Inchcock Today Sun 8 May 2016: Flat-Bound and had a deep-thought… Oh yes!

Sunday 8 May 2016

02 Griz

I stirred into mock-life late again (For me like) this morning at 0525hrs.

A bit concernedly, there was no call to porcelain throne again, I thought that problem was sorting itself out, but no. Hehe! Still, the waterworks were working well enough if not too well today.

P1070155Hobbled into the kitchen to made a cuppa and take the medications and as I perused the landscape outside, saw through the light mist that a Pedestrian Footpath Cyclist had, I assumed fallen asleep on the bench, his bicycle on the floor nearby.

Odd hour for them to be about, no one else was.

I’ll have another look in a bit see if the ‘Swine’ is alright like.

Laptop on and finished Sunday post… no Saturday post. Then got on with doing more of the graphics I intend to use later, in fact, spent many hours, and still I haven’t gotten them like I wanted them to be.

P1070157Back into the kitchen to make another cup of tea, and to my surprise the bloke was still there on the bench, he’d moved position though from earlier on.

Whoopsiedangleplop number one then:

I took the tea into the living room and somehow managed, without almost any effort, to drop it on the new carpet!

I swore a little. Then tried to clean it up and ended up with the back giving me no end of gip in thanks now. Huh!

P1070156After another hour or so on the laptop, (still can’t get it right) I remembered the bloke on the bench and went to check again on him.

Two girls of the female species tried to rouse him without any luck, they were soon off.

Maybe he stank of drugs or booze perhaps?

I got some chips in the oven and peas warming in the saucepan, to have with the Krakowska cooked meat.

By gum the time had shot by this morning, well it’s well into the afternoon now.

I had a final glance out of the window and the chap had gone.

P1070158Got the fodder ready and watched a DVD while I consumed it.

Seasoned chips, Krakowska pork, beetroots, and demerara sweetened garden peas, followed by a lemon dessert.

Excellent! Rated this on at 9.2/10

I felt the day had been affected by my inefficacious efforts to understand life. (By gum, that was a deep thought for me!)

Once more, sleep did not come easily, even though I felt tired enough to? Sessions of falling off for a few seconds were rampant.

Still, there were two films on that I watched with a few nod-offs causing me to miss bit important parts of the films. Tsk!

I had a thought and wrote it down on one of my many waking periods;

“I seek Sanity and Peace, but no one has this, so I’ll stop looking!” Hehe!