Inchcock Today Wed 29 June 16: First visit to Chiropodist today!

10b Wednesday 29th June 2016

Woke around 0155hrs, desperate to get back to sleep and continue the dream I’d been having! I failed, but did scribble some notes down on the pad for later it seems, as I found them after I’d managed to nod off again and woke at 0445hrs. Of course, I could remember nothing of the dreams, but the notes informed me that I was young again, and doing what kids do, with a particular group of females. Amongst the words on the paper were: Dancing, snogging and Skoda Estelle?

10aTo the throne, made a cuppa and got the laptop on. Did some graphicalisationing, Facebook, WordPress and emails. Then went on Google Maps to see where the Feet First Chiropodist was on Upper Parliament Street.

Very handily placed with the L9 bus-stop just a few yards away.


Around 0830hrs, I had to force myself off the laptop and get the ablutions done in readiness for my departure out into the heavy rain and winds! A chance to test the new umbrella out.

I nipped to see Olive on the way out, give her a box of liqueurs and asked if it is alright for me to call tomorrow and get a pain-gel massage. She agreed, and she was looking well this morning.

Down to the lobby, where three Lady tenants and two male had gathered to wait for the bus to arrive. Nice chinwag, joke and I gave them some nibbles. Well, not one man, he is known amongst the old tenants as Mr Grumps, for good reason.

Got the bus, it was late, but at least it came today.

The rain continued to pour down, and I tried out the new umbrella as I walked to the Wilko store, it was fine and coped with the wind (The weather’s wind, not mine. Hehehe!). I got the citrus scented arm spray, and nipped to the Poundland Store, in hopes they may have some of the Deo-fabric-spray P1110234back in stock, they hadn’t, but they did have some After Eight Mints, so I got a box for Olive.

Naughty Nottingham Pavement cyclists were rampant all around yet again.

I nipped down to the Feet First Chiropodist and gave the lady on reception my list of medications. She gave me an A4 New Patient form to fill in. After ten minutes she’d spotted me still going, as I tried to get all the medications listed in the box provided, copying them from the three prescription lists. She offered to photocopy them for me. Then found the printer had ran out of ink. Again she helped by copying them for me onto another A4 sheet by hand.

I was shortly called into a treatment room, and the lady got me plates into a bowl of bubbling water, then got her shears out and cut me toe nails, even filed them afterwards – and… she put my socks back on for me, cause she saw how I struggled to get them off earlier. Bless her cotton socks!

I made another appointment with the receptionist for Friday 12th August at 1115hrs, paid me £25 and out into the  rain. This brolly is a good un up to know anyway.

P1110233I went up and over the walk-over and took a photograph of the weather-beaten Nottinghamians below.

Three alcoholics had settled in the corner and were making some threatening noises in my direction as I took this photograph on the left, through the glass.

I asked them if they wanted their photo taken – I think they said something like “Go forth and multiply”, but in other words like.

I limped along through the Victoria Centre (Mall) and had a walk through the market. Very sad so many empty stalls and bad food on show. I went all the way through, window shopping. At the other end was a Pound World shop, so I nipped in there to look for  any fabric freshener but they didn’t have any either. I did get some caramelised biscuits and a box of 160 Brooke bond D tea-bags, though. Not had them for a while.

The trusty new brolly protected most of me on the walk to the bus stop to catch the L9 bus back to the flats. Stirling Moss was driving it today, I recognise him now, after risking life and limb on his bus before.

Stayed awake. (Mostly thanks to driver Stirling’s and battling to stay in the seat at every corner and when he braked one had to take care you didn’t hit you head or chin on the seat in front)

Off the bus, Mr Grumpy was on the bus, but he ignored my greeting when he got on. Nipped up and wee-wee’d post haste, put the kettle on, the nibbles away, got the lamb hock boiling and got updating this post and did some graphics.

P1110235Checked the emails and Facebooked a while.

The nosh turned out a bit of a disaster I’m afraid.

The potato waffles were tasteless, the lamb all bone, the bread dried, the apple super-tasteless… the dessert too sweet, but the banana was nice!

I could only rate this one at 3/10!

Picked up TV mag to see what was on, and the programmes I chose did not show, other programmes came on? I checked with the built in TV guide and that was different again? I thought I was going bonkers?

Found a letter delivered from Virgin, informing me that the TV and internet would not be available on 21st July from 0700hrs to 17oohrs while they upgrade the service? But the phone line will not be affected.

Well, the Virgin internet connection certainly needs something doing to it, it is worse than what BT were, and that’s saying something.

I got the nibbles sorted and into the bag ready for the Social Hour tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to that.

Sleep came easier tonight (at last), despite the left foot big toe stinging a bit. I think the filing, or maybe they cut the nail down a bit too far done at the chiropodist might be the reason?

