Inchcock Today Mon 25 April 16: Doctor, Nurse then Chemist visited – Incorporating To Whoopsiedangleplops!


Monday 25 April 2016

Woke again around 0630 hrs, started to recall a bit of a dream – when the sickening sensation of warmth and wetness made itself known from my lower regions. 

01Carefully pulled myself out of the broken 1959 imitation brown leather G-plan armchair to go to the bathroom to tend to Little Inchies bleeding lesion and didn’t realise I’d still got the headphones on.

Whoopsiedangleplop number one of the day started early this Monday didn’t I?

Bending down to pick the stuff up only made Little Inchy bleed again. Tsk!

Still, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Haem Aroid were not giving me any bother.

Did my medicationalising and ablutionisationing, made a cuppa, then took the medications, and got the laptop on to update this.

Got a call from the Nottingham City Homes people, they want to call and talk about the bathroom being changed into a shower. Checked the diary and agreed to be back at 1300hrs to meet Benjamin.

So, Doctor at 1000hrs, the nurse INR test at 1015hrs, then back ASAP to meet the NCH chap at the flat.

Got the hearing aids reassembled after cleaning and decoking, got my list and paperwork for the surgery and notes to remember to tell Dr Vindla.

Took the rubbish bags to the chute. Set off around 0915 hours to walk to the surgery.

Not a bad morning weather wise and only the hills bothered me en route.

Arrived at the surgery in plenty of time. Took a seat and did some cross-wording. Dr Vindla called me in and gave me a cheery welcome, saying “Well, what is it now” with a smile on her face. I do love her. 

She took a look through some microscope thing at the spot on me face. After a while, he told me it is a different type of skin cancer to the ones I’ve got already and may need sorting straight away when I get to the appointment at the Skin-Melanoma Clinic at the Queens Medical Centre. He tried to book it there and then, but the system would not allow her to, so she told me to book online as soon as I get home She printed out the details and highlighted the things that I’ll need when booking it. Booking reference number, password, and email address. 

We then moved onto the problem of Little Inchy bleeding. She is to consult with some department and will get back in touch to give me their decision on the next move.

Then she made a prescription for some more Daktacort Corticoid cream, Codeine Phosphate painkillers and Magnesium Sulphate Injection packs and Warfarin Tablets, and sent it through the ether to the chemist for me.

We discussed the dizzy spells, and she thought the new medications for the injections might help.

I thanked her and she reminded me I had to see the nurse later for the INR blood test and to return to the waiting room. As I left the door, the nurse was there and beckoned me to follow her into the treatment room. I got the lovely lady nurse as opposed to the Obergruppenfurher like one again today, lucky me.

She took the blood and had a bit more bother in stopping it bleeding afterwards than usual. She asked me how I was and about the house sale, bless her.

Handed her the nibble bag. Then off to the chemists to pick up the prescriptions, then into Lidl to get some fodder in.

Caught the bus into Sherwood and then the L8 bus back up the hill to the flats. Offered some nibbles to my fellow tenants on the bus.

02Once in the apartment, I put away the extra medications and food I’d bought earlier on.

To the bathroom for a wee-wee and doctor Little Inchy up, cleaning and applying the Daktacort cream.

Laptop on and updated this load of inconsequentialness.

Whoopsidangleplop number two of the day. Then started preparing the vegetables for the Crock-Pot. No cutting off my finger/thumb or any other bodily parts today either, however, when slicing the parsnips up, a bit shot off the counter and has never been seen since?

Benjamin from Nottingham City Homes arrived and was fascinated by the view from the kitchen window and wanted to take a photograph, he did. Then I handed him the binoculars so he could see the motorway on the horizon.

He gave me an A4 sheet with the details of what will take place and the hassle involved. 4 days without a shower or bath, redecorating and tiling at my expense and own arrangements, WC and toilet to be removed and reinstalled later and many more things, but he did not give me a copy to keep for myself. Huh! Nice enough sort of chap, though.

The Crock-Pot on, I made another cuppa and once more updated this illuminating diary.

Rang Sister Jane to update her on the Dentist time change and the Blood P1070030Cancer appointment that is due shortly. Kept stirring the Crock-pot.

So, it was slow cooker cooked seasoned vegetables: swede, parsnips, carrots, turnips, pea, red peppers, red and white onions and mushrooms in a beef flavoured (Salt, vinegar, rosemary, basil, Bovril, tomato puree, mixed spice) Gravy and the two cobs, to soak up the juices. A beef slice and all this made the meal get a rating of 9.33/10. The cleaning up afterwards took ages.

Not more bleeding from Haem Aroid, and only a the tiniest drop from Little Inchy.

Managed to get off to sleep a bit easier too tonight.