Inchcock Today Sat 30 July 2016: Not one of me better days, but Olive cheered me up no end, bless her.

10d2Saturday 30th July 2016

0530hrs: Stirred feeling rather reluctant to get up, but a demand for a WRWW forced me to extract myself from the £300 second-hand shuddering recliner chair and to the throne – glad to say things were moving in the WRHD (Wet Room Heavy Duty) department again after yesterday’s hiatus. Painful mind.

The dreams last night were vague in my memory, but the feeling that they were not nice was prevalent.

To the kitchen to find the cold water tap gently running, that’ll have done the Water Bill no end of good! But at least I hadn’t left the plug in, Phew!

Got the laptop going and tried to do some Facebooking, at this stage, the internet connection kept packing up so often, I gave up.

Took the medications, then spent a few hours assembling the new drug pots I bought yesterday and filled them.


Still got some of the large old pots to use, and on the morning doses in the new pots, it was a struggle to get them all in. Obviously, I’ll use the old ones first. I must say it took a lot less time to sort the out in the new pots. Seven to a pack with snap lids with release buttons.

Last night I took a photographicalisation of me veg stew and chicken thigh dinner, I know I did! This morning, there was no sign of it on the camera?

10d3aBack to the wetroom for another WRWW, and found when I got on the scales, they were working much better than yesterday. Hehe! Mind you, I had got rid of a good bit of weight earlier on the throne.

I got the Crock-Pot vegetables ready and into it on slow mode. Only carrots, parsnips and swede, flavoured with some black bean sauce, Bisto lamb gravy and lamb bouillon seasoning. I intend to have them with the last two minted lamb chops. Hope it tastes alright, not too confident with this trying out new ideas with me fodder.

10dWhile doing this, I noticed on the kitchen tool rack thingy two of them that I wasn’t sure of.

The one on the left, I suspect is for cutting pizzas, cause I reckon I’ve seen them used in adverts on the Gogglebox? It certainly will not be used for that in my flat.

Pizzas – eurgh!

The multi-use one in the centre? I can see what looks like an old style bottle-opener, I think that’s what it is? I’m just inquiring like.

Gave Facebooking another try… Slow connection, but working again. I spent several hours catching up. When the connection started getting slower and jumpy, I packed up, checked the Crock-Pot and got the shower and ablutions tended to.

Went to see Olive. Nice chinwag, a cuppa and a cuddle. Returned to the flat and the vegetables were done in the Crock-Pot, so I got the last lamb chops in the oven and added two potato cakes to them later.

Washing the porcelain pot was not as easy as I hoped it would be. Some of the black bean sauce had attached to the inner of the pot, and was determined to stay there! Had to leave it soaking in soda washing-up liquid and bleach. 

10k3Ended up with an odd looking unattractive mixed meal. However, I enjoyed it. 

Potato cakes with Marmite dabs, two overcooked tiny lamb chops, carrots swede and onions, potatoes with Marmite dabs all flavoured with black bean sauce and a chicken thigh!

As I said, not attractive to look at, but tasty all the same! Having said this, the rumbling and the grumbling of the stomach during the night was at least understandable! Hehe!

Had a Lemon Drizzle, and finished the washing up and, popped onto the scales to see if I had gained any weight… Humph!

Got the 4th series Auf Wiedersehen Tape on and got over half way before the WRWW demands started, then the nod-offs…

Inchcock Today Fri 29 July 2016: Mixed sort of day, ups and downs yer know…

Friday 29th July 2016


The worst nights rest since I’ve been in this flat. Horrendous! The WRWW’s and dreams didn’t help either!

I really believed this part of the dream was happening in real life: Back at work, but working seemingly for many of the companies I had worked for, and in the army again in battle conditions? I was going all over the country in different vehicles searching for a factory, being shot at and mortared, when I found the plant, I got lost on foot, then the chase began. People of all sorts pursued me, shouting, swearing, shooting and throwing things at me.Then I was on a canal in a flimsy wooden rowing boat, fighter planes (Hurricanes) diving down and strafing me… 

Then I was on a canal in a rickety wooden rowing boat painted pink and blue, fighter planes (Hurricanes) diving down and strafing me… I sank and found myself in another battle in a high rise block, the binoculars I was using started giving out jazz music? 

The last bit I remembered is when I was in a canteen demanding Marmite on my meal and the lady growling and hitting me with large saucepan… Oh ‘eck!

