Inchcock Today Mon 30 May 2016:


Monday 30th May 2016

GCslippers Good Morning Folks!

Woke up at 0500hrs, hated not being able to remember any of the dreams, just a sensation that they were frustrating in nature.

Sat pondering and fretting over everything and nothing for a while.

The £300 second-hand broken recliner allowed me to lower it and to extract myself so I could visit the porcelain. It did it a bit noisily, but at least it worked this morning. Blood from Haem Aroids was a lot less too.

I noticed the full evening-pot of tablets at the side of the chair, indicating that I’d not taken them me evening medications last night. Humph! So I made a cuppa and added one Warfarin to the morning medications and took them.

Laptop on and finished and posted the Sunday diary, then started this one and did some graphics.

Carried out the ablutions and dug out the bus-pass, camera, mobile and made sure they were in the coat pocket to take with me to Arnold to get the photographs printed, and pressie for Sister Jane and Pete arranged. Took some mail that had been delivered for Margaret, the previous tenant. With the aim of dropping them off at the Community Hut.

Down the lift, and thought it odd that there was no one else waiting to catch the bus?

Walked to the hut and found it all locked up.

It was really cold this morning, so I walked back to Woodthorpe Court to go up and put a big coat on. As I entered the lobby, Jenny was there doing her washing in the laundry room. I gave her a nibble and she pointed out kindly, but with a look of “You Idiot!” on her face, that it was Bank Holiday and there were no buses to or from the flats today, but other areas had a skeleton service running.

I nipped up to the flat to get a coat on, and took some of the Old Nottingham books for Jenny to have a read of.

P1090039Then I set out on a walk into Arnold.

As I left the Park and turned right, the sparsity of traffic hit me, but… I did see a bus coming from Arnold and this gave me confidence that I would easily be able to catch one back into Sherwood later.

(Which turned out to be hogwash, rubbish, a dream! I was lucky enough however to get one part way back later.)P1090040

Half a mile or so later, I espied some flowers that I’d never seen before at the edge of a car park next to the road.

They looked spectacular to me, and seemed to be growing from weeds?

I’d love to know what they were called.

P1090043I plodded on slowly and limpingly now, the feet and right knees giving me some hassle. I got into Arnold eventually and called in Arno Hill Park to feed the ducks and birds some worms, seeds and earthworms.

I didn’t see any of the mandarin ducks today.

The Grebe families (I think that’s P1090045what they are called) were out showing off their new babies.

The Canada Geese were still bullying the other fowls, but not so much my favourites, the Mallards. Although smaller they gave as much back to the gigantic Canada attackers as they got.

Bless em! 

P1090044I was glad I’d took the seeds for the pigeons but was amazed at the size of the earthworm pellets they ate.

I moved on and walked into the Arnold Centre and popped into Asda and went to the photograph printing machine first.

I don’t want to say what I was ordering, cause they are for early Christmas present for Sister Jane and Pete. Had some bother getting the instructions into the machine, but the lady guided me through the procedure. She said the  photos might come out a little pixelated on the… whoops nearly said what it was then. If they are too bad when I collect then, she said I could get my money back? We’ll see next week then.

I did a bit of shopping. As I came out of the store, no buses were at the bus stops, so I decided to walk it back as well. (Fool!)

Insanely, I called into Sainsburys as I passed by. More money spent! Huh!

Now struggling with two bags full of fodder, I crossed the road and as luck would have it, a number 58 bus arrived as I was near to the bus stop. So I got on it, and very grateful for it too! Oh the pain me plates were giving me!)

P1090041I got off the bus and walked down to the park o hobble through that back to the flats, I noticed a most pretty flower coming up bravely, through the tarmac.

It looked a bit Tulip-like to me.

Another one I don’t think I’ve come across before. at least I don’t think I have?

P1090047On and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park on the footpath.

Not many folks about, a few passed by with their hounds with wagging tails.

The feet were getting so bad now, burning, tingling and painful.

Poor old devil. I blame myself for going on long walks yer know. Hehe!

Going down the  hill back to the flats, I resisted the temptation to walk through the copse, I thought the uneven ground might make my feet and knees worse.

P1090048Got in the flat and made it in time to the toilet… just!

Emptied the bags of the unnecessary fodder I’d bought.

Put the apples in the fridge so as they might keep longer. The banana won’t last long, so I nibbled one. Hehe! The bread thins were wholemeal as part of me diet schemes. Vegetable granules. A pack of Casserole veg consisting of: Carrots, swede, leeks. onions and potato cubes. A pack of crisp-bake thingies, some more bird seed and earthworm pellets. The last two not being for my consumption you understand?

Got the veg in the oven.

Laptop on.

P1090049Got the meal ready.

Enjoyed this feast without any bread once again.

Got some stuff out of the bathroom in readiness for tomorrow’s visit from the Nottingham City Homes demolition gang.

A lot left to do, but that will be in the morning after I’ve had my last bath before the shower is ready in about four days. Might have to go to Sister janes for a shower while it is being sorted?

Unsure about getting diaries sorted over the next few days?

Watched some TV and Pie in the Sky DVD, nodded off.


Inchcock Today Sun 29 May 16: Up and at em… I thought…

Sunday 29th May 2016


For the many fans of Inchcock, we’d like to assure them both, that he did not suffer any long term damage. Eight hours after he landed on the cold cracked lino floor, he bled a bit and was then found by the Gas Reader Meter Man, who had come to empty the meter and give Inchy’s mother back her foreign and dud coins. (The Management)

070400hrs: Sprang into life with a jump… the dream memories leaving me almost immediately. I hate it when that happens!