Sometimes… Thoughts on ageing from the aged Inchcock in one of his darker moments

10aI cannot see, I cannot pee
I cannot chew, I cannot screw
Oh dear, what can I do?
My memory shrinks with age
So does my little appendage!
I struggle when pooping
Everything is drooping
I’ve no sense of smell
Others sniff and can tell
My winds don’t smell too well
The hearing-aid batteries disappear
The dizzy-spells I really fear
When I get on the wrong bus
It makes me feel opprobrious
As it causes quiet a fuss
I wake up at the depot on that bus
Medical appointments missed sometimes
I fall asleep on the loo and at dinnertimes
Go to the wrong place on the odd day
Then wonder why I was going there anyway
Put my washing in the machine and go way
And, remember it by the next Friday
Leave taps running, like last night
The Water bill will give me a fright
Leave lights on, burn the nosh
Drop the soap when having a wash
Bend to retrieve it, give me head a bash,
Little Inchy bleeds and cut myself shaving
And I really miss misbehaving
Get confused without any bother at all
Forget the walking stick and have a fall
Old age, is not really a ball
I wonder if it’s worth it to struggle to live
Then I remember, in the affirmative…
My new neighbour, who is so attractive
I’ll press on, offering all I can give
To the beautiful gal named Olive!



Inchcock Today Tue 28 June 16: Mega-Whoopsiedangleplop Discovered! Well, two really.


Tuesday 28th June 2016

Woke at 0440hrs with the £300 second-hand recliner chair firmly refusing to lower itself – I climbed out feeling depressed with things: The Grammarly not working again and no idea how to sort it, CorelDraw8 playing up something rotten, England making a fool and embarrassing themselves against a deserving winning Iceland, Olive finding another skin cancer spot on my back when she pain-gelled me, the wet-room bare woods needing painting… all in all, I am in low spirits. Tsk!

To the porcelain throne, no hiatus there. Worried about how I’m going to find time to get the painting done, I’ve got the brushes, paint and cleaners all ready to go. Getting up the ladder and down on the floor into the corners might be interesting. INR blood test today and Chiropodist tomorrow, must get some fresh veg and fruit in today somehow as well. Seem to be fretting away over everything again this morning.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on. Grammarly not working, so I tried a Restart – and the laptop froze midway? Force closed and started again, it opened but still no Grammarly apt?

Then CorelDraw8 froze on me! Tried to use the old CorelDraw7 and had to input passwords to access it? Did the graphic at the top of this page and tried loading CorelDraw8 again. Very very slowly it opened, with it seeming reluctant to do so?

Finished the Monday post, and started this off. Made another cuppa, with all the hassle the first one went cold, then realised I’d not taken the morning medications. Huh, fool! So I took them around 0715hrs.

Feeling rather melancholy, gloomy, dejected, sad and miserable now, I can’t help it. Made even worse when I read what the swearing on the pitch, gambling mad, overrated, High Class Hooker user Rooney said after the defeat on the BBC News site:

  1. Going into the last 16 facing Iceland we were confident we could win the game. It’s disappointing but we have to move on. Have you no shame to go with your excessive salary, hooker visits and gambling addictions?
  2. “It’s tough. There are always upsets in football – it’s not tactics, it’s just unfortunate. We know we’re a good team. You know your a good team? So did Iceland mate!
  3. “I can’t stand here and say exactly why it’s happened. Roy Hodgson will look back and think what he could have done differently. Well fancy that, blaming Roy for everything, I am surprised!

Rant over… I think?

Checked with the Google Calendar for the timings of the next few days appointments: 1040hrs today INR blood test, tomorrow 1030hrs Chiropodist to have my toes and feet done, must remember as it is the first visit, I have to get there early so I can give them a list of the medications I’m on and fill in medical forms. Thursday I hope to get to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour and take some photographs and then get to Asda (Walmart) for fodder and get the photographs printed.

Looks like I might get to tackle the cleaning and painting in the wet-room on Saturday? He says, hoping he’ll be a bit less down then and no ailments playing up like.


The new umbrella, that claims to be ‘Unblowoutable’

According to the weather forecast, I’ll need me brolly today. Taking the new ‘Can’t Blow Inside-Out one with me. We’ll see about that. Hehe!

0746hrs now, and the second cup of tea has also gone cold.

Posted yesterdays diary and did a bit of Facebooking and some more graphicationalisating for the TFZers Girls in long dresses series. Taking ages this one.

Time had shot by, so I got the ablutions done, a quick shower, changed into me togs, things in the bag, and off at 0955hrs I was off on a walk to the surgery in Carrington, taking the rubbish bags to the chute on my way down.

Walked  easily, nice and steady down Winchester Street hill and left up and down Mansfield Road into Carrington and arrived at  the Sherrington Surgery and sat doing the crossword for half an hour or so. Even getting one finished with only having to cheat looking at the answer  for one clue!

The nurse asked me how I was, and quickly got the Warfarin INR blood taken. I was soon out and walking down into Carrington.


Mandy and BJ at the launderette

As I passed the launderette I noticed BJ’s car was outside, I nipped in for a chinwag.

Took a photographicalisation of Mandy and BJ. Promising to get a print of the photo done on Thursday and let the each have a copy.


Nice little hobble today

A little natter and BJ was off to Asda (Walmart) and I went to the Lidl store to get overcharged. But it was a new assistant that served me and didn’t get overcharged or sneered at. Nice change that at Lidl. Got some cobs, jacket potatoes, nibbles for the nurses and Tenant Social hour on Thursday and some apples and bananas.

