Inchcock Today Sun 7 Aug 16: Got out to the shops, Visited Olive and had a super meal

Sunday 7th August 2016


01I stirred to life, after a couple of hours of actual sleep, the desperate pleas from my innards forced me to clamber out of the shuddering and wobbly this morning £300 second-hand recliner chair in a mission to have a WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) session.

First thoughts were Olive, the tender bruised middle toe and after failing to have the WRHD and making do with a WRWW, was how thin my legs had gone overnight? Surely thought I, time to utilise the scales and weigh myself. So I did – Oh dear…

By the time I had, it was back into the Wetroom, and the WRHD was achieved without any hiatus.

01aTo the kitchen to make a brew and take the medications.

The scene outside surprised me for this time on a Sunday morning.

Traffic seemed thick, blue lights flashing and activities on the side streets appeared to be heavy as well?

I sat at the laptop and while it was booting up, a thought came into my mind Oh, yes it can happen occasionally): “The transitoriness of life, is often recognised too late in one’s life”. Just thought I’d mention it like.

The fretting began again, Olive, British Gas, Terrorists, Crooked Governments, my ailments, etc.

But then the goodness of life emerged. The support I get from my internet friends, the kindness of the cleaning ladies, Olive’s advice and luscious lips and I have no right t be here really with all the problems…

The mind had a mad half-hour stirring and getting itself confused, during which I did nothing physically, just sat and stewed in the depths of my warped mind without anything positive presenting itself as a solution to the unknown problems I was having.

Blimey did I just think and write that? I might put that on Facebook and see if any kind psychologist might offer me some advice on what I might have meant! Should I? Hehehe!

Eventually, I forced myself into a productive mood-mode and got the Saturday diary finished and posted off to WordPress.

Did some needed graphics on CorelDraw X8 and CorelPaint X8.

Checked the emails. Then, onto Facebooking… for hours and hours again! Tsk!

Went to see Olive, she was a little better. Good chinwag and a cuddle followed.

Back to the flat and got ready for a gentle stroll (Hobble really) up through the park and down to the shops and back up Winchester Hill was the plan.

Going out, I met a chap, and we had a little talk, he offered to give me a lift to the shops. I gave my appreciation and told him it is best if I force myself to walk as I had not been getting much limping done recently.

01cOff up the hill footpath and left down the walkway to Mansfield road.

Naughty, Nottingham Cyclist going between folk on his way to somewhere with his Lidl carrier bag?

Out and up and down the hill in Sherwood and called in Wilko and got some black and white waste bags, an extra large kitchen towel, razors and shaving foam and Vitamin D tablets.

01dThen to the Co-op and got some leeks, garden peas, a TV paper and a meat & potato pie.

Plenty of vehicles parked up, but few people loitering around.

I started to walk up Winchester Hill and had a bit of luck.

At the bus stop I spotted two people waiting, and luckily the bus was due in a minute!

01eGot off two stops later and had a good chinwag with a lady as we walked up to the flats.

William, from the Tenants Social hour meeting, joined us half way there. Said my farewells as they were both living in the first block of flats, Winchester Court.

Feet and knees were aching, but the toe a lot less bothersome, I arrived at the apartment.

Got some leeks, mushrooms, parsnip and red peppers cut up and in the oven along with the meat and potato pie, and got this updated. A quick look at the TV paper and the viewing was all sorted quickly. Columbo (Channel 21) first, then Benefits (Channel 30) then the Booze Cruise 3 (Channel 10).

10bGot the meal ready.

Ate it all up and fell asleep, dreaming of nightmare scenarios of being chased by people again, then waking up when all the TV programmes had finished, Tsk!

WRWW and WWHD, in a fretting mood, I took the evening medications far too late, I should have left them out really.

A nasty dizzy spell arrived, that lasted a long time. Then got back in the £300 second-hand recliner chair, well, climbed into it really, as it refused to move for me and whirred at me. Hehe!

Not getting back to sleep, I retuned the TV channels again, why I can’t remember.