Inchcock joins the Nottinghamshire Police Commissioner Candidate list!


After visiting Nottingham Prison and consultating with his Age UK advisor Clivski Dantoni, his hairdresser Moresome Marissa and his Ladyfriend Binaround Brenda, Inchcock has taken the decision to stand for the position of Nottinghamshire’s new Police & Crime Commissioner this year.

His lack of education, social skills and his being a coward of the highest order did not put him off. His Doctor did try to convince him that it would not be a good idea, though. She changed some of his medications.







Sad innit?

Inchcock Today Fri 29 April 2016: Questioning my own Sanity today

Friday 29 April 2016


I reckon I fell asleep early last night because I woke, thinking it was about 0600hrs at 0100hrs. Wide awake and needing to make use of the bathroom throne.

To the kitchen – Gawd it was cold! The winds coming in through the cupboards, kitchen window edges and the air vent making it very uncomfortable to be in the kitchen at all. The rain was hitting the glass with at a fair pace, I could hear the wind a-blowing too.

Made a brew, and as I got the laptop on, the mind started musing and it was confusing!

  • The fretting over the bathroom to shower conversion and related problems and costs.
  • Will FraserBrown get the finalisation of the house sale done?
  • Have I got all the medical appointments and cancellations down on the calendar correctly?
  • Will Duncan be alright driving in the wind and rain tomorrow on his visit?
  • What will the new Metastatic Melanoma skin cancer be treated in time?
  • Did I take last nights medications? (Don’t think I did, cause I fell asleep so early)
  • Why have I just taken the morning pills so soon?
  • How do I manage to leave the hot water tap running so often?
  • How will I survive without a bath or WC for three days when they fit the shower?
  • How come Rea Flux and Arthur Itis are being so kind to me while Anne Gyna and Duo Denal are being so bothersome?
  • How is it I always get in a muddle and end up bruising myself or someone else when I use the walking stick?
  • How come the right foot/ankle that has been twisted outwards for over two days, isn’t curved outwards this morning?
  • Why are my 1959 imitation brown leather armchair arms, breaking and sinking into the chair?
  • Does everyone know my funeral is already paid for via Age UK, at Baguley Funeral Parlour people?
  • Will Sister Jane be alright when she get her results from the hospital?
  • I must remember the dentist appointment next Wednesday!
  • Will things ever get better?
  • Why am I sat here thinking like this?…

Sad innit? Humph!

Set about finishing yesterday’s diary. Then started this one off.

Bling04Doing some Facebooking, I came across this photo on the SDHC card.

I’ve no idea when or why I took it, though.

I expect there was a reason? But I’m blown if I can remember what it was? Hehe!

Maybe I’d thought of something humorous about the colour of the cloth and mug being the same?Did a lot of Facebooking, being as I’d gotten up so early like, I got caught up nicely.

Did a lot of Facebooking, being as I’d gotten up so early like, I got caught up nicely. Checked the emails.

I’ll get an early bath this morning so I can get out to do some shopping for the things I keep forgetting to get. Made a list to take with me. Transferred the Winwood Social photo’s to a disc to take with me to get them developed at Asda.

P1070074Set off and caught the bus to Arnold, friendly chinwag on the way to the bus-stop.

Then again with the gals at the bus-stop with the gals in the shelter and bitterly cold wind.

Dropped off in Arnold and straight into Asda (Walmart) and to the film unit, got the few photographs from the Social Hour done, I made two copies of those with two in the photo, so they could individually have one each.

Got some bits from the store, bread and desserts and did a bit of counter shopping. Remembered to collect the photographs!

Walked over to the Fulton Food Store and nosed around a bit. Got some Chestnut mushrooms. Then to the bus-stop and back to the flats. Fighting the urge to fall asleep all the way. (Again, Hehe!)

P1070075Once in the apartment and having visited the WC, fatigue dawned again, thoroughly drained. So I got a simple meal prepared, Curried baked beans and sausages from the freezer.

Had it with some bread, but felt so tired I nearly fell asleep eating it!

Still nice, though, rated this one at a fair 8.9/10.

The rest of the day was dozes, nodding offs and heavy eyelids.

Drifted off proper thinking of, and looking forward to Duncan visiting tomorrow.

Inchcock Today Thu 28 Apr 16:


Wednesday 27 April 2016

I woke at 0250hrs, annoyed at not recall the dream I’d been having at all. Sniffling and runny nose, but the rumbling tummy was far easier this morning.

Made a cuppa and started the routine of trips for a wee-wee for the day.