Then out and walked back to Sherwood, hoping to catch a bus up the hill to the flats, but I’d just missed one, so had to walk back as well.

Called in Wilko and got a spray bottle to use me shower curtain cleaner with.

Shame I didn’t get a chance to try-out the new umbrella.

Still, it made a nice little walk for me.

Noticing the laundry room was empty as I got it the foyer, I made my way up to 72, and put away the shopping, then got the laundry ready, cash and cleaners and went down to the wash-room – Got the washing into the machine and went back up to the flat to update this tosh.

Back down to move the washing into the dryer and Obergruppenfurher Julie told me the big dryer was out of action and would I make an ‘Out of Order’ notice and stick it on the machine. This did with the pen and paper from my inside pocket. While doing this, I realised I’d made a Whoopsiedangleplop at some time earlier – for there on the sink was someone’s washing that had been dried… after examining the clothing I realised it was mine! The washing I took down this morning was still in the washer? By the time I’d done the sign, it was finished and I put the togs into the only dryer working. Felt a bit of a clot at this stage! This was not helping with depression! Hehe!

Back up to the apartment again, updated this to here, made a brew, took the midday medications, wee-wee’d and back down to collect today’s washing from the dryer.


Odd socks drying… Humph!

As I packed the togs into the bag, I realised I’d got two odd socks.

Checked the washer and found then other two still in there!

1355hrs: Back up and put the two wet items on the heater in the kitchen with the two dry ones above them so as not to forget where I put them later on.


Worried about myself now!

Definitely fretting about myself now!

How did I leave and forget about the washing in the dryer?

How did I pass the memory test at the Doctors?

Put the second lot of washing away.

Made a cup of tea and updated this again. Realised the promised rain had not matured yet.

Got CorelDraw8 going and tired to do some graphic manipulation with it, one object at a time, in the hope that it would not freeze on me again this time. I got many done, but it did freeze again. So I posted those I’d done on the TFZers site, felt sorry for myself, got some nosh on the cook, sobbed and got me head down, it being so late and me getting carried away with the art working and now feeling completely shattered.

Got some fodder, took the medications and had a few hours nodding off for a few minutes, watching TV for few minutes, nodding off for a few minutes, watching TV for few minutes, nodding off for a few minutes, watching TV for few minutes… Hehe!

Inchcock Today Mon 27 June 16: A lovely massage from Olive, then the England debacle!

Monday 27th June 2016

Faith and Hope was not high on my agenda this morning. I stirred around 0400hrs, well sprang almost into life, full of ready-made worries and fretting, nearly panicking about everything, even some things I think I’d invented. Had I been having a bad dream? I felt so low and depressed, the stomach had started rumbling again too.

In a bit of a daze of sorts, I climbed out of the recliner and visited the porcelain… then found myself in the kitchen making a cuppa? I could not clearly recall events in the WC, so sent back in to check I’d not left taps running, lights on or left a mess. All was okay though.

Concentrating was difficult. It still is as I write this. Something else to mention to the nurse tomorrow at the INR blood test session.

Got the laptop going and did some Word-pressing. Hard going consolidating my thoughts.

It had been raining during the night and the view outside was of dankeness and grey clouds.

I tried to do some work on the TFZer graphicalisation. Got into it a bit deeply and lost hours and hours, but I was enjoying it, though. Until it came to closing it down again – Message, telling me “I had to exit the Bitmap Editor or the programme will not close!” I had already exited the bitmap editor??? Had to force close the laptop. Hope it works later when I get back from the clinic. Oh dear!

Went to see Olive and thank her for her help and friendship, and she massaged some pain-gel into my shoulders where I could not reach, bless her. Felt much better then, got the bags and letter I’d had delivered for someone else and down in the lift and out to post it in the letter box.

P1110220The wind caught me off guard a bit, and I nearly went over!

The thicket I took a photo of was blowing all over in the blustery mornings winds.

On the way back to the bus-stop, the clouds in the sky were being blown into amazing shapes.

P1110221So beautiful.

As I took the photo, I slipped off the kerb, felt a fool.

Especially when I pulled myself together and turned around to be greeted by several of the apartments all in the bus shelter, sheltering from the wind.

P1110222Their laughter made me smile too! One of the women said I’d made her day!

A lady got helping me with the crossword book. When our bus came, the L9 to the City, all the others had gone. She helped me on the bus too, and we finished a crossword from start to finish en route!

First time I’ve done that… mind you, come think of it – I hadn’t, we did!

I dropped off, outside the Chiropodist I’m going to on Wednesday and walked to the Wilko Store. Where I got a tin their ‘One Coat Gloss’ paint, some brushes and turps. Also got another bottle of the Lavender Dettol while it was still on sale at the offer price. Paid up, and struggled out with both bags rather heavier now. Hehe!

P1110223Took a photo while on the walkover tunnel, of a Watson Fothergill designed building.

He really was an amazing architect.

I walked through the Victoria Centre Mall and down to the Tesco store.

I purchased some bread, potato cakes, Anchor butter and, do you know those pesky Fresh Cream Horns jumped right into my basket again! (Ahem!)

P1110225Walked through Climber Street, nowhere as busy as usual today, and into the Slab Square.