The second-hand recliner chair shuddered and rattled as it reluctantly raised to allow me to escape and get to the WC. And what a mess there! No pain mind. After passing the blood in the bowl and on the paper was a bit alarming even for me. Old Haem Aroids seemed to be having a party this morning. Tsk!

Into the kitchen and tried to adjust the rusted loose grinding controls on the heater to lower them. But both switches, input and output had the markings erased with age and rust falling on them over the years. Gave up, and got the kettle on, made a cuppa and took the medications, started the laptop, passed wind and returned to the WC hastily. Two passings in such a short time? The bleeding, this time, was even worse!

I’ll have to keep checking on this throughout the day methinks. The bum was now tender after carrying out the functions as well. Don’t want any hassle or hospital visits with the shower conversion being done on Tuesday, and on Monday, I need to be fit and able to move the things out of the bathroom in preparation for the demolition men from the Nottingham City Homes Maintenance teams four-day attack.

Fingers crossed that the bleeding eases off soon… Huh!

I got this post started, made another cuppa and had some caramelised biscuits and finished off yesterday’s diary.

Checked the emails and replied… oh, hang on please, got to go back to the porcelain… oh dear…

Blow-it, the blood still flowing. On my next check, if it hasn’t abated, I’ll have to go see someone about it.

Did some WordPressing, then onto Facebook.

Making another cup of tea, and the urge for the porcelain came yet again, fourth time up to now. The bleeding seemed thinner, this time, it flowed when I as sat on the throne? I hoped in a way that it is Haem Aroids and dut to some other reason?

Back to Facebooking. Sorted the waste bags to the chute.

04Ablutions and a bath, then out for a walk (Hobble then!) up through the park and down into Sherwood.

To the top of the gravel footpath hill, amazed by the flowers and greenery abounding all around me.

Spend a while watching the dogs enjoying themselves, but not too long, as it was getting a bit cold compared 05to yesterday.

Met a fellow tenant on his way back from shopping, and he mentioned the lack of warmth in the air.

Up the hill and down into Sherwood and into the store. Where I plodded around investigating for bargains – I didn’t find any, though. 

I ended up getting a cooked chicken portion (Expensive mind, but it was gorgeous), a large packet of Bugles to share out with the tenants on Thursday’s Social Hour, the wrong TV guide paper (Huh!) and some finger rolls. Used the vouchers and saved a quid anyway.

07Started the hobble back to the flats.

It was getting a bit darkish and then brightening up a bit but remained coolish.

Still pleasant, though.

As I limped further up the footpath towards the flats, an impish cyclist came passed me very close, so close he 08made me jump. (Jump inside that is, of course, my physical jumping days are long gone, Hehe!)

I don’t know what it was he was carrying across his handlebars, but it hit me on the shoulder.

It didn’t hurt, though, it just surprised me somewhat.

09Up to the top of the path and right to go down the gravel footpath to the flats.

I decided to have a walk through the little copse instead, though.

So glad I did now.

No one else around,

No mud to slip over on the ground,

Life seemed gentle and puzzlingly sound!

Back at the flat, I hastened (If that’s the right word) to the porcelain, to find Haem Aroids bleeding a lot less now.

I pondered on when to get the bathroom emptied for the Nottingham City Homes Maintenace teams attack to demolish the bathroom. I decided to do it tomorrow… no, the day after tomorrow, after having my last bath before the shower is fitted over Tuesday to Friday, by the scary NCH maintenance men.

09aGot the nosh ready then, as I felt I might be about to nod off when I sit again.

Perhaps a little too much fodder I thought. However, I ate it all up with a particular gusto.

Guilt dawned, and I decided this would be the very last white bread I will ever eat – wholemeal and wheatmeal only in future!

The TV paper I’d bought in mistake for the usual cheap one was perused, and programmes to watch selected. (Waste of time that was too!) I kept on and falling off into the land of nod for hours, and didn’t get to watch any of the things I wanted to view in their entirety.

When I gave up, it was very late for me.



Inchcock Today Sat 28th May 16: Indoors all day – computerisationing away

Saturday 28th May 2016

07Frequent waking up throughout the night, not a good rest at all this dream-filled night. Dreamt repeatedly of being in long corridors searching for a way out I think, being chased by, it seemed, everything. Animals; wild dogs, budgerigars, dinosaurs and alligators amongst them, along with hundreds of people, so many, they kept getting themselves clogged up in the narrow corridors and lifts and got very angry when I laughed at them?

I attempted to lower the second-hand £300 recliner chair, but it wasn’t having it. So I climbed out carefully and made my way to the porcelain. Oh dear! Haem Aroids had not bled so much before for a long long time. Still, no pain with it. On the plus side, as I made a cuppa, to take the medications it dawned on me that Arthur Itis, Rea Flux and Anne Gyna had all calmed down, even the left knee and right wrist were not too bad at all. Best of all, Little Inchy was not bleeding either!

08It felt a bit nippy, though. So I put on my felt lined Flobbadob and Blobbadob hat on. Lovely and warm, but the stitching is coming loose already.

The temperature in the kitchen was 62ºf. Did the BP test thingies: Sys 152 Dia 74 Pulse 74 and body temp 34.2f. Looked alright to me.

An involuntary emission from the rear quarters sent me scurrying back to the porcelain.

While the laptop booted up, I pondered on how I was going to manage to get all the stuff out of the bathroom in readiness for the ‘destroyers’ from the Nottingham City Homes maintenance team coming to create a mess for me in doing the shower to bathroom… no, bathroom to shower, conversion on Tuesday over four days? I must warn me neighbours about the coming noise too. I suppose it will mean another backhander to the caretaker to help me out again if I see him so I can ask him that is.

Started this diary off, then finished yesterday’s and got it posted off.