The stomach started churning after the first visit to the porcelain. Took the medications, Little Inchy bleeding just a tad, Haem Aroid, Arthur Itis and Duo Denal being kind to me, of my regular ailments only Anne Gyna was playing up. I expect that is most likely due to me worrying about the upcoming visit later on, to the sole-destroying FraserBrown Solicitors at their head office with Age UKs Steve about the house sale. Around ten months now since I accepted the buyer’s offer, and Steve keeps stopping me from cancelling and putting it on the market again? Surely it must go through soon?

I got the nibbles ready in the bag for the tenants meeting and put the FraserBrown paperwork folder in too.

Flipping cold again this morning. Did the BP checks:

Temp 36.5 – Sys 142 –  Dia 75  Pulse 71. Googled the results. Resulting comments: Indicates Stage 1 Hypertension, which means the force of the blood pressure in your arteries is higher than normal, putting you at increased risk of life-threatening problems such as heart attacks and stroke. Blood pressure in this range can also damage organs such as the heart and the kidneys, especially in people who already have chronic medical problems affecting these parts of the body. If you’re already being treated for hypertension, and your blood pressure is in this range, you may need to have your medications adjusted.

Cheered me no end that. I’d send this to Age UKs Steve to get him more interested in solving the problems with the house sale that might be causing it in the first place, but he has kept his new email address to himself. Tsk!

Lucidity and the application of logic appear to be absent from my muddled brain today. To aid my recovery, I searched for some new or rather old and rare words to use.

P1070067  P1070063

Got a good bath and readied the things for the Social Hour session. BJ and William were both in good form.

P1070065 P1070064

P1070066A few more attended this week, all seemed to have a really jolly time. I reminded some of them there was no meeting next week.

Due to the Euro Referendum Voting taking place. Handed out some nibbles for them. William won three raffle prizes, Eddie won two, BJ won one, I didn’t win any. Hey-ho!

BJ gave me a lift into Friar Lane in Nottingham, where the Boots Optician and FraserBrown were located. Kind of him.I went into the Opticians 

I went into the Opticians, and selected the frames and paid my dues to them. Using the machine to pay, I put in the number twice and it rejected it? I was of course not sure if it was the correct one, or if I’d keyed it in wrong? Oh dear! The lady put the card number in and it accepted that. £120 more quid gone.

Out and over the Maid Marion Way to meet Steve Age UK, timing it well as it happens, it was ten to twelve. No sign of Steve, so I went in and asked if he was inside, no, so I went out to keep an eye on for his arrival. He arrived a few minutes later and we met in a room with the solicitor. She spoke a lot but I could not make out what she was sometimes saying, but Steve indicated things were alright. I was not feeling too good at this stage, Anne Gyna playing up.

The ‘opposition’ solicitor arrived and I signed the form about their query over the land on the gable end at the prompting of Steve.

Minutes late we were outside and walked into Slab Square.

Steve left me to get some grub, and I went to the bank to get some guidance on the bank card situation at the opticians earlier.

He watched me use the cash dispenser and it accepted the number okay. I then asked him if they could advise me when the reduced money from the house sale goes into my bank account. He said now, I’ll have to use an ATM and request a balance figure. I thanked him very much, gave him a dark, sneery look a best as I could manage and departed.

P1070069Walked around for a while waiting for the bus to arrive in twenty minutes or so.up the busy Queen Street

Another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on one of the Council’s free to use bikes was weaving merrily around the pedestrians, and was not overly pleased with the one-word expletive I shouted at him.

P1070070Then I hobbled up to the top of the busy Queen Street and waited for the L9 bus to arrive.

Five minutes later it did. I soon got myself ensconced at a window seat.

I just knew somehow, even as I settled, that I was going to have a bit of a battle to keep awake on this journey?

No cross-wording or reading of my book, tiredness overtook me.

I nodded off a few times en route but felt proud as the bus approached the Woodthorpe Flats stop and I was awake at that point… How I managed to fall asleep withing seconds, remains a mystery, to me. I woke up when the bus was pulling off, so got off at the next stop. Not too bad a Whoopsiedangleplop really.

I walked back and called at the Community Shed, but no one was in, so made my way to Woodthorpe Court, where Dean and Julie were doing the Fire Alarm Testing. Gave them each a nibble, and got up to the flat post haste to use the WC.

P1070071I felt a little anile as I limped wearily around my flat getting the fodder ready. Lackadaisicalness, seemed to be attacking me? Anne Gyna persisted and the right foot/ankle was bent out like never before. I’m going to pot I expect – Haha!

Got the lamb casserole in the oven cooking.

Got the laptop going and updated this hogwash.

P1070072The fodder went down well.

I got the vegetable right tonight and enjoyed the nosh. Rated this one at a decent 8.9/10.