Got some snuff, for Frank on the 14th floor, and wandered around for a while until the L9 bus was due.

Caught it on Queen Street, and by the time we’d got to St Anns Well Road (About quarter of a mile), I’d nodded off! Luckily the heavy bags on my knees prevented me falling off the seat. Then nearly didn’t wake in time for the Winwood Flat bus stop again!

Up to the flat, and found the pair of binocular on the floor outside the door. Coopers of Stortford had sent as a replacement, for the ones missing on the order last week.

Got some chips in the oven, cut up some polish ham, beetroots, onions and capsicums on the plastic plate ready, and started the laptop off.

After much work done, CorelDraw8 would not let me close again, had to force close the damned thing again! Doing the laptop no good this.

Grammarly not working again?

04Watched the sad for us Brit’s Iceland v England game on the box, oh the shame!

But all respect and best wishes to Iceland and their supporters, and most deserved humiliation of Rooney and his gang of so called footballers.

I’m not sure that the penalty England got was a penalty anyway?

Sorrowed myself to sleep…

Inchcock Today Sun 26 June: Messy day overall – Tsk!

Sunday 26th June 2016


0505hrs: Woke with bits of the dreams was floating around in my head, nothing concrete, though, apart from old money being involved. I hate that!

For a change, the £300 second-hand shuddering recliner was in the up position, and it let me out (Shudderingly) the first time. To the porcelain throne and no bleeding from anywhere (Yet). Got the ablutions done, and managed to cut myself shaving twice, but not badly at all.

Took the medications and gelled the arm and shoulder, it is far easier today, after Olive had massaged me with the pain gel and comforted it yesterday. Must thank her again.

P1110214Got the laundry and things assembled in the bag, and went down to the laundry room.

0600hrs: Some selfish wine had used both of the dryers! The young git from number 70 again, possibly, or the snotty bloke from the 14th floor? I’ve seen both of them do this before, but they carry on regardless.

P1110215The time left on the dryer was 40 minutes, the washer I’d put on quick mode will take 30 minutes.

The rain was falling as I glanced out from the foyer doors.

No signs of any animal life either.

A broken clear plastic umbrella lay sadly blown inside out on the floor near the intercom on the wall at the entrance.

P1110216I got the washer going and returned to the apartment, not in a good mood.

I updated this and put the CCTV channel on to watch, in case I could see which egocentric, hoggish, self-indulgent varmint it was that had used both machines.

Not that it bothered me! 

So, 40 minutes after returning to flat, I went back down to see if the altruistic tenant had returned to take their washing out – if not, I’ll take it out! Dang dang dang dang!

Back in a bit… They had emptied the dryers, I must have missed them on the screen. So I got my stuff from the washer to the drying machine and back up again, made a cuppa and updated this again.

The right-hand wrist and lower arm started giving me some gip, but the should that Olive massaged for me was okay.

I tried the advice given me from Grammarly and removed the programme then downloaded one from the link, but it was for word, which I already had working okay? It is the Facebook, WordPress not working? Reset the computer in hopes something might work afterwards… The damned thing wouldn’t allow a restart! Force closed it and waited 20 minutes, tried again, and it slowly started, but no Grammarly on?

I sent an email informing the Grammarly Helpdesk of it still not working.

Turned it (the laptop) off, and started it yet again. After half an hour or so, suddenly Grammarly started working again, which is confusing as I had to delete it as instructed by Grammarly? Puzzled but glad it is working and hope it continues to next time I turn off and open the laptop!

P1110218Did some graphicalisationing, before Olive brought her grandson around and he set to putting up the pole in the wetroom, then started erecting the thin storage cabinets for me. Damned decent of him.

Roger soon had the pole up.

Looking like it will come in very handy indeed. He warned me not to put anything heavy in the top tray.and then set about making the first of the storage cabinets

He warned me not to put anything heavy in the top tray.and then set about making the first of the storage cabinets

P1110217He then set about making the first of the storage cabinets, got it finished and put it in place for me next to the porcelain throne.

Thr draws and cubby-holes are just right for the toothpaste brushes and razors I think?

I asked him about what to use to paint the bare patch in the corner, and bare wood panels along the back of the wall. Roger recommended just undercoat and then gloss white paint on top.

Bet he was getting hungry now, he nipped off to have a break with Olive. I will insist he takes some payment after he gets back and does the second cabinet for me.

I think I might have misheard him yer know. 1709hrs and he’s not called back. Perhaps he meant he’d see me later in the week?

Did some graphicalisationing for the TFZ gals.


Got this one done and posted, and made a start on a few others, but felt a bit drained by then.

P1110219Into the shower and abluted, night attire on, made a cuppa and got the Crock-Pot vegetable stew served up, nice!

I’m taking to these vegetable casseroles, or whatever you call them.

Getting dark now… it’s the lack of light yer know wot does it!

Inchcock Today Sat 25 June 16: Olive to called to see me and gave me a massage today!


Saturday 25th June 2016

Kept waking up regularly with horrible pains in the right wrist arm and shoulder. It felt like the ones I’ve been having in the wrist and hand. No reason for them to stab at me as far as I could tell. Can’t lift the right above my shoulder without it becoming too unbearable? Kept rubbing in some of the pain gel and took an extra painkiller, but getting to the area around the shoulder to apply the gel was impossible!