Spent hours and hours doing graphics and a new Euro post. Took all day really.



So I didn’t get to go to the shops for my TV paper and have a walk through the park. Humph! All day indoors!

Did the ablutions and had a bath, I’ll miss this when it’s gone on Tuesday, but not miss the struggles to get in and out of it. Hope I can get used to the shower quickly. Will there be a seat in it I wondered, there didn’t look like there was enough room to me on the drawing of it? Hey-ho!

P1090030Had a breakfast meal for my evening meal.

Baked beans, bacon, scrambled egg, waffles, potatoes and tomatoes. Amazingly, I didn’t eat any of the bread with it!

Although the lemon dessert was not let off so easily. Hehe!

Took the usual medications and some extra bits, and was soon climbing into the now working again second-hand recliner chair to settle and watch some TV after eating the nosh.

Got settled, and realised I’d left the remote control on the sideboard thingy – so, up and retrieved it and got the goggle-box on. The recliner was not o keen to work this time, but I eventually encouraged it somehow to get into a nice comfortable position for me.

Then had to climb out of it (The recliner, I dare not move it again in case it stopped altogether), to go to the porcelain again.

Remounted the recliner with some difficulty, and settled again… but not for long. I just could not stop the feeling that I might have left the cooker on. Out again and checked in the kitchen, glad I did too. I had not left the cooler on but had left the tap running in the sink. Phew, lucky that!

By the time I’d got back in the recliner and got the TV on I was worn out, fell asleep watching the TV, woke up a few hours later and managed to watch some bits of Law & Order between the many nodding off periods.

Ah well…

Brexit – In or Out? Inchcock remains puzzled!

The lesser educated pensioner of Nottingham, Inchcock, continues his quest to find a resolution to his decision on which way to vote in the Brexit Election

01I think the lad needs some help.


George (Never had a job) Osborne:

It is my “responsibility” to warn on the risks to people’s jobs, standards too!

Millions of pensioners could find themselves worse off if the UK quits the European Union, George Osborne claims. Also, Cameron has won many concessions from Brussels?

He also said way back, that he would never increase VAT.

Compare and contrast. Here is the answer that George Osborne gave, in December last year, when asked whether he would consider campaigning for Britain to leave the EU.

“We have said that we rule out nothing. If you rule nothing out, you rule nothing out!”

Now here is the answer Mr Osborne gave today, to the MPs of the Treasury select committee in Parliament, when asked what would happen if Britain did indeed leave the EU.

“What’s absolutely clear is that our public finances would take a significant hit because the economy would be weaker, people’s incomes would be less than they would otherwise be, businesses wouldn’t be as profitable. And that would mean that our public finances would be around £36 billion worse off – dwarfing any supposed money we would get by not making a contribution to the EU. We would be very significantly worse off, and that would have an impact on public services like the NHS.” He added that as well as being “poorer” we would be “less secure”.

Look at those two statements. The Chancellor is now saying, with total certainty, that Brexit would make us £36 billion worse off, grievously damage the NHS, and leave us more vulnerable to terrorism and war.

The Chancellor spoke twice about the importance of Britain ‘living within its means’. Of course, this should be a basic principle of all good financial housekeeping and practically every sane person would agree with it.

In effect, he is acting as the chief executive of the Government — whereas Cameron is increasingly behaving like a less hands-on company chairman

Unfortunately, although Osborne talks of ‘living within our means’, the truth is that he has been the most profligate Chancellor in British history. Our national debt is likely to have doubled to just under £2 trillion under his stewardship of the nation’s finances.

Well, that didn’t help me to make my mind up!

WAH03The Cameron Threats:

He claims that a Brexit Vote is immoral? I think perhaps that sending troops to their deaths to kill, bomb and maim ordinary citizens all over the world is immoral?

Mr Cameron, speaking as the Treasury published an analysis warning that a British exit from the EU would plunge the country into a year-long recession and cost as many as 820,000 jobs in just two years. 

The report was criticised by leading Tory Eurosceptics such as Boris Johnson, who said it was a “hoax”, and the former Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith, who said it was “not an honest assessment but a deeply biassed view of the future”.

The Treasury document said that in the worst case scenario GDP will fall by 6 per cent, house prices by 18 per cent and the deficit will rise by £39 billion. The pound would drop 15 per cent. 

Speaking at the head office of B&Q in Hampshire, Mr Cameron said that, given these risks to the British economy, a Remain vote was the “moral” choice for voters.

Knowing Cameron and Osborne’s acts and decisions requiring vadiation, will get no such thing, but it they did it could not be believed…  This doesn’t help me to make my mind up!

Scottish Labour Party

WAK001 Then I read somewhere about Scottish Labour party leader Kezia Dugdale who  has pledged to support Britain’s continued membership of the EU but others will be allowed to campaign for a Leave vote, a Scottish Labour spokesperson said.

 Well, that didn’t help me to make my mind up!

Scaremongering from all.

WAH02 Some

David Cameron has been accused of “scaremongering” by his own MPs after warning that Britain’s exit from the EU could see Calais’ Jungle move onto the south coast of England.

With negotiations over Britain’s membership ongoing and a referendum likely to happen as early as June, both the “stay” and “leave” campaigns have ramped up their warnings of what kind of terrible things will happen depending on which way the vote goes.

But following Cameron’s latest suggestion, and a host of other “warning” headlines in sections of the media, Eurosceptics have hit back at what they clearly think are ridiculous assertions on the part of the pro-EU campaigners.

And yes, those Ukippers, Tory Eurosceptics and even Louise Mensch have managed to be funny…

This doesn’t help me to make my mind up!