Cleaning up the pots was a bit of a farce, though: I dropped the bowl, which sprayed the soapy liquid over the floor and into the waste bin bag, bent down to sort it out and it took me so long to get back up… then dropped the flaming bleach bottle, managed to catch it before it hit the floor and split open, and cracked me right elbow on the corner of the open under-sink cupboard door! I think I might have sworn!

The plan to read my book proved unworkable due to my falling sleep and waking up around 2130hrs, thinking it was the morning?

Huh! However the following Whoopsiedangleplop was an interesting one:

Settled down after making a cuppa, nodded off and the tea spilt of over me lap and knees waking me jump again! I jerked up and knocked the picker-upper off the arm of the broken 1959 imitation brown leather chair I was ensconced in, that hit the walking stick at the side of it and the stick came down on the remote control and it shot it up in the air and landed on my right big toe, this made me jump and that started off Anne Gyna giving me bother.

I sat in astonishment.

Ah well, makes for a bit of interest I suppose? Hehe!


Inchcock Today Wed 27 Apr 16: Another odd day, Hey-ho!

Wednesday 27 April 2016


I dun this representation of the dream last night

The one dream I could recall, was of me running about in caves being chased by various beasts, but I managed to fend them off with my walking stick?

I sprang awake around 0315hrs and immediately hobbled to get the laptop on and create a pathetic graphic of the dream. Enjoyed doing this one for some reason.

Had to nip a few times for a tinkle while doing it, and continued to limp back and forth to the porcelain for the rest of the day. Bladder bother maybe?

Made a cuppa, took the medications and titivated the kitchen.

Decided not to go out today, just in case Age UKs Steve rings about the house sale. Not that I’m confident that I’ll hear anything from him, he’s a busy lad. He’s withholding his email address from me too. Also reminded myself that I need to ring BJ later. (Far too early yet)

Started this diary off then finished yesterday’s and got it posted.

Doing a lot of drinking again today, no wonder I need to wee so often is it; there must be a connection?

Had a cracking dizzy spell while making yet another drink, nearly went over, had to sit for a while. Not right that, took far longer for me to recover than usual. Still, alright now, I know, I’ll take an extra Ramipril.

Decided to do the BP and got 150/70, pulse 72 and temperature 35. The room thermometer read 58º.

I was so annoyed at myself because my mate Duncan (Robertson) had given me a guide for what the readings should be, and I couldn’t find it? I just know I’d put it somewhere safe, Humph! Mind you; I must admit to not using the BP machine for a while, and it took me ages to find that. Huh!

0001I did a search on Google: “bp 150/70” and the first item up was the one above? A bit worried now.

So I did another search; “Temperature for 70-year-old male” I couldn’t find any temps related specifically to older men and got confused with what I did read on different sites. One site suggested ordinary people should have a 98º temperature, mine being 57º this morning caused more worry?

All this, and I felt so good yesterday?

I’ll ask the nurse on my next visit if I remember.

Oh, marvellous, now the Reflux Valve is giving me some gip! Tsk!

02Went to make another hot drink, and I noticed frost on the grass outside.

No wonder the temperature is so low in the kitchen is it?

Can you spot the wildlife in the photo? It’s only tiny, but it is there. Hehe!

I then got on with doing some more graphicalisationing for the TFZ site in between the blowing of the nose and sneezing.

Well that went well, the Coreldraw froze and I lost the work! Gnash gnash!

0819hrs: Steve Age UK rang, he’d left a voice message yesterday telling me to ring him, despite his knowing I can’t hear the voicemails. The damnable obstructive buyer of the house, now wants me so sign something else about the access to the house with her and my solicitors. Arranged to meet Steve at the lawyer’s office Thursday at 1200hrs.

Now I can get out and do some shopping – must have a bath and do my ablutions first, though. All done, titivated me up, wrapped up warm and set out to get the bus. Called in on Olive to see if she wanted anything bringing back, she didn’t, but her cleaners were in working, and they said although I’ll have to pay, they could arrange to do me once a week and will work out a price for me. Mmm?

Down to the bus-stop, having a natter with other tenants as we waited. Caught the L9 bus outward bound and dropped off in Arnold. Called in the Fulton Food Shop, they had some tinned potatoes and garden peas on offer, along with the lamb shanks in mint and rosemary gravy, boil-in-the-bag at only £2.99, so I got a box.

Outside and limped over to Asda and went in, to muse, hobble and shop some more. Irish Batch Bread, Panini Rolls (To soak up the gravy in today’s lamb shank Crock-Pot Casserole), Tomato puree, Bisto caramelised and Lamb granules, a pack of ready cubed carrots and swede, a bag of baby carrots, red onion, four Marmite Cashew nuts, lemon desserts and a turnip.