Eventually got  bit of sleep in and somehow managed to have a few, or one long mixed up dream before I woke at 0455hrs.


All things from the passed, including one bit where I was above the earth sticking pins in it, there were people behind me, either cheering or booing when I inserted the needles? I’m sure Dad and Sister Jane were in these, and the old Meadows where I was dragged up was definitely in there, many of the streets involved. That’s all I could recall.

Once again, I found the £300 recliner chair half way down, my headphones still on my head, the arm and shoulder hurting as soon as I moved and the remote for the TV stuck down my pyjama’s waist band? I rose painfully out of the chair and got to the porcelain throne. No bleeding from anywhere including Little Inchy, so that was good. I bathed and applied the new cream to the lesion. Then rubbed in some pain gel to the places I could reach.

Then to make a cuppa and take the medications, taking another extra pain killer in hopes to lessen the stabs of pains in the arm and shoulder.

Got the laptop on, and remembered that Roger, Olive’s son would be calling sometime today to fit the wet-room pole for me. Very kind of him and Olive to help out an old fading far… chap! Hehe!

Finished the Friday diary and started this one. Did a check on emails and Facebook.

Then did my ablutions. Oh, I do love that shower!

Put the last of the potatoes in the pan to boil/simmer.

Then got the paperwork that has built up sorted into the relevant folders, the arm and shoulder not happy about me doing this.

Lynton Cox got in touch with me through messenger, nice that.

Grammarly app stopped working (after doing a defrag yesterday), sent request to them for help. Email back saying they were checking it out and would get back in touch.

Olive called to see me later, her son is calling tomorrow instead to look at the pole for the wet-room. She very kindly gave me a massage with the pain-gel on my shoulders, and jolly good at it she was too!

Back to Facebooking and graphicalisationing.

Signed a petition on the web, for the money saved by not paying it to the Eurocrats, to be spent on the NHS.

P1110213Got the nosh on, bacon and tomatoes with bread thins. Oh, and a pot of Lemon Drizzle dessert, you know, the ones that jump into your shopping basket when you shop at Asda (Walmart)… Hehe! Oh, and a lemon yogurt. Oh, and two chicken thighs.

The bacon was smoked back type, it tasted okayish, but the amount of water in the oven tray when they were cooked was phenomenal! The chicken was tasteless. Good job I’d added oregano, sea salt and basil to the tomatoes, cause they were a bit  bland even then.

All in all, only a 6/10 rating this time.

Spent hours trying to find a way to get the Grammarly apt working again, without any luck. Tsk!

Once again, sleep didn’t come easily, humph!

Inchcock Today Fri 24 June 16: Euro voting results – The Leave’s Won. I was surprised!

Friday 24th June 2016


At 0555hrs, I woke thinking of the dreams I’d had but recalled very little – being chased again was in there somewhere I’m sure. The £300 second-hand recliner chair was one more in the half-up, half down position? Then I remembered I’d got a Morrison’s delivery coming twixt 0600 – 0700hrs this morning. Carried out my ablutions as quickly as I could.

On the throne, bloody and painful yet again. Dressed and started to update the Thursday post and the intercom rang, the Morrison man had arrived. I put the fodder away, made a cuppa and took the morning medications. Then 10dstarted this post off, after finding out that the Brexit Leave vote had won the referendum.

I really felt the remains would win. Even more surprising to find that Nottingham had voted to leave – narrowly, but still a shock to me. And with only a 61,75% turnout too?

Did the graphics for above then some Facebooking. Spent a  good few hours on it too. Far too many, got  carried away and realised how late it was. Had to rush around (Well, hobble rapidly) and get ready for the clinic visit to catch the 1130hrs L9 bus… Oh dear me…

Just made it in time, even had a quick chinwag. The chap from the top floor was out with his wife and sticks, he was just back for having his right knee replaced.

Into Arnold, being as I’d caught the wrong bus… Whoopsiedangleplop again!

Nipped into Fulton store and to my delight they had both the blackcurrant and vanilla iced lollies and, just one pack of the lamb shanks cook-in the-bag with minted and rosemary gravy left! I got one of each in that case.

CreamsCaught the bus to the clinic and went through some embarrassing examinations. First by the female doctor in the ante room after she interviewed me. She fetched a male colleague to have a look at Little Inchy and his lesion, then they brought three more female students to examine me. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, well, muttering to each other, but one of the student couldn’t contain a smirk or two. Hehe! I hope they were giving them some lessons to learn later, and not the ‘Come here and have a laugh at this’ routine. They all left bar the male doctor, and he prescribed some more of the same ointment, the green one at the bottom this time.

I’d forgotten to mention the photo of the sky I took at the bus-stop, caught a bird in it.

I didn’t notice it when I took the photo though, and the damaged seat near the Arnold bus-stop has now had it’s front plank torn off.

P1050933 10a

Out of interest, the shot I took a couple of weeks ago of the bench, and today’s, both have the same car in the background. an Asda workers I bet?

