Inchcock Today, Wed 17 Aug 16: The ladies day, Morrison Delivery, INR Blood Test and British Gas get it wrong again!


Wednesday 17th August 2016

0415hrs: Almost jumped awake – the dream, of me in shorts and ladies in attendance, we were on a stage with glittering lights and the girls queuing up to come on platform one at a time and each one telling me something in a whisper, despite the blaring music in the background… no idea what they were telling me but I was giving each one of them a kiss and cuddle… Then I desperately tried to get back to sleep and re-enter the dream… But not a chance, as an urgent desire and need of a WRWW, arrived that had to be tended to. Tsk!

01aNice looking morning today.

No WRHD yet. Made a brew and took the morning medications. Got the laptop going, found the internet still on, although expecting as the letter from Virgin Media said, it will go off for all of today, and started this diary going.

The Morrison Delivery and cleaning girls day today, then a walk to the GP surgery for the INR Warfarin Blood Test.

The Internet was down, so I’m writing this on Thursday morning now it’s back on again. Isn’t life confusing at times?

The Morrison delivery arrived, the flowers for Olive were looking beautiful. The two mini beef pies were two gigantic meat pies!

The cherry and helpful M&C cleaning ladies arrived late, so I had to give them a key for when they leave, said they would drop it off at Olive’s. Also, I’d managed to lose the key they stated that they’d left sticking in the balcony door lock? Really got to me this did! I didn’t think I’d touched the door or key? 11b.

They said they would have a look for it later.

I went to take Olive her Roses, she told me off for this, but she had a lovely smile on her face when she did so! I little cuddle and I departed happily.

01bSet off on me walk to Carrington and the surgery.

Not many folks about this morning.

Got to the surgery and had my blood taken by the lovely nurse. Left them their nibbles and out onto Mansfield Road and caught the bus into town. The only reason I was going there was to call at the Nut stall on the Market and get some chocolate and yoghourt covered cashew nuts.

01c As I stood opposite Clinton Street, I thought what a typical view of Nottinghamians confronted me on the other side of the road at the lights.

The difference to standard was no beggars about and no one crossing the lights on red.

I thought afterwards, it looked like they were all posing in the hot sunshine for the photograph? Hehe.

01eInto the market and got the nuts. Then a walk into the city centre.

Where I got this photo of the high-in-the-sky riders next to the Council House top dome with Little John’s bell within it.

I got a dizzy after taking it.

01dNearly got hit by one of the oh, so numerous, dangerous and totally unconcerned about others Nottingham Pavement Cyclists on Upper Parliament Street as I made my way to the L9 bus-stop. The lady on the left was calling after the ignorant imbecile after he nearly clouted her!

Maybe all the heavy traffic on the road that you see in the picture scared the little mite onto the pavement? Sarcasm is intended!

Caught the bus and fellow tenant and Social Hour Gossiper Bill got on the bus. We had a chinwag, which was good because it stopped me nodding off and missing the flats bus-stop!

Called in to see Olive, but no reply.

01fFeeling mighty weary for some reason now. I called in to see Olive, but no answer. To the flat and had to decide what to have for the meal of the day.

There was no room in the freezer to put the large beef pies in, due to the earlier Morrisons delivery, so I decided to have one of them now. 

Not a good idea really, though. I couldn’t consume all of it and left the bottom pastry. I bet the scales in the morning will be tested?

Off to see Olive again, bit still no answer. Bet I got it mixed up again about her going to be in?

01iGot a phone call from British Gas, an Asian-accented gentleman who I had the most difficulty in understanding, I think he got a bit annoyed with my asking him to repeat things so often. I think, this is roughly what took place:

He confirmed who I was, said he wanted to discuss things about the meter (the non-existent one?) – I replied that Deana Walker was my agent in all matters concerned with British Gas, told him they had been informed of this and my hearing difficulties on several occasions – Being as British Gas refused to allow Deana to talk directly with anyone from your complaints department, I’m refusing to speak with you! I gave him Deana’s phone number, telling him this had been given to a BG representative each of the at least eight occasions she has contacted you… I spoke without raising my voice too!  I felt better after that!

Got settled to watch an old film on the gogglebox and the door bell rang – I struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the door, it was Olive bless her! So, there I stood suddenly realising I was in me jammie bottoms and nowt else talking to Olive! Red-faced or what? She gave me the key to the house and told me the balcony door key is now back in the door lock. The girls searched the house and had found it in a drawer? I thanked her, gave her a kiss and ascertained if she will be in tomorrow. I can visit her before I go to the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Shed.

Back to the recliner and started a nine-hour session of nodding off and springing awake, interspersed with struggles to have many a WRWW visit. Tsk!