P1070057Well loaded, I caught a bus back to Sherwood and walked back to the flats up through Woodthorpe Grange Park. Nearly got caught by a Sherwood Pavement Cyclist as shot by close to me and at great speed! Humph!

Stopping en route to watch the dogs and owners having fun wagging their tails. (The dogs that were, not the owners!)

P1070058Up to the top and right down the gravel path, I had to stop to catch me breathe.

The tinned potatoes, petit pois and carrots that were the problem.

Off again in a couple of minutes.

Down the path and to the Community Shed, but no one was in. As I came out Dean was on her way back to the hut, so I had a quick natter with her. Explained about the cancelled appointments and new appointments being made at short notice also the solicitors meeting and my concern about the shower being done and my being there for it over the three/four days it will take? She told me to inform her when I get the letter from the Repair Team. I thanked her and went up to the flats 12th floor, and called to see Olive, as I had bought her a pack of ready cubed Carrots & Swede for her Crock-Pot casseroles.

To the flat and put the vegetables back on, and the lamb shank on a slow simmer in the saucepan.

Kept checking them regularly while on the laptop updating this and going on Facebook for the TFZ site. On one visit, I stirred the Crock-Pot vegetables and cleaned the wooden spoon as I felt an urgent message via the bladder, to attend the bathroom.

05The weather turned only momentarily to snow!

Returned to the laptop and did some more on it, then after half an hour or so, went to check the cooking again… to find I’d left the hot tap running! No hot water to clean up when I do get the fodder. Tsk!

I phoned BJ to see if he was alright again. No answer, but he rang back later. All okay. It was me who got it wrong about the laundry, it is next week. Fancy me getting confused! (Ah-hem) He’s coming to the Social hour tomorrow. Looking forward to that I am.

P1070059Put away the fodder purchased after taking this photographicalisation of it.Then I did an email and sent it to the doctors surgery to book my next INR blood test. Waiting for reply.

Then I did an email and sent it to the doctors surgery to book my next INR blood test. Waiting for reply.

I put the Batch Bread in the freezer… trapping my finger in the between the draws as I closed them.

P1070061Set about getting the nosh ready for consuming.

The minted lamb shank in gravy was tiny, you could hardly see it in this photograph. Hehe! But tasted so sweet.

I ate it all along with all four of the small panini cobs.

A veritable feast! Not wishing to sound like an aretaloger, but I got the whole thing done to perfection, the vegetables, the gravy and the lamb. Top Rating I think for any of me meals? 9.55/10. Fair enough, it was trial and error and I may never get any meal cooked as well again, I have learnt that when doing Lamb, Rosemary and mint go well together as part of the seasoning.

It turned cold suddenly and I put the dressing gown and woolly cap on.

Watched some Rumpole of the Bailey episodes and enjoyed the first two, on the third I fell asleep so often, I gave up and got me head down in the 1959 imitation leather brown E-plan arm chair with the broken arms and feet. Hehe!

But then couldn’t nod off, humph! So I sat musing and fretting over the upcoming meeting tomorrow with Steve Age UK and FraserBrown the imitation solicitors and what hassle will prevent itself this time?

Take care all, TTFN.

Inchcock Today Tue 26 April 2016: A hobble to the Arno Hill Park to photograph the ducks and pigeons was the highlight of the day

06 Tuesday 26 April 2016

0255hrs: With a jolt I sprang awake. All I could recall about the dream I was having, was fire, a talking gargoyle and confusion. I took to the gargoyle and we chatted in the inferno about many different things before he ate me?

I sat there in my broken 1959 imitation brown leather G-plan armchair and checked out the lower regions: Only a few specks of blood, so a good start to the day I thought.

Managed to remember that BJ was going to ring me yesterday about lifting me to the launderette this morning, I couldn’t remember him doing so?.

Spent a while thinking of the man from the Council (Benjamin) had told me yesterday about the bathroom conversion. The actual shower area will be minuscule, not that it could be anything else with the tiny bathroom in the first place. The thought of going four days without a toilet and sink caused me some consternation about how to overcome the difficulty?

Eventually, I stirred myself and went to the porcelain then made a cup of tea and took the medications. Got the laptop on and did the graphic about the dream while it was freshish in my mind. I wondered if Steve Age UK might call me today if he’s heard anything about the house sale from FraserBrown the comical, expensive and uncaring solicitors yet like they said they would?

As I made another brew, I realised that Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were both in a good mood this morning and not giving me much bother at all. It was time for Rea Flux to have a go at me, and he was having fun with me. Tsk!