0520hrs: I got out of the £300 rattling second-hand recliner for the umpteenth time for another WRWW, and trod on the torch that I must have knocked over during the dreaming, and down I went, Whoopsiedangledplopped again! No bleeding from ‘Little Inchy’ again.

Made a cuppa, cleaned the sink area and took the medications. Laptop on and back to the wetroom for a WRWW again!

CorelDraw X8 froze again. I was not feeling too good now, the ulcer being the biggest hiatus.

Weighed my slab of flesh on the visit for a WWHD (Failed) session – oh dearie me… 3lb increase from yesterday??? Surely the scales can’t be right I thought – then I recalled the nibbling I did early last night after the meal? Shame joined the pain in my disgrace and depression!

The WWHD job was not successful at all, painful, bloody and escaping wind ponged something awful!

Took a shower and freshened up.

Remembered that Olive had arranged for the cleaning team owner to visit later around 1000hrs to sort out what I need, what she can provide, and how much it will cost. Hope she can do the oven at least. I’ll ask if she can ‘Do-me’ for general cleaning once a fortnight?

 Carried out the ablutions and had a jolly good shower. Lemon soap today.

10d3aGot the shower seat ready for taking away. A smaller stool would do me much better than the chair, and not get in the way so much.

Made another brew and back on the laptop and updated this bit.

The Nottingham City Home’s Occupational Therapist Assessor is due in 15 minutes, to check the wetroom out.

An hour later, he not arriving, I popped in to see Olive, but she was not in. Trotted down to the Comunity Shed to see if I could find Deana to phone about the shower chair, but no-one in.

Spur of the moment, as I was walking back past the bus stop, I had a chat with a couple of tenants and caught the bus into Arnold to get the photos from P1110455Thursdays Tenants Social Hour printed.

For a Friday, Arnold Main Street looked a bit baron of people?

Went into Asda (Walmart) and got the photographs in the machine, paid for them, got the receipt and did a bit of shopping. Tomato puree, naughty shortcake biscuits and a sweet mini cheese topped cob. Paid up and to the kiosk to collect the photographs, only three this week.

P1110456Feeling tired as I hobbled up to the bus stop to catch the L9 back to Sherwood and the flats.

The assaulted bench seats were less one more wooden bar today I think?

Had a lovely chinwag on the bus, but the lady bid her farewells and got off shortly, and I fell asleep! As luck would have it, another woman, who was from the flats had got on while I was snoozing, and woke me up as she laughed me into consciousness for the bus stop we needed! I did feel a fool, but it got me chinwagging with her for a few minutes.

I called at Olive’s on the way to the flat, but she was still out, back to the apartment and WRWW. Missed the midday medications but took the evening ones early with a cuppa. Made a meal and took a photo of it – but when it came to me downloading it – it had gone from the camera?

The washing up took ages. The slow cooker I’d done the vegetables in was most determined in its efforts to cling onto them. I dropped the bowl taking it out of the sink Hehe!

Nipped around to see if Olive had returned. Her beautiful beaming smile greeted me and let me in so we could have a chinwag. She was a bit better than yesterday I’m glad to report. Eventually, she had to throw me out. Haha, not joking!

Back in the flat and a WRWW later, and feeling cheered by seeing, chatting and gossiping with  Olive, I thought I’d have a go at cleaning the kitchen windows. I got the cleaners and cloths ready, but caught me finger on the awkward mechanism to release the window to turn it round, and the resulting little lesion bled for a few minutes. This discouraged my efforts, and I put away the cleaners and cloths!

Washed and ready to settle down to watch some TV, and I looked at a lot too, for hours… between nodding off periods, which were probably longer than the actual watching TV periods… does that make sense?

Inchcock Today Thur 28 July 2016: British Gas to tackle again – Changed their story – then changed it again!


Might be fun when it drops off? Hehe!

Thursday 28th July 2016

10d2After I thought I’d got my head down last night – I woke seemingly every half an hour in a pickle fretting and worrying. Many trips for a WRWW (WetRoom Weewee) required until around 0500hrs when at last I got off, so to speak. And this was not easy, dismounting the sometimes working, sometimes not £300 second-hand brown recliner, then getting back in it wasn’t relaxed either!

I stirred around 0625hrs, again in need of a WRWW and also a WRHD (WetRoom Heavy Duty).

Did the ablutions and made a cuppa, taking the morning medications.

Laptop on to do this diary and some graphicalisationing on CorelDrawX8.

Asda delivery not come yet, still there’s another half-hour to go. Arrived and I sorted the things away. The man had forgotten the paperwork, but still, this  is Asda (Walmart) we’re talking about.