I departed the clinic and caught a bus to Sherwood, then one up the hill back to the flats.

Got the lamb, potatoes and mushrooms cooking away and put the lollies in the freezer. Only just enough room.

A blast on Facebook to catch up and proceeded with updating this post again.

Kept checking on the nosh. Wee-weeing and cleaning up the bleeding from Little Inchy who was not bleeding before being examined at the clinic! Humph, Huh and Tsk!

07Had the evening medications with the nosh. Nice too. Lamb shank in gravy, new potatoes and mushrooms.

Tried some Rye bread later with Vegemite – not recommended! They don’t go together, the Rye Bread is not Vegemite or Marmite friendly, be warned folks.

Despite nodding off so regularly while trying to watch the goggle-box, actual proper sleep didn’t come until the early hours. Shame!

Inchcock Today Thur 23 June 2016: Brexit Decision Day Vote!

Thursday 23rd June 2016


Incock’s Forecast: Remain 55% Leave 45%?

Stirred still feeling tired around 0555hrs, no memories of any dreams. How can it be that sometimes I can remember lots of the dreams, others just a trace, and then like this morning – can’t even remember if I did have any dreams at all? Humph!

The TV was still on, cold cup of tea on the side, a pot of untaken evening medications too, and the £300 second-hand recliner was in the half up half down position, I pressed the button to lower it, and it grinded-away slowly, noisily and reluctantly to let me out of it and get to the porcelain throne. Where, as I painfully performed the daily actions finding much bleeding from the rear end, I recalled that it was the Euro In-Out vote today. Also, Olive was calling to see me and help by phoning the Coopers of Stortford people and inform them of the short delivery yesterday. To be honest, Olive calling to see me took precedence over everything else, and it was hard to concentrate. So I did the ablutions post haste, made a cuppa and took the medications and got ready to go and vote before I forgot to (If yer see worra mean like?).

Made a start on WordPress and Corel, checked the emails.

GC (3)I took the rubbish bags to the chute and took a selfie with the voting form on the way down in the lift. (Just showing off!)

No one about on the way through the lobby or the walk to the Community Shed Voting Station.

The two ladies there were given some nibbles and I cast my vote.

04On the walk back to the flat, I noticed that whoever it was that had planted the pretty flowers at the gable end of the garages, had been tending them lovingly.

Such  wonderful display of different colours coming through altogether. They obviously know their flowers and gardening skills.

Back up to the apartment, (I’d say flat but the Grammar Checker keeps telling me I am repeating the word flat – there you go, it just told me again now! Hehe!) and got the laptop out of sleep mode and updated this tosh.


The Lovely Olive

Shortly, the beautiful Olive arrived. We had a cuppa and she got on with sorting Cooper’s short delivery out for me, bless her cotton socks. Then, not messing about, she got the number for Feet First in Nottingham, rang them and made an appointment for me to have my toenails cut there next Wednesday at 1040hrs.

Of course, I’ll remember! Ahem!


We searched the web to find the cost, it would be £22 – but worth it, cause cutting my toes is getting harder and harder for me. Thanked Olive muchly, we had a snog (Well, we had a mutual kiss) and a  chinwag. She is an amazing 10agal, and my heart is beating like it hasn’t in years!

She even explained to me the best way to get to the Chiropodists on the buses.

They are situated on Upper Parliament Street, just a few yards from the L9 bus stop too!

I walked Olive back to her flat, she even said she would remind me on Wednesday morning about the appointment – boy, she is a great character!

I returned to my little haven at number 72, wee-wee’d again, made a cuppa and washed the pots. By gum, life is exciting now I’ve met Olive!

Got yesterday’s post done, and further updated this one.

The Crock-Pot that I forgot about last night was put on low. Did some graphics on CorelDraw8.

P1110207Set about sorting out the medication pots.

Took ages as the right wrist and hand were playing up a bit, kept freezing again.

I seemed to be spenting more time picking tablets up than anything else – Hehe!

Some mail was delivered, one from the NHS QMC Hospital re-Skin Cancer appointment being altered from August 17th to Wed 10th August. And one from Nottingham City Homes, a Newsletter regarding the upcoming improvements/modernisation of the Winwood flats. Some interesting clarifications:

  • Acknowledging the request for CCTV to be provided in corridors and community rooms. Costs may prohibit these, and the costs for the up and running current one shot of the lobby door CCTV would have to increase.
  • Windows and balcony design will be presented to tenants at a later date.
  • Security Patrols to be used during the alterations.
  • Laundry and hairdressing facilities would be available during the works.
  • The central garages will be demolished, and replaced with a new Comunity centre. The remaining garages will not be available to hire and will be for tenants use only.
  • The use of Sprinkler Systems being installed to be being considered.
  • It is anticipated that the work may start within 14 months, and take a 14 month period to completion.

I sent them an email thanking them for the information.

P1110208The Crock-Pot was all done, and I got the beef casserole into a dish, some bread and the once Fresh Cream French Horn for afters.

I might have overdone the seasoning just a tad. But it tasted lovely to me.

Evening medications were taken and I had hoped to stay up to watch the Euro Brexit results… but kept nodding off and getting annoyed with myself. Gave up and soon nodded off.