The incredibly annoying Virgin Internet connection keeps going down at the moment, Huh and Humph

I took a bath and waited for BJ to ring, but he didn’t, so I rang him, but no reply.

Decided to go for a walk into Arnold, and feed the ducks on the way at Arno Hill Park.

Great steady walk, and got some beautiful photographs, it was just grand!

01 02 03 04 05 06S001 S07So many new types of wild fowl at Arno Hill Park pond today.

The flowers in this photograph were found on the Bupa Hospital property on the top of the edge of the wall on Mansfield Road on my hobble to Arnold.

The best find was this colourful duck, I think it is called a Mandarin?

Apart from the Canada Geese that bullied the smaller breeds to get to the food I fed them.

I was very impressed with how all the others ducks and fowls got on so well with each other and the pigeons too.

A wonderful hobble out today.

As I walked out and towards the bus-stop, the high spirits evaporated as the worries returned. I’d heard nothing from Steve Age UK or FraserBrown the lying solicitors about the sale of the house progressing, Steve and the lawyer said at the last meeting that arrangements would be made for a meeting Wednesday this week, but I’ve heard nothing from either, fancy that. Deja Vu?

I must try again to contact BJ, who didn’t arrive this morning as he said he would, I hope he’s not got any bother or is poorly.

Caught the bus back to the flats. The wind was getting up.Got

Laptop on updated this tosh.

Got the nosh prepared and cooking.

Fretting over things again, so I delved into the DVD shelves and selected a ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’ DVD to watch and immerse myself into.

P1070055The fodder was baked potatoes, baked BBQ flavoured beans and the chicken discs in crispy batter.

Some bread thins and a lemon dessert to follow.

It was awesome, apart from I’d overcooked the chicken thingies a bit.

Still gave it a 9/10 rating.

To the porcelain, the bladder was a little overactive.

Back to the DVD and wallowed in nostalgia, managing to forget my worries for a bit.

I did nod off for an hour or so, but now I’ve worked out how the remote thingy works, no problem.


Inchcock Today Mon 25 April 16: Doctor, Nurse then Chemist visited – Incorporating To Whoopsiedangleplops!


Monday 25 April 2016

Woke again around 0630 hrs, started to recall a bit of a dream – when the sickening sensation of warmth and wetness made itself known from my lower regions. 

01Carefully pulled myself out of the broken 1959 imitation brown leather G-plan armchair to go to the bathroom to tend to Little Inchies bleeding lesion and didn’t realise I’d still got the headphones on.

Whoopsiedangleplop number one of the day started early this Monday didn’t I?

Bending down to pick the stuff up only made Little Inchy bleed again. Tsk!

Still, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Haem Aroid were not giving me any bother.

Did my medicationalising and ablutionisationing, made a cuppa, then took the medications, and got the laptop on to update this.

Got a call from the Nottingham City Homes people, they want to call and talk about the bathroom being changed into a shower. Checked the diary and agreed to be back at 1300hrs to meet Benjamin.

So, Doctor at 1000hrs, the nurse INR test at 1015hrs, then back ASAP to meet the NCH chap at the flat.

Got the hearing aids reassembled after cleaning and decoking, got my list and paperwork for the surgery and notes to remember to tell Dr Vindla.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute. Set off around 0915 hours to walk to the surgery.

Not a bad morning weather wise and only the hills bothered me en route.

Arrived at the surgery in plenty of time. Took a seat and did some cross-wording. Dr Vindla called me in and gave me a cheery welcome, saying “Well, what is it now” with a smile on her face. I do love her. 

She took a look through some microscope thing at the spot on me face. After a while, he told me it is a different type of skin cancer to the ones I’ve got already and may need sorting straight away when I get to the appointment at the Skin-Melanoma Clinic at the Queens Medical Centre. He tried to book it there and then, but the system would not allow her to, so she told me to book online as soon as I get home She printed out the details and highlighted the things that I’ll need when booking it. Booking reference number, password, and email address. 

We then moved onto the problem of Little Inchy bleeding. She is to consult with some department and will get back in touch to give me their decision on the next move.

Then she made a prescription for some more Daktacort Corticoid cream, Codeine Phosphate painkillers and Magnesium Sulphate Injection packs and Warfarin Tablets, and sent it through the ether to the chemist for me.

We discussed the dizzy spells, and she thought the new medications for the injections might help.

I thanked her and she reminded me I had to see the nurse later for the INR blood test and to return to the waiting room. As I left the door, the nurse was there and beckoned me to follow her into the treatment room. I got the lovely lady nurse as opposed to the Obergruppenfurher like one again today, lucky me.

