Inchcock Today Wed 27 Apr 16: Another odd day, Hey-ho!

Wednesday 27 April 2016


I dun this representation of the dream last night

The one dream I could recall, was of me running about in caves being chased by various beasts, but I managed to fend them off with my walking stick?

I sprang awake around 0315hrs and immediately hobbled to get the laptop on and create a pathetic graphic of the dream. Enjoyed doing this one for some reason.

Had to nip a few times for a tinkle while doing it, and continued to limp back and forth to the porcelain for the rest of the day. Bladder bother maybe?

Made a cuppa, took the medications and titivated the kitchen.

Decided not to go out today, just in case Age UKs Steve rings about the house sale. Not that I’m confident that I’ll hear anything from him, he’s a busy lad. He’s withholding his email address from me too. Also reminded myself that I need to ring BJ later. (Far too early yet)

Started this diary off then finished yesterday’s and got it posted.

Doing a lot of drinking again today, no wonder I need to wee so often is it; there must be a connection?

Had a cracking dizzy spell while making yet another drink, nearly went over, had to sit for a while. Not right that, took far longer for me to recover than usual. Still, alright now, I know, I’ll take an extra Ramipril.

Decided to do the BP and got 150/70, pulse 72 and temperature 35. The room thermometer read 58º.

I was so annoyed at myself because my mate Duncan (Robertson) had given me a guide for what the readings should be, and I couldn’t find it? I just know I’d put it somewhere safe, Humph! Mind you; I must admit to not using the BP machine for a while, and it took me ages to find that. Huh!

0001I did a search on Google: “bp 150/70” and the first item up was the one above? A bit worried now.

So I did another search; “Temperature for 70-year-old male” I couldn’t find any temps related specifically to older men and got confused with what I did read on different sites. One site suggested ordinary people should have a 98º temperature, mine being 57º this morning caused more worry?

All this, and I felt so good yesterday?

I’ll ask the nurse on my next visit if I remember.

Oh, marvellous, now the Reflux Valve is giving me some gip! Tsk!

02Went to make another hot drink, and I noticed frost on the grass outside.

No wonder the temperature is so low in the kitchen is it?

Can you spot the wildlife in the photo? It’s only tiny, but it is there. Hehe!

I then got on with doing some more graphicalisationing for the TFZ site in between the blowing of the nose and sneezing.

Well that went well, the Coreldraw froze and I lost the work! Gnash gnash!

0819hrs: Steve Age UK rang, he’d left a voice message yesterday telling me to ring him, despite his knowing I can’t hear the voicemails. The damnable obstructive buyer of the house, now wants me so sign something else about the access to the house with her and my solicitors. Arranged to meet Steve at the lawyer’s office Thursday at 1200hrs.

Now I can get out and do some shopping – must have a bath and do my ablutions first, though. All done, titivated me up, wrapped up warm and set out to get the bus. Called in on Olive to see if she wanted anything bringing back, she didn’t, but her cleaners were in working, and they said although I’ll have to pay, they could arrange to do me once a week and will work out a price for me. Mmm?

Down to the bus-stop, having a natter with other tenants as we waited. Caught the L9 bus outward bound and dropped off in Arnold. Called in the Fulton Food Shop, they had some tinned potatoes and garden peas on offer, along with the lamb shanks in mint and rosemary gravy, boil-in-the-bag at only £2.99, so I got a box.

Outside and limped over to Asda and went in, to muse, hobble and shop some more. Irish Batch Bread, Panini Rolls (To soak up the gravy in today’s lamb shank Crock-Pot Casserole), Tomato puree, Bisto caramelised and Lamb granules, a pack of ready cubed carrots and swede, a bag of baby carrots, red onion, four Marmite Cashew nuts, lemon desserts and a turnip.

P1070057Well loaded, I caught a bus back to Sherwood and walked back to the flats up through Woodthorpe Grange Park. Nearly got caught by a Sherwood Pavement Cyclist as shot by close to me and at great speed! Humph!

Stopping en route to watch the dogs and owners having fun wagging their tails. (The dogs that were, not the owners!)

P1070058Up to the top and right down the gravel path, I had to stop to catch me breathe.

The tinned potatoes, petit pois and carrots that were the problem.

Off again in a couple of minutes.

Down the path and to the Community Shed, but no one was in. As I came out Dean was on her way back to the hut, so I had a quick natter with her. Explained about the cancelled appointments and new appointments being made at short notice also the solicitors meeting and my concern about the shower being done and my being there for it over the three/four days it will take? She told me to inform her when I get the letter from the Repair Team. I thanked her and went up to the flats 12th floor, and called to see Olive, as I had bought her a pack of ready cubed Carrots & Swede for her Crock-Pot casseroles.

To the flat and put the vegetables back on, and the lamb shank on a slow simmer in the saucepan.

Kept checking them regularly while on the laptop updating this and going on Facebook for the TFZ site. On one visit, I stirred the Crock-Pot vegetables and cleaned the wooden spoon as I felt an urgent message via the bladder, to attend the bathroom.

05The weather turned only momentarily to snow!

Returned to the laptop and did some more on it, then after half an hour or so, went to check the cooking again… to find I’d left the hot tap running! No hot water to clean up when I do get the fodder. Tsk!

I phoned BJ to see if he was alright again. No answer, but he rang back later. All okay. It was me who got it wrong about the laundry, it is next week. Fancy me getting confused! (Ah-hem) He’s coming to the Social hour tomorrow. Looking forward to that I am.

P1070059Put away the fodder purchased after taking this photographicalisation of it.Then I did an email and sent it to the doctors surgery to book my next INR blood test. Waiting for reply.

Then I did an email and sent it to the doctors surgery to book my next INR blood test. Waiting for reply.

I put the Batch Bread in the freezer… trapping my finger in the between the draws as I closed them.

P1070061Set about getting the nosh ready for consuming.

The minted lamb shank in gravy was tiny, you could hardly see it in this photograph. Hehe! But tasted so sweet.

I ate it all along with all four of the small panini cobs.

A veritable feast! Not wishing to sound like an aretaloger, but I got the whole thing done to perfection, the vegetables, the gravy and the lamb. Top Rating I think for any of me meals? 9.55/10. Fair enough, it was trial and error and I may never get any meal cooked as well again, I have learnt that when doing Lamb, Rosemary and mint go well together as part of the seasoning.

It turned cold suddenly and I put the dressing gown and woolly cap on.

Watched some Rumpole of the Bailey episodes and enjoyed the first two, on the third I fell asleep so often, I gave up and got me head down in the 1959 imitation leather brown E-plan arm chair with the broken arms and feet. Hehe!

But then couldn’t nod off, humph! So I sat musing and fretting over the upcoming meeting tomorrow with Steve Age UK and FraserBrown the imitation solicitors and what hassle will prevent itself this time?

Take care all, TTFN.

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