Inchcock Today: Tuesday 24th May 2016: Flat complex plan formulation meeting tonight!

Tuesday 24th May 2016


04Fare thee well, and may your foibles ferment with festive fun.

Awoke at 0340hrs, feeling somewhat cold. I spent a few frustrating moments trying to recall the dreams I’d been having, without any luck. Just the sensation of frustration coming to mind, but no details at all! Humph!

The itching around the neck and shoulders was becoming uncomfortable again. I wondered if the second-hand recliner chair might have brought some little extra residents with it?

Lowered the recliner down first press of the button. Into the WC (No blood from Little Inchy), then to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, to take the medications with. I thought ‘Blimey it’s nice and warm in here… I’d left the cooker hotplate on. Fortuitously, on low, but it didn’t do the saucepan resting on top of it a lot of good! Another one for recycle bag. Tsk!

I looked at the thermometer on the window and was not surprised to see it read 68°, 7° higher than it was yesterday morning. The front room was like an ice box in comparison. This reminded me to do the BP checks, so I got out the monitor and got the following readings: Sys 143 – Dia 73 – Pulse 82 – Body Temp 36.5 Looked alright to me.

Made the cuppa and took the medications, then got the laptop going. Finished the Monday diary and started this one off.

Checked the emails. Nice one from Sandie, the TFZ site Commander.

Remembered the Asda (Walmart) delivery is coming twixt 0700 and 0900hrs, so I got back into the bathroom to do my ablutionisationing. When it did arrive late, the washing up liquid had leaked all over the other cleaners in the bag. What a mess. I let the driver know about it, but was so behind on his run, I left it and sorted it out.

Sorted and took the waste and recycling bags to the chute. I was going to take a raspberry sundae to give Olive in flat 84, by the time I’d got down to the foyer I remembered, but it was too late go back up. I left the dessert on the table if anyone wanted it. To the bus stop and had a gossip. Chatted with Mike from the 15th floor on the bus into town.  I like listening to Mike telling about his days as a sniper in the jungle in Korea.

Dropped off and went straight into the Wilko Store, to get anther bottle of their large Dettol Lavender and Orange Oils antiseptic disinfectant on offer at £2. I like it in me bath yer know. I then got carried away when I noticed the other offers they had on Brut deodorant and splash-on. All together at standard prices these would have cost me £13.35 – but today £7.10! Bargain purchases.

05Then I wondered up and to the walk-over that spans Upper Parliament Street.

I was going to take a photograph of two naughty Nottingham Pavement Cyclist but got somewhat distracted, like.


07 08I regained my composure and took two photographs of the road from opposite sides of the walk-over. I thought my friends on the TFZ site might like these with the buses in view.

I hobbled into Victoria Centre in the hope of finding a customer who had hired one of the Kiddies Car Trolleys to get a photograph, for Mary on the TFZ site – but no luck, not one being used. Tsk!

I nipped into the Victoria Market and got a bar of Carbolic and two of Coal Tar soaps for a quid!

I went to the Pound Shop to get a pack or two of the chocolates I bought at the shop last time – I had no luck there either.

I limped on and to the Poundland shop, they were out of stock too.09

I did manage to get a photo of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on the way to Trinity Square, though.

Almost missed him as well as he nipped around and behind a parcel of pulchritude using her mobile phone.

I arrived at the L9 bus top and had a while to wait, so I thought I’d nip down to the Slab Square and see if I could capture any interesting photographicalisation of the Nottinghamians there.

09aOh dear no!

They were preparing the utilities and building stands for the European Archery Championships.

This took me back to 1971: When I paid my 1/6d (2.5 new pence now) and entered Meadows old Boys Club Longbow competitions. I failed to achieve any score whatsoever and felt a right dipstick as I recall. I thought is was a good idea at the time like. Humph!

Just thought I’d mention it.

Back up Queen Street and caught the L9 back to the flats, just avoiding falling asleep en route.

The lift was rather full, and despite my asking who wanted which floor and telling them, I was on the twelfth one. They insisted on crowding in after me, and when we reached the 12th, they had to get our to release me, then pile back in to get to their 14th and 15th floors. No hiatus mind, they were all friendly folks.

P1070250To the WC and finding no bleeding I made a cuppa and took the afternoon medications (A bit late I know, hehe) and was feeling a little jubilant and ebullient, what with getting all the bargains and Little Inchy not playing up either.

Put some of the bargains on the kitchen window and photographed them, then doctored it the writing in CorelDraw.

I put one bar of carbolic in the airing cupboard to scent the clean clothes. Well, it might. I’d forgotten to try and get some of the lavender soap. Huh!

Laptop on and updated this tedious dairy.

Got the oven on warming ready for the chips and beef slices to go in later.

Checked the emails, answered Sister Janes.

P1080993Got the fodder cooking and did some Facebooking.

Hello, cream cakes?

Where did they come from?

Worn out now, soon nodded off despite my earlier long nod-off. Hehe!

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