Inchcock Today Wed 22 June 2016

SandraWednesday 22nd June 2016

0435hrs: Woke up half out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair in the half-up-half-down position, TV still on, remote control on my chest, long distance glasses on food tray at the side with the empty plastic dinner plate and half-eaten apple core, and an untaken pot of evening medications.

For a few moments I had memories of the dreams, but they evaporated into the ether seconds later. No memories remained whatsoever! After a few days of recollecting the thoughts, this was annoying, but, Hey-ho!

I climbed out of the chair, and once again, with very little hassle from Arthur Itis or Anne Gyna hobbled to the Wetroom to make use of the throne. Painful, but no bleeding again! I went to the kitchen, leaving a distinct but chronic odour behind, glad I was not due my shower for a few hours I can tell you! Hehe!

Made a big mug of strong tea, took the medications and nibbled some of the small sweet potatoes left in the saucepan as I drained them ready for later. The kitchen was looking in need of a good clean-up. I plan to get it sorted when I get back from the clinic this afternoon… we’ll see eh?

10bThe sky over the copse looked a little threatening, yet so beautiful this dank morning.

The medication pots will need making up soon I thought, and just thought about it like. Huh!

Suddenly a headache over the eyes started, the eyes began to run, and a dizzy spell invaded me at the laptop? Old age I suppose? I mustn’t complain, though, I’ve done well this last week or so with so many of the other ailments being kind to me.

Laptop on and started this post off, then finished the Tuesday diary off.

Checked emails. Then started this post off. My headache continued for an hour or two but receded after I got the shower. I used the carbolic soap today, no cuts when shaving or bleeding from anywhere… up to now like, Hehe!

Sorted the rubbish sacks and took them to the chute. Then I got down into the lobby, where a jolly good natter ensued with some of the tenants.

We had a vote between ourselves about tomorrow’s Brexit Vote – The result was 3 Remain, 2 Leave and three Don’t know’s. N

We moved out to the bus-top where they all got on a City bound bus and abandoned me to wait for the Arnold bus. Tsk, hehe!

I dropped off at the Sainsbury Store and got some Dutch Crispbreads, Marmite Rice Cakes, select Price After Eight desserts, fresh garden peas and do you know… hard to believe I understand, but two packets of Fresh Cream Horns smuggled themselves into me shopping basket! Tsk!

They had some costume jewellery on sale, and I took a photo or two of them rings to show the TFZ gals. They averaged about £15 each, superb value?

P1110193 P1110194

I waddled along and went onto the Boyes store to get some foot spray while they had it in stock at only £1 a can. I got two of them.

Then onwards slowly and had a poodle round Asda (Walmart again), in search of the Lemon Drizzle Desserts and picked up a TV magazine for next week. I shouldn’t bother with this you know, I always fall asleep when I try to watch TV anyway! Still, it’s nice to know what I’ve missed.

P1110195As I exited and made my way to the bus-stop for the L9 route – I noticed some repairmen and a police forensic van and car at the new Salvation Army building.

As I took the photo, I heard someone saying they suffered a smashed window, a break-in and an attempted arson?

Sad that is, not only for the fact that the Sally Army is run by real people for others, but the Arnold Police Station is next door to it!

P1110196When I got on the bus, Lenny was there with his care worker. I don’t know if that is his name, but h is often on the bus when I use it. The poor chap can only grunt, which he does all the time, and he points to things with his finger most of the time. I do talk to him, say hello as I pass him by, give him a smile… but he isn’t aware of anyone around him. Some days he seems angry, some depressed but today, he was almost smiling.

His carer, the chap on the right, is always on his mobile phone texting or playing games, and I have never seen him talk to Lenny ( I gave him this name). He looked like he was on Vegas gambling at cards today, I got a look as he had sat in front of me, next to Lenny in his wheelchair. He scares some of the ladies when they get on the bus with his loud grunts, but no intentionally, he gives out these all the time, anyone near him or not. I wish I could help him.

I stayed awake for the whole trip. Frank (Tenant from the floor above me) got on the bus in Sherwood. We had a talk.

Up to the flat and I found a large sack that had been torn open outside the door, the Stortford delivery had arrived – minus one item that was not there! Huh!

P1110197The two flat boxes at the rear of this photograph contained the poles, I expected a long box for these? Checked the invoice charging to see if the binoculars had been cancelled, but no, there it was, the first item on the list?

I wondered why the big heavy duty wrapping had been damaged.

I somehow managed to get them all indoors, and nipped to take Olive a packet of Fresh Cream French Horns.

P1110198She said her son, Roger was calling to see her tonight, and she would ask him to come and take a look at the pole for the wetroom for me.

I thanked her and returned after a chinwag to the apartment and put away the fodder, that filled the fridge up!

Sad at having an item short on my first delivery from Coopers, but glad I had a stock of lemon drizzle desserts in stock anyway.

Made a cuppa, took the midday medications, wee-wee’d and got the laptop on to update this.

04Did the graphic for the top of the page, then later found the one I’d already done in readiness for it and lost… Tsk! Here it is above.