Went to see Olive, she was much better and in fine form. I’ll call again later to see her.

Hobbled to the bottle bank to take the jars I took with me yesterday to take to the bottle bank and brought them back to the flat with me… I thought that the bag was little heavy Hehe!

Back to the flat and updated this page.

Went to the Tenants Social Hour early at the Community Hut, to see Deana about the French-owned British Gas mystery bill that had arrived before it started. She was getting a bit annoyed now, after four arrivals of reminders for the bill they have told her three times had been closed?

Warden Deana Walker rang British Gas again (Over an hour) for me.
This time, a different story emerged: It appears the two tariffs are on the same meter now? They intend to merge the two – thus making my bill twice as much?
This after being told at least three times by British Gas in the past that they had closed this fictional extra account!
Deana asked them to send someone out to sort and assess the situation.
So, now I await Deana to have a look and then the BG representative getting in touch to arrange a visit…
1220hrs: Ah, Deana is here now talking to British gas as she looks at the meter… She gave the all the details yet again to a different representative who told her the account in question was definitely closed 28th June 2016. This the same account that they are going to merge with my proper account???
She was then put onto someone else and explained it all again to this one. She waited patiently, for the return to the phone, of the lady she had been speaking to this time…
1240hrs: Still waiting. 1253hrs: Still waiting… 1258hrs… (Missed her dinner break now!) 1259hrs The Lady (Leigh) returned, said had checked on the company database, and what Abdul told her earlier was incorrect, the account they were still sending out bills for no longer exists!
Nice that!

I await further developments with an uncomfortable feeling of dread in my old mechanical heart.

Called to see Olive, not so good this morning, but still looking radiant. 

To the Social Hour. BJ came, he was in fine form.

10d3aA few more attendees there today. At my table, left to right Bill (William on Sundays), BJ in fine form, Toni Bless her, Bill (Gumps) Two and the marvellous 93-year-old Eddy, rightly at the head of the table. Handed out the nibbles and chatted a with many of the folks today.

Called to see Olive, she had arranged for the cleaning lady to come see me tomorrow around 1000hrs to see about ‘doing’ the oven for me and putting me on her list for general cleaning. Cost, what needs doing etc.

Back to the flat and updated this page.

Hassle from CorelDraw X8, not idea how to get the copy/paste icon working. Closed and opened twice and it came back on its own?

10k3Got  hunger pangs and had an early meal.

At last, someone rang my new doorbell. Went and opened the door and nobody was there? Hehe!

Took the medications and virtually collapsed into the £300 second-hand recliner.

Feeling unhappy and fretting a bit Olive not feeling too well, the British Gas fiasco, Deana not happy with all the hassle, stomach ulcer playing up and this later caused me to nibble extras later in the night, even had three cold boiled potatoes! Tsk!

Rea Flux joined in with Duo Denal giving me grief, I felt down and then the WRWW’s started and repetitively stayed with me all night.

Again sleep came well into the early hours… I was not a happy laddie! Ah, well!

Inchcock Today Wed 27 July 2016: British Gas strike again! Grève de British Gas à nouveau!


Wednesday 27th July 2016

Środa 27 lipca 2016

Woke around 0330hrs, I’d been in the middle of a dream where I was being mollycoddled by several women of my age group, in a gigantic sized kitchen with many cookers around the walls, and dogs and cats were playing happily together around us. I had complete imperturbation. Boy, I was enjoying it.

Nodded off again, with hopes that I might return to this dream, of course, I couldn’t. Huh!

Woke again around 0530hrs, this time fretting over things, soon a demand for the WRWW & WWHD arrived. The £300 second-hand recliner shuddered in response to my pressing the button, and allowed me out of it. The duties required were carried out, not without some pain, but I’m used to that recently. Haem Aroids bled a bit, but Little Inchy had not bled at all.

Into the kitchen to put the kettle on, had to go back to the wet-room as I feared I’d left the tap running, I hadn’t, but had left the light on – and; Found my slippers behind the shower curtain? Back to the kitchen and took the photo at the top of this post. Don’t know why, but I found this view so heart warming and welcoming? I momentarily felt such a lucky person.

Made a brew, turned and knocked some tea bags off the counter and they spilt down in the narrow gap between the cooker.

Got the grabber to retrieve them, of course, they broke open while I did this. Used the Dyson to clean up the tea leaves. It took me a while to find the proper narrow attachment to use. The battery ran out half way through. Put the Dyson on charge and used the cheapo one, which also ran out of battery, put that on to charge too.