WAK02The Leave.EU site published:

Leaving the EU would give us back control of our WAK03borders

  • The UK is currently obliged to accept ALL persons entering from Europe, regardless of skill level.
  • The UK public is increasingly concerned  by open borders, a recent poll by The Economist/Ipsos MORI found that immigration is now the most prominent issue on the UK’s political agenda.
  • 1.5 Million EU migrants moved to the UK between 2004 and 2010. Most of them were low-skilled. Low-skilled EU migrants can often deprive British citizens of jobs in the low-skilled end of the labour market.
  • By contrast, more and more non-EU visa applicants are skilled, yet the UK’s non-EU visa cap (for skilled labour) was filled within the first 6 months of 2015.
  • Migration accounts for one third of the deficit in social housing and undoubtedly puts pressure on public services as a whole. 

As the world’s fifth biggest economy, the UK is well placed to supply its own labour. So it would make sense for UK immigration policy to be tailored towards filling any employment shortfalls, with the freedom to draw specialist skills from a global talent pool.

Given the current free movement of people within the EU, Britain’s attempts to reduce net migration have led to incredibly tight restrictions on non-EU students and workers. Leaving the EU would ensure that the very best and brightest minds could come to the UK – wherever in the world they are from. What’s more, an overall cap on migration would allow the UK to ease some of the current (huge) pressure on public services.

Well, that didn’t help me to make my mind up!


Vote Leave published this:

A dossier of murders and rapes committed by 50 EU criminals in Britain has been published by a leading out campaign, in a move described by critics as “scaremongering of the worst kind”.
Vote Leave, which has its campaign committee chaired by the justice secretary, Michael Gove, listed 14 murders and other homicides committed by EU citizens in the UK, including the murder of 14-year-old Alice Gross by the Latvian Arnis Zalkalns.

The dossier also listed rapes by Lithuanian, Polish and Slovakian men with convictions in their home countries. The document quotes Lady Justice Hallett asking: “Do we have to take in anybody, even if they have a conviction for raping a child? OF course we do while were are in the Euro!” 

It is believed that a list of hundreds of criminal charges bought last week against, specifically Eastern European immigrants was witheld, on the orders of a Government Minister.

This doesn’t help me to make my mind up, but it did make me think a bit!

Eventually, I ran out of time and enthusiasm in my search to discover which way to vote.

After all, in a General election, we cannot trust or believe anything that the candidates say.

Thatcher, Blair, Brown and Cameron all failed to find honesty or openness, thus any trust from the electorate.

Then I saw this?


I’m more confused than ever now! Humph!

Inchcock Today Frid 27th May 16: Laundry Room Farce, Met Deans and got the Nottingham Hospice things delivered.


Friday 27th May 2016

I didn’t stir for over six hours last night! Woke around 0545hrs with bits of the dream going around me head, but they soon dissipated into the ether, I hate it when that happens. Huh!

Remained in the second-hand mechanically dodgy £300 recliner that I’d nodded off in, for a while pondering the needs of the day.

I’d got to go see Deana about the shower installation, the laundry needed doing urgently – thanks to earlier bleeding from certain quarters of my anatomy causing the removal of bloodies articles of clothing, then I must… My deliberations were interrupted by an involuntary emission of the wind from the rear quarters causing concern that attention and sanitational needs may be required. 

Soon as I lowered the chair to get to the bathroom and started to move, the left knee, in particular, suffered an acute attack from Arthur Itis! Still can’t complain, though, because he’s has been kind to me over the last few days.

No hiatus discovered when I got to the throne and checked things out in the lower regions. A tiny few specks of blood from Little Inchy, but nothing at all to concern myself about. No bleeding from Haem Aroid either.

I decided not to get the laptop on yet, cause I always get carried away and end up not doing other things that are urgently in need of attention due to my love of the internet. Had a quick cup of tasty tea and took the medications.

I got the two bags of dirty clothes ready and took one down to the laundry room. Got the washing machine one of the two machines. Back up to the flat to collect the coins I’d forgotten to take with me.

Back down to the laundry room and got it started.

Back up to the flat, and had a hunt around for any other things needing cleaning and put them in the second bag.

Then back down again and got the washing into the other machine also on quick mode, and removed the finished others out and into the dryer.

Back up to the flat, and did some work on the diary for yesterday and got it posted.

P1090023Back down to the laundry room, to find that the machine had finished washing, but had left the clothes very wet. Moved then into the other dryer, then took out the clothes from the first dryer.

Back up to the flat with them and stored them in the airing cupboard.

Back down after an hour to move the washing into the dryer, but they were still wet, so had to do another cycle in it to make sure they’d be safe to wear.

Back up to the flat, more WordPressing was done. Checked the emails.

Back down to the washing room… On the way, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was that the lift hadn’t broken down this morning. Hehehe!

By now it was 0745hrs. I collected the now dry second load of rags (Haha!) from the dryer, and once again back up to the apartment (Fed up with writing flat).

Put this load of clobber in the airing cupboard. Started today’s diary off. And had a quick wash.

Thought about my having to sort out for the maintenance people for Tuesday. Have to move everything out of the bathroom and the hallway, into the bedroom, somehow.

I set about preparing the vegetables for cooking in my much loved and appreciated mini Crock-Pot. Planning to have the with a beef slice, or some sausages methinks?

P1090025Flavoured the swede, carrots, parsnips, red onions and mushroom with a pinch of BBQ seasoning, Asda/Walmart vegetable flavouring and vegetable paste. (Seems alright, tangy taste to it)

Boiled some small potatoes to add to it later. Nibbled a couple when they were done.

P1090018The left knee gave way when I was getting the things ready to go see if Deana was in the hut. Busy gal Deana our Flats Coordinatoress. Photo, on the right taken yesterday at the Social Hour when she popped in.

