Inchcock Today Sun 31 Jul 16: Woke up to a right mess?


Sunday 31 July 2016

I awoke with a start around 0230hrs. I’d been dreaming of the flat being full of what must have been 20 or more ladies visiting me, happiness and joy flowed, and I almost felt pain with so much contentment! We drank the drinks in turn, as I didn’t have enough cups in the cupboard – The tales they told me, were wonderful – I think they had a helicopter on the roof waiting to take them home?

I did my best to get back to the dream when I nodded off again, of course without any success! Humph!

I stirred again around 0500hrs, but felt so tired still, and with no demands for a WRWW or WRHD being made on me, I allowed myself to drift off again. Gone 0630hrs when for some reason I woke and thought it was Monday; Oh, the Clinic Visit, the cleaning lady coming to discuss terms and the… Hang on, I thought, it’s Sunday!

I think things must have been getting to me last night, the empty spring Water bottle was laying across the room near the mini-Hoover, tissues were on the chair the Ottoman and me!

The TV remote had been placed between the two glass cases on the chair arm?

I got out of the noisy but operating £300 second-hand recliner chair, turned on the light and for the third time this year, the bulb blew! Got on the steps and apprehensively, dodderingly changed the bulb. This bulb came from the same box as the one that had just blown, but seemed so much brighter?

Hobbled (Arthur Itis not being nice to me this morning) to the wetroom for a WRWW and WRHD. Blood flowed this morning. Not from ‘Little Inchy’, although he was very tender, from Haem Aroids.

GCB05dTo the kitchen, to find that last night, getting out the lamb chops from the freezer, I had left out a big bag of chips. This had now become a soggy, smelly clump of semi-mashed potatoes on the draining board!

Stepped onto the scales… but enough of the bad news for now…

Wasn’t doing too well yet today, was I? Huh!

Back to the wetroom for another WRWW and stubbed my toe on the trolley wheel! Feeling a bit, what’s the word I’m looking for? Er… Sorry for missen? Frustrated? No, peed-off perhaps.

Things would get better I told myself.

Made a cuppa and got the medications, dropping the pot and pills on the way to the laptop desk. Great fun finding them as they scattered all over. There is still a 15mg Morphine Sulfate and 400mg Trental Pentoxifylline tablet somewhere in the room that need rescuing, but I can’t find them! Tsk! Got one of each from the reserve stock drawer.

I’ve just read up to here… depresses me, never mind any poor reader! Stick with me please, it is bound to get more cheerful later? Haha!

Started the graphics for this page and started to create it. Did a good bit of Facebooking.

Carried out my ablutionisationing, shower, shave, teggies, medicating and freshening up.

Then, out to the shop to get the TV magazine and owt else I saw that I might fancy.

10bWalking up the gravel footpath hill, I hit on an idea for a good photograph when the sun came out behind me, and a blackbird landed nearby to collect some twigs it seemed…

Here is the end product.

I can’t understand how I’ve not been discovered and hired to work for the National Geographic, The Times or even the Beano? (Is that still going I wonder?)

10dTo the top and left down the Woodthorpe Park footpath to Mansfield Road, and another Nottingham Pavement/Footpath Cyclist came close to hitting me, after passing very close to the girls in the photograph behind him, making them jump!

He was totally oblivious to this fact.

I plodded on and got to the paper shop and got a TV magazine and a Nottingham Bygones paper.

Went to the Co-op and got a wholemeal loaf, some tomatoes and bananas.

The limp back to the flat was getting painful as the feet joined in with Arthur Itis making walking hurt a bit.

10d2On my way back up the Woodthorpe Park footpath, I stopped for a moment to enjoy the surroundings.

Nothing glamorous, exciting or dramatic, I just thought the sight of the dogs happily romping, the kids asleep in their prams, a pensioner who had brought his own cushion sat on a bench reading his Sunday Newspaper (Sun on Sunday I think), combined with the sun coming out again and the pleasant weather was worth recording and cheered me up a bit.

10d3Up to the top and right down to the flats, I walked (Well, limped slipped and tripped) down through the Copse. Inside, there were no flowers whatever, loads of bird poo, human detritus and damaged trees? As I got out into the sunshine and walked through the field to the bottom on the gravel footpath, the flowers were everywhere. No idea what these were called, but they were facing in every direction?

I called in to see if Olive was alright on my way home. She was in fine form.

10d3aGlad to get my shoes off and slippers on, I shuffled for a WRWW.

Emptied the bag of purchases and stored them away.

Had a quick look at the TV paper, and found some stuff to watch tonight. You watch it now – three nights of no nod-offs and couldn’t get to sleep…

Decided on a salad tonight. Pate, tomatoes, gherkins, peppers… I’d had some chips with it if I hadn’t left them out of the freezer last night. Huh!

Made a cuppa and got on the laptop to update this tosh.

Made an order for some fodder from Morrisons, for delivery Monday 1st August 2016 twixt 1000>1100hrs.

P1110471Suddenly feeling a bit drained here, oh dear.

The meal was okay.

I wasn’t.

The first bread I’d eaten for a week now. (Smug mode adopted)

Lifeless, limp and longing for sleep. Spent ages watching the TV, then DVD’s waiting to fall asleep.