Note the empty jars ready for when I see if Olive has any to go as well, and I’ll take them all to the Bottle-bank… Three jars? Well, only two got there, as I managed to knock one off when I took the vacuum off charge later.

Got the brush and pan to clear the broken glass and had to get down to reach some that had gone behind the door… getting back up was deserving of an award if it had been filmed. The back and right knee went as I tried to get back up, I grabbed onto one of the countertops near the sink to help myself rise, caught a bottle of cleaner and that descended to the floor with the cap coming off of course. Got the mop and bucket out and utilised them.

Bending down to rinse the mop afterwards, I managed with ease to clout me head on the sink edge. Creakingly I got the pain gel and rubbed it in where I could reach to. I felt like I’d been up for hours and hours by then, and felt a bit sorry for missen too! Hehe!

10Made another cuppa and took me medications, WRWW and got the laptop on.

Email check, WordPressing and Facebooking followed for several hours.

I must say these new scales are behaving themselves this dreary morning. Hehe!

Got ready and had a WRWW and marvellous shave and a shower ablutions.Went to see how Olive was.

Went to see how Olive was. She had recovered nicely and had enjoyed her day out yesterday. We had a lovely chinwag, and she massaged some pain-gel into the areas I could not reach, bless her cotton socks.

She really did look fantastic today! XXX

BG2I got back to the flat, to find yet another repeat red-demand from the British Gas morons! And the INR Warfarin blood level result.

Booked next appointment for the INR test for Tuesday next – unfortunately once again they could only give me one for 1215hrs. But never mind. At least I got in for the right day. This time means I can’t et out to do anything early, and it’s too late to get anything done when I collapse so early in the day. Humph!

Then, I updated my complaint on TrustPilot. The top statement on the letter was “Call us about the money you owe!”

The Trust Pilot now reads:

Charged for a non-existent meter on another account number with my name

I am getting on a bit and moved into a Nottingham City Homes high-rise aided-flats.
I set-up a direct debit to pay British Gas and almost a year later received a demand from them for another account number that had my name and correct address on it.

Being partially deaf, I asked Deana, the warden, who contacted BG, and almost two hours later, they told her that this account would be closed on 7th June 2016.

On the 7th of July 2016, another letter arrived asking if I had forgotten to pay this bill?
Julie, the other warden, rang them to try and sort this out, but it took so long, her going home time arrived. Seems I may have to pay to have the second (Non-existent) meter removed/disconnected?

Four days later, I managed to get Deana to ring again. Eventually, again, they informed her that the account would be closed.

I now wait nervously for the next ‘Reminder’.

Well well well… The following Saturday – Oh, Marvelous! French Owned British Gas, who last week told Warden Deana the Electricity Bill would be scrapped for the second time, have sent me a Red Letter Bill with threats now! Losing me credit rating – demanding the £250+ I don’t owe them!

So frustrated, I did a post about them and put it on Facebook, LinkedIn and on WordPress too!

So annoyed with them for lying to my warden twice now! Grrr!

So, another demand arrives, and my aided-flat warden had had to ring them again for me.

Warden Deana told me once again, the account is to be closed, and I have nothing to worry about. (Humph!)

Now, a few days later today, I get another demand for this non-existent meter with my name on it, once again for the £250.32.
“Call us about the money you owe” is the headline on it!

The replacement the ticker, angina and sticking reflux valve are not happy with this extra unwarranted hassle from British Gas, especially after Deana rang them for I think the fourth time – now I have to bother her again for the fifth time. After being told on every occasion, the account would be closed.
My health is suffering over this, and enough is enough! I will be seeking legal advice as recommended by the medical staff.

When and if I ever feel up to it!
All I want is peace and a hassle-free existence.
Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit, I understand, but my patience is getting thin.

I hope I don’t snuff it before this is sorted.
Where can I get some help on this, can anyone help?

The absolute Swines! Doing my heart, duodenal ulcer no favours at all! I didn’t think I could be filled with so much anger and frustration nowadays, but thanks to British Gas, I know I can!

I put the black bean nosh in the oven to have with me boiled potatoes later.

Tried to get on with the funny ode and graphics about showering and going to see Olive. But the renewed hassle made concentrating very difficult, got some of it done, but not much. However, I persisted and got it finished after about 4 hours.

Panic! The meal in the oven! I rushed into the kitchen to find I had not turned the oven on (Just as well innit?).

Back to the graphicalisationing while the fodder cooked.

P1110442No bad at all, and again I had no bread with the meal.

