Inchcock Ponders the In or Out Euro Referendum – In Rhyme (Of sorts)

Stay or leave?


A case was presented firmly for staying in from the HSBC,

It seemed a well-balanced argument to me,

Duncan pointed out, their tax avoidance at its Swiss subsidiary,

And, their Director refused to take personal responsibility,

HSBC helped wealthy clients across the world save many a pound & rupee, 

Saving them by arranging for them to make profit tax free!

Evading millions of pounds worth of tax said the BBC,

But that’s not all, there’s the other naughty thing,

HSBC was also fined $1.9bn for failing to prevent money laundering!

NCCwalk05Barclays Bank, said they want Britain to remain in the EU,

Considering their history, would you believe anything they say is true?

They fiddle clients trade rates, and got a $284m forex fine,

The Government rescued them time after time, keeping them in line,

Not surprising, William Hague’s wife was a Barclays paid advisor at the time,

Sacked their Chief Executive with a handout of £950,000, the swine,

And a pension of £363,000 a year, I wish it were mine!


AnotherBank, who wants us in Europe, to stay,

Banco Santander, the one that got involved with I must say,

Gotti Tedeschi, former head of the Vatican Bank up till last May,

Pope Benedict XVI’s confidant, who was detained by Carabinieri,

For corruption investigation involving an Italian subsidiary,

Using untrained advisors, failing to advise clients to their financial dismay,

Circumventing European money-laundering rules, oh, yay!


 What will we do without these companies here,

Will they pull out if we do, I fear?

Aren’t the Chinese building our new power station that’s nuclear?

The situation is confusing and not too clear,

Will leaving the Euro, mean more things austere?

Boyo’s tirade at Obama means his intention are not unclear!

Slab riots

There are so many other wanting us to leave and be free,

Err… like Luke Johnson, chairman of Patisserie Valerie,

I’m still confused, but that’s not unusual for me!


Inchcock Today Sun 1 May 2016: The Duncan Robertson Visitation cheered Inchy up no end!


Sunday 1st May 2016

06Didn’t wake until gone 0600hrs, I reckon I must have gotten in seven hours kip! Mind you, I needed it. Duncan is coming on a visit today.

The ailments were very kind to me when I hobbled to the bathroom, Anne Gyna, Rea Flux, Arthur Itis and the dizzies were all in a good mood. Only Duo Denal and the new right arms pains were giving me any hassle.

Doing some yodelling to myself when I made a cuppa and took the medications. Nearly dropped the mug when the right arm twinged, Tsk!

Got the laptop going and checked the emails, then CorelDraw X8 on to do some graphicalisationing and updated Sat’s post and started this one off.

Duncan is coming twixt 0930 > 1030hrs, so I plan to be down in the lobby reading my book and keep an eye out for his arrival.

Got my ablutions done in plenty of time.

Met Duncan at the lobby door, so nice to see him again, a grand chap. Up to the flat and we had a cuppa, followed by a good long natter of mammoth proportions. Hours and hours of chinwagging, which I enjoyed and was grateful for, so very much.

d03I informed Duncan of the reading glasses that I had misplaced. Within seconds, he was doing a search for them.

Withing minutes he had found them and another pair I thought I’d never see again.

The man is a genius! 

Dunc is so pleased he is now officially retired. He took some photo’s of me I could use later and he professionally posed for me to take some of him.

Walked with Duncan to his car. Waved him off on his journey back to Birmingham.

Leaving me feeling elated at his visit, but sad he had to go.

P1070115Started the lamb hotpot cooking away in the Crock-Pot.

Then I got on with updating this and checked the emails.

I was feeling a little fatigued but felt happier that I have done in a long time.

Had a meal, took the medications and fell asleep in the broken 1959 brown imitation E-Plan armchair.

I kept waking up, and on one of these occasions, from the chair through the glass balcony door where I had a view of the gravel footpath going from the flats up onto Woodthorpe Grange Park, I saw a chap collapse while walking down the hill near the bench. I rushed into the kitchen and looked through the P1070116binoculars. The chap was not moving, and I could see no one near him, so I rang for an ambulance, as doing so, a chap started walking up the path as the injured man stirred gingerly and got himself onto the bench.

Poor bloke had blood all over his nose and cheeks. I cancelled my emergency call.

P1070121Then the Samaritan walked him down the path.

I took these photographs and watched as they neared the bottom close to the flats.

In case it was someone from this court, I made my way down to the ground floor and foyer.

By the time I got down and out to have a look and see if I could assist, the injured chap was getting into a car and waving his thanks to the out of view helper.

I’d wanted to explain to the bloke, that I saw him collapse in slow motion almost, in case he’d thought he’s tripped and fell. Something other than tripping caused his falling down, thought this might be important in case it was a medical problem he didn’t realise that he had.

Back to the flat and broken chair, where the TV was still going and was soon off to kip.