So I took the stick with me as I went down to the Windwood Hut to see if she was in.

The door was locked so I started to return to the flats and she came out of the door at the other end of the hut. Told her about the bathroom being changed. She said when they take out the WC, they have to replace it with another straight away.

P1060071Which reminded me of the state they left the kitchen vent in when they left, and I started to fret a bit. Hehe!

This photo was taken immediately after the workman left after coming to repair the problem!

Not encouraging is it?

I’m dreading the mess they’ll leave after the three or four days in the flat doing the shower conversion… oh dear!

Back yet again to the flat.

Got some more work done on graphics and WordPress.

The vegetable broth in the Crock-Pot was smelling something wonderful.

The left knee still giving me gip every time I moved now, Huh!

I got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop. Left the Crock-Pot on low and walked up through Woodthorpe Grange Park, down out through onto Mansfield Road, then up and down into Sherwood. Did some window shopping on my way to the Hospice shop.

Blimey, the time is getting a move on, well into the afternoon already – what happened? (Oh yes, the laundry room farce, hehe!)

05Did the ablutions and got ready and out and up the gravel footpath hill up into the park.

At the top, I almost had my breath taken away by the view of the beautiful array of greens with the flowers blooming in between.

Later, I doctored this by adding words and the red flowers, don’t know why I did mind, but it was so pleasant and fresh to look at.

The only sad bit was they had mowed the grass, killing thousands of buttercups, daisies and dandelions in the bargain.

P1090027I pressed on down the footpath through the park and stopped for a while to look at the dogs enjoying themselves, tails a-wagging.

The footpath was a tad darkened by the amazingly quick growth of the trees foliage.

To the Co-op store and had a wander around, getting tomatoes, veg crisps and a lemon cheesecake that fell into the basket. Ahem!

P1090028As I walked down the hill towards the Wilko store, I spotted that someone had parked on the pavement handily blocking the view of drivers approaching the pelican lights.


Got a nail brush from Wilko, then back up the hill to check if a bus was due at the top stop.

There was no need to check when I arrived, there because a few flat tenants were waiting for a bus. Sure enough, three minutes later an L8 bus arrived. It was driven by the lovely lady driver too, so no need to worry about getting thrown all over the place getting on or off.

A chinwag with fellow tenant Frank on the way in and up to the flat, where an urgent call of nature was answered hastily. Phew!

I put the pie in the oven and updated this entry.

The INR test results came, much better this time. 2.5, much closer to the target figure. I emailed the surgery requesting an appointment for next Wednesday as instructed.

P1090029A quick go on Facebook and the meal was ready.

A fine feast it was as well.

The veg mix was delicious, the tomatoes sweet, the potatoes excellent, the bacon crispy, the beef slice beefy and the lemon dessert so tasty! And I ate it without any bread with it!

Oh yes! Will-power yer see? I’ve always had this, a steely determination and unmoveable confidence. 01W04

Watched an old James Bond movie, ‘Live and let die’ – by gum they look dated nowadays, I’d forgotten how bad they were! Hehe!

Took ages to get to sleep again. Tsk!

Inchcock Today Thur 26 May 2016: Winwood Community Shed Social Hour, and confusing call from Nottingham City Homes Repairs


Thursday 26th May 2016

05Inadequate sleep, many horrible, or one long dream. Woke around 0200hrs and tried to recall details, but couldn’t. All those embarrassing things, errors, misjudgements and the like had come into my mind and muddled up. In them, I was showing great celerity and physically prowess?

0300hrs: I started coughing and sneezing, but not due to Rea Flux, he was working okay, so I expect I’ve gotten a cold coming on. And cold I felt too, the instant I got out of the shuddering recliner chair to make a cuppa.

Into the kitchen, the thermometer reading 62f. So it wasn’t actually cold, just me who felt it? Made a cuppa, took the medications and did the BP tests. All looking okay to me: Sys 149 Dia 75 Pulse 85 Temp 63f.

The stomach started grinding, I wondered if the meal last night was the cause? Mild dizzies too. Couldn’t help going shivery every now and then, hard to concentrate. Old age I expect, for sure that’ll be it. Hehe!

I got the nibbles, photographs and books in the bag ready for the Winwood Shed Community Hour later.

The rumbling and grumbling innards were no better, so I took some Peptac and Morrisons Cough medicine. I’m not sure if they work together or will cause more hassle? I nipped to the porcelain to try and pass to see if it helped.

Checked the emails. On to Facebook.

The Social Hours was a bit bare of tenants.

P1090013 P1090014 P1090017 P1090019

I handed in my prizes for the raffle, a tin of chocolates, a bag of sweets, a pack of Beef slices and bag of biscuits.

Mo, on the left here.

She seemed a lot happier today.

In fact, we all appeared to enjoy it today.

I’m glad to say that Mo’s arthritis was a bit easier this morning too.

93-year-old Eddy attended for a short while but had to nip off to sort something. A fantastic chap is Eddy.

This bloke left (Sorry, I’ve forgotten his name) who along with the lady in the bottom photographicalisation, run the Old Foggies meeting, both seemed a little lighter than of normal.

All good stuff.

The chap on the left doesn’t talk much, but I’ve got him chatting a bit bless him.

The organisation lady had time for a talk with so few folks in attendance.

She put on ‘A Face’ for me when she noticed I was aiming the camera in her directions, but she smiled so triumphantly afterwards.

I won a prize in the Super-raffle, the last one, a tin of peaches. Hehe! I gave it to William who I know likes them.

William and I stayed on a little over the time chinwagging – we were soon removed! 

I returned to the flat and got the things ready for going to visit Asda to get the photos printed, but left the camera behind. Huh!