Rated this one at 9.24/10.

The usual fatigue came over me.

I got the nibbles ready in the bag for the Tenants Social Hour in the morning, must remember to take the British Gas Bill with me in case I see Deana.

Oh, the Asda order coming twixt 0700>0900hrs too.

Took the medications late, due to me spending far too much time on the internet. Huh!

Watch some TV… a lot of TV. Got up to finish this post off. Because Virgin Media might be cutting us off for a day to allow for mobile upgrading?

Nodded off into dreamland…

I only wanted a shave and shower! – How hard can that be?

Having a Shave and Shower…

I wanted to be presentable, to visit Olive in flat eighty-two,

Thought: I’ll take a shower and shave, that’s what I’ll do,

Then I had to have a session on the loo,

Good job I’d used the lemon scented Toilet-Bloo,

Readied for the best shave a man can get, it must be true,

The Gillette razor, two blades and Hydration Moisturiser mark two!

Moments later, I felt like Victor Meldrew, too

Much blood was drawn, a scar left my ear-lobe all askew,

 But I got the after-shave & TCP on it, it’d stop soon I knew.


I went to move the shower chair – a dizzy and before I knew,

I was entangled in it and to the fall I flew,

Hit the wall with my head, now all bestrew,

Some doctoring I had to do,

TCP applied to the, that made me say Ooh!


Luckily, no blood was drew (Bad English bit it’ll do for you),

Moved the chair and back in the showering to do,

My language was rather I admit, rather blue,

The pump gurgled, why it does this I never knew,

Applied the carbolic soap and honeydew,

Scrubbed away singing, the words of which I knew few,

The lump on my head swelled and grew,

A headache bad, but no hiatus or issue,

Soon I would be at Olives, so from the shower, I withdrew.

Citrus underarm sprayed, the Brut lid I couldn’t unscrew,

The toothpaste top was a bit hard to undo,

Sit-ups, press-ups and squats, each one hundred and twenty-two,

Shadow boxed and handstands like daily I do,


Changed into me best togs, mainly in Sky-blue,

Rushed off to see Olive, for who my love is true!


Doctors say at our ages, passions, we should subdue?

I say, thanks and but from this advice we just may Eschew!

I fank you!

Inchcock Today 26 July 2016: Only a minor Whoopsiedangleplop today.


Tuesday 26th July 2016

Not much sleep last night at all. Late dropping off, the Whoopsidangleplop from the rear and having to have a shower, and the dreams made sure of that! Having no Olive to visit made things worse. And I could not remember the dreams! Tsk!

Struggled to disentangle my body from the from the £300 second-hand recliner that was in the half-up-half-down position and refusing to move, despite the grinding noise, it was making.

WRWW and WWHD carried out, then a quick wash and shave – then a search that was up to now, unsuccessful, to find my slippers? During which, I remembered the food delivery coming twixt 0700>0900hrs, I’ve got to see Warden Deana about the shower chair and INR blood test at 1230hrs.

Did my ablutions.

Asda (Walmart) delivery came, they substituted Two sweet potatoes in batter, for One Asda American Smokin’ BBQ pulled pork beef red pepper with rice? Luckily I like sweet potatoes. Humph!

Made a cuppa and took the medications. Laptop on and WordPressing were done.


Another look for the slippers.

Lovely morning as I set off to the Community Shed to see someone about the shower chair and changing it to a stool for me. Nobody in, so I set off on a slow and steady walk to the Surgery.

10bAt the corner of Winchester Hill and Chestnut Walk, a clump of blackberry bushes sticking out and over the netting caught my attention, I just had to take a photographicalisation of it. The different stages of ripening all in the same shot.

One of my better shots this one, I might post it on the flowers and animals Facebook page later. Plodded gently on, having plenty of time with my not finding anyone in the Community Hut.

10dAs I got over the last hill and down to Carrington, a Pavement Cyclist was coming up the hill almost had me as he looked across the road instead of where he was going!

It’s not as if the road was busy, was it? If he is too scared to cycle on the road, he shouldn’t be riding a bike – the Crudnut!

10d2Down to the surgery and booked in, to the waiting area – Huh!, I’d not taken me crossword book with me! I selected a woman’s magazine and read about HRM. The nurse came to collect me early bless her, and she could not help herself when she saw the lump on my head – the nurse laughed so much, I thought she was gong to injure herself! We had a chinwag, and she took the blood, gave her the nibbles and I was off to the Lidl store.