Did a bit of Facebooking and then got some cleaning done, after preparing the vegetables and beef for the Crock-Pot. (Hehehe!) Carrots, Parsnips, Swede, Parsnips, mushrooms and Fresh garden peas. Made some stock with vegetable seasoning and tomato puree… oh, and beef chunks too.

Started to clean the kitchen, but could not do anything with the oven marks on the glass, Tsk!

Took another look at the Cooper’s order and went to see Olive again to tell her not to bother her son as the pole was missing. She kindly returned to the flat with me to phone Coopers for me to inform them about the missing binoculars and no pole sent. She set about sorting everything out for me, but the Coopers line was closed. She said she would return in the morning and call them again for me. Then she investigated the stuff in the hall, and the pole was there!!! Whoopsiedangleplop from Inchcock, again! Oh dearie me…

The name printed on the box was ‘Bath/Shower Caddy’ which confused me I think, this was the pole with trays! I was overjoyed it had arrived and went to give her a peck on the cheek in thanks and appreciation, and we had a full on lip-to-lip kiss! Wonderfull kisser is Olive! I’d better take a tablet now!

Walked her back to her flat and thanked her again.

P1110199Stirred the Crock-pot, smelling good now! Updated this, then took the medications.

Titivated the kitchen some more.

Did a bit more Facebooking, sent an email to Jane and Pete in reply to Pete’s about Hancock’s Half-Hour being on the radio.

Did a bit of work on a graphic idea I’ve got in mind.

So tired now, indeed I kept nodding off for a minute or so, so often when I was watching the TV, so often that I forgot about the Crock-Pot Casserole altogether!


Inchcock Today Tue 21 June 2016: Launderette, shopping and a smile from Grizelda!


Tuesday 21st June 2016

Stirred into life, so annoyed… not annoyed that I’d stirred into life like – but annoyed I could not recall anything about the dreams I just knew that I’d just been having.

The mind was racing away again: It was as if I was worried about not having anything to worry about?

The bladder demanded an early visitation to the porcelain. Not so persistent this morning thankfully. Found myself singing away as I washed last night’s cup and made a cuppa, to take my medications. Worrying that too!

I thought bout the Brexit Vote coming up this Thursday, I was still uncertain about which way to vote. I think a Remain vote will dominate, though. If the exit voters did win, this would leave Cameron and Osborne to do carte blanch to get their own back and blame the voters for everything that happens in the following years?

Got the laptop on. Checked the status of the order from Coopers of Stortford, it said ‘complete’, I’ll keep checking for if it says ‘despatched’.

Then I started this off after finishing Monday’s edition. Did the graphic at the top of this page from a cartoon and doctored it for a bit of fun.

BJ rang, he’s on his way to pick me up to take me to the launderette and then to Asda (Walmart). Did my ablutions and readied myself ASAP. Got the washing, shopping bags and cash and went down and met BJ in the car park outside the flats.

We had a natter as we went to the launderette in Carrington

10bThe sex-pot Grizelda gave me a couple of smiles and made us both a cup of tea. BJ managed to get himself in the background of one of the photo’s I took. Hehe!

I gave her some nibbles.

The washing was done and dried, in half an  hour or so. BJ did well with my crosswords today, he was on form!

10cI took a photograph of an Arnold destined city Transport bus, catching this lady in the shot.

She muttered ‘Pervert’ to me as she passed by. Oh dear!

BJ and I got the things out to his car and were soon off on the way to the supermarket. The sun was shining, 10ethe wind low, and BJ even posed for this photographicalisation next to his car outside the launderette for me.

We arrived at the store and BJ had a chat for a while with his mate who worked there.

I got the trolleys ready and we went in and split-up to do each of our shopping. A disappointing shopping trip today.  They had no minted lamb, no Lemon Drizzle desserts, no Bitter Orange mixers and no Asda potato cakes on offer or on the shelves. Tsk!

BJ rang me back to the flat and helped me up with the shopping. While we were coming into the foyer, we had a talk with a tenant, Mo – and a delivery man came in with a parcel for a flat and jut dumped it on the table in the lobby – the swine! BJ brought it up with us and dropped it off at the flat it was intended for. Jolly good egg out our BJ!

He came to the flat and lifted the heavy bags, all three of them into the kitchen for me. He took a look at the new wet-room and was greatly impressed with it. We spoke about the upcoming Brexit vote, neither of us were fully committed yet!

I walked him down to his car, thanked him and off he went, bless him. He would not take any cash for his petrol, but said i could pay for his coffee and biscuits on his next visit to the Tenants Social Hour. Not this week of course, as the Brexit voting will be taking place on Thursday.

I got the laundry put away, then the fodder in the cupboards, freezer and fridge. Made a cuppa, took the late midday medications and got the laptop going to update this twaddle. Spent hours and hours on Facebooking. (Still, I like it!)

07Had a rather delectable meal. Did the last of the foul tasting Polish tomatoes with some sliced mini peppers in the oven, mushrooms and small potatoes boiled in the saucepan, pork pie, pickled beetroots, one buttered sourdough bread and a little apple. It was so tasty, I’ll have to give this one a deserved 9.55/10!

Watched the Spain Euro match, in small segments. I kept nodding off, gave up trying and once again I could not get off to sleep for ages!