I was the only one to catch the bus into Arnold. Straight to the Photoshop and got the printing done. Then around the shop while I waited for them. Got some 125g mandarins in jelly pots 5 for £2, and a ready meal. Paid the lady at the check-out, dropped all my coins while trying to get the odd change for her, and back to pick up the photographs.

Over to the Fulton Food store, and blow me down, they had some of the tiny Blackcurrant and vanilla ice sticks back in stock. I knew the freezer was full but still bought some anyway. Twit!

To the bus-top and caught the L9 home, a nice word that, home.

Had to readjust things in the freezer again, but got the ices into it.

Call from NCH (Nottingham City Homes) hard to hear, think they’re coming Tuesday to start the Shower conversion?

I must see Deana in the morning, to confirm things, like, how do I go on without a WC while they take four days to do the job?

Cuppa and medications were taken. (Forgot the midday ones, Humph!)

P1090022For nosh, I had some fishcakes and fish fingers (Thus making room for the ice sticks in the freezer – cunning!). Now Brother-in-law Pete on his last visit had managed to get the jar of Peppers in oil lid opened for me, I had some of them too. Plus a cup of milk and pot of mandarins in jelly.

And very nice indeed. Wish I could remember where I bought the peppers from. Tsk! Took the medications.

Feeling well worn out then. Watched some DVD and then two hours of TV, and the Land of Nod beckoned.

TTFN all.


Inchcock Today Wed 25 May 2016: INR test and walk around Nottingham

Wednesday 25th May 2016


Roused and fought my way out of the not-working-again recliner chair at 0225hrs, to the porcelain, Little Inchy sore but not bleeding at all, Arthur Itis only interested in the right arm and wrist, giving the knees and hands a rest bless him. Anne Gyna being very kind, Rea Flux also in a calm condition and not stuck open or closed – working well. No dizzies either yet. Looking good I thought!

01Late memories of a dream I’d had came back to me when I was making a brew and getting the medications ready. (I did forget the other checks, though, BP, etc. Tsk!)

I got onto making a graphic of what I could recall. The ladies in my dream were Lynda Lore and Sandra Lentz, both TFZ Facebook page friends. I sent them each of the girls a copy. I’ve no idea what we were up to, just that we all enjoyed it?

Took a good while, I only just had time to get yesterday’s diary finished in time, then had to rush (Rush! Me? More like dodder rapidly Hehe!) to get things ready for the trip to the surgery. Nurses nibbles, Anticoagulation Record card, four-item shopping list, etc.

04I called at the Social Hut on the way out, no one in yet (0838hrs).

The map of the route I took today, looks long, but I did take a break at the surgery for the Anticoagulation Warfarin Blood Test at the Sherrington Medical Centre en route.

Down Winchester Street hill, left along Mansfield Road, continued over the hill out of Sherwood, then down into Carrington.

P1080997The traffic was getting heavy as hobbled into Carrington and arrived at the surgery.

Just before I got to the actual medical centre I passed someone’s garden on the left.

What a selection of beautiful flowers and P1080998arrangements they had at the front of their garden!

The flowers looked so cared for too.

No idea what they were called, of course, me being a self-raised City lad. Hehe!

Into the doctor’s and the receptionist pointed out that I was very early, and demanded I take a seat. I must have made a decent time on my walk.

The Obergruppenfurheress nurse was on duty. She came to collect me from the waiting area very quickly – with a smile on her face. You’ve no idea how worrying that was!

The usual smile crept onto her face as she dug in the needle and extracted the required amount of blood. She reminded me to vote for Brexit, we spoke about Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, I gave her the nibbles and off I went.

I decided to walk it into town, Fool!)

07Down through Carrington, passed the college and up the hill towards the Rock Cemetry. On the way up the foresaid hill, I noticed some more cute 08greenery and flowers.

I seemed to be getting mightily impressed with nature lately.

Better late than never I suppose?

Over the hill on Mansfield Road and own towards Nottingham.

The old plates were giving some twinges by now.

I arrived at the Victoria Centre (Mall) P1090003eventually, and the rain was holding off well. I consulted my shopping list All from a Pound or Poundland shop:

  1. Chocolates in the tin pots. (Forgot name)
  2. Deofab Fabric deodorant.
  3. Lavender Soap
  4. Lidded plastic pots (for the medications doses.

So I went to the Vic Centre Pound Shop. None of anything on the list in stock.

So, I visited the Milton Street, Pound Shop. None of anything on the list in stock.

Determined not to thwarted ultimately, I hobbled to the Upper Parliament Street branch of the Poundland Shop. None of anything on the list in stock.

P1090004I nipped energetically and sprightly toWWarnLie the Clumber Street branch of Poundworld. Two things became apparent here, the shop had closed down weeks ago, and I was surprised at how few bodies were using the Street today.

So, I made my way through the closed P1090005down Slab Square.

The weather was threatening rain again here.

I called into Poundland on Listergate. None of anything on the list in stock.

Depressed now!

Then it dawned on me, I’d seen no end of Pavement Cyclists and failed to take their photo, naughty me!

I went back up towards the Local Tesco and treated me to some Jam Doughnuts. 70p spent, that’s an improvement. Hehe!

P1090006Back to the bus stop and I awaited the arrival of the L9 bus.

The fellow in the Hired from the Council mobility scooter had just knocked me as he passed by, no damage or hiatus, only the bag suffered any harm.

The bus soon arrived, only me and one other person to get on? At the first stop from the terminus, the lady I was chatting to yesterday got on, and she sat next to me for another good chinwag en route. She told me the meeting yesterday was pointless because the tenants couldn’t get any straight answers to their questions.

Hope to meet her at the Tenants Hour Meeting tomorrow, so looking forward to that I am. 