Got three little cobs, two desserts, new potatoes and a wonderfully formed gut-wrenching sneer from the checkout operator. Obviously, the gal was an experienced and well Lidl-trained member of staff. I checked afterwards to see if I’d been overcharged, but no, not this time.

Out to the bus-stop and caught an 87 bus into Sherwood, no chance of walking it back, the right ankle had joined the headache in giving me some hassle. But Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis had eased off nicely thank you.

At the bus-stop in Sherwood, I crossed the road and spotted a few fellow tenants at the stop, so knew a bus was due. This was not the case in actual fact, but a number 40 came sharpishly, and some of us got on for a few stops up the hill, we alighted and walked back to the flats. A lady and her other half helped me off the bus, the right ankle was bad again.

We had a good natter, and I left them en route, to all in the Community Shed, where I found the Wardens in. Deana rang the NCH number on the card they left and arranged for them to call to inspect the wet-room on Friday around 1000hrs. Gave them a nibble and limped back to the flat. Both lifts working again now, but still only one dryer in the laundry room.

Took the midday medications (Late I know!) I took an extra painkiller hopefully to counter the agony of a throbbing headache and ankle pain, WRWW and made a cuppa. Laptop on to update this and do some graphicalisationing. Added the NCH visit on Friday to the Google Calendar.

10d1Found this photo as I was downloading another from the camera. No idea why, how, when or even if I took it in the first place?

Got the potatoes in the saucepan simmering.

Hope Olive is doing alright on her trip out.

Had another look for the slippers – Aha! Found them in a rubbish bin in the Wetroom? I don’t know either!

Opened the airing cupboard door, and as I dug into the back to get a clean pair of pyjama bottoms out –  I clouted my head right on the bruise on the edge of the door – Think I said something like “Oh, fancy that!”

10k3Decided to have the Brussels pate with mushrooms and garden peas with the potatoes for my fodder.

Got cried away a bit when it came to making it. Polish pork, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes, red peppers and fresh peas, with an apple banana, lemon drizzle and the two cobs from Lidl.

Horrible time trying to get to sleep again, fretting about Olive and everything else that came into mind! Tsk!

Inchcock Today Mon 25 July 16: Photographs from the Nottingham Riviera! Olive not very well.


Monday 25th July 2016

Kept waking up throughout the night, but this allowed me to scribbles some notes, of the dream I’d been having. A right mishmash they were too.

  • I was back in security and chasing around many of the sites I actually had worked at over the years, unable to locate the security swipe points and getting frustrated with myself…
  • Then I was in an old wash-house that dear Mother used before she ran away, and I was hiding in all sorts of places from everyone but did not know why?
  • Then, I was back with Grizelda in 1965… but I’ll miss the details on this one if you don’t mind.
  • Then, I was operating on myself? I hovered above my torso and was replacing the heart with pieces from a Meccano set… Then I was back in the body and telling me it was not working and needed some WD40, back out and above, I couldn’t find any WD40 and used shaving gel instead? I think this one went on a long time, but can only remember falling off the operating table and a waiter picking me up? Odd one, that.

GCB06cI greeted my new house-pet, Koala Katie. She’s very affectionate. Hehe!

The £300 second-hand recliner chair noisily allowed me out of it for a WRWW and WWHD session. Haem Aroids was bleeding a bit, Little Inchy was no bleeding at all and I stubbed my toe on the shower chair leg. I moved this into the spare room with all the other detritus that needs sorting out.

Weighed myself. Damned things couldn’t have been working properly… 2lb increase? After I’d just got rid of what felt like a few pounds on the throne as well. Huh!

Made a brew and took the medications. Then got the laptop going 10k4and spent far too long graphicastionalising and finishing off yesterday’s post.

Wrote an email of thanks to Marie in Australia for her bundle of gifts as a house warming present wot she sent me.

Checked other emails, Sister Jane sent me a photograph of Arthur, who had claimed ownership of what Jane now calls the ‘Stutch’ I bought them.

So glad, he took to it.

Jane also said it was Mothers birthday yesterday. I was told that at mine she told the midwife: “I don’t want it, throw it in the Trent!” She later confirmed this. Not a lot of people can say that!

Did some Facebooking.



Inchcock Today Sun 24 Jul 16: Up early, laundry room, Whoopsiedangleplop, Pressie from Australia, and Olive visited!

Sunday 24th July 2016


During a rare moment of sleep, I dreamt of high-class lifts and female ghost telling me to use a parachute to get down to the laundry room? I think I actually got on a phone to ordered one from Asda (Walmart)?

