Inchcock Today Sunday 14th August 2016

 Sunday 14th August 2016

01cStirred into semi-life around 0330hrs, the thoughts of what I had been dreaming about must have got to me, cause when I woke up again around 0520hrs, Found I’d scribbled some notes on the Ottoman at the side of the £300 second-hand recliner chair.

Regretfully I could not decipher a lot of them, and the memories had dissipated. It seems I was flying and being chased by seagulls and a family of different sized Osteodontornis? Later I was back in the bombed-out high rise building with an angry crowd of people chasing me and throwing ping pong balls at me? The other scribblings meant nothing to me, they seemed to be one-word clues I wrote to trigger the memory later – it didn’t work, I couldn’t even read some of them. ‘Plonk again’, ‘Passion’, ‘Agony’, ‘Got larger than ever __?__ ‘ and ‘No bleeding’ were some bits I could not relate to.

The £300 second-hand recliner noisily and awfully shudderingly let me out of it to go for a WRWW and WRHD. The latter was not a good experience this morning, blood flowed, and the Haem Aroid problem was rather painful.

To the kitchen, kettle on and washed the Crock-Pot porcelain dish that I’d left soaking in the sink, from last night’s delectable meal.

01aTook the medications with an extra senna tablet with the cup of tea.

I’d planned to have a mini-packet of two caramelised biscuits with the cuppa, but as I opened them Arthur Itis decided to freeze my fingers, and after they had fallen to the floor along with the wrapper, I trod on and crushed them, nearly going over myself as I slipped on the wrapper! Tsk!

Laptop on and much graphicalisationing done over the next few hours.

Started this diary off, then finished Sundays and got it posted, as ambivalence began to invade my mind.

01dPopped onto the scales, confident that the 80z reduction in yesterday’s weighing would continue…

Huh, Humph and Tsk!

Updated this Sunday diary, made a nice strong brew of Yorkshire tea, passed the wind and decided to catch up on the Facebooking.

Had a go on Tetris, not had a go on this for a while, then did the ablutions, teggies, shower, shave and medicated the areas of the excessive body mass that needed it.

Nipped to see Olive and had a good natter, she applied the pain gel for me again. Her Grandson Roger arrived, I gave Olive a cuddle and kiss and off back to the apartment.

01kI, had a raging hunger on me for some reason?

Got the meal on, not that this took much effort today, cause I just had some lamb chops with the Patti Beckert inspired, BBQ seasoned baked beans.

I didn’t do such a good job of cooking today, though, the beans were fine, but I didn’t cook the lamb chops enough!

Now this bit needs explaining to me if anyone can please: After eating the fodder, I nodded off, woke with hunger as if I had not had anything to eat, went and made MORE FOOD to eat. Fish cake and fish balls, while making this second feast, I realised it was only an hour since I ate the last one? Yet I still ate it? I must have nodded off for just a few minutes.

01jStill, when I took the pots in the kitchen, the evening-night sky was worth recording.

Not as awesome as the night skies I’ve seen (In photographs) of the American, Canadian and Australian night skies,  but it looked so beautiful to me.

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner chair and got the TV on ready for me to fall asleep in. But, it didn’t happen, no nodding at all, feelings of uncertainty reigned in my addled tormented brain, that would not let me settle or sleep! It was well into the early hours of the morning before I nodded off, then it was dream filled and I woke around 0430hrs wide awake and still muddled in the mind!