Inchcock Today Thur 26 May 2016: Winwood Community Shed Social Hour, and confusing call from Nottingham City Homes Repairs


Thursday 26th May 2016

05Inadequate sleep, many horrible, or one long dream. Woke around 0200hrs and tried to recall details, but couldn’t. All those embarrassing things, errors, misjudgements and the like had come into my mind and muddled up. In them, I was showing great celerity and physically prowess?

0300hrs: I started coughing and sneezing, but not due to Rea Flux, he was working okay, so I expect I’ve gotten a cold coming on. And cold I felt too, the instant I got out of the shuddering recliner chair to make a cuppa.

Into the kitchen, the thermometer reading 62f. So it wasn’t actually cold, just me who felt it? Made a cuppa, took the medications and did the BP tests. All looking okay to me: Sys 149 Dia 75 Pulse 85 Temp 63f.

The stomach started grinding, I wondered if the meal last night was the cause? Mild dizzies too. Couldn’t help going shivery every now and then, hard to concentrate. Old age I expect, for sure that’ll be it. Hehe!

I got the nibbles, photographs and books in the bag ready for the Winwood Shed Community Hour later.

The rumbling and grumbling innards were no better, so I took some Peptac and Morrisons Cough medicine. I’m not sure if they work together or will cause more hassle? I nipped to the porcelain to try and pass to see if it helped.

Checked the emails. On to Facebook.

The Social Hours was a bit bare of tenants.

P1090013 P1090014 P1090017 P1090019

I handed in my prizes for the raffle, a tin of chocolates, a bag of sweets, a pack of Beef slices and bag of biscuits.

Mo, on the left here.

She seemed a lot happier today.

In fact, we all appeared to enjoy it today.

I’m glad to say that Mo’s arthritis was a bit easier this morning too.

93-year-old Eddy attended for a short while but had to nip off to sort something. A fantastic chap is Eddy.

This bloke left (Sorry, I’ve forgotten his name) who along with the lady in the bottom photographicalisation, run the Old Foggies meeting, both seemed a little lighter than of normal.

All good stuff.

The chap on the left doesn’t talk much, but I’ve got him chatting a bit bless him.

The organisation lady had time for a talk with so few folks in attendance.

She put on ‘A Face’ for me when she noticed I was aiming the camera in her directions, but she smiled so triumphantly afterwards.

I won a prize in the Super-raffle, the last one, a tin of peaches. Hehe! I gave it to William who I know likes them.

William and I stayed on a little over the time chinwagging – we were soon removed! 

I returned to the flat and got the things ready for going to visit Asda to get the photos printed, but left the camera behind. Huh!

I was the only one to catch the bus into Arnold. Straight to the Photoshop and got the printing done. Then around the shop while I waited for them. Got some 125g mandarins in jelly pots 5 for £2, and a ready meal. Paid the lady at the check-out, dropped all my coins while trying to get the odd change for her, and back to pick up the photographs.

Over to the Fulton Food store, and blow me down, they had some of the tiny Blackcurrant and vanilla ice sticks back in stock. I knew the freezer was full but still bought some anyway. Twit!

To the bus-top and caught the L9 home, a nice word that, home.

Had to readjust things in the freezer again, but got the ices into it.

Call from NCH (Nottingham City Homes) hard to hear, think they’re coming Tuesday to start the Shower conversion?

I must see Deana in the morning, to confirm things, like, how do I go on without a WC while they take four days to do the job?

Cuppa and medications were taken. (Forgot the midday ones, Humph!)

P1090022For nosh, I had some fishcakes and fish fingers (Thus making room for the ice sticks in the freezer – cunning!). Now Brother-in-law Pete on his last visit had managed to get the jar of Peppers in oil lid opened for me, I had some of them too. Plus a cup of milk and pot of mandarins in jelly.

And very nice indeed. Wish I could remember where I bought the peppers from. Tsk! Took the medications.

Feeling well worn out then. Watched some DVD and then two hours of TV, and the Land of Nod beckoned.

TTFN all.