Inchcock Today Wed 20 Apr 2016: Bad news in the mail, Tsk!


Wednesday 20 April 2016

0320hrs: Woke from the dreams and reflected on some of them being different for once, not good, but different at least. One, I can recall some details of. I was carrying people by grabbing them with my arms around their mid-drift and running along uphill on some grass in a field, I wondered why I was doing this as I was doing this. Then it got a bit scary as dozens of individuals wanted a lift, people were stopping their vehicles on the motorway nearby to run over the field and scraps ensued as they tried to get next in line sort of thing?

I didn’t dream anything like or about the photo on the above right, but I wish I had. Hehehe!

My mind shifted to the things I had to remember for today. I had planned to go to the launderette in Carrington to get the washing done, changed my mind and decided I would use the Laundry Room at the flats straight away, being around 0350hrs, I thought the machines would or should be free. I must get the telephone number of my mystery phone caller and hand it to Deana. And I must get the kitchen cleaned today.

I moved, remarkably almost painlessly to the WC, thanks to Arthur Itis, Rea Flux, and Anne Gyna all being kind to me. Mind you Little Inchy and Haem Aroid were both bleeding away, so I medicationalised them both. Made a cuppa (Trying not to notice the state of the kitchen), and took the morning medications.

Got the clothes, crossword book, and cleaners ready and went down in the lift to the laundry room. Eerily quiet on the way down, and a bit nippy in the lift. All the machines were free, but I had to clean the filters out first due to the previous users being unable or too idle to do it after using them. Got the washing going and retired to the foyer to sit and do some cross wording.

As I sat there, a bloke came through the foyer to go outside, I’m not sure who got the biggest shock, him or me, at seeing another fool up and about at this ungodly hour. Hehe! We managed to mutter greetings to each other.

03I took a couple of photographs outside the front doors, there should have been a squirrel on top of one of the concrete posts, but he was far too quick for me.

Moved the washing into the dryers. While I could, I used bothe dryers, one for the heavy stuff like the jeans and dressing gown. Then returned to the flat.

As I was updating, well starting this diary off, I felt the horribly intimidating wet and warmth between the legs. Little Inchy was bleeding again. So I had to clean things up and dry everything off carefully before applying the cream once more. A painful job, but it had to be done. I hope Inchy isn’t going to be a bother today, things medically have started off so well. Huh! We’ll see how it goes.

Posted some photographs to the TFZ site, then returned down to check the laundry.

All done and finished, I removed the clothes and folded them into the bag. It was nice to get the jeans out dried properly. I cleaned both filters and sprayed some air freshener around then made sure I’d left no mess and returned up to number 72.

Put the clean clobber away in the airing cupboard and hung up the jeans and dressing gown. Made another cuppa and back on the laptop and updated this tosh.

While typing, ‘Made a cuppa and back onto the laptop to update this tosh’ Grammarly informed me that: “To-infinitive instead of the bare form” I know I’ve not had any education as such, but what do they mean?

Brewed another drink, and then made some graphicalisations for later use on CorelDraw 8 and Paint 8.

HeadGot the ablutions done, then called to see Deana a the Community Shed, but all locked up. I returned to the flat and updated this, then decided as it looks such a beautiful day, and no appointments on the calendarI’d have a slow meandering walk into town. A bit far, but it will be interesting to see how long it takes me.

TTFN, back later. (Pease let it be! Hehe!)

Met a fellow tenant on the way, he said the City bound L9 had not turned up. I walked with him to the number 40 bus stop, looked at the time table I keep in my jacket and found he only had eight minutes to wait for and gave him the timetable to keep, as I could get another. (Hehe, silly me, I should have added if I remember, which I didn’t. Huh!) Wish him well and plodded on down the hill in Sherwood and called at BJ’s house to tell him about my not being able to get to the Social Hour, just in case he was going to come. He was not at home, though.