A peculiar, odd smell greeted me when I got into the flat. Not the foggiest what it is or where it is coming from?

Updated this post then went on Facebook for a while.

Good job I didn’t need to use the public loos when I was out – I found I’d put me underpants on back to front after having the bath! Hehe! Didn’t change them, they say it’s bad luck to do that, well someone told me.

Got the fodder cooking. CorelDraw utilised, more Facebooking and emails checked. Forgetting about the food cooking in the oven… WhoopsieOh heck!

The chips were 95% black – I managed to rescue a few individual chips to eat that were only partly burnt to a crisp. Opened a tin of potatoes and heated them up.

P1090007The resulting meal was passable all the same, though.

I consumed it with relish and went to do the washing up.

WhoopsieThe right arm and wrist had been giving me some twinges all through the day, but a big sharp spell got me when I was lifting out the bowl to empty it, I lost the grip and the soapy water went all over the drying pots I’d just titivated, the floor and me!

Hey-ho! Suddenly the rapid descent of weariness dawned, and all I was worth was sitting in the currently operational £300 second-hand recliner chair, couldn’t even concentrate on reading, and soon nodded off, after such an odd sort of day, into a night of disturbing dreams once more.

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 24th May 2016: Flat complex plan formulation meeting tonight!

Tuesday 24th May 2016


04Fare thee well, and may your foibles ferment with festive fun.

Awoke at 0340hrs, feeling somewhat cold. I spent a few frustrating moments trying to recall the dreams I’d been having, without any luck. Just the sensation of frustration coming to mind, but no details at all! Humph!

The itching around the neck and shoulders was becoming uncomfortable again. I wondered if the second-hand recliner chair might have brought some little extra residents with it?

Lowered the recliner down first press of the button. Into the WC (No blood from Little Inchy), then to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, to take the medications with. I thought ‘Blimey it’s nice and warm in here… I’d left the cooker hotplate on. Fortuitously, on low, but it didn’t do the saucepan resting on top of it a lot of good! Another one for recycle bag. Tsk!

I looked at the thermometer on the window and was not surprised to see it read 68°, 7° higher than it was yesterday morning. The front room was like an ice box in comparison. This reminded me to do the BP checks, so I got out the monitor and got the following readings: Sys 143 – Dia 73 – Pulse 82 – Body Temp 36.5 Looked alright to me.

Made the cuppa and took the medications, then got the laptop going. Finished the Monday diary and started this one off.

Checked the emails. Nice one from Sandie, the TFZ site Commander.

Remembered the Asda (Walmart) delivery is coming twixt 0700 and 0900hrs, so I got back into the bathroom to do my ablutionisationing. When it did arrive late, the washing up liquid had leaked all over the other cleaners in the bag. What a mess. I let the driver know about it, but was so behind on his run, I left it and sorted it out.

Sorted and took the waste and recycling bags to the chute. I was going to take a raspberry sundae to give Olive in flat 84, by the time I’d got down to the foyer I remembered, but it was too late go back up. I left the dessert on the table if anyone wanted it. To the bus stop and had a gossip. Chatted with Mike from the 15th floor on the bus into town.  I like listening to Mike telling about his days as a sniper in the jungle in Korea.

Dropped off and went straight into the Wilko Store, to get anther bottle of their large Dettol Lavender and Orange Oils antiseptic disinfectant on offer at £2. I like it in me bath yer know. I then got carried away when I noticed the other offers they had on Brut deodorant and splash-on. All together at standard prices these would have cost me £13.35 – but today £7.10! Bargain purchases.

05Then I wondered up and to the walk-over that spans Upper Parliament Street.

I was going to take a photograph of two naughty Nottingham Pavement Cyclist but got somewhat distracted, like.


07 08I regained my composure and took two photographs of the road from opposite sides of the walk-over. I thought my friends on the TFZ site might like these with the buses in view.

I hobbled into Victoria Centre in the hope of finding a customer who had hired one of the Kiddies Car Trolleys to get a photograph, for Mary on the TFZ site – but no luck, not one being used. Tsk!

I nipped into the Victoria Market and got a bar of Carbolic and two of Coal Tar soaps for a quid!

I went to the Pound Shop to get a pack or two of the chocolates I bought at the shop last time – I had no luck there either.

I limped on and to the Poundland shop, they were out of stock too.09

I did manage to get a photo of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on the way to Trinity Square, though.

Almost missed him as well as he nipped around and behind a parcel of pulchritude using her mobile phone.

I arrived at the L9 bus top and had a while to wait, so I thought I’d nip down to the Slab Square and see if I could capture any interesting photographicalisation of the Nottinghamians there.

09aOh dear no!

They were preparing the utilities and building stands for the European Archery Championships.

This took me back to 1971: When I paid my 1/6d (2.5 new pence now) and entered Meadows old Boys Club Longbow competitions. I failed to achieve any score whatsoever and felt a right dipstick as I recall. I thought is was a good idea at the time like. Humph!

Just thought I’d mention it.

Back up Queen Street and caught the L9 back to the flats, just avoiding falling asleep en route.

The lift was rather full, and despite my asking who wanted which floor and telling them, I was on the twelfth one. They insisted on crowding in after me, and when we reached the 12th, they had to get our to release me, then pile back in to get to their 14th and 15th floors. No hiatus mind, they were all friendly folks.

P1070250To the WC and finding no bleeding I made a cuppa and took the afternoon medications (A bit late I know, hehe) and was feeling a little jubilant and ebullient, what with getting all the bargains and Little Inchy not playing up either.

Put some of the bargains on the kitchen window and photographed them, then doctored it the writing in CorelDraw.

I put one bar of carbolic in the airing cupboard to scent the clean clothes. Well, it might. I’d forgotten to try and get some of the lavender soap. Huh!