She took the blood and had a bit more bother in stopping it bleeding afterwards than usual. She asked me how I was and about the house sale, bless her.

Handed her the nibble bag. Then off to the chemists to pick up the prescriptions, then into Lidl to get some fodder in.

Caught the bus into Sherwood and then the L8 bus back up the hill to the flats. Offered some nibbles to my fellow tenants on the bus.

02Once in the apartment, I put away the extra medications and food I’d bought earlier on.

To the bathroom for a wee-wee and doctor Little Inchy up, cleaning and applying the Daktacort cream.

Laptop on and updated this load of inconsequentialness.

Whoopsidangleplop number two of the day. Then started preparing the vegetables for the Crock-Pot. No cutting off my finger/thumb or any other bodily parts today either, however, when slicing the parsnips up, a bit shot off the counter and has never been seen since?

Benjamin from Nottingham City Homes arrived and was fascinated by the view from the kitchen window and wanted to take a photograph, he did. Then I handed him the binoculars so he could see the motorway on the horizon.

He gave me an A4 sheet with the details of what will take place and the hassle involved. 4 days without a shower or bath, redecorating and tiling at my expense and own arrangements, WC and toilet to be removed and reinstalled later and many more things, but he did not give me a copy to keep for myself. Huh! Nice enough sort of chap, though.

The Crock-Pot on, I made another cuppa and once more updated this illuminating diary.

Rang Sister Jane to update her on the Dentist time change and the Blood P1070030Cancer appointment that is due shortly. Kept stirring the Crock-pot.

So, it was slow cooker cooked seasoned vegetables: swede, parsnips, carrots, turnips, pea, red peppers, red and white onions and mushrooms in a beef flavoured (Salt, vinegar, rosemary, basil, Bovril, tomato puree, mixed spice) Gravy and the two cobs, to soak up the juices. A beef slice and all this made the meal get a rating of 9.33/10. The cleaning up afterwards took ages.

Not more bleeding from Haem Aroid, and only a the tiniest drop from Little Inchy.

Managed to get off to sleep a bit easier too tonight.

Inchcock Today Sun 24 April 2016: Odd sort of stay in day are Sundays. (No buses and I felt too drained to go for a walk)

Something to think on, from 2015


Inchock Today: Sun 24 April 2016

Inchy’s hemerine daily waffle

01W03aWaking at 0325hrs, the bladder and Little Inchy needing attention, I made my way without any hassle from Arthur Itis to the bathroom and responded to their needs.

While doing so, a bit of a dream came back to me. I was in charge it seemed, in a vast emporium of Roman looking senators. They all wanted to invent water taps and give them to the proletariat? We all appeared to know about them somehow? I argued against them because it would cause the masses to start washing and thought this would lead to Waterhea disease, whatever that is or might be, and cause a shortage of water for the Mallard ducks? That’s all I could recall, another odd one.

P1050106Washed the things I’d left soaking in the sink and I stood looking out of the window at the lights as they were twinkling away and pondered on life for a few seconds.

Then gave up! Hehe!

Brewed a cup of char and took the medications while I thought of it.

Got the laptop going, despite the Virgin Internet Connection not being too keen on the idea again (Huh!). Checked the emails to see if the Queen or Cameron had got in touch.

Made a start again on the post about the past. It took me another four hours to get done and posted.

Got the nosh started early: NZ Leg of lamb steaks, roasted swede, parsnips, turnips, onions, carrots and green beans, boiling some potatoes and mushrooms to add to it.

Set about cleaning the fridge, Whoopsiedangleplop! I dropped a jar of beetroot on the floor and got juice and beetroot all over the place. Took me longer to clean this up than it did to clean the fridge, Tsk!

Fatigue hit me out of the blue again, and Little Inchy started pouring out blood from his poor lesion.

P1070026The roast vegetables got a bit burnt, but the other stuff was okay.

The lamb was excellent.

Rated this one a 9.33/10 and ate it all up like a good little pensioner.

Back in the bathroom to sort out Little Inchy (Painfully, hehe).

Settled down to watch a DVD without falling asleep as I would normally expect.

Tried reading one of the books eventually, that did it. Managed to nod off around 0100hrs.

Woke around 0300hrs, and flipping heck, I could feel the warm wet sensation that Little Inchies lesion had released.


Inchcock Looking Back at his Mam: In imitation rhyme

G Dec


Reminiscing about our Mam, in Rhyme

Mummy asked the midwife, to throw me in the river Trent,

Looking back, t’was my life’s first big disappointment,

She said she couldn’t afford me and still pay the rent,

From not paying the rent, she never did relent,

Sister Jane, to live with a rich relative, was sent,

Older brother Pete, joined the army to escape the torment!