Pressed on up the hill and down into Carrington and I called in at the Chemists to ascertain when the next prescription would be coming. (What me forgotten… Hehe). I made a note and put the date on the Google Calendar later.

04Onward into town. Near the Rock Cemetery, a Burke on a bike nearly had me from the rear as passed by, rather too close to me for my liking, the Swine!

Pressed on up the hill over the lights and down towards the City Centre.

Arriving at the Victoria Centre (Mall) I cut through the bus station into the 05shopping area. As I did, I noticed a wood pigeon way down near the old train station brickwork on the masses of weed that was prolifically growing, forcing its way through the thousands of nub ends that had been tossed over the wall where the nicotine nellies accumulate to have a last drag before going in to catch their buses. In fact, one bloke threw his over as I was taking the picture here.

If any workers in the future dig up this area, they will all die of nicotine poison. Hehe!

I checked the time, and it had taken me only 1 hour and twenty-two minutes to get there from the flats, not bad I thought. Considering I had a natter with the tenant, diverted a bit to call at BJ’s and didn’t rush in the slightest. Perhaps I got the timing wrong come think of it, surely I didn’t do it that quickly? Hey-ho!

G DecHad a wander through the top mall, window shopping and perusing the open market, then left through the walk-over passage at the end and took this photo, that shows the many different colours of buses in Nottingham. Confusing for us old ones yer know!

The day was warming up nicely and I began to think maybe I shouldn’t have put so many clothes on today. Tsk!

Three police cars arrived at the centre as I got to the bottom of the stairs the other side. The officers all went into the Boot’s superstore.

I ventured into the Pound Shop and spent a bit. Got Citrus scented fresh air sprays, som minced beef and onion slices and a few nibbles for the gals and medical staff. Also, a multi-card reader for the laptop! It can’t be any good at £1 can it? I’ll try it later on. Oh, and a pack of caramelised plain biscuits.

G Dec4As I started to walk in the direction of the L9 bus stop, another damned Pavement Cyclist nearly hit me as he weaved between the poor pedestrians.

The Git!

There was a massive queue at the stop, so being as there were eight minutes to the ETA for the bus, I hobbled to the first stop. No one was waiting there at all so I could get one of the wider seats to get me bags next to me legs. Cunning eh?

At the Victoria stop where I’d walked from instead of waiting, the bus actually filled up. Did some cross-wording and didn’t fall asleep either! We were soon arriving at the flats where I was the only passenger to get off the bus.

Up to the flat and got the bits put away, WC’d and made a cuppa.

I rang BJ and we had a little gossip. Got the laptop on and I’d gotten a message from Duncan Robertson. He is retiring now on April 28th. Boy, is he looking forward to this! He’s going early so he can get the holidays owed to him. Say’s if all goes well he’ll be up to visit me Saturday after next – Yippy!

Made another drink and got this updated again.

Three letters arrived in the post:

Bank letter, statement. A bit of a shock!

British Gas letter, informing me I owe them £180.60 and they will be charging me for none-payment from now until it is paid. I thought Steve or Deana had sorted this and I got a new payment plan?

Age Uk letter – just waffle.

Panicking now I called Deana and Steve on phone no replies. Went to the Community Hut, all locked up. Got all the paperwork I have in the folder to take with me when I see Steve in the AM. Sent Deana an email about it.

Really well pissed and worried, I got the veg ready and into the oven and in the saucepan and returned while it is cooking with the lamb casserole to update this yet again.

Called Janet to tell her about the problem. She wants to know how I get myself into the messes I do. (So do I, Hehe!)

P1070002Tried to concentrate on the nosh and it came out alright.

Minced lamb, sliced potatoes, carrots, parsnip, swede, onion, peppers, bread thins and peas, followed by a vanilla dessert that I dipped two caramelised biscuits in.

Happy with the meal, but twisted inside with the thought of the solicitor and Steve Age UK and having to get the Gas bill sorted, the duodenal ulcer kicked off.