Laptop on and updated this tedious dairy.

Got the oven on warming ready for the chips and beef slices to go in later.

Checked the emails, answered Sister Janes.

P1080993Got the fodder cooking and did some Facebooking.

Hello, cream cakes?

Where did they come from?

Worn out now, soon nodded off despite my earlier long nod-off. Hehe!

Inchcock Today Mon 23 May 2016: Socialised a bit today – oh yes!


Monday 23rd May 2016

Roused into life around 0100hrs – drifted back out of life, until I stirred again around 0400hrs in substantial need of the attention of the porcelain rather urgently. The recliner shuddered a bit worryingly as I battled my way out of it and to the bathroom. I knew straight away Little Inchy had been bleeding by the tell-tale signs of dampness and warmth. Tut!

03 04 ABCMessy job sorting myself out, but it wasn’t too painful today. Kettle on and made a brew and took the morning medications near the laptop as I started to complete yesterday’s diary post.

I noted that the back and shoulders were itching and found it hard to resist scratching away at them. Had I put the wrong stuff in the bath last night? The itching, has moved to the neck now? Maybe something I put in the washing machine, as I felt a bit cold, I am wearing the dressing gown for the first time in ages since last washing it? This prompted me to remember to do the BP etc. Sys 139 Dia 71 Pulse 74 Temp. 32.6 KT (Kitchen Thermometer) 61f, recorded these on the graph.

0500hrs: Pondered on what needed doing today. I would like to take another Nottingham book to Jenny, but I’ve forgotten what number her flat was. Tsk! Also, I’d like to go to Arnold and get some photographs printed. No medical appointments today, strange feeling.

Started this post off and did some graphics and got some photographs onto an SDHC thingamabob card, and put in in the camera, to take with me to Asda (Walmart) for printing later.

Sister Jane rang (Also sent me an email) telling me to buy a Nottingham Post today, as the article about Nottingham Pavement Cyclists was on page 8, and an interesting bit on page two.

Ablutions carried out, Little Inchy losing a bit of blood from the lesion. Then I hurriedly got the things ready. Down to the lobby and had a jolly chinwag with some other residents. Then we went out to catch the bus. All bar one lady and I got on the first bus. Another friendly gossip as we travelled into Arnold and got off at the same stop.

I wandered along to Asda to get the photographs done and bought two new camera cards, on 32gb to use at the flat, and one 8gb to use on the camera.

Went to but a Nottingham Post Newspaper, but found that they had sold-out. Humph! Did some shopping. After paying the kind lady, the time to catch the L9 bus back was getting close, so I nipped out the front of the store to find a newsagent to purchase a Post from, but, none in sight.

Got to the bus stop and the lady tenant I’d travelled there with arrived and we had a sit down on a bench and we nattered while we waited for the bus. I realised I’d not got a Post yet, and the lady suggested I drop off the bus in Sherwood and get a Post, then walk back up to the flats through Woodthorpe Park. So I did that.

She then reminded me of the meeting tomorrow night at the Social hut, 1730 > 1830hrs, about the ideas for doing up the flat complex and surrounding area? Not that I’d forgotten about it of course. Ahem! 08

07I got off the bus and waved goodbye to the lady on the bus, I called into a newspaper shop, got two copies of the Post and a Nottingham Bygones.

As I paid him, the newspaper shops owner, sneered through his beard and kindly overcharged me. Swine!

I walked back up the hill, and as I approached the top of it, yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came 05pelting down towards me, swerving in between the poor pedestrians.

The execrable bully!

But I must not dignorate all Nottingham Cyclists in this way, just those vile ones who endanger and or scare the dotard like members of the pedestrians like what I am, with their dangerous activities.

08Limped back to the flat and to the WC, Little Inchy still bleeding a tad, cleaned and creamed him up.

Mail from utility company had been delivered.

Put away my purchases of the day:

The SDHC cards, Irish Batch bread, a tin of potatoes and stewed steak in gravy and the pack of new Walker’s Bugles. (I got these to share out at the next Winwood Hut Social meeting.

Placed the photograph envelope on the kitchen window ledge, surely I 09can’t miss or lose them here?

Oh, and as for how that pot of Raspberry dessert treat got in my bag?


Visited the porcelain again, Little Inchy had finally stopped bleeding.

I took the pork shoulder steaks I got on Saturday, you know the ones – those I thought were Lamb should steaks when I bought them. Sad innit? To warm them up a bit before cooking them later.

Made another brew and got the laptop on to update this hogwash.

Did a bit of work on another post and checked emails, then got on Facebook for a while.

P1080985For Monday’s fodder ‘s I got the BBQ pork steaks in the oven for half an hour, then later warmed the seasoned BBQ beans up in the saucepan. I used the Patti Beckert recipe for the beans. (Thank you again Patti) Added the last of the tomatoes and consumed all this with some Irish batch bread. The sundae for afters.

Not as good as I thought it was going to be, though. The beans, bread and tomatoes were excellent. The pork tasteless and the raspberry sundae thingamabob was terrible! Hey-ho!

Watched some DVD episodes of Hustle and realised I’d done the washing up yet. Cleaning up pots and pans was not easy because: ◊ I’d left the hot tap running earlier and the hot water was now cold. ◊ I boiled some water in the kettle, to use and spilt it on my right hand. ◊ I found I’d left the oven on, and ◊ I now have one less milk jug after a Whoopsiedangleplop and it fell to the floor.

On the bright side, I did not cut myself when I got down to clean up the broken pieces of pottery – getting back up was another predicament I struggled with. Hehe!

TV on and I drifted off into the land of dreams at the first commercial break…

Hey-ho again!