Inchcock Today Wed 3 Aug 2016: Busy day for Inchcock


Wednesday 3rd August 2016

0425hrs: Stirred into life, desperately trying to recall the dreams I’d been having. Really annoying that I couldn’t, just senses and bits of them. They were from my younger years I think.

That half a Senna tablet I took last night, had done the job partially, and the urge for a WWHD was soon received from my innards – the first job required, getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair took a while and some ingenuity on my behalf; It had stuck half way up/down. Extracting myself without any harm to the chair or myself was not easy, but I managed it. By then the urgency was far greater, a painful rapid as possible hobble and a stubbed toe later, I was on the throne! Push, pain, massive plonk! Phew! And, no bleeding!

10d3aThe new scales had apparently stuck at 14st 4lb from yesterday – they’re broken I tell yer… Hehe!

To the kitchen, the kettle on I cleaned the stuff I’d left soaking in the sink last night. Applied some antiseptic cream to the scolded finger.

Put the washing stuff in the cupboard (Well, the cleaners are coming today – hehe!)

Outside, the drizzling might have encouraged me back for another WRWW?

Laptop on to update the diaries then took the medications and a mega-dizzy hit me. I nearly fell off the chair. Frit me that one did… but okay after ten minutes and then back on with the WordpPressing.

Another WRWW.

ElePosted off the diary for Tuesday and did some graphicalisationing, and started this one off.

Many hours and WRWW trips later, I stopped and thought about getting my ablutions done – went to check if any mail had arrived and clonk!

I caught the shower power switch on the wall… Again!

Got in the wetroom and started shaving and the doorbell rang! I’d got the timing wrongs for the girls to arrive for titivating the flat. The two gals came in and made a start while I finished me shave and shower.

GCk1Maggie and Lynn joined Shakita and Cheryl a few minutes later, and they got fitting the curtain rail for me.

Tomorrow, they will be bringing the curtains and fitting them too and as well!

They got on with it and soon had the rail up and ready.

GCkMeanwhile, Shakita got on and did the kitchen including the windows.

No surfaces done, cause the time ran out, but the windows looked rather professionally done to my mind.

Shakita got on with the wetroom for me, then the pair of them did the hoovering and dusting in the front room.

We managed a little nattering session while they do so.


I might have the names mixed up – Tsk!

They collected the drawer cabinet to take away for me. And, off they went, not before I took a photo of them all, to make a poster for them when they had left.

I can show it and email it to them if they like tomorrow when then Lynn and Maggie return to fit the curtains for me.

The carrots and peas – had a little Whoopsiedangleplop earlier. I had the brainwave of adding a half a spoon of mint sauce to them in the Crock-Pot… Ahem, I tapped the open jar and ‘Plop’, the whole lot went in! Watered it down.

Then I got the chops in the oven and updated this to here. I’ll see if it is eatable now…

P1110490Carried on lap topping and it was soon ready. The veg seemed none the worse or the dropping into the Crock-Pot of the jar of mint sauce.

The little lamb chops were delicious, absolutely divine!

Went round to see Olive. She’d had a bad day with her hip pains, so I stayed a while having a chinwag and tried to cheer her up a bit. I had to leave, due to the demand for the throne, Olive understood, bless her.

Back to the flat, WRHD (No blood) and I almost collapsed afterwards, sudden weariness again. All I did (Between the many WRWW’s) was try to watch the TV. During which, I got seven calls on the landline, each time it stopped before I could get out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and to it, I moved the phone nearer the chair and caught the next one – but was none the wiser as to who called, as it was a recorded message, something like “____ SLS message, ________ ____ __ ____ ___ to accept ___ _____ ___” No idea, so I hung up and got no more calls?

Sleep was late coming.

A Busy day indeed.