She also ran away, absconded for years, yes, off she went!

– – – – – – –

I can’t say she was a good Mother or wife nor,

She spent most of her time on the run from the law,

She left Dad and me feeling very sore,

She wanted Bingo, betting, money, more and more,

She’d get it anyway, that was for sure!

– – – – – – –

The police caught her, and off to court she went,

For her crimes of conning folk and not paying her rent,

For character references, she forced an adjournment,

Her victim’s character references avoided her immurement,

Released on probation, they got her a new flat, paying her rent,

Her utility bills were paid too, they made them all obsolescent,

Even those who never got back the money to her they had lent,

Threw a celebration party for her, ignoring her criminal intent,

– – – – – – –

Despite all this, the woman was original in her day,

A con-artist of perfection, I really have to say,

Despite her nicking my stuff and her running away,

She could con anyone instantly without hesitation or delay,

She’d give you her last sixpence or chocolate from her Milk Tray,

Although the tanner and choccy came from one of her prey,

She was a crook but unique, I’d have wanted her no other way!

– – – – – – –

When I snuff it or die as it were,

Once again I’ll hopefully see her,

I anticipate my emotions will stir,

What to me would be the clincher,

Is what would I have on me for her to pincher!

See You in a while Mam XXX

Inchcock Today Sat 23 April 2016: Coming out of my torpidity at last


23 April 1878

On this day in 1878, The Victorians eased the rules for those convicted and sentenced to Hard Labour within the penal system of England.


Saturday 23 April 2016

I awoke after an hour and a half of sleep but felt so much better than yesterday, when the sudden attack of lethargy and torpidness hit me. The body showed no signs of complaints when I visited the throne in the bathroom, even Heam Aroid and Little Inchy were showing no signs of bleeding!

05Got the kettle on and loved the view through the kitchen window.

The Reflux Valve started sticking open and giving me continuous belching to the point of pain for ages. Most annoying.

Then made a brew and took the morning medications, then got the laptop going, but the internet indicated that it was unavailable! Luckily it came on again, but it is very slow. Virgin Media my Arse, that Branson is a fibber about how good it is!

Back to the porcelain, still no bleeding I’m glad to say! The hiccuping and belching is getting even more vicious now, Humph!

Did some WordPressing then I checked the incoming Emails.

I started the ablutionisationing, and got myself and the things needed for a trip on the bus into the City Centre, to try and get some photographs of the St Georges day celebrations. Took the rubbish bags to the chute, on way down.

The first bus at the flats was not due until 1036hrs, so I walked up and through the park and caught a bus to town in Sherwood. The hiccups and belches stated again, pied by a bit pf sneezing? Tsk!

04Dropped off the bus at the Victoria shopping centre (Mall).

Went into Tesco and spent some money on fodder, got a carrot, a parsnip, two lamb hotpots, a white and red onion, a turnip, Sopocka pork loin, tin of beans and three packs of Bread thins to go in the freezer for use later in the week.

02I wandered up towards Derby Road and took a photo of the Theatre Royal over the road.

It shows the incredible sky/cloud formations and the usual Nottingham shoplifters and benefit claimants crossing the road against the traffic lights once again. Hehehe!

Not many folks out and about yet, perhaps they have to clear their hangovers first?

Of all the shops I passed, only the shops with any customers were the Payday Loan shop, The Money Shop, Everyday Loans and Quick Loans shop.

Sad really.

I turned down towards the Slab Square and the Council House.

Some celebrants were getting a few things

07  01

08together for the parade later, and the Council House was displaying St Georges flag across the columns in front.

Very few people about here either, I was puzzled a bit.

Many barricades and fencing about, though. Ready for the parade when it starts.,

I was a little too early methinks.

So I hobbled down to have a look in the Marks & Spencer food hall.

1006I slipped the birds some seed.

there was a different Big Issue seller outside the M&S entrance door to the escalators down to their food hall.

I gave him a £2 coin and thought he was going to have a heart attack. He smiled and spoke, but all I could do back was grin in return as I could not understand a word he was saying. Must be a new incomer. But I was glad I cheered him up a bit.

They had some just baked and sliced Farmhouse loaves, so I treat myself to one, along with some plain yoghourts and fresh mushrooms that looked nice and clean.

As I came out and walked through the Slab Square, some of the display team were getting ready and trying out their uniforms and helmets.

My feet were aching badly, so I decided not to wait for the parade after all.

I’d go back and take some painkillers instead.

05The bus was no due for a good while, so I circled the City block passing through Clumber Street.

I can’t remember there being so few shoplifters… I mean Nottinghamians around on this street before?

