t a complaints department, I asked why it states on the bill  if you’re not happy with anything contact the customer complaints team , I find the customer service team very unhelpful every person I have spoken to have been unable to resolve this problem , Mr Chambers has also been on the trust pilot website and stated his problems British Gas wrote on his review they would contact him he has yet to hear from them . how much longer is this going to go on ? what more can myself or Mr Chambers do to get British Gas to resolve this problem ? I will send a copy of this letter to the complaints review service has I feel this matter has not been dealt with in an efficient way Mr Chambers and myself have been constantly fobbed off with this issue.

Yours sincerely

Deana Walker – Independent Living Coordinator

Then later, I got an email from BG about this fictitious account!


How can I have two different numbered accounts and only have one meter?

I am getting pissed off with this now, the worry of their threat to send an actioned warrant team and Debt Recovery Agents is not fair, not surprising my ulcer is starting up again! Humph! Thye tell me I might lose my credit rating, and they might send a team to remove the non-existent meter and replace it with a ‘Card Prepayment one’ and they can legally force entry to do so, too?

I am confused, worried and frustrated now, more than ever. I’ll mention the idea of us talking to Nottingham MP Christopher Leslie, perhaps?

MC01Got the nosh on.

Rather overdid it a tad I think with the amount, but, feeling so depressed, I just wasn’t bothered at the time.

Thank heavens that Olive was getting through the day, cheered me up a bit.

Put the gogglebox on and sat like Little Lord Pontelroy with the tray on my knee.

Couldn’t concentrate on the TV, and sleep avoided me like the plague!

Inchcock Today Mon 22nd Aug 16: Busy day, Olive struggling, Deana struggling with British Gas, Norman in good form, I’m depressed! Lovely emails of support!


Monday 22nd August 2016

0300hrs: Woke up, worried about seeing Deana about the British Gas problems this morning, then I fell asleep again.

0620hrs: Stirred once more, this time, the missing overnight demands for a WRWW and WRHD were demanding. The rickety £300 second-hand recliner shuddered to let me out of it and to the Wetroom, for a painfully difficult WRHD, but, no bleeding.

Although in patches, I reckon I’d had at least 10 hours kip last night, double the usual.

To the kitchen, made a cuppa and took the medications. Laptop on and finished off the Sunday Diary.

Some graphicationalisationing then started this one off.

Got the paperwork for British Gas together in the folder, ready to take to see Warden, Deana Walker at 0830hrs, must remember to ask her to make up the permission thing for them, so she can officially become my sole representative for British Gas. That is, of course, if she is in today, I’d hate it if she is not and I have more time to fret over the problem.

Did my ablutionisationing session and got things and me ready to go to see Deana.

Got to the Winwood Shed, Dean was in dealing with another residents problems. I poddled around and returned.

01gDeana called British Gas and asked if she could be put through to the complaints department, this time, she was told they didn’t have a complaints department?

She explained the situation yet again and I had to confirm my authorising her to speak for me.

She was put on hold for fifteen minutes: She was put-on-hold again and eventually ran out of time and had to ring off after 20 minutes! She will try again later and let me know what occurs.

0915hrs: Returned to the foyer, chinwagging with some other residents also waiting to go out and catch a bus.

Another nice causerie at the bus stop. Then caught the L9 into town – having a Stirling Moss imitator come fan in control at the helm, we were soon there too!

01hArrived in town, a little overcast weather and a fair wind blowing. Walked over and through the tunnel into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall).

Then I went to the nut stall on the market to see if they had found a bag of nuts I might have left there yesterday. Jade, who served me yesterday said none were found, so I bought another 200gm if the honeyed almonds.

09 10Hobbled along and down to the first floor on my way to Tesco. 

I spotted these bits of glitz in a jewellery shop window and took a photo of them for the TFZ gals. They like the blue ones, but i ain’t sure what the ornaments are made of, Onyx I think? 

Waddled into the City Centre to see if the Nottingham Beach was any more 01ipopular this lunchtime.

The first photo I took, should have shown to kids having fun in the paddling pool, but this Herbert walked in front of them as I took it. Haha!

The second one I got was very fortunate that it didn’t come out blurred.oneChinwag on bus

T’was on the beach and this young girl ran into the scene and jumped into a sand hole she had been excavating, just as I took it!

Very pleased with how this one came out.

I wandered along and up King Street to 01jthe bus-stop.

Took this rather moody picture of the Council House showing Little John and the clock.

Still overcast, but not cold and the wind seemed to drop off.

Cunningly slipped some seeds to a rather bedrabbled few pigeons en route.

The bus came and left early, so I was glad I arrived early too.Chinwag on bus

At the first bus stop, several other tenants of the apartments got on, and a good Chinwag ensued on the bus. These causeries, do much to foster a sense of community for me.

Back home, and I went straight to see Olive at her flat. Tomorrow her blood is being done, and it usually takes a good few days for her to feel the benefit. She was obviously suffering but managed to talk about things. Told me off for getting her a cream horn cake. I explained that she was doing me  a favour as they only come in packs of two, so splitting them helped me eat only one. Hehe! A kiss and cuddle, and off back to the flat.

WRWW satisfied and eased my innards.

I got  some potatoes, and seasoned some baked beans, going to have these with the beef slice I forgot to have last night. Podded the fresh  peas got them in the slow cooker for later, put a bay leaf, bit of salt and demerara sugar in with the peas.

Put the nuts way and found the ones I thought I’d left at the stall – Twit!

Laptop on and spent a few hours WordPressing, I was going to do some Facebooking, but the laptop didn’t let me? Freezing again – Tsk!