Inchcock Today Sunday 21 August 2016: Worrying day


Sunday 21st August 2016

0248hrs: Awake, aching all over and desperate for a WRWW. During which, I decided to get the laundry room duties done straight away.

01aArthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both being kind to me this morning, but Duo Denal was letting me know he was unhappy.

I nipped around like a young un! No wash or owt, down to the utility room and got the washing in and machine going by 0310hrs. After I had to nip back up to the apartment to get the 20p pieces so as I could operate the machines. Tsk! Back down to the laundry room.

Back up to 72, and started the laptop and set CorelDraw and WordPress up and running.

Back down and moved the laundry into the dryer, then back again to 72 and updated the diaries and took the medications.

Sent Warden Deana Walker an update on the British Gas farce.

0455hrs: Down to collect the cleaned and dried things, to the flat and put the togs away in the airing cupboard.

Facebooked for hours and hours, but it was hard work, kept freezing now and then and it was very frustrating. Especially when I had to restart and could not find where I was at earlier, so could not finish or redo whatever I was on. Still, I got a lot done all the same.

CorelDrawX8 was working better, though. Did some graphicalisations that I could use for later.

Took the midday medications.

The British Gas situation was on my mind repeatedly, and I feared that I might not be able to get to talk to Deana in the morning for some reason.

Nipped out to see Olive, but he was not in. Called in to see Norman with the records for him, but he was not answering the door either, hope Olive and Norman are okay.

MC01Got the night fodder prepared and a decent one it was.

Some mash with onion and cheese in it, beetroots and carrots and peas.

It wasn’t until I was eating it that I realised I’d not put the crispy bacon on the plate? So, I had a vegetarian meal but enjoyed it all the same.

Rated this a 9.3/10.

Did a bit more graphicationalising and then got the LP records again and nipped out to see Olive and Norman. Olive was still out, Norman was in, though. He is one of the two nonagenarian chaps in this block of flats. Norman is 93-years-old, and Eddy on the 11th floor is 94-years-old. Both great characters and story-tellers. Grand blokes both!

MC001I gave the LP’s to Norman so he could use his new retro designed combined record player, radio and CD player.

He liked the Elvis and Dean Martin ones best.

I took a photo of him next to his new player. Which, he was having trouble getting to work. Between us, we fumbled about and found out how it worked. Norman showed me his headphones and seemed pleased with the records.

01cAfter a couple of hours gladly listening to his tales of old, and a tour of his flat, (he has a double, with a narrow but long spacious kitchen, similar to Olive’s), I took his rubbish to the chute,

Then took my leave, ringing Olive’s (Next door) bell without any luck.

Back to the flat. Poured a mug of orange juice, took the medications and settled in the rackety £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV. I realised that while out visiting, I did have a single worry about the British Gas business at all, but soon started again when I settled to watch the TV, well, DVD.

I soon nodded off completely, woke thinking I’d been asleep for a few minutes to find out it was 5-hours! Then I rewound the DVD and fell promptly to kip again for another 5-hours!

Can’t understand how I went into the land of nod for so long, without any demands for a WRWW or WRHD?