I wandered back up slowly towards the bus stop, taking a photo of some jewellery to post for the TFZ gals on Boat22 01the Facebook site.

Later, I doctored it adding the prices converted in USD$, Canadian $, Australian $ and Japanese Yen.

Just for a laugh and comparison to the British pound prices like.

I’ve no idea what the thing on the left at £389 is, a bracelet of some sort I assume.

Caught the bus and was soon back at the flat, but it could easily have been so different, I fell asleep on the bus and amazingly woke up just as it approached the apartments. Phew!

SatGot in and put the fodder away.

Got my shoes off, made a cuppa and took the medications with an extra painkiller.

I transferred the vegetables from the Crock-Pot to the saucepan and added some mushrooms to the mix, then put the beef slices into the oven, cleaned the Crock-pot and updated this while it cooked.

P1070023It came out alright.

In fact, I had to rate this one as a most impressive 9.33/10.

The Farmhouse sliced bread was lovely and flavoursome, but I fear the tummy may object later as it was so soft.

Took the medications and back on the laptop. The Virgin internet was running a bit jumpy and slow again.

P1070025I updated this and then closed it down and put on a TV DVD called Unforgotten. It starred Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar.

I couldn’t remember buying this at all, but it (The disc and box) were wrapped in film and looked new?

I watched to episodes and was fascinated with the plot, despite my never having seen or hearing of the series before.

Cleverly written, and it had subtitles on it, which helped.

I then put on channel 24 on Freeview, ITV4, to watch one of my favourite movies, Space Cowboys. Unfortunately, I flaked out during the second batch of commercial adverts.


Inchcock Today Fri 22 Apr 16: Fing’s were looking up… then I suffered an attack of Lackadaisicalness!

Friday 22 April 2016

On this day in 1953, Inchcock ran away from home. He took a carrier bag, bottle of pop and a bag of crisps with him. He got lost, the police picked him up and took him home, nobody had missed him, and he got a good belting for bringing the police to the house!


0600hrs: Sprang awake and for a moment thought I was still in the dream I was having, something about people chasing me through this old abandoned department store and throwing things at me as they did. No idea who they were. My legs fell off of the Ottoman they had been perched on as I lay in my vintage 1959 broken imitation brown leather armchair.

The realisation of how light it was indicated I’d overslept. Huh!

Then I noticed I was humming and singing to myself as I hobbled into the kitchen to put the kettle on (My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord). Had to divert to the WC throne niftily, and found Little Inchy was in a right state, matted blood needed cleaning and the lesion medicated. Haem Aroid was only leaking a tiny bit. The rumbling innards still there, but no worse than yesterday. The Ulcer was calmer too. Arthur Itis very good to me. Anne Gyna not so kind again. 

Back to the kitchen and took the photo above, made the brew and took my medications. Then to the laptop and finalised the Thursday diary and posted it off. What a day that was (Yesterday), hoping for better one today.

P1070010Prepared the vegetables for the Crock-Pot cooking and got them going on ‘Slow’.

I put plenty of baby carrots in, sliced a half of an onion, cut up some swede, used the last of the turnips and made some seasoned gravy to cover them with. Gravy powder, Bovril beef cubes, basil, rosemary, salt and a bit BBQ seasoning, stirred it and turned the power on. Cleaned the mess made, passed wind and shot to the WC and the porcelain throne. I wondered why the carrots stayed at the bottom of the pot?

Started working on a rhyming post, and the oddest thing occurred:  I got an attack of lackadaisicalness! I just turned off the laptop and sat in the vintage 1959 imitation brown leather armchair with the broken arms, and apart from forcing myself up to use the bathroom and do the cooking of the fodder and washing up, did nothing but nod in the chair and watch DVDs or telly for the rest of the day? No drive, compulsions or interest at all?

I didn’t feel ill or poorly, just so drained and restless while the brain seemed to go on vacation? I kept thinking of things that needed doing and felt guilty, but the body and mind were not interested in the slightest!

I thought at one time, this must be it, the end, a sense of the surreal and a not unpleasant acceptance of this at the same time overcame me for hours and hours?

P1070011Yet in the midst of all this mental confusion, I took the time to prepare what I thought might just be my last meal, with care and patience?

I know I’m waffling on about this, but it truly was like an out of body experience to me, like I was watching myself do nothing, and was totally unconcerned about it?

After having the fodder and doing the washing up, I returned to the chair and was still sat there trying to get to sleep well into the early hours of the morning. Then after about an hour of sleep, I sprang awake and pondered on the events, or rather non-events and weird happenings…

Oh, dearie me. Better mention this strangely lethargic session to the doctor on Monday? Humph!