0435hrs: I rose and climbed out of the £300 second-hand recliner that was working, shuddering a bit, but working, and decided to get the washing done early. Best laid plans eh? WRWW. No wash, no drink, no medications, got straight down to the laundry room.

A lady had just started her washing, she had 55 minutes to wait, I put my laundry on quick mode 30 minutes, but wouldn’t transfer it to the one working dryer until the lady had got her washing into the dryer. So tried to work out the timing needed: I can take out my washing in 30 minutes, wait another hour and a half I think… no then wait another hour for the lady to use the dryer, then go back down and transfer my stuff to the dryer – this, all being dependent on the fact that nobody nips down and get using the dryer in between… I confused myself here.

Back up to 72 and got this started, made a cuppa and took the medications. A rather painful WRHD job.

Unsure if I should go down after 35 minutes and remove the washing to the bag, wait an hour… no, it’ll be an hour and a half? Then hopefully get to use the dryer, or should I leave the clothes in the machine… someone might come ad take it out for me, do a quick wash and then I’ll never get to use the dryer… I’m still confused! Might be best to go down and stand guard reading my book? Hehe!

Topped this up again, WRWW, and then down, with the Victoria Wood book to the lobby. About 0630hrs I got down there, and the ladies washing was neither in the washer or dryer? I think I’d got further confused now? So, no sign of the ladies togs, I put my washing into the one and only dryer and returned to the flat, made a cuppa and updated this again.

I’ve just read the two preceding paragraphs, and they are confusing and unclear. But I’m afraid that is how I am at the moment? Huh!

10d3WRWW, Did some graphicalisationing before going back down to the laundry room.

The dryer had done a good job, moved and folded the clean attire and got it in the bag.

Cleaned out the gunk-filter.

The machines looked a bit sad on the outsides of them, so I cleaned them and the sink area, swept the floor and gave a squirt of air freshener around.

Then back up again to the flat. Put away the gear in the airing cupboard made a cuppa and updated this., and then edited yesterday’s and posted it off.

10eGot on the scales…


Please to note, that they were working correctly this morning – 1lb nd a bit down on yesterday!

I had a smug, warm feeling come all over me, Hehe!

I and then edited yesterday’s and posted it off. Many many hours (In between many, many many WRWW visits), doing blogging graphics and Facebooking were devoured.

Went for a shower and decided to move the new shower chair out of the way and got in a mess, had a dizzy and:


I now have a newly bruised and dented head. Hehe!

10bAfter I had got myself medicationalised and dressed, two men arrived with the parcel from Australia!

T’was from a TFZ site Angel, Marie.

Warmed me heart it did!

A selection of Australian house-warming gifts, no less! The only ones I got too, makes them more precious!

10d1aThe new house-pet she sent me, is marvellous!

I instantly Christened her with the name of ‘Koala Katie’!

She checked out me throbbing new bruise on my head, and Koala-Katie now residing at the side of my laptop! Of course, she is within easy reach for when I settle in the £300 shuddering sometimes working, £300 second-hand recliner for the night. Hehehe!

Can you believe I’m already chatting away to her? Of course, you can.

Thanks a million Marie! XXXXXX

10I went to see Olive, who massaged my shoulders and back with the pain gel and we had a good chinwag.

She never complains, but I could see she was having a bad day, so brave and appealing is Olive.

She threw me out. Hehe, not really!

Back to the flat, and depression joined the aching head for some reason. There must be something wrong with me (apart from the obvious like), a super gift from Marie in Australia that cheered me up, Olive visit that cheered me up, then I go and feel down minutes later? Bonkers!

Got the TV on, but no chance of sleeping for ages again.

Hey-ho! TTFN

Inchcock Today Sat 23 July 16:


Saturday 22nd July 2016

10d2Woke very late, gone 0630hrs, an exquisite morning, the £300 second-hand recliner let me out of it for another urgent WRWW – I’d had many of these demands during the night, ruined me kipping!

Started sneezing as I was making the morning mug of tea and carried on for hours.

Got the laptop on to do the diaries, remembered I’d not taken me medications so I did.

More visits for WRWWs and a WRHD (Painful and bloody) followed. Good job I’ve got a good stock of Blitz thick paper towels in. Hehe!

Made another cuppa for the first one that went cold as I struggled to get the laptop to recognise the camera card? A restart solved it eventually.

Facebooking for ages.

Expecting the parcel to come from the Post Office again today, and the Shower Seat/Stool.Aussi parcel WR stool

10eWhen I finished on Facebook, I checked the emails. During which, the shower seat was delivered by a cheerful Nottingham City Homes chappie.

It’s a bit big for my tiny room.

I couldn’t work out how to higher the legs either?

Perhaps they are at the highest position available now?

Something else that’ll need cleaning. Humph, I’m never satisfied am I? As I say, it really is too bulky, it is on loan so they can claim it back when I snuff it.

Feeling down now, no idea why, but the confidence has gone. I hate feeling like this. No dizzies, though.

Got a call from the Post Office, apologising for the delay in the parcel delivery, it will arrive Sunday, and they have scrapped the charges and the requirement for an ID check!

Got the meal cooking.Decided

Decided I needed cheering up, so started to watch a Victoria Wood DVD. Which meant I overcooked the lamb in the oven again!

10e2The fodder was presented and eaten with some relish, I might add.

No bread was eaten again, but rice cakes were.

The roast vegetables came out alright. The fancy tomatoes were a terrible disappointment tastewise.

Incidentally, the apple was tart and bitter.

Nodded off watching the DVD, woke and got to Olive’s flat for a visit. Olive was sparkling again and told me few interesting stories of her early life. A kiss and a cuddle, and back to the flat.

Attempted to watch the rest of the DVD, but the fretting returned, Anne Gyna made sure I didn’t fall asleep, though; well, not for ages anyway, very late.

Woke repeatedly for a struggle out of the recliner for a WRWW, I’m going to find my ‘Hospital Bottle’ for tomorrow night, this faffing about and grappling to get to the wetroom is getting ridiculous every night! Might be something to do with them sending me to the Renal Department?

Inchcock Today – Fri 22 Jul 16: Out to get food – failed! Olive looking great!


Friday 22nd July 2016

Dydd Gwener 22 Gorffennaf, 2016

Stirred late, gone 0600hrs, WRWW and WRHD jobs tackled. No bleeding.

Cup of tea and took the medications. Completed yesterday’s diary and started this one.

10bEmails and comments from British Gas regarding my complaint about their service on TrustPilot, the company assessment site.

Endless emails seem to have arrived. Morrisons Asda, and those I wanted from my Cyber friends too. Spent hours responding.

Got a shower and did the ablutions ready for hopefully catching the 0930hrs bus to town, and getting some photographs of the progress of the Nottingham beach in the Slab-Square.

I called in to see if Olive wanted anything bringing back from town, and she asked me to get two potatoes for baking, not too large, please. I was tickled pink that I could do something to help.

Down and to the bus stop via the bottle bank where I got rid of some jars.

10eWe were soon in town and I dropped off at the terminus on Queen Street.

Walked down into the Slab Square, the Nottingham Riviera and beach was till being got ready for the opening at 1400hrs. Forklifts and cranes still working, rides being built, a right mess it looked.

I didn’t think it would all be ready for 1400hrs?

10e2I caught a tram out to Beeston. Very few folks about today?

I wanted to go to the B&M shop there to see if they had any of the Bonners Curried beans or Goulash and or Sweet & Sour Chicken.

The tram stop was only a few hundred yards from the B&M store.

After searching around for a good while for the desired foods I asked an assistant if they had any of the Bonners Curried beans or Goulash and or Sweet & Sour Chicken. They didn’t have any of them!

10k3So, back on the tram to Nottingham.

Again, very few passengers on it?

The skies turned dark a few times en route.

In town, I poddled down to the M&S foodhall. Plodded round and got two potatoes for Olive. Then got a ready black bean meal, a red onion, a packet of wheat snacks and a packet of four English leeks. Far too many, but I can split and share them with Olive later. Also got some fancy tomatoes, I’ll give olive a couple to try later.

On the walk back to the bus stop, I passed, two begging blokes, a street guitarist, an accordion player, three Big Issue sellers, policemen putting shoplifters in a van and sneaked some seed to the pigeons.

The L9 bus had the cheery female driver, always cheers we old un’s up she does. Bless her.

I actually fell into the land of nod en route, but somehow managed to wake up just in time for the stop. Phew!

Straight to Olives flat with her potatoes, tomatoes and leeks. She looked lovely. A gossip and cuddle and I were off.

In the 72 flat, WRWW, put the fodder away and started the vegetables reheating in the Crock-Pot or later. Decided I’d have the veg with the Black Bean ready meal later.

Laptop on and updated this effort.

10d1A more fierce lethargy suddenly attacked me without warning…

‘Fierce lethargy’, I like it, but ain’t sure it’s the right words to use?

Got the nosh consumed and fell